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Kinky sluts ana foxxx lily love teanna trump kendra lust
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Author's note: This story didn't really sit convertible with me from the moment I posted it. Looking at the rates you guys agree. So I've desided to rewrite it a bit, hopefully for the better. ========================================================================================== The sound of a door closing woke up Jake from a restless night, or had it been day? Having been in the boarded up room, had him lose all sense of time. Restrained by his broken leg and arm, the sleep he would get was terrible.

This in turn also didn't help getting grips on the passing of hours. He looked in the direction were the sound had come from, hoping to see the door beyond light's reach. A few moments he lay there staring at the dark corner, finally he gave up.

His eyes started wandering around like he had many times before. The dim light on the side table didn't expose not much, not that there would have been lots of things to be exposed. A few steps from the bed Jake had been laying the last few days, a table stood filled with some bottles, a couple of mugs and a few scraps of food. The tall chair Marius usually would sit in was pulled against it. In the direction his feet were pointing he barely could notice a cupboard, some knickknacks reflecting the dull light.

In the far corner a makeshift kitchen was the last thing to be seen. Marius was not to be seen, making this the first time he was alone since his fall from the balcony. Jake wondered if anyone noticed him disappearing and if people were looking for him. His mom being a single parent worked double shifts as a nurse, so he rarely saw her. Even hot milf cece stone fucks her step son he did, Jake left her a note telling he would stay at Michael's the whole weekend.

In the holyday usually this meant "I'm away till I'm back".

Michael in turn wouldn't be looking for him after the way they parted. Maybe Lisa would… his heart skipped a beat.

After everything he went through his thoughts never came back to the fact Lisa walked in on them with Barry. What did she plan on doing with Barry, the thought of them both in a lustful embrace flashed thought his mind. Quickly wanting to lose this image he forced his thoughts onwards. Why did she turn up just then and not earlier? If she did Jake wouldn't have walked on the porch, also wouldn't have met Mari.

His heart sank at the thought of not knowing Marius.

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Something about him was strangely appealing, he just couldn't tell what. His handsome appearance made him the kind of person every girl would want to be with and every man wanting to be him. Or was it how he held himself? Full of confidence, every movement seeming to be calculated, every word weighed a dozen times. With a grin Jake thought the slight accent didn't hurt either. Even though the state he was in, he did enjoy spending time with him. The stories he told sounded impossible, but at least entertaining of not anything else.

Going through them again in his thoughts he started to notice a stiffness assfucking with hot girl hardcore and blowjob its presence known by pressing upward. Absentmindedly Jake started to stroke his crotch, enjoying the added pressure of his hand. It had been at least a week since he had last done the act of shame, painting the shower's wall a new coat of white as he would call it.

Slowly he revisited his thoughts of Lisa again, making sure to replace Barry with himself. His hands caressed her bare leg tenderly, feeling her silky skin slide under his touch. The moon shone her lite through a crack in the curtains, touching Lisa on her light skinned face. In her blue and white dress, she was more beautiful then he remembered. The glasses she used to wear when she still lived in town were replaced with contacts.

Closing his eyes again he went in for a kiss, pressing his face softly into hers. She opened her mouth slowly, extending her tongue for a lick of his lips. In response he opened up giving access to her exploring lovemuscle.

He placed one hand on her boob, softly squeezing. A soft moan escaped from her mouth into his. He noticed the moan to be deeper than he expected.

Opening his eyes he looks in the bright green gaze of Marius. Jake shook his head trying to shake of this sudden turn in his fantasy. A soft moan escaped from her mouth as he placed both hands on her chest, rubbing them careful over the cloth separating his skin from hers. He could feel her nipples becoming hard and teasingly started to pinch them. Another moan could be heard coming deep from her throat "Do you like that?" She only nodded, lost in her little moment of enjoyment.

Jake leaned in closer, pressing his lips on hers, forcing them open with his tongue. He removed her vest, exposing the short sleeved blouse under it. Tenderly he trailed kisses from the lips to her neck as he started to unbutton it, noticing the goosebumps forming on her skin as made cool air made contact with it. Only one piece of clothing now stood in his way, a white lace bra.

At first he fumbled at undoing the clasps, but victory was his in the end. As the cloth dropped a muscular chest was exposed… Again he shook his head, then tried to focus more on Lisa. He unbuttoned her blouse, exposing her bare breasts. He took one moment to enjoy the sight of these little mountains, these pink firm and beautiful little mountains.

With strong hands he pushed Lisa back into the pillows, tenderly picking her left nipple in his mouth. Soft nibbles made her squirm of joy. After he shared an equal amount of attention to both sides, Jake slowly tracked a path of kisses downward.

As he reached her bellybutton, he gave a few licks tickling the area. Again she squirmed under his touch, giggling her cute laughter. His hands slowly found their way up her legs… Jake let go of his deflating package. No matter the effort he made, he could not keep Lisa and Marius from mingling in the fantasy.

Every turn he took, awkwardly thoughts of Marius kept making their way in. The strong erection he was about to discover in his mind, elegant babe testing ass with her toy erotica and movies be a turn off he never could recover from.

Lisa had always been his go to fantasy, but he had to admit what happened at the party kind of shaken up his mind. He shortly started to wonder. If Lisa didn't walk in with Barry, what would have happened? Jake felt a mouth closing in to his ear whispering softly "Are you sure you want this?" He nodded and sat down.

"Just take it slowly, not sure on how this works." The stranger chuckled again "Never wondered?" he slowly sat down next to Jake "… not even once?" A quick flash of Michael in the gym shower at school came to mind, the soapy water flowing down his toned body. "Maybe…" Marius leaned in closer "Well then let's make those thoughts reality." Jake felt cold lips touching him behind the ear, then sliding down to his neck. A shiver went down his spine as he waited for what came next.

"Relax, enjoy it." His whispers tickled the hairs in his neck, giving him more goosebumps. He giggled as Marius started to track his path of kisses from his ear to neck and back again. He felt hands tenderly pulling at his t-shirt, exposing more and more skin as it got higher. A small lovetrail led from his bellybutton down his pants invitingly.

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Although Jake wasn't much of an athlete, he still had traces of a 6-pack on his abdomen. As Jake put his arms up to slip out of the shirt, his pecks slightly bulged. Marius took a moment to look at the handsome visage sitting shyly under the attention. Jake folded his arms, trying to cover up. "You should not be ashamed, you look great." Marius leaned in close again, kissing the bare skin of his chest.

Taking one nipple between his teeth, he flicked the tip of his tongue over it. Never have felt the sensation he gave an enjoying sigh, as the hairs on the back of his neck stood up right. Unlike Jake expected Marius came up, coming eye to eye with him. "You are adorable this way, did you know that?" A small panic came up as Jake noticed their faces coming closer for a kiss. Getting his rocks on just out of lust was one thing, but kissing would be a whole other thing.

As he felt their lips slowly making contact, an electric shock went through him. This felt good; more so then he should have sweet milf strokes drivers hard cock pov it. As if he had no control over them he parted his lips invitingly, one Marius gladly accepted. Pulling him in, Jake fell back into the pillows. Ferociously they made out, wrestling on the bed for the upper hand.

Jake felt his belt being undone and pants opened, exposing his blue boxershorts beneath it. "It's not fair, I'm almost naked and you are still fully clothed." With a fake pout on his lips, he eyed at the dark red shirt and black pants before of him. "Would it be better if I was undressed as well? Or better to have it revolve all about you?" Marius' enigmatic expression glared down as an eagle on its prey. His eye seemed to penetrate right through him, as he was trying to read his thoughts.

Jake reached out and started to unbutton his shirt slowly, curious to find out what lay below. The pale skin wasn't entirely smooth, a scar could be seen on the left side just below his ribs. Still with the way his shirt framed his torso it added to the sexy look. Jake's eyes slowly drank in the sights presented before him. In the dim light the moon showered on the skin, he could see some curly hairs around two big nipples and some more leading from his bellybutton down.

His hands caressed the torso, exploring every inch they could find. Finally he couldn't hold back anymore and pulled Marius back for another round of heavy making out.

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Feeling the cool naked skin pressing on his chest, gave him a new joy. Jake made his way to the big nipple, kissing and licking a wet glistering path. Amateur whore rides on a hard rod hardcore and massage on, he sucked the areola in.

The smell of cologne mixed with something he couldn't quite place filled his nose. Jake flicked his tongue over the skin, mimicking every move Marius did with him before.

A sudden unsure feeling crept up from his mind. He didn't hear any moans, no sighs, nothing indicating pleasure. "Are you enjoying this? Am I doing it the way you like?" Marius gave a big smile "How adorable you are, all not sure of yourself." He caressed his cheek reassuringly.

"Don't worry about me, let's make this all about you." He pressed Jake back into the pillows, shifting his weight to the legs. Experienced fingers started to explore the torso below him. Slowly he caressed downwards to the waistband, making sure to press all the right spots. Once reaching their destination, his hands tenderly enveloped the fabric, pulling it down.

A fresh breeze flowed around his rising flesh, making it twitch in anticipation. Teasingly Marius flicked his tongue over the purple head, licking up a few drops of pre-cum. Jake felt his breath getting stuck at the first touch and had to force it out in a deep moan. Another moan escaped as he felt his pole slide into the wet mouth. Jake continued beating off, lost in his own fantasy. His heavy breathing covered the soft sound of Marius opening the door.

Slightly surprised he walked in, looking at the scene in front of him. He could tell the boy was close to orgasm, his muscles straining for the coming release. White fluids shot in the air, landing back on Jake. After a few squirts the spunk just oozed out, dripping down on his hand. Trying regaining his breath Jake tried to look for something to wipe himself with. He then saw Marius with a big grin watching him "And here I was thinking you would get bored without me".