Gangbang the teen yet again for hard pleasure

Gangbang the teen yet again for hard pleasure
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Day 3: I woke up by the alarm the chaperones set for 7:45. It was an hour extra sleep than on normal school days so I was fine with it. I woke up and went to our mini fridge, got a waffle, made it in the micro wave, and ate it. I woke my self up and then got my usually morning wood so since I was in the room alone I tucked my dick in my waistband. Then I realized, I'm alone. Why the hell am I alone? Well it didn't matter. What mattered was brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant and cologne, getting dressed, brushing my hair, it was a normal morning routine.

At 8:10 zack and his dad came back and send we boarded the busses in 20 minutes so zack and I went down to the hotel lobby where some other students were talking. I told him to come over to the place where the tables for breakfast was.

The hotel served breakfast friday through Sunday and since it was Wednesday we had to bring food. We sat down and I asked him about the text and if it was real. Then Rachel came over and kissed him said last night was the best night of my life winked at me and left.

"well that answers that question. Dude!! You are the luckiest guy ever!!!!" I yelled so lowed some employee who was probably high told me to shut up. "haha and you didn't believe me!" he replied "well not really but rachel is the sluttiest girl in the grade so you never know." "it was awesome dude you should hook up with someone before we leave.

Maybe Hannah or Taylor they slim blonde sonya sweet has passionate sex with her boyfriend are nuts about you" I laughed "haha dude you know I don't want any relationships at the moment and besides you know that I realized I love jesse." "yeah dude" he laughed "you should just grow a pair and ask her before zach does. After all he's tall blonde and captain of the wrestling team he's pretty all that he could get her" I laughed "you forgot stupid beyond repair" We both laughed and then it was time to start getting on.

I forgot my phone so I had zack save my seat and I went and got it. I looked at it. 17 new messages. 1 from mom, 2 from dad, 2 from zach, 1 from zack, 1 from Hannah, and 10 from Jesse.

She told me 9 times give me pink horny girl fingers and toys her moist pussy her chaperone wasn't in the room and she was alone, or something like that. The tenth message said "OMFG THAT MEANS GET YO ASS UP HERE. i h8 to yel but we need 2 tlk. K?" I freaked out. I got on and ran to the seat. Hannah was there saving jesses seat and zack was in front of her waiting for me. I sat down and showed him the texts and he made fun of me for being an idiot.

She got on and whispered in my ear "look Blake it's not what you think I just need to talk to you so tonight don't go to the pool come to my room. Okay?". I nodded.

"good, and it's not what you think we just need to talk." I smiled and told her that I knew she just wants to talk. "woooow man you are really fucking stupid." zack said when we were in the white house. "hey dude I don't want this to happen she doesn't either we are just friends" "the hole grade knows you like eachother and most of us think you guys could make class couple in the yearbook." "yeah right man!" I said loudly but not exactly yelling. We laughed and I ducked behind someone. After much time came we got to free roam the smithsmonian so most everyone went off to a part of the museum with no people and made out.

Was walking and saw Tyler winlye and taylor newman kissing. I was shocked. Lesbians in my grade! I got a boner right away and they snuck into a security office.

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The door was party open as I got to watch the most beautiful thing nature knew. Lesbian sex. I stuck my hand in my pants and jerked myself off and watched them kiss and rub eachothers boobs and then Taylor stuck her hand down tylers pants and began to rub her clit.

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They got there shirts and bras off to reveal beautiful b cup tities as they made out. Taylor was still hand fucking Tyler and Tyler was sucking and missing taylors nipples. This was the hottest thing I'd ever seen. I took out my phone and took a quick picture of the action. Then taylor took off tylers pants and panties and started to eat her out.

At first she licked up and down and then she put her tung in her vagina and Tyler was moaning so fast and actually crying.

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It was so hot and I blew my load all over myself. Then tyler nusrat jahan xx storys mp4 all over taylors face. Then tyler screamed creeper and they slammed the door shut. Shit. They caught me. After a few mintues I heard moaning so I guess they were at it again.

By the time the day was over I was happy as ever. At 9:30 I came to Jesse room after she texted me it was clear. Night 3: I came in and Jesse was on the bed crying. I'm came over to her and put my arm around her. She said "the reason me and my ex broke up is because well you know as well as I do that he didn't care about me he's just another jerk. Well anyway I figured out he just wanted me for sex!" she was yelling and crying and she was obviously mad. "hey jess, it's ok, like you said he's a total jerk.

There will always be someone out there for you." I said holding her close. She had been going through a rough time. Parents split up, grandpa died, sister ran sways from home to live with her boy friend. Her life wasnt very good and I knew it. She smiled at Me. "Blake, your the only guy that really understands me and I love you for that. There's always a special place for you in my heart." she smiled and kisses me on the cheek. "that means a lot Jesse.

And you remember that no matter what I will be here to help you." I smiled She smiled back and leaned in for a kiss and I leaned in and kissed her.

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The love if my life. We smiled at eachother and it just popped out of my mouth "Jesse will you be my girl friend!" She stared at me.

Slapped me in the face crying and punching me in the chest "you bastard I've been waiting for 2 years and you've finally decided to do it. Of coarse I will you idiot!" she kissed me again. We kissed for seemed like for ever and then I heard it. It was mr polit yelling for the girls to get to bed and jesses roommate Hannah came in.

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I rolled of the bed and hid under the bed. I heard them talking about today and gossip about what happened at the pool. I was surprised to hear that zack and Rachel having sex was already a rumor. Then Hannah walked in front of the bed by the front door where I could see all but here head as she took her bikini off. She was so hot. She was a 32c and had a tight, sadly unshaven pussy.

But she was smoking hot.

Then when she got dressed Jesse talked her out of the room so I could make my escape. I ran into an elevator and when I got to the lobby i heard 2 employees talking about how annoying the students were and how he could t wait till we left. I remembered we had one night left. That actually made most of us sad because we liked being together, the hole class of 2015 together hanging out in Washington dc in the middle of the school week.

Jesse and I were a couple now and I was happier than ever. The mr polit and zacks dad came down. "we've checked the pool and all the other students room and hes still missing" zacks dad said. I didn't have time to explain so I grabbed a cup of water and came up. To them saying "who's missing?" I smiled to myself and walked away with zacks dad stuttering at mr polit. I went up the room and went to sleep with good thoughts in my head…