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Thick n juicy ghetto carmel hood freak tube porn
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Dear Diary, All this week the pervy old 'Fat Controller' has been doing the bus conducting on my route home from my after school job. The journey travels between two main towns about an hour apart, there's very few people on the bus sometimes just me on the 7.30pm one. I like sitting up on the top deck at the back, no one seems to come up top any more. How would I describe the 'Fat Controller'?

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Well he's in his fifties at least, balding and I guess you'd call him portly. He doesn't look after himself very much, his bus conductor's uniform is always grubby, he has sharp beady eyes and he can't help himself but brush his hand over your tit when he's holding out the ticket for you to take. But those of you who have read hot redhead fucked hard long cock ella hughes previous pages of my diary know I like them old and the pervier the better!

On Monday whilst I was scrabbling in my purse for some change his fingers rubbed briefly over one of my titties, I was only wearing a cotton shirt and a bra, my nipple hardened instantly in reaction sending glorious tingling sensations straight to my overactive pussy. I looked straight into his eyes, not to admonish but to accept what he had done to me. Game on! On Tuesday, same position on the bus, top deck at the back, my nipples already tight and my pussy starting to itch awaiting his presence.

He was braver this time, his thumb moving over my hardened peak as the bus bumped along, I looked up at him the minute he came into contact, my mouth slightly open, my tongue licking my bottom lip.

My eyes willed him to do more but after stroking my hardened teat for quite a while he eventually bottled it and moved away. What he would have done, I don't know but I wanted IT so bad! On Wednesday, I was all prepared, before leaving work I went to the loo and removed my bra, just leaving my shirt. As I walked to the bus stop my tits jiggled, my nipples rubbing against the smooth fabric, my pussy already felt damp. I got on the bus and spotted him, result! I made my way to the top deck, got myself comfortable on the back seat and undid a couple of buttons.

From his height looking down at me, it would give him a clear view of my tits, if this didn't give the perv encouragement I didn't know what would! He ambled his way up the aisle, my thighs clenched against one another, my pussy aching like crazy. I gave him eye contact immediately, he looked at me briefly before his eyes caught sight of my exposed breasts, I heard him take a sharp intake of breath.

He furtively outstretched his podgy hand sliding inside my gaping blouse, his fingertips immediately stroking my flesh briefly before delving further and coming into contact with my nipple. He circled and rubbed back and forth over the hardened teat the sensation fantastic as I continued to watch his eyes. His breath increased rasping in and out as he stroked both my breasts unashamedly, I was so disappointed when he moved his hand away and shoved my ticket at me.

He was not as brave as I had hoped. Thursday I ramped up my plan, again braless, I caught the bus, excited to see him there, I hastily clambered to the top deck, sat down and unbuttoned my shirt completely, pulling the material apart to my sides, completely exposing my boobs. I was determined to get the attention I craved.

He was looking at his ticket machine as he came up the aisle so it wasn't until he was beside me that he realised my top half was completely exposed to him. My little titties with their puckered hard nipples on show for his eyes only.

My pussy was throbbing, I was desperate to shove my hands up my skirt and stroke my clitty to give me the climax I craved but I braced my shoulders pushing my tits forward and waited.

He was more confident this time, his hand immediately coming into contact milf jamie busts teen dillion getting banged by her boyfriend my nipple, stroking then tweaking it between finger and thumb, the pinching got harder, the sensation delicious in a painful way.

His hand transferred to my other tit, his attention more urgent, his tweaking firmer pulling on the nipple, he was leaning over now, his breath rasping in and out fast, I could feel it on my skin. His mouth came closer, his tongue sticking out, it was like I was watching him in slow motion, willing his tongue to touch my flesh.

Cupping my breast, he took my nipple in his mouth, sucking hard, distending the flesh almost painfully then slavering the sensitive nub with his asian in stockings hot fellatio japanese and hardcore. He was like a starved man, grunting and moaning as he drooled saliva over my breast and then sucking the fluid back into his mouth before moving his mouth over to my other tit.

I threw my head back in excited lust, relishing in his fawning of my body, absorbing the wonderful sensations of his attention, vaguely I heard the bell of the bus ding and instantly his mouth left my craving tit and he turned and ambled away, leaving me frustrated, nipples wet with his spit chilling in the open air. I went home extremely disgruntled, disappeared to my room on the pretext of home work and frantically rubbed my clit and frigged my cunt raw with my hairbrush until I climaxed over and over my juices dripping down the handle.

I cursed whoever rang that bloody bell! Friday was disappointingly uneventful, despite removing my bra before leaving work, the Fat Controller was not aboard the bus that evening, once again my pussy ached the whole journey home, again I disappeared off to my room, I half-heartedly stroked my clit to a disappointing orgasm.

I was beginning to wonder if I would ever achieve my goal. The weekend proved even more disappointing. I didn't manage to meet up with any of my friends and spent most of time in my room, I couldn't even manage to look at some porn on the laptop as my M mother kept coming to my room on some excuse or another!

Monday has arrived at last! I am buoyant again, looking forward to the bus journey home. I am wearing a button through dress today, this time before leaving work I remove both my bra and panties! As I walk to the bus stop my tits rub against the fabric and the cooler air caresses my bald pussy as I move, I am feeling wet already.

As the bus comes to a halt, I spy the Fat Controller through the windows, he is at the back of the lower floor, I hurry up to the top floor, my heart racing as I realise I am alone up there. I rush to the back seat and tuck myself in the corner obscured slightly by the higher seats facing opposite one another in front of me.

I quickly undo all of the buttons of my dress and pull the sides open completely exposing myself. I bent my left knee up and put my foot on the seat and opened up my other leg as far as the side of the seat in front would allow, slightly shuffling my body down with my back to the window, I looked down admiring the sight of my naked body, perky nipples, flat tummy, naked mound and my pussy clearly exposed, if I didn't get fervent nympho is geeting pissed on and bursts wet vagina complete attention this time I was giving up!

I heard his footsteps as he lumbered up the aisle before I saw him, as he came into view I knew he would see my naked exposed body offered to him, I heard him inhale sharply. Watching his face, I put my fingertips to my pussy, dipping them into my cunt I gathered some of my juices on my fingertips and brought them to my mouth sucking them clean. He watched every move, entranced with what he saw, his eyes gleaming.

I repeated the manoeuvre this time extending my arm slightly, offering my juice coated fingers to him, a silent invitation to suck my fluids from my fingers. He moved forward and sat down on the seat, leant over, opened his mouth and sucked on my fingers, I felt his tongue lap and curl around my digits savouring my cream, all the time he is either looking at my face or flicking his eyes down to my gaping pussy.

I drop my hand from his mouth down to my side, waiting for him to make the next move, it is his turn now, if this does not prove to him I am open to his attention I don't know what will. He moves his hand to my bare thigh and slowly slides up towards my pussy, his breathing is slightly laboured and he is licking his lower lip repeatedly. His big hand cups my opening, his fingers slide up and down, spreading my juices and coating his fingers in my moistness.

The sensation is mind-blowing, my cunt throbs, my clit tingles every time he touches it, my cunt producing more and more wetness which tracks down to my arse crease before dripping onto the seat. Without warning he plunges one of his fat fingers straight into my cunt right up to his base knuckle, the invasion is slightly painful as my hole has no preparation but the full feeling totally outweighs the discomfort.

He slides his finger in an out in a steady rhythm, eyes alternating between watching my face, my tits moving as I quicken my breath and my cunt lips clinging to his digit.

On his next exit of my cunt, he inserts hot milf movieked up and banged domestic disturbance call second finger, sliding straight back in, my walls cope better with the increased intrusion, I feel tight and full. He continues to pump but increasing in tempo until he is finger fucking me fast and forcefully.

The sounds are mind-blowing, I can hear his upturned palm soaked in my juices slapping against my pussy lips and clit, the rhythm is matched by my wet cunt sucking at his fingers, he is grunting and panting at the exertion and I am moaning in pure turned on bliss. His jamming fingers into my cunt making my body judder and my tits bounce up and down. All the time there is an excited gleam on his face, he is constantly sucking back the saliva his mouth is making, he leans further forward still continuing to fuck me hard and takes a nipple in to his mouth, sucking and biting hungrily, his mouth is quite rough but the pain is helping me build to orgasm.

He transfers his hunger to my other nipple clamping down and drawing the tight bud into his mouth, raking his teeth over and over. I tip my hips upwards to take his fingers deeper and my climax tips me over, I whine at the sensations racking my body as my cunt walls clamp down repeatedly on his chubby fingers which continue to pump me hard as my juices flood his hand, in the end it all becomes too much and I have to plead with him to stop as I try and push him away.

It is the first time I have spoken to him other than ask for a bus ticket to my stop and I am relieved when he releases me. He pulls off my teat and pulls his fingers from my tired cunt and stands, he licks his hand and fingers clean, it is clear he is enjoying tasting me as he turns and walks away.

Sitting up straight in my seat as I re button my dress, I notice my juices and cum pooled on the seat next to me the milky substance shining under the dim lights of the bus. Sated, I wait for my stop to arrive, walking the rest of the way home in a daze. Tuesday arrives and I am desperate for a repeat performance, my pussy is perfect body teen brunette showing off all her curves wet the minute I wake up and I stroke my clit to climax reliving the previous evening's events.

The day passes relatively quickly, I am back wearing my blouse and skirt as I once again walk to the bus stop naked underneath my cunt already secreting juices. I don't see him as I get onto the bus and climb the stairs but as I come up on the top deck he is leaning against the front window, is he waiting for me?

I walk to the back of the bus to my usual spot aware he is following me, I sit down, unbutton my blouse pulling it apart, scrunch my skirt up around my waist and take up my prone position, all the while he stands waiting, watching my every move. Once I am still, he sits down beside me, reaches forward and takes each of my nipples between finger and thumb rolling and pinching the sensitive flesh tightly, it is painfully delicious and I accept his actions with a small moan in response.

My pussy is soaking, I can feel my juices dripping down between my legs down towards the seat again, I have no doubt that I am a sex hungry slut who craves the attention of older people, I have no explanation for it. His hand drifts down, his longest finger the tip pressing on my clit rubbing it back and forth, I moan again at the electrical sparks shooting to my cunt as he plays with it. He shuffles further back on the seat, I hold my breath as his face lowers to my pussy, my heart wants to burst from my chest as I feel his breath on my soft skin before he takes a swiping lick over my pussy lips moving back down to my opening and sucking my juices loudly into his mouth, he groans relishing my taste.

His tongue pushes up into my cunt, licking at my silky walls, drawing more fluid into his mouth, he moves his mouth up to my clit, encasing my aching bud with his lips and starts to rhythmically suck, grunting in excitement. I throw my head back in lust at the sensations pulsing through me, my blissed out moment is brought to earth with a thump as he rams two of his fat fingers deep into my cunt hard and commences a repeat of yesterday's hard finger fucking of my cunt which is still a little sore.

Despite the slight discomfort, I love it! I pant loudly as his fingers pummel me and his mouth and lips suck my clit matching the rhythm, I clutch the back of his head pulling him into me as I buck my hips up to meet his ministrations trying to fuck his face and fingers, rubbing myself and my juices over him. My orgasm is once again mind-blowing, the walls of my cunt trying to pull his fingers deeper into me as my climax milks him, as my bucking into must watch black chick gets destroyed by white man face slows, he releases my clit and moves his mouth lower, licking the juices from his fingers and hand and then clamping his mouth over my cunt, sucking and stabbing his tongue into my gaping hole to eat my cum.

I feel well and truly ravaged as I lay there letting him clean me up, slowly my racing heart recovers to normal speed as I watch him licking me. I have no idea what time has passed and looking out the window I realise my stop will be here shortly and I push his head away muttering that I need to get off, scrabbling to pull my skirt together and re button my blouse. I leave the bus, as Sweet ebony babe performs a hot dance in front of webcam bigtits walk home the cool air caresses my swollen pussy, I am in a daze and struggle through tea that mum has made before disappearing off to the bedroom where I crash and burn dreaming erotic scenes of this wrinkled old man abusing me.

Wednesday he is not on the bus, I am so disappointed, my tits jostle with the vibration of the bus's engine, my nipples rubbing teasingly against the material of my blouse.

I sit in my usual seat looking out the window as I pull my skirt up and open my legs. My fingers stroke my pussy, smearing my juices all over my clit as I start to flick it back and forth, I smile to myself kind of wishing and hoping there was someone there to watch me as I masturbate myself until I cum.

It wasn't as gratifying as being with the Fat Controller but it helped sate my aching cunt. Thursday passes boringly slowly, school is a drag, even work is slow, I feel myself forever clock watching until it is time to leave. I am wearing my button through dress again today, my usual trip to the toilet before leaving to remove my underwear, as I walk to the bus stop the material caresses my hardening nipples teasingly even my pussy feels slick as I move. Gstring whore gets cum hole plunged lingerie japanese heart drops like a stone as I board the bus and climb the stairs, he is not here again!

I walk to the back of the bus in a sulk until my seat comes in view and there he sits in my spot, my eyes widen when they are drawn to his cock in his hand. It isn't large in girth but it is quite long, he is slowly wanking his cock, the head bulbous, purple, glistening with precum bubbling at the tip.

I plop down next to him in delighted awe, watching him transfixed as I reach over smearing his lubricating juice around the head with my hand. He releases his cock as I take over story mugeres sesi maestra duerme cama my hand up and down his shaft and he reaches over to start to unbutton my dress until he exposes my breasts, his pudgy hand cups one before pinching and rolling a teat tightly, eliciting a moan from me before he attends to the other one.

By now my hand is working his cock, corkscrewing his soft skin shrouding his iron shaft, more precum bubbles out of his slit dripping onto my hand lubricating my strokes. His other hand moves to the back of my shoulder and pushes me down towards his cock, he never says anything but I know he wants me to suck him. I am salivating with excitement as my mouth lowers to his cock, my hand slides to the base holding it upright to take him.

I swirl round his tip, he tastes very musky, I don't particular like the taste but my feelings of control outweigh the flavour as I slide my mouth down his length, lapping my tongue around the underside.

He groans as I worship his cock, bobbing up and down taking him as far in as I can. His hand has moved to the back of my head, grasping my hair and pushing himself deeper into his mouth, I struggle to take him as my eyes water and I gag. I clutch the base of his cock to prevent myself choking, covering him with my spit, as I pull his cock out of my mouth to look up at him, it strings between my lips and his tip, his eyes gleaming at the erotic sight. I continue to suck him vociferously, now on my knees on the seat, crouched over him, he releases my hair and reaches for the hem of my dress and pulls it up roughly to expose my arse.

I am so turned on, I do not give a shit that I am exposed, his fingers fumble around my pussy lips before he plunges a finger into my cunt and starts his usual rampant pumping. I mumble in pleasure, my mouth full of his cock, gurgling in delight as his hand gives me what my aching love hole needs. His breathing is rapid and hissing between his teeth, as I continue to suck and lick his cock but all of a sudden his fingers leave my pussy, I am hastily pulled off his dick, he has swivelled me on my knees so my arse is facing him, my knees burning with the friction from the seat material, I can hear scrabbling around and look back to see he has one knee on the seat, his other leg down beside.

He grasps my dp session for naive teeny double penetration doggystyle tight, I feel his cockhead nudging against my pussy lips before he plunges his cock covered in precum and my saliva right to the hilt in my cunt. I gasp at the intrusion, my slick pussy accommodating his cock quite quickly as my walls stretch to accept him before he starts to pound me relentlessly, his thighs slapping against mine and his balls swinging back and forth, the scrotum rubbing against my swollen clit.

He and I grunt in symphony at his exertions, my tits swinging wildly with my nipples rubbing against the seams of my dress. He fucks me so hard, like a sex starved cave man.

He moves his hands up to seek my tits, he grabs a nipple in each hand, pinching them tight between his finger and thumb and pushes into my flesh using them to anchor my body against him.

It hurts, fuck it hurts but I love it, I drop my head down against the seat as I push my hips back against him, willing him to fuck me even harder, thrusting back to meet his own thrusting, He lets go of one of my nipples and after tugging the material out of the way, his hand locates my clit which he pinches but because it is soaked with my juices his finger keeps slipping off, so he pinches continuously in time with his fucking, squeezing and releasing the aching flesh tortuously.

The wicked pain is enough to induce my chasing orgasm as I wail in ecstasy, my pussy floods with juices and milks his cock hungrily. I feel his cock expand, his balls tightening until he grunts as his load of scalding sperm jettisons into my womb. Ropes and ropes of it eject from him as he continues to pump into me until he is spent, his hands have returned to my hips as he holds himself upright gasping for breath.

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Soon his cock shrivels and plops out of me, I look between my legs watching his flaccid cock dripping with our juices and a long string of the same drooling from my cunt. I move to return to a sitting position and button up my dress, he is still half kneeling, his eyes looking at the pool of cum on the seat, he is sweating profusely, his tired cock hanging out of his unzipped fly. He catches me looking at him and hurriedly tucks his cock away, I realise my stop is coming and gather my belongings and make my way along the aisle and down the steps.

I can feel our cum seeping out of my cunt, dribbling down my leg. I hurry home, making a beeline for the bathroom where I sit on the toilet, scrabble up my dress and scoop the promiscous blonde tied and fucked on a cliff of cum up and into my mouth before sliding my fingers into my cunt to mop more liquid to hungrily suck from my fingers.

I am without doubt addicted to cum male and female and mine mixed with any the older the better, I love the desperateness of it, the feeling that they are grateful for whatever I give them when really their attention to me is just as much of a turn on.

Friday comes and seems to race by, no sooner is school finished, my evening job flies by we are so busy I am nearly late leaving which would have meant me missing the bus!

It's a mad dash to the loo to whip off my bra and panties, stuffing them in my bag and I run like crazy for the bus. I am beside myself when I see him on the lower deck giving some old biddy her change, I race up the steps, he is soon behind me as I make my way to the back. I am halted in my tracks as I near my special seat, there is an old man sitting in it, he has his cock in his hand stroking its thick stubby length as he watches the shock on my face, I have never seen him before!!

The Fat Controller is right behind me and pushes me forward to sit next to the man, he slides in close next to me on the other side. My heart is pumping wildly, although nervous I do not feel scared just a little unsure, it soon dawns on me that he knows this man and that he has planned this all along!

They immediately start to grope a breast each, pinching my tightly budded nipples through my shirt, they don't carry on for long and quickly unbutton my blouse, pulling the shirt tails out of my waistband, pulling the sides open, completely exposing myself to their hungry eyes. Hands return, squeezing my flesh, flicking my puckered nipples, scraping them with their finger nails, plucking and distending them. My pussy is throbbing relentlessly, I can feel my juices sliding over my pussy lips as I try to rub my thighs together to satisfy the ache.

They both tug at either side of the hem of my skirt and I lift my bum to assist and allow the fabric to bunch up around my waist, each man pulls a respective leg across their thigh, pulling me wide apart as they slide their wrinkly hands up my milky white thighs edging closer and closer to my dripping pussy, in my mind their hands are moving so slowly, I am desperate for them to manhandle me.

Both sets of fingers pull my pussy lips apart, dipping into my pool of juice, sliding their wet fingers up and down my folds, each taking turns to circle my clit before returning to gather more from the entrance to my cunt. They are both panting, their heads move to my tits and their mouths latch onto my nipples, lapping, licking, slurping, chewing on my sensitive knots, their drool spattering everywhere. I throw my head back in lust, soaking up the dual onslaught of attentions, my body is in overdrive as it tingles all over.

I cannot see who but one of them slides his finger deep into my cunt and starts a slow in and out as the other puts pressure on my clit teasing the bobble of flesh back and forth. I moan in gratification, never being the recipient of two on one attention, I am in basking in their ministrations. Before long I am edging close to climax, they speed up their actions, finger fucking me with two fingers and rubbing my clit back and forth in a speedy blur, I cum on a loud moan, tilting my hips up to allow the fingers deeper access as my cunt sucking at the fingers trying to pull them further in.

The men ease off the pressure as I lay sprawled on the seat, my eyes closed trying to catch my breath. Before I have a chance to recover, they have pushed my legs down and the stranger has pulled me onto my girl in school uniform gets assfucked tube porn in the same position as yesterday and is rubbing his thick cock up and down my dripping pussy, coating his knob in my juices.

Meanwhile the Fat Controller is unzipping his flies and pulls his already hard cock out into the open, twisting around on the seat to rub his precum juices over my lips. His friend has lined up his cock to my entrance and is slowly pushing himself into me until his hips touch my arse cheeks, he pulls slowly back out until his tip is the only part left inside teasing me beyond words before he shoves it back in hard causing me to gasp in delight.

At the same time the Fat Controller takes advantage of my open mouth and rams his cock deep, I initially gag in shock and continue to choke as he bucks his hips back and forth not giving me a chance for air. I claw at his thighs trying to push him off of me, he can hear me choking, my saliva bubbling in my throat, he pulls back after a few times to allow me to breath, his cock covered in my spit dribbling down the sides and pooling in his pubic hairs.

I lick and lap at his penis cleaning up the drool as his friend continues to fuck my cunt, grunting with the exertion, his fingers are pulling my arse cheeks apart, I hear him spit before feeling the now cool liquid spatter onto my anus. His thumb massages around my puckered hole, I hesitate sucking the other guy's knob, I have never had anyone touch my arse before! Feeling my hesitation the Fat Controller pushes my head down on to his cock again and starts to buck deep into my throat, I feel the other guy's finger or thumb put pressure on my hole until my muscles let his digit in.

It hurts a bit but the fullness of both holes being stretched is wicked, the Fat Controller's cock continues to fuck my mouth hard, I can barely breath and hope he cums soon.

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At last I feel his cock swell bigger in my mouth, I try and breathe through my nose and continue to suck him hard to speed up his ejaculation, I am finally relieved to hear him groan and his cum pushes through and coats the back of my throat as I try to swallow it down but there isn't enough room!

It escapes my mouth and drips onto his cock, I pull off of him and suck and lick up the mess enjoying his muskiness. His friend continues to fuck me hard but obviously the Fat Controller has not had enough, he pushes me up on my knees, his mate shuffles forward and pulls one of my legs across him, pulling me back so I am still embedded on his cock but reclining my back against his front, he is still managing to impale me even in this position, his cock pistoning away as his hands grasp my nipples and tug on them.

The Fat Controller moves his hand over and starts to slap my clitty, hard, because my legs have been wedged so far apart, the flesh has been pulled tight and the discomfort is perversely enjoyable. Their unforgiving attention to me, turns me on so much, I am putty in their hands as they use and abuse me.

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He stops his smacking and shuffles further back and allows his mate to push himself further down onto the seat until he is almost reclining, this allows him to buck his hips harder and fuck my cunt deeper. My thighs are stretched tight, the backs of my upper legs hard against my calves as he holds me tightly against his chest continually plucking at my nipples. The Fat Controller sees his opportunity at my exposed clit and dives down to enclose his mouth over the swollen nub, sucking it hungrily into his mouth, clamping his teeth against it, his lips vibrating against the now so so sensitive bundle of nerves.

I cry out, it's almost too much, as my climax hits me like a tidal wave, oh fuck, fuck and fuckety fuck, the sensations wash over me, my cunt grips his cock milking him tightly, I feel his cock swell stretching my walls, his fucking slows as I feel his cum shoot up into me, scalding my insides with his baby batter. The Fat Controller stops sucking my clit pussy pissing redhead marketa tastes her piss in solo watersports video instead licks at my cleft slowly as his mate's cock stills inside me.

His cock shrivels and plops out, I am shocked to look down and see the Fat Controller siphoning the mixture of my cum and his mate's cum hungrily into his mouth, swallowing hungrily. He sucks in suck three large schlongs makes her happy mouthful and climbing up over me, I anticipate what he wants and open my mouth and he dribbles in the mixed cum.

The action is so peverse but that's me isn't it, a dirty little bitch, who loves cum and I desperately accept it, licking the inside of his mouth and lips clean.

I climb off the other old man's lap, turn around and lick his shrivelled but cream coated cock clean, I lift his balls up and suck the juices embedded in his pubic hair. When I have finished, I look into his face, he is grinning in a leery obviously happy way, thinking he has taken full advantage of me&hellip.if only he knew&hellip.the pleasure was all mine!

I have no idea what time has passed but looking out the window, I realise my stop isn't far away so I straighten my clothes, making my way down the bus, my abused nipples rubbing against my blouse, my swollen pussy lips rubbing against themselves as I walk, tonight's bus ride has to be one of my best experiences ever!