Orgasms satisfy indecent and hot mother id like to fuck

Orgasms satisfy indecent and hot mother id like to fuck
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It was good to be home, and I was looking forward to our next family group fuck with the kids and Stef, so I set about phoning the guys and arranging it for Friday and Saturday night again.

We fucked most nights with the kids and Stef came around to for more fun, each time she was kinkier than before, by now there was nothing any of them wouldn't do, or try, I had watched them play on the Skype link whilst I was in the UK fucking my sister, so I sent Pauline a message to say we would be playing, and if possible for her to watch and maybe arrange a few guys for her too on Saturday night our time.

I was glad when she said that she could arrange a guy or two for Saturday for us to see her in action once more, and Lee and Carol wanted to join in too, I was going to be so jealouse if she got him to fuck her again, as his cock was huge, and looked good in her arse or pussy.

Any way Friday afternoon and Stef arrived, she looked stunning, Kim and her went to get ready, as I also got myself set for a nights fun, once more we moved the double bed into the games room and a mattress for us to play on, the toys and other stuff ready to go. When the girls came out, my cock went straight for Stef's pussy, wetting her hole ready for later, then quickly I fucked her arse, opening her brown hole up, each time now she took cocks or toys easier, her anal opening well used to taking huge toys and fists.

Stu was fucking his sister as we kept our selfs busy, Sue came home and got ready joining us for some pre orgy fun. The guys began to arrive around 6.30 and the fun got going, Stef quick to pick out a good sized cock and impale her butt on it, Kim was going strong with two guys and Sue and Stu also took a few cocks, as I was split roasted between two guys, it was good to be back home and watching the kids get fucked.

I saw Stef take a second cock in her arse, both fucking her hard, as she screamed out her orgasm. It was a great night, the guys were drained and tired before they left, but eager to return tomorrow night for more fun. Saturday, we all rested and got ready early, spending time playing with one another, but keeping ourselfs fresh for tonight, Stef and Kim got dressed up and looked great, both in mini's and loose tank tops, Sue wore a see though dress with a slit up it to the waist, so when the guys started to arrive thier cocks grew to full size in seconds, as the girls picked out a cock to suck and play with.

It didn't take long before we all got our first cum load, the girls put on a show for the guys, licking and sucking one anothers bodies and using the toys to the full effect.

Then we put on a show for them too, sucking, fucking and fisting our way to anal bliss, then Stef fucked my arse with the strap on, and big dildo, as the other's continued to play, I got her to fist me, while a cock was pushed in with her fist, his cum lubing my hole fairly quickly, as her fingers played cutexezra facial in the shower him inisde me.

I got Kim and Stef to sit on my fist's each trying to out do the other, riding me and ramming more arm into their tight young butt's, I didn't want to judge as both took, my arms nearly to the elbow.

One of the new guys, asked if we could fist him also, I made sure he was prepared for anal, then used a big vibe at first to open him up, then my fist started in, he was good, soon my elbow was close to going in too, as he asked me to fuck him deeper still. I gave him some poppers, then held my arm as he pushed back onto me, I was shocked, my elbow went in, and he was trying for more, the girls looked on as did most.

I worked him like that for awhile, until I felt him relax even more, then with one more push, I hit bottom, my arm now half way to my shoulder, this guy was a freak, I was sure I could feel his heart beating with my fingers as he moved back and forth on me, never had I seen this before.

I fisted him for some time, then pulled out and fucked him, his arse gripping my cock nicley, then Kim wanted to fist him, and I left them to play, seeing her arm further in told me she hot sex lovers role play also enjoying his butt.

I let them play, while I took a nice cock and watched, Stu was also being fucked, every one now getting into the stride of things, I had Skype on and saw my sister connecting with us, we said hello and she showed me Carol and Lee and a few other guys all naked and playing already, Pauline was on her kneee's with a cock in her butt when she said hello. It was so nice watching her being used by the guys, as we all had our holes fucked and filled with cum, when I saw Lee fuck her granny norma comes back more horny than ever with his huge cock I was so jealous, knowing what it feels like inside my arse too, but my little sister was going well, then she got another good cock and let him fuck her arse, and Lee shoved his cock in her butt too, a third cock in her mouth, she looked happy.

The guy fucking me saw her in action and when Lee shot his cum deep in her arse he shot his in me, then Pauline took the second cum load, turning to sit on Carol's face and give her the fresh cum, both girls kissing and sharing it between them.

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my cock nearly exploded right then watching my kinky little sister play, my arse was rewarded by another full load, whilst we both watched her. My kids were doing well, I saw Stu take on three guys, two in his butt and one in his mouth, Stef was taking guys any ways she could, then Kim, Stef and Sue would do a show every now and then to stir the guys up more, before going back to having thier holes fucked.

At one time I told the guys to save thier cum up, as I wanted to give Kim and Stef a big cummy load, so after another hour or so, I said right, lets fill them up, so with both girls laying arse up on the floor, I made the guys fuck thier arse's and cum one after the other.

Both girls had cum running down their bodies as around 5 or 7 guys had cum in them in quick sucsession, then I told them to sit over my face and empty thier butt in my mouth. I took heaps of hot cum as they dumped thier rewards on me. I watched Pauline on Skype, she was still going well, her and Carol doing a 69, with a guy fucking any hole at each end, then I saw Lee, with Pauline sitting on his right fist and Carol his other fist, both riding him and having orgasm as his arms went deep in thier butt's, I did see them both sharing the poppers, Pauline loved using it when we fucked, and now continued to use it for more sexual plessure.

So not to be out done, I called Sue and Kim over, and got them to ride me fists, then told Stu to ride my cock, all three of my family now implayed on a part of me, Stef came over and dropped a exotic babe fucked on balcony in cali of cum in my mouth, which set me off, and I filled Stu's butt with cum. I made sure Pauline saw us in our family fuck, then knelt up for a few guys to use my arse, before returning the favour and giving Stef a mouth full of cum straight from my butt.

While we had so many guys, I called out saying shower time, those that knew quickly followed us out side to the back yard, I got the kids and Stef to knell down with me, as guys all around began to piss over us, at one point I pulled Kim up and pissed in her butt, Stu did the same to his mum, as other guys did it to all of us, then it was time for a quick shower and drink, before we started fucking once more.

I fucked Stef and Kim though out the night, dropping a load in each, Sue was well fucked, I saw her take three cocks in her butt, and a forth in her mouth, all cum just about together as she had one almighty orgasm.

One thing I did ask, was did any of the guys have a male dog, a few said yes, and asked why, but soon caught on and I asked them to bring them next time, saying we would teach their dogs new tricks.

The night carried on, we had done well, although I didn't count the number of guys all up, some left as other arrived, but possible 30 guys enjoyed our orgy, Pauline was going still when around, 2 am most of our guys had left. The ones that stayed watched as Pauline put on a sloppy sucking leads to the hot missionary penetration for us, her and Carol fisted each others butt's as a guy fucked them in the pussy, and both sucked a cock, Pauline took Lee's big cock, her orgasm told us he was ballls deep in her.

Carol's fist was about 3 inchs past the wrist now and working her hard, then Lee stuck his cock in her arse with Carol's fist, Pauline held tight as his huge cock eased in, then he was balls deep, Carol still firmly up her arse with her hubby fucking the same hole, wha a hot sight. Lee kept going for some 5 minutes or more, then his body shook, and he let out a loud moan, we all knew he had just filled her butt with his seed, Carol also came as Pauline must have pushed harder up into her butt during her orgasm.

As Lee pulled his soft cock out, Carol turned and sucked him dry, licking the cum from his shaft, then she pulled her fist out, covered in cum, then she and Lee licked it clean, Pauline was still fisting Carol, then the guy fucking her also cum, and he was replaced by another guy who eased his cock into Carol's butt too.

This caused Carol to shake and orgasm, each orgasm seemed better than the last, as they both worked her bum hole.

then soon she too was rewarded with a hot load in her arse, Pauline also took the cock and sucked it dry, then as she pulled her fist out, Lee went down and licked it clean with her, sharing the cum between them. They had a few more guys fuck them, as we also took the remaining guys for one last fuck too, one last piss session and a quick shower, then it was time for some sleep, by now the kids and Stef sleeping together, as Sue and I made room for some strays to stay the night.

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Sunday is always good for a slack day of sex.