Lovely blonde pleasing man with the intense anal fuck

Lovely blonde pleasing man with the intense anal fuck
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This is a story that I wrote for a girl that requested it.

Her Opinion on whether it's good or not is biased so I want to see what others think. Names have been changed to protect who the story is really about. I hope you enjoy. It was a beautiful spring day in New York City. The sounds of people moving about, cars dealing with traffic, and the occasional subway train being heard through the station entrances.

The day couldn't seem more beautiful for someone who enjoyed the city. Travis had taken a vacation from work to enjoy the life in the Big Apple again and see a the new Frozen musical that had finally been released.

He sat down at a café and relaxed enjoying a drink, sitting opposite of him was Charlene, his date for the night. A short, beautiful girl with sleeping mom son xnxx story red hair and piercing eyes that you could easily forget you're staring into until she made a noise that you were looking too long.

She was a girl Travis from Canada. After weeks of talking to each other, they had planned the trip to have lunch and chat before the show. Which would have been a great first date for them both, if Travis could think of anything to talk about. He tried to play off the awkward silence by acting like he was just listening to the sounds of the city and enjoying the view of people all around.

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She wasn't having any of it and started to laugh before she took another sip of her drink. " What? What's so funny?" Travis asks finally able to speak with her again.

"You look weird when you feel awkward." Charlene laughs again "It's like you're looking for anything to start talking about." Travis looks down at his drink and smiles, and starts to laugh at himself. "Is that so? Ever since I met you at the Airport I just didn't know what to say.

First I thought it was because it was our first time meeting face to face, then I thought it was because you're so freaking beautiful that I couldn't find words, I know that wasn't it." Charlene shot Travis a playful glare "Now I'm just over thinking things." She puma swede serves whipped cream all over candys pussy vagina licking pussy licking again and takes another sip of her drink before she moves her chair closer to Travis.

He gives her a strange look and then looks back out at the people walking by without saying a word. The next thing he knows, Charlene's hand is resting high up on his leg. This makes him choke a little on his drink and then look at her again, this time bewildered. "Oh I'm sorry, did I bother you?" Charlene asks while her hand starts rubbing along Travis's leg getting closer to something that was getting harder by the second.

"I don't think it's a good idea to be doing that here. I thought you just wanted to see the show with me today." Travis says attempting to move a side a little "Oh I do, but I also think you look cute when you get flustered like that." Travis sighs and smiles at her.

Charlene enjoys the her act that made him flustered and leans back in her chair to finish her drink. Travis gets up and stretches, looking at his watch. They still have two hours before the show starts, so he turned to Charlene to ask her if she wanted to walk around the city for a bit.

Before he can get the words out, she stands and hugs him real quick. "I need to go back to the hotel room real quick." Charlene says and turns, quickly walking back down the street to where their hotel was. Travis wasn't given a chance to speak. He runs after Charlene and gets there in time to reach her private pleasures big voodoo ariella ferrera aimee addison p the elevator for the room.

She kisses him and pushes him out of the elevator back in the lobby. Travis giving her a strange look make her laugh and kiss him again. "Wait here. I want you be surprised by this." She backs into the elevator and the doors shut. Travis is left in the lobby with a few people giving him strange looks, others look at him and talk about how romantic he was with Charlene. When he sits down at a chair near the front desk, the woman behind the counter walks by him and smiles at him, giving him a wink and walking away.

Travis's confusion rises and he pulls out his phone to write in his notes while he waits. After twenty minutes of waiting, Travis stands up to get a drink. When he passes by the elevators, Charlene walks out and instantly Travis does a double take and then stands there dumbstruck at how she looks. She hand completely changed her outfit and was now wearing a tight blue dress that painted a picture of classy but pure sexiness all the same. The entire lobby was looking at her as she walks up to Travis and plants a kiss on his cheek.

"Do you like it? I wanted to wear something nice for tonight." Charlene asks and does a quick spin for Travis. Travis can't even speak. His mind is racing with so many thoughts and none a single one of them would be appropriate to say at that moment in time. "You look amazing." Those were the only words Travis could get out.

With a smile from Charlene, she takes Travis by the arm and they start walking toward Broadway to see the show. The show was finally ready to start, and Travis was now enjoying the benefits of his new contacts. A man he had helped with computer problems had bought him tickets to see this show, but Travis didn't realize that the tickets were private balcony seats. He and Charlene have their own little space to themselves and relaxed away from prying eyes.

As the show was going on, Travis wraps his arm around Charlene and she rests her head on his shoulder. He couldn't explain sensual and wild oriental fingering stockings and japanese himself why, but his hard started pounding and he knows that she could feel and hear it.

She nuzzles into him softly and gets comfortable in her seat. Adoring how cute she is, Travis kisses the top of her forehead and turns his attention back to the action on stage. As the second act starts, Travis feels a soft touch on his thigh and jumps a little, looking down at Charlene. She's focused on the show, but she is tracing circles on to his leg, inching ever closer to his waist. He pays her no mind and goes back to watching and then he feels her finger brush against a part of him and his arm tightened around her.

A quiet chuckle resonated from her as she went continued to brush her finger against him, this time now starting to trace the entire length as it got harder on each pass. Travis could barely sit straight as he felt himself getting stiff and having signals being sent through his body like jolts of electricity.

When he was as hard as a rock, Charlene starts to just run her finger from the tip to the base softly, and Travis can feel her nail through his pants as if there was nothing between their contact. Travis's breath starts to get shallow and his chest's rise and fall make Charlene look up at him. "Are you okay?" Charlene asks with a seductive smile on her face.

"I'm fine. A lot going on in this show right?" Travis replies trying to act as if there's nothing wrong. Every touch starts to drive him crazier. He can easily get her to stop, and in a public place he probably should, but the teasing feeling is so good he just sits there attempting to watch what is left of the show before intermission.

Charlene starts to get bored with the little fun that she's getting out of him and moves skinny meg magic sexy nude art striptease finger just to the head and starts to circle it with her nail.

The feeling is too much for Travis to just pass off as playful and is now down to straight sexual torture. He's holding blonde doing her cunt with crystal dildo as hard as he can to his seat and gripping her shoulder tightly as she speeds up and slows down the circles, giving him moments of reprieve before she goes back on the attack.

Finally the intermission is starting and the lights are starting to go up. Charlene's little game stops as people start to head out to get refreshments and go to the rest room. She gets up to stretch when Travis pushes her behind a curtain area and presses her against the wall, staring into her eyes. His eyes are full of lust and passion.

Without warning he presses his lips to hers and lets his hands hold her arms above her head. He bites her lower lip as he pulls from the kiss and then moves down to kiss her neck, giving her little licks and grazes his teeth against her skin. Charlene's moans are getting louder as he intensifies his kissing. Travis starts to trail his way down to her chest when the lights signal that the second half of the show is about to start.

He immediately stops and looks back up into Charlene's eyes again. He leans in and whispers into her ear. "Get me that close to cumming again and I won't let a theater full of people stop me from bending you over that balcony and having my way with you." Travis lets her go and then walks back to his seat. Charlene, now short of breath, walks back to her seat and takes Beautiful blonde cam girl show boobs jincamcom hand in hers squeezing.

She won't tell him, but that little stunt he pulled on her made her all hot and bothered. She wants it as much as he does and she's now determined to get it. As the show ends, Travis gets up applauding and then turns to leave. Charlene grabs his hand and walks out with him, their hands locked together as the walk down the streets of New York City back to their hotel. Charlene wants to have more fun with Travis and tries to tease him.

Each attempt she tries doesn't seem to get any reaction out of him until she finally gives up when they get in the elevator to head up to their room. She's disappointed and a little upset that she couldn't get him flustered like she was able to earlier. At their room, as Travis opens up the door, he holds I open for her as she walks in. A few steps in, she hears the door shut but Travis grabs her and pushes her up against the door and starts kissing her passionately. He raises her arms above her head again and pulls away to look into her eyes.

His smile becomes wicked and he positions himself with hand holding both her arms up and the other is free. He leans into her ear and whispers: "I thought I warned you earlier about getting me close to cumming." Travis resumes kissing her before she has a chance to speak and with his free hand, drags his nails up her inner thigh until he reaches her panty covered pussy.

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From there he slowly starts to rub her clit, being rewarded by a moan into his mouth from her. She pushes herself kissing harder into him and slightly rocking her hips as Travis's fingers work between her legs.

Each time she rocks herself, he lights the touch of his fingers on her clit. She whimpers, her eyes pleading that she wants more, but Travis won't give it to her. His lips move down to her neck and he's now biting at her skin, kissing each point and making his way a little down her chest to the other side of her neck.

Her skin becomes red from each bite, but her moans get louder and her desire to have him stronger. "Travis, please. Don't tease me, just fuck me already!" Charlene moans mujra bhojpori nanga dans story Travis doesn't say a word. He stops his fingers and lets go of her arms. Without warning he picks her up and kisses her as he walks toward the bed.

When he sets her down on the edge of the mattress, he pulls up her dress to see she's wearing transparent purple lace underwear that leaves nothing to imagination. Travis pushes her down on the bed and starts to undress himself as he starts kissing her again.

He pulls his belt from his pants and makes a loop with them, binding Charlene's arms to the head board of the bed. She looks up at him confused but at the same time she is turned on to the point that and touch will start to get her going. Travis smiles at her and gets back to work, this time kissing down her chest to her breasts, unhooking her bra and exposing her perfect tits. He squeezes them and starts to lick her left nipple while he starts pinching her right between his fingers.

Licking and sucking on her nipples, then nibbling softly, Charlene's moans get louder at what Travis is doing to her. After alternating between her nipples, he goes back to kissing down her body until he reaches her panty line. He kisses along the top line of her panties until Charlene's hips start to buck up into him.

As he slowly pulls her panties off, he breathes hot air between her legs, letting the breath wash over her clit sending a shiver throughout her entire body. With her panties now off, Travis spreads her legs a little and starts kissing up her shin on her left leg until he gets to her thigh, then he kisses and bites his way until he gets in the center between her legs, his lips barely an inch from her clit, hot air from his breath hitting her clit, Charlene starts to whimper and her legs start to shake until Travis moves himself back to kiss up her right legs.

A groan of pent up sexual frustration leaves Charlene's lips as Travis gets back between her legs. This time, he lightly touches his tongue to her dripping pussy lips. The taste intoxicating to him, but he wants to tease her more, so he starts to kiss all around her wet, hot pussy. His lips lightly press against her clit and a loud gasp resonates around the room from Charlene. Another light touch to her clit brings another gasp. Charlene is writhing on the bed wanting more than light touches.

"Just fucking eat my out already! I can't take this anymore!" Charlene shouts Before she could even shout more, Travis's tongue darts in between her pussy lips, licking up every drop of her sweet juices that escaped her. Shortly after his wonderful taste of the inside of her, Travis licks up to her clit and suck it in to his mouth.

Charlene can't control herself and moans loudly while thrusting her hips upward. While Charlene is arching her back, Travis starts to thrust two fingers into her, curving them enough to hit her most sensitive spot. With her clit in his mouth, and his fingers thrusting inside her, it's only a matter of seconds before Charlene is moaning incoherent words, until Travis lightly nibbles on her clit.

"Fuck! I'm coming! Oh fucking god I'm coming" Charlene screams Travis slowly pulls his fingers from her fully drenched pussy and gets up next to her and kisses her. Charlene tastes her juices off of Travis's lips and moans loudly into him, struggling with her arms trying to break free and pull him harder into her. Travis breaks the kiss and undoes the belt tie that's on the head board but leaves Charlene's arms strapped together. She wants to get free and holds her arms up to Travis, but he just shakes his.

With a single motion he picks Charlene up and walks over to the full window that looks out over Time's Square. He sets her on her feet and pushes her naked body against the window, putting her on display for anyone that bothered to look up.

Her legs trembled as she realized what Travis was doing. Her nipples pressed against the cold glass, her pussy juices running down her legs, she pushed her ass out more begging for him to fuck her. Travis took this moment to admire her ass and give it a quick couple slaps, enjoying the red marks he was making.

She gasps sharply as his hands came down the soft skin of her ass. Her sexy charmane star gets fucked hard by her photographers big hard cock during photoshoot watch her i are trembling as her pussy leaks even more superb young woman brutal dp and dap from it, and she can barely stand.

Right then, Travis grabs her hips and thrusts his hard cock into her, pushing her harder into the glass. She didn't are about her face and tits being pressed up against the cold surface, she just enjoyed the feeling of finally having his cock inside her, and she was quickly building to another orgasm. As Travis savagely fucked her from behind, Charlene started just shouting his name and trying to talk dirty, but with each thrust pushing her into the window she couldn't make anything come out right.

After a few extremely hard thrusts, Amazing lookers make fat cocks cum hard screams out again, her whole body shaking as she orgasms a second time, causing her legs to give out, making her drop to the floor.

She turns to look up at Travis while she's still shaking on the ground to see that his cock is still rock hard and his eyes were still full of lust.

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He wants more, and she was in no position to stop him, nor did she even cfnm office sleaze punished by three british ladies to.

He picks her up and then lays her on the bed, her legs spread wide, before Travis does anything, he places a couple pillows under her back and she looks confused at why he's doing this until he finally puts his cock back in her again. Each thrust felt like it was mini orgasm. She felt herself hit another one with a scream, and shortly after another orgasm. She couldn't stop cumming even if she wanted to right now. With her arms still bound together, she put them over Travis's head and pulled him in to kiss her and wrapped her legs around his waist so he couldn't pull out.

When her nails dug in to the back of his neck Travis felt that he was ready to blow. " Fuck, I'm gonna cum!" Travis grunts as he tries to pull out Charlene keeps her legs tightly wrapped around his waist, not even hearing what he said. Travis couldn't hold himself any longer, he pressed his lips hard into Charlene's and then did one final thrust and shoots his hot cum into her.

When she feels it, she opens her eyes wide and looks at Travis, she's only angry for half a second until the feeling of having hot cum shoot in her makes her orgasm one last time and her eyes shut.