Hot wonder woman rides dildo part at pornworldmediacom

Hot wonder woman rides dildo part at pornworldmediacom
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Part 3 The next day, I awoke inside a large cage we kept in the basement for Beefy. It was tall, rising to the ceiling, but I was handcuffed low near the ground. The ball gag was gone, but replaced with the cloth bandanna over my mouth. My jaw ached from the ball gag.

I shivered from the chill in the room. I stared up at the ceiling, body aching. My arms hurt so bad from being stretched out. The pillow was underneath my backside, tilting my pussy to aide insemination, I was sure. The cage was large, a human could walk into it and stand inside of it and walk around a little. I was laying flat on my back on a dog bed, my arms handcuffed above me. My legs were tied to the cage bars with rope, keeping me down on my back.

I could feel some kind of plug in my vagina, keeping Dad's sperm inside me, certainly. Weak morning light was coming in from the solitary, tiny basement window. I wondered how many loads Dad beautiful bitches got wet from darksome rod in me while I was passed out; I didn't even know how long I'd been unconscious for.

I was starting to lose concept of time, not even exactly sure what day it was anymore. I fell in and out of sleep throughout the day, until I awoke, heart beating fast, to the now-familiar and chilling sound of my father's footsteps coming downstairs. He was holding a glass of water for me and 3 pieces of bread. Stepping inside the large dog cage, he smiled down at me, throwing the bread to the floor in the cage next to me. "Here ya go, bitch!" said Dad, throwing the food down.

He pulled the blindfold down and I spit at him. Immediately he bent down and slapped me in the face, making tears quickly well up in my eyes. "Try it again, Angel! See what I do!!" he screamed. Enraged, he threw the cup of water at jesse jane feet fetsih vidoes, my entire body getting soaked.

He tore his clothes off, dick raging already. Angrily, he reached down and jabbed his fingers furiously into my vagina-- I saw him pull the "plug" out of me -- it was a fucking tennis ball now soaked with his semen! His prick stiff as a rock, he jammed his meat hard up into my teenage pussy. I actually felt thankful that my cunt was wet from all the cum, or I'm sure he would have made me bleed by the force of his cock invasion.

He savagely fucked me, and I began screaming until he slapped me in the face again. "Stupid.fucking.dogfucking.SLUT! Shut. The. Fuck. Up. Now!! Who's gonna hear you? Huh? Huh, slut?" he slapped me again. I could feel my face burning from the slaps. He stabbed my insides with his hard prick, using it against me like a weapon. I could see madness in his eyes as they bore into mine. It sawed and out of me, my teen cunt, my pussy that was unfucked just a few days ago.

Finally he rammed himself as deep inside me as he could, and there it was, another gush of cum up in my womb. To my horror, he began spitting at me as he was cumming, spitting all over my face. He laughed, his cock still twitching inside me.

I glared up at him from the floor. Minutes went by with him motionless inside me until he roughly pulled his meat out of me and then stuffed the tennis ball up in me again, hard.

He walked back upstairs, and I was left breathing hard with his nasty sperm gurgling around inside my cunt. He came back downstairs soon thereafter, still naked, his prick still hard against his leg. With another cup of water. And something else in his hand I could not quite make out. He set the water down outside the cage. "You thirsty, honey?" Dad said as I lay prone below him, full of his seed.

He was calmer now. I could smell tequila on him. He walked over to me and stood over my face, his nutsack and prick inches above me, and he bent down and pinched my nose shut hard.

I had to open my mouth after a few moments, and when I did, he aimed his cock at it with his free hand and shot a reeking stream of piss into it.

When I shut my mouth he just continued to piss on my face, all over -- my eyes, nostrils, mouth, ears. I was choking and sputtering below him, staring up at him hatefully. Laughing, he then tore the tennis ball out of me. He pinched my nose shut again, and this time when I opened my mouth with a gasp he roughly shoved the tennis ball in it, then held his hand over my mouth while he grabbed the bandanna and tied it peculiar cuties drill the biggest belt cocks and spray love juice all over monstercock ejaculating my mouth again.

"Here we go again, baby. My precious Angel!" he laughed cruelly. "I fucked you 13 times yesterday night. Spermed up in you. Every. Fucking. Time!" He threw his head back with cruel laughter. He then inserted his stiff organ forcefully into my wet, well-fucked hole again.

Again raping his teen daughter. Again trying to force me to have his child. The nasty, cum-covered tennis ball was gagging me, coating my tastebuds with sperm. Dad's nuts swung at my ass as he fucked me hard-- I hated him more and more with each passing moment. After enduring 15 minutes of hard pounding, my whole body hurting, he finally erupted inside me once more.

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My cunt was overflowing with semen. Then he pulled out, his cock dripping and coated with cum from my pussy. He left me lying in the cage, retrieving a large purple rubber dildo with balls at the base. It looked to be about 9" or so, and thicker than Dad's cock. He was also carrying some duct tape. He quickly and painfully jammed the big dildo up into my used pussyhole, plugging me up with it.

I raised my eyebrows in surprise as he pulled off a long strip of duct tape and taped it from my left asscheek up to my belly, crossing over the dildo in my pussy.

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He then repeated this with another strip on my other asscheek, crossing over the other duct tape strip to secure the fucking dildo inside my cunt. His cock was now deflating against his thigh. Leering down at me, Dad turned and walked out of the cage to retrieve the cup of water he had brought for me. He raised my head, again by roughly pulling my head by my hair, and removed the gag from my mouth. I spit the disgusting tennis ball out at him.

He smiled and shoved the cup to my lips, commanding me to drink, pulling my hair back so I could swallow the entire cup down. He smiled at me, looking drunk and evil. I had to pee so bad. Dad left me in the cage, and the last thing I remember before passing out was pissing myself, the warmth flooding around inside me, plugged up somewhat by the dildo. Then there was blackness---- I'd been drugged.

Part 4 When I came to, I was strapped down to my dad's bed. He had some kind of restraints rigged around my midsection, pinning me down in the middle but leaving my arms and legs mercifully free.

It didn't feel like there was anything inside my pussy. I felt somewhat clean. Naked and clean and tied to the bed. I had no clue how long I'd been unconscious for, or what had been done to me while unconscious. The slices of bread were next to me, and I reached out and devoured them, even though they were piss and cum-splattered from being in the cage with me.

In the evening, dad came in and greeted me drunkenly. He untied me two sexy lassies and one massive boner group sex brunette led me to the bathroom, allowing me to use the bathroom for the first time in days. When I was done, he carried me back out the bed and affixed my arms to his bedposts.

When I struggled, he pinched my nipples hard, making them burn. My legs were left free. I was back on my back on the cutexezra facial in the shower. "Okay honey, here, I'm gonna give you some apple juice and pudding so you can get some nutrients to fuck properly. And also in case my child is starting to grow up inside you!" he laughed loudly.

"Tonight's a big night for you!" Dad said, drunkenly. I was scared of what he meant by that. He yanked my head back and forced the pudding down my throat -- pouring it right down my gullet. I swallowed it down, eager for food. Then he poured the apple juice into my mouth.

When I was done, he left me, bound on the bed, for what seemed like an hour. The sky outside was darkening. I heard him turn a porno movie on in the living room and crack open another beer. I became aware of a tingly feeling in my body, with what felt like surges of adrenaline pulsing occasionally as the moments went on. I felt a hyper-sensitivity that was not normal; even the chill in pretty bitch has discovered a consummate fuckmate hardcore and blowjob room was arousing me.

My pussy was exposed to the room, and the coolness of the room felt good on my sparsely covered mound. For some reason, I didn't feel that hateful. I mean I still hated my dad, yes, but I wasn't burning that badly with hatred at the moment. I felt that, even if I was pregnant, I was still capable of loving a baby. I missed Beefy so much it hurt; it sounded like Dad had him locked in the basement now. I wondered where my mom was-- did she know Dad was capable of this kind of madness and left me here anyway?

My mind was racing with a million thoughts a second it seemed. I suddenly realized I'd been drugged again. My dad came in at some point, and I looked up at him. He smiled. I saw him holding a cup. In his other hand looked to be a large pink vibrator. He set these things down on the dresser. "What the fuck did you do to me, Dad?" I asked in a daze, body all tingly. "Angel, I wanted to make sure you at least enjoy tonight, okay?" he said, obviously drunk.

"I know I been treating you rough lately. So I gave you some Ecstasy earlier. Maybe you heard of it? It's a drug that should help make you feel good." "Fuck, Dad." I said. "You'll get plenty of that tonight, Angel. It'll be quite a night for you and your cunt. I do love you, honey. I fucked you so much, I'm sure you're pregnant with my child," he said, serenely. It seemed he'd taken some Ecstasy, too. I stared back at my dad, feeling the strange euphoria of the drug coursing through my body.

Dad walked over to me and turned the large vibrator on. I winced as he aimed it towards my cunt. His eyes locked to mine, he smiled as he rubbed the sex toy on my exposed clit, making me jump and uncontrollably moan. My already hard nipples hardened even further. I closed my eyes to avoid Dad's stare. The feeling of the powerful vibrator on my cunt was amazing. I hated that my dad was fucking me with it, though. He pushed it in and out of my cunt slowly, making me start to breathe heavy.

There was no way I could deny the pleasure on my clit. It felt incredible, especially intensified by the Ecstasy I'd been given. I began writhing on the bed as Dad fucked me with the pink vibrator. It had a protrusion on it that stimulated my clit while the rest of it was vibrating inside me. He fucked me slowly and steadily, and I hated to think how good it felt. My mind was in such a haze.

I was stifling moans as Dad pleasured me. It was very hard to resist cumming -- but I did NOT want to succumb to my father! Not this evil bastard, who had been trying hard to impregnate his teen daughter.

Only my dog had ever made me cum. Oh, how I missed Beefy! Dad stopped when the doorbell suddenly rang. He pulled the vibrator out of me abruptly, making me cry out. Quickly he inserted a ball gag into my mouth. I could hear Beefy barking downstairs, and Dad left the room to get the door.

I heard Dad say, "So Bob, that will be cash, now, okay?

You're gonna have a great fucking time. Do whatever you want, man. I'm pretty sure I already knocked her up, so you don't have to worry about that." "Alright, well Jack, how about we watch some porn first, eh? The rest of the guys will be here soon, I'm sure.

Come on, turn on the big-screen, let's crank it up to hear some bitches moan!" yelled the unfamiliar voice. My pussy was wet from my dad's vibrator attack.

I listened as a porno was turned up loud, a woman's screams ringing out down the hall. It was turning me on even more. Trickles of my pussy juice oozed out of my slit and down to my asshole, making me moan. Footsteps came down the hall. I heard panting, and Dad opened the door and there he was with my beloved Beefy! He led Beefy over to my crotch and pointed at it, commanding the dog to eat me out. I couldn't believe it, Dad was being merciful after torturing me, his only daughter, for days.

Days of rape by my father's prick. "Here's another treat for you, Angel! You've been such a good fuck. You deserve it," said Dad. There was my wonderful pet-- oh, I wished I could pet him and hug him! Beefy panted happily in front of me, his warm breath making my pussy tingle. I ached for him! Beefy, who I'd well trained to eat my cunt, went to town slurping all over my pussy.

He licked from my clit to my asshole, and I moaned into my ball gag. His pace picked up, with long strokes up and down my slit. It made my entire body tingle, especially my clit. My mound was soaked, clit standing hard at attention as Beefy savored my sex. I thought how Beefy was the perfect fuck partner-- he'd never get me pregnant, unlike Dad!

Dad left the room, leaving the dog to eat me out. I was delirious amateur kali kavalli gets black penis interracial and pornstars lust for my pet, my only friend in the world-- I couldn't believe my dad was letting me get pleasured.

Dad was calmer and friendlier on Ecstasy, for sure.

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Beefy's tongue licked all over my cunt, coating me with saliva-- my mound, asscheeks, and thighs were soaked. My breasts quivered as the beast devoured me, nipples hard as diamonds.

He lathered my cunt up good with his saliva; I squirmed with the intense pleasure of his tongue. Suddenly he jumped up on the bed and started humping at me. He wrapped himself around me tightly, his panting tongue dripping saliva on my hard nipples. I saw his penis was extended a few inches from his sheath. My heart beat faster. For a moment I was worried, thinking of my first attempt with dog sex when Beefy fucked my ass by accident, but realized I was on my back so the odds of him getting it in my cunt were good.

His penis poked at my thighs, and I spread my legs wide for him-- I wanted Beefy badly! I'd wanted him for so long. My heart was beating fast-- even though I was restrained, I'd still enjoy fucking my beloved Golden Retriever!

His cock jabbed around my cunthole, and I wiggled my ass a little to try to get it in. It worked! He was pounding into me in no time! I felt his amazing prick begin extending inside of me-- it was hard and felt like it was getting long. His pace was intensely fast, sending shockwaves of pleasure over my cunt. My small tits bounced with the force of hottest chick with nice body fucked hard on webcam fucking.

He fucked like a machine-- way faster than my asshole Dad could fuck! I was cumming in no time on his cock, moaning into my gag. The orgasm was electric! My pussy had been battered by my dad for days, but there was my trusty companion to love me and fuck me and make me cum! The powerful climax coursed through my entire body as I writhed on the bed. Beefy panted hard above me, staring down at me lovingly.

My eyes rolled back in my head as the shock waves ran through me. His prick rammed into me like a jackhammer-- that's what I'd wanted this whole time! That's what got me into this whole mess, wanting my dog's cock in my pussy and instead getting caught by my dad a few horrible nights ago. Unfortunately, soon after my 10 syal xxx storys sex stories my Dad came back into the room and yelled at the dog to get down.

I was still breathing hard from my orgasm when Dad walked up, grabbing my hot sex partner by the collar, making me moan as his cock was removed from my warm cunt. Beefy whined, obviously not done fucking me. Dad ultimately had to drag the animal off of me, ripping the dog prick from my insides.

His hard pink prick tore out of my hole. When his cock came out of me, I saw it had extended to about 6" or so, with a fat bulbous base which I'd come to understand was his knot, to seal up cum in his bitch. It began retreating quickly once outside of me. "No, Angel, I don't want you fucking the damn dog right now!" Dad yelled. "Fuckin' dog slut!" He escorted Beefy out of the room.

Poor Beefy whined; his pink prick was still extended a few inches as Dad dragged him away. I felt bad he didn't get to cum. Porn was audible all through the house.

I faintly heard the doorbell ring again, then muffled voices and laughter. My mind was in a daze from the intense dog sex orgasm. I wished he could've fucked me till he filled me all the way up! Oh, I hoped Dad would let him-- I was longing for the dog cock in my cunt! Not that virile human cock of my father's! Footsteps were coming down the hall several minutes later.

I looked up as a man walked into the room wearing a simple white mask over his eyes. He was naked, with a hard cock that looked about 8" long. A broad smile spread on his face. I estimated he was middle aged; there was a thick patch of hair on his chest, big swinging balls, a wedding ring on his finger. "Hi Angel, my name is Bob. and I'll be fucking you tonight!" he laughed. "Seriously though, I'd shake your hand, you know, if you weren't all tied up!" The asshole laughed again, harder. "Okay, really, really though.

It's a pleasure to fuck you. Your dad says he's the only one who's had you so far. What an honor for me, sweetie! And what a bargain, too!" Bob walked over to the bed, staring at my exposed, glistening cunt. "My, my, what a sweet, sweet pussy!" he exclaimed.

"And so nice and wet for me! Oh my goodness, you're probably just a high schooler, huh?! A young cunt, for sure." He licked his lips. I ladyboy is blowing dick tube porn involuntarily.

He took his hard meat in his hand and slapped it against my slit a few times, wetting his cock with my juices and the dog's saliva. I felt him rub his balls against me, too. I squirmed as the stranger touched me. His cock got even harder, the head so engorged it was an ugly purple color!

I thought to myself that this guy would probably be the first of all the guys my dad would let fuck me. "Oh, this is gonna be great!" he said, and got up on the bed, straddling me. I tried to keep my legs closed, but he was much stronger than me and easily pried them open. My blue eyes looked up at his fearfully as he held each of my legs easily in the air, exposing my wet gash easily. "And you're so young, wowww!

Lay back and enjoy, sweetie, my cock ain't gonna hurt -- too much!" he laughed again as he poised the cock at the entrance to my womb. como se llama esta chica muy rica profesor hardcore it honey, tear up a bit, it turns me on even more to see you cry." said the strange asshole about to fuck my poor teen pussy. I then winced as he plunged his entire thick, long cock into my depths and right back out again.

Withdrawing it to the tip, then slamming into me, his hips ramming against mine painfully for a few minutes. Then he started fucking me very hard, very fast.

I groaned into my ball gag as he began sweating on top of me in no time. His balls slapped furiously on my ass. Porno screams were still coming from the living room. My pussy was blissfully wet, making his assault hurt way less than all of my dad's attacks. He bent down to tongue my nipples, which actually began to feel good in my drug influenced state. Soon, his steady fuck strokes were making an orgasm build up in my body. I tried to deny it, but there was no way I could hold it back.

My cunt squeezed involuntarily around his cock, and he just stabbed his cock into me deeper. He made me cum, but he didn't seem to know it.

My cries were muffled by the ball gag. "Damn, you're so fucking tight, little girl! Shit! I don't want to cum yet, but, oh, oh, ohhhh, ugh, uhhhhggghhh." He pulled his cock out of me suddenly before he could cum. "Phew, almost lost my load!" he took a few breaths. "Okay, now where were we?" and with that he shoved his dick back inside me and began rapidly fucking me again.

My ass bounced against the bed and rose up to meet his cock involuntarily as he thrusted steadily inside me. His prick was bigger than my dad's, bigger than the dog's. and it didn't feel that bad. I then heard footsteps come down the hall, and three other masked men walked into the room, cheering at Blonde teen sucking bigdick watch more of her at ulacamcom as he fucked me hard. I started crying.

They just cheered harder, slapping Bob on the back. One of them, this one in a blue mask, started tweaking my nipples. He began biting and sucking them. They were all naked except for the masks. All had hard cocks already. The one with the blue mask had a prick that pointed straight upwards, the head of it an angry red color, veins all over it. I heard someone call him Tom. His knob was so huge! One was a tall black guy, wearing a black mask.

His prick was bigger than I'd thought humanly possible-- 10" it looked like, and uncut! It was very fat. He stroked it at my face, saying, "Nah, baby, don't cry, these cocks are here to make you feel good! Come on princess, lemme taste that sweet baby titty!" he bent down to suck on my breasts and finger my clit while Bob fucked me.

Both Tom and the black guy were devouring my nipples, which felt like ecstasy on Ecstasy! The other guy was shorter, wearing a red mask, sporting what looked to be a 6" hard-on. He began sucking on my toes, making me squirm. Red mask and blue mask each grabbed a leg and stretched them out wide so Bob could fuck deep into me.

I moaned again as Bob's cock fucked in and out of my cervix, the black man furiously rubbing my pussy. "Come on Bob, don't keep her all to yourself, asshole!" yelled the red masked man. "Shit, she's a hot little slut for sure, oh, I can't wait to get my meat in that little hole! She looks like a kid!" "Alright, alright Eddie, calm down," said Bob, pulling his cock out without cumming and stepping aside, punching the one called Eddie playfully in the shoulder.

Eddie quickly took his place in between my legs, jamming his short, fat, cock into my pussyhole. His fat pubic mound ground hard against my golden mound, his sweat dripping on me in no time. I closed my eyes and thought of Beefy while withstanding the older man's pounding. Eddie fucked me hard and fast, his quick thrusts stimulating my clit. Within a few minutes, Eddie was making me cum, too! I hated it, but it felt good. The orgasm jolted through my body, intensified by the men sucking my nipples.

Eddie didn't notice me cum. He had his eyes shut as he slammed into my cunt again and again. He had a firm grip on my ass. He kept on fucking me for several more minutes. "Okay, Eddie, let's go!" said the black man.

He pulled Eddie away, tearing Eddie's cock out of my cunt. The black guy held his giant cock in his hand and smiled at me. "Fuck you, Jim!" yelled Eddie. Jim turned his attention to my pussy, slapping his cock against it. It looked like his cock would reach into my gut! My eyes opened wide as he pressed the head of his cock to my hole, and pushed it in.

The fat cockhead disappeared into my cunt. In my heightened state, I could feel every centimeter of his cock, the mushroom head first prying into me, the the veiny shaft burrowing into my cunt.

He shoved more of himself inside me, making me moan. "Damn, girl, you tight as shit!" exclaimed Jim through clenched teeth. He strummed my clit with his fingers as he stayed still inside me.

Another orgasm was stirring within me already, I was so over-stimulated. Eddie was sucking my nipples along with Tom. Jim stuffed his entire meat within my teen cunt, my cunt swallowing it down.

He was moaning as he settled his prick deep within my hole. His body was hard, lean, muscular, his balls now pressing against my filled cunt, his dark body contrasting against my pale while ass. I had never felt so stuffed! His cock jabbed into my womb. It felt like his prickhead was deep into my cervix-- it felt like he could inject sperm directly into my uterus with his hard dick! He continued fingering my clit, and my orgasm soon exploded throughout my body.

I cried out into my gag. The guys let my legs go awhile and I actually wrapped them around Jim as my pussy throbbed around his dick. "I think she likes it, guys!" said Jim, fucking me with an athletic pace for several minutes while my head felt like it was spinning. I was delirious from the drug and the sex.

"Okay, okay, my turn, get the fuck out," said Tom to Jim. Tom was pulling Jim off of me and quickly jamming his rod into my used cunt. It had turned into a gang bang, with me in a drugged daze.

Tom's cock pointed upward, and it stimulated my clit so effectively that I was cumming within a minute of him being inside me. My pussy pulsed around his meat as he fucked me steadily though not as fast as the other guys did.

It gave me a chance to savor the veins of his cock as they stimulated the hyper-aroused walls of my teenage cunt. It seemed the men were all saving their loads for another go around. Just then another man walked into the room wearing a purple mask. The guys all greeted him warmly, calling him Joel. He was shorter, hairy, also naked, also sporting a hard prick for me.

Another man was with him, wearing a yellow mask, recognized by voice as my dad. "Come on, Tom, let me get that pussy," said Joel, stepping up to the bed. "Just a few, wait." said Tom, fucking me faster now. He was savoring a few more moments inside me. Tom then pulled out without letting himself cum.

Joel jumped right in, gang banging me. His prick was smaller but thick. It also felt good. He pulled it out to the head, then slammed it back inside me several times, making me cry out into the gag. "Very nice, very nice cunt you have here, Jack," said Joel, turning to my dad as he fucked me. "Thanks for letting me stick my cock in her." "Sure - now step aside, let me get in there real quick!" said my dad. The men laughed. Joel pulled out of me. Dad jumped up on the bed and straddled me, looking down at me with his large dick in his hand, aiming it at my cunt.

Once his cockhead touched my wetness, he slammed himself balls deep into his teenage daughter's pussy. I stared up at him, my hateful feelings started to return as my Ecstasy high was starting to come down. "What, no one's cum in her yet?" exclaimed my dad, pausing inside my cunt. "I don't feel any sperm up in her cunt!" "Nah, we're trying to save it so we can fuck her all night long!" said Tom.

"Please men, fuck her as many times as you'd like," said my asshole dad. He picked up his pace in my pussy. "I'm pretty sure she's pregnant with my kid already, with as many times as I've screwed her recently!

I have tons of "male performance enhancing pills" I can share for a small fee. So cum up in her all you want!" The guys laughed and cheered. Dad continued fucking me steadily, my cunt enveloping his hard prick like a velvet glove. It didn't feel so bad since I was wet-- but still, it was my damn dad!

I hated it, the feelings he was making me have, my body was already so over-stimulated with all the sexual activity and the Ecstasy. Within my body, I could feel another orgasm building.

I didn't want my dad to make me cum. no, no, no. I tried to deny it, I tried thinking of all kinds of horrible things to prevent myself from orgasming under my dad. This was rape! This whole gang bang was rape! I was crying again. I looked up at him with pleading eyes, and lucky guy orgy xxx new years eve party just smiled at me. A couple of the guys were holding my legs far apart so Dad could really get in me deep.

His cockhead reaching up into my cervix. One of the men reached out and started rubbing my clit, encouraging my orgasm to further build in intensity until I felt it surge through my body. I gasped into my ball gag. Dad pumped into me deep and hard a few more times, then stopped -- he was cumming up in my womb!

Just as I was climaxing! No!!! I screamed into my gag, a long, painful wail. Tears flowed down my cheeks. Dad smiled, and after a few minutes he pulled his cum dripping cock out. He gestured at my cunt, and quickly Jim stepped up. The men continued forcing my legs wide apart. Jim's cock was still raging hard, and he jammed it up inside me lesbian vixens love morning pussy exploration pornstars hardcore, in and out, in and out.

I was still coming down from the orgasm my dad forced me to have when I felt another small one jolt through my body. As I was still trying to catch my breath from cumming, Jim unloaded inside me. I felt his big dick pulsating, unleashing his seed deep in my womb. I squirmed below him, trying to kick my legs, but the guys held them securely while Jim flooded my pussy. It felt like his sperm shot right up into my uterus!

I was certainly knocked up by now. He sighed when he was done and pulled out, giving a thumb's up. Cum started trickling from my cunt. As soon as Jim was out, Tom jumped right in.

He stabbed his long, pointed dick up into my cunt, forcing another orgasm out of me within a few minutes. His pace slowed down, and as my orgasm was ending his began. I felt another man cum within my womb, adding his seed to my already soaked pussy.

"Alright, now that you guys got her cunt a little sloppy, I need her ass!" yelled Joel. The guys grabbed my legs, forcing them over my head, allowing Joel easy access to my asshole. I whimpered in my gag, tears starting. My first anal experience had been very bad! Joel stuck his cock in my cunt black police officers boning while cities are being looted to get it lubricated with cum.

He pressed the head of his cock to my asshole and stuffed his cockhead inside. It was difficult, I was very tight. He grunted as he shoved another inch inside. I began groaning into the ball gag at his anal invasion. While his cock was forcing its way into my ass, someone else began fingering my cunt.

I cried as my ass split open more for the invading cock. He was about half way in. Grabbing my hips hard, he then slammed into my ass till he was balls deep, making me scream into the gag. Everyone laughed. The finger fucking continued in my pussy-- 2 then 3 fingers were stuck in my twat while Joel fucked my ass, his nuts slamming against my ass with each thrust. Joel began fucking my asshole with a steady pace.

So did the finger fucker. I closed my eyes, not wanting to orgasm with a cock in my ass, but feeling one coming on. My ass made lewd sounds around the buried cock. After a few more moments of stimulation of both my holes simultaneously, I was cumming again. I writhed below the men, dominated on the bed by these sub-humans. I felt very weak from all the orgasms I'd had.

The men were holding my legs up almost over my head, making me start feeling dizzy. Joel kept right on going in my ass for a few more minutes, then I heard him shout and felt his cock throb up in my asshole, depositing his sperm in my guts. His cock pulsed up in my sore rectum. After he came, he abruptly pulled his cock from my ass, making me cry out.

Eddie jumped right in, stuffing my ass with his meat.

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He then pulled the cock from my ass and shoved it into my pussy! He pounded my cunthole for a few minutes, then pulled out and shoved his prick back into my ass. I cried with the anal pain-- he was fucking me so deep up the ass! He was grunting with wwe diva lita xxx storys force of his fucking. I thought I was going to pass out at moment from the assault.

My whole body was aching from the restraints, even my poor mouth with the gag stuffed into it. Eddie tossed his head back and moaned when he came up in my asshole. His cock throbbed in my poor, used orifice, cum erupting from his stiff prick, cum gushing around in both my holes now.

He stayed still up in my butt so he could catch his breath, playfully sticking his fingers into my pussy and fingering my clit with a glob of cum. When he pulled out, my ass made an awful sucking sound around his prick. He slapped my asscheeks hard as he withdrew his meat. After Eddie, Bob stepped up to finally unload in my cunt.

I stared blankly at him as he humped my pussy hard and fast. His cock was spewing cum in my cunt in no time; he'd been aching to cum for awhile now. I felt sweat drip from his large body as he held his body disgustingly close to mine. The Ecstasy was wearing off; there was no more pleasure here for me. It had been rape the entire time, but at least the drug had made my body ache a little less and soothed my mind just a tad. But now, no, there was only boiling hatred inside me and intense pain in my ass.

To be continued.