Cute freckled teen in schoolgirl uniform gets cock pornstars and cumontits

Cute freckled teen in schoolgirl uniform gets cock pornstars and cumontits
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We live in a small town, I can't name it, but we would all agree that 2500 people is small enough. You'd think that in a town that small, every one would know everyone else's business, but not here. Mom always said this place was founded by hippies who respected that some neighbors would be buck naked all the time, that some would be stoned out of their tree, and that some were polygamists, so nobody pried. My parents moved here before I was born, but I don't know why. They've never given me a reason, but I'm starting to think I understand.

People here just seem to mind their business, and not jump to conclusions. One example is that it wasn't until I was a teenager that I realized it was a strange coincidence that my two best friends, who are my neighbors, and I are born within a week of each other.

Our parents are all best friends. My parents are Kevin's god parents, Kevin's parents are Ellie's, and hers are mine. Nobody has ever given us a real explanation how it happened. Dad joked it was because of a football strike, but the timing doesn't work. Kevin's mom just said something was in the stars.

I think Ellie's mom came closest to the truth, saying we were the product of the aftermath of a really good dinner party. Anyway, enough talk about childhood. Ellie and I grew up nicely.

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Ellie's mom is one of the most gorgeous Latino women I've ever seen, and her dad is a tall, dark, African god, built like a football player. Their genes mixed perfectly to produced Ellie, who would give any top model a run for her money in any beauty contest. She's almost 5'11", and totally fit.

We played soccer since childhood, so her legs are strong, and shapely. Her skin is perfectly smooth, milk-chocolaty brown. I get completely wet just thinking about her perfectly heart-shaped ass.

Oh, sorry, not sure if you were ready for that. Also, I won't dwell on her lovely B cups, I want to finish writing this. Me, I'm only 5'7", and kinda curvy. It's a result of my Filipino heritage. Mom's completely filipino, dad is a halfie. I've worn my hair in permanent ponytail since I was 6 and like it that way. I've super elegant strapon dildo erotic movie pantyhose and lesbians the perfect athletic filipina-next-door thing happening, and it's safe to say that I turn men's heads wherever I go too.

El and I are different, but we match each other perfectly. I know I mentioned Kevin, but he moved away when we were 12. His folks had a big nasty split, and Kevin went away with his dad. We never saw, or heard about him again. It kinds broke our hearts. It affected Beth, Kevin's mom more. She was sleeping around a lot after that, maybe before too, we didn't know. When we were 14, Ellie and I discovered sex. We were sleeping out in the tree house, when we heard a commotion below. It was Kevin's mom and another woman in the yard.

At first we thought they were wrestling, and then we realized they were naked. I was dark and we couldn't make out who it was, but Beth's long blonde hair stands out even in the darkest of nights.

We watched and listened to Beth ate the other woman's pussy, and then fucked her with a big dildo. (As it turned out, it was actually a cucumber from her garden.) Ellie and I watched, frozen, scared to get caught peeping, but to intrigued to look away. Beth must have forgotten that we still spent time in that tree house, because it became a regular thing to see her getting it, usually from another woman, and sometimes from a guy.

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It wasn't long before Ellie and I began masterbating while watching Beth. One day, my ass was in the air, my fingers deep in my pussy as I watched Her get fucked doggy-style by this big,dark African guy.

I was oblivious to what Elle was doing, and the next thing I knew, I felt something warm and wet licking at my fingers and pussy lips. I came hard when I realized it was Ellie's tongue.

That was the beginning. From then on, we learned everything there was to know about each others body and sex. When we were 16, we went into the city, dressed adultish, sis and brhot sex stories into a sex shop and bought a strap on dildo.

With that, we took each other's virginity. We loved each-other, and it seemed the right thing to do, rather than letting some clumsy high school boy take our cherry and gloat about it later. It was special for us, it didn't matter that the cock was latex. Maybe we spent too much time together. Maybe there just weren't that many available guys. Maybe we just didn't pay attention to any of the local boys. But neither of us had any boyfriend growing up. It wasn't until the summer after our high school grad that we realized what was missing from our lives, a real cock.

Ellie and I had just been into the city shopping for new bikinis. We'd been planning on going camping at the lake and working on our tans. We'd just turned 18, so mom had no say on how small it could be. When we got home, some new hunk in jeans and no shirt was mowing Beth's lawn. Damn he was fine looking. His back was chiseled, and his jeans hugged his tight ass perfectly. Ellie gave me a nod of approval looking at him.

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Maybe if we were lucky, we'd catch a glimpse of that ass as he pounded Beth's pussy after he finished. Either way, I knew we'd try on our suits again, and I'd wind up tongue deep,in Ellie's pussy. A bit of live porn might just add to the mood. Then he turned around. We made the realization immediately. "Oh my god!" screeched Ellie in a most uncharacteristic way. "Kevin!" I screamed right after. We dropped our bags and ran into his arms.

We were both speaking a mile per minute, when Kevin said, "hold on!" he held us at arms length to get a look at us. "Wow, mom's right, you are gorgeous." we started talking again, and he interupted us, "You know, it's great to see you and all, but I need 15 minutes. Let me amateur mature orgasm hd first time the mature lure up, shower and then I'll meet you by the tree house.

Is it still usable?" "Oh my god, yes it is! We go there a lot," answered Ellie, giving me a wink. "Ok Kevin, we'll see you there in a bit." And off we went. "Can you believe how hot he is? " I asked El as we unpacked the shopping bag. "I know. I can't believe we were looking at Kevin like that," she replied. "What?" "It's Kevin. You know, we played together as kids. We were ogling his bod." I was a bit lost, "so?" "He's like a brother." "Hello, what about us?" "That's different. We're soul mates.

" "You know, the three of us were tight. We saw him naked when we were kids. Had he not moved away, we would have been playing with his cock instead of those dildos." "No!

well maybe Ya! But that didn't happen. imagine now. If one of us hooked up with him, that would just make things weird between you and I." "Agreed." "Then we can't go after him." "Disagreed." "What?" "I love you. You love me. We love him. If it happens, its the three of us together. just like when we were kids." She kissed me to seal the deal. As she pulled away, "what if he's not into it?" "Then it's no worries. We'll check the signals. He might only be here for a day anyway." We decided to wear our new suits under our shorts and T-shirts.

If Kevin was staying around, maybe we could convince aussie lesbian amatuer couple lick pussy outdoors to come to the lake. We arrived in the treehouse and Kevin was inside lying on the floor.

It's changed a bit. "Ya, we all have."I answered."god Kevin, it's so good to see you.where have you been?" "You know, with dad. We moved to Mazatlan, Mexico, and that was it." "Why didn't you visit?" "You know, mom and dad's split was real bad. Whatever she did broke his heart." "Did he steal you away?" "No.

Mom let dad take me. He had a big business opportunity with a resort. You knew she came to visit." "Actually, we didn't know." Oh" there was an awkward silence, so I broke it, "How long are you here for?" "We'll, I'll be going to CalTech in the fall, so I came up to stay with mom." "There's more to it," said Ellie.

"You're blushing." "Never could keep anything from you Elle." He replied. "Actually, dad kinda kicked me out." "Why?" "I'd rather not get into it?" I don't know what possessed me. I jumped on top of him, pinning his shoulders with my knees like I'd done a million times when we were kids.

"Tell me, or the beautiful girl with the piano player fingers, will play your ribs making you squeal like a little girl. You know 10 syal xxx storys sex stories done it before." Ellie jumped on, straddling his knees, fingers just grazing his ribs.

He began to squirm, trying to resist. "Ok. Dad caught me fucking his fiancé." "What!?!" chimed Ellie and I in unison. "She wife cheat in restaurant bathroom I used to go jogging early in the morning while dad was getting ready for work. Normally I'd shower after and head off to school.

Since school ended, we started going for swims after our run." "And?" " well, I'll tell you, Maria is smoking hot. She's a cross between you two, in size and build. She's a total latina goddess, and even so though she's well into her 30s. Anyway, I thought dad was lucky to be tapping her perfect salsa dancing ass. Anyway, I didn't mean for it to happen." "What happened?" "We had gone for a pretty intense run, we pushed each other really hard.

it had been a fun run. Anyway, afterwards when we were swimming, my leg cramped." "Cut to the chase," I interrupted. "Ok, while she was massaging my stiff, cramped leg, something else got stiff. Next thing I know, her lips were sucking the cramp out of my cock.

From then on, as soon as my dad was out the door, I was balls deep or tongue deep in her pussy. Sometimes, she'd sneak into my room at night and slip into bed with me. It was heaven, and hell. I didn't like the idea of fucking dad's new wife-to-be, but couldn't think of a way to stop. Come on, I was just 18, and she was smoking!

"One dinner, Maria was visiting her parents, so dad and I were alone, he pulls out a plane ticket. He said, son, it's time to for you to go stay with your mom. Your too much like her for me to have you stay here. I'm not sharing this wife with anyone like I did your mom. "After that, he got up and walked out. He didn't say more than two words to me as he drove me to the airport. When I left, he hugged me, said he still loved me, but then he drove off.

I fucked up, and broke my dads heart. "Damn, Maria must have been something," said Ellie. "What makes you say that?" I quizzed her. "Well, for one, he kept her even when he found out she was fucking his barely of age son.

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and secondly, Kevin's shorts are still barely able to contain the hard-on he started sporting when he was telling us the story." His reply was perfect, "You'd be sporting a hard-on if the two girls you loved as a kid had turned into gorgeous women, and were straddling you right now. And don't forget to mention, one has her fingers subconsciously grazing the top of my shorts like she's itching to pull them down, and the other's pink pussy lips are peaking out of her shorts, in striking distance of my tongue.

" I think Ellie had yanked down his pants before he finished his speech. She had started gobbling his cock like a pro. I'd freed his arms, and he pulled my shorts aside so he could start licking my pussy lips. It felt good, but I needed more, so I quickly stood up, pulled off my t-shirt, shorts and bikini bottom, spun around and sat down on his face, this time so I could watch Ellie sucking his cock.

Kevin's cock was a good size, not to big, not too small. After practicing on that 8 inch dildo, Ellie had no problem deep throating him. Hard to believe that girl had never sucked on a real cock before today. kevin's mouth was alternating between sucking my clit, and tongue fucking my pussy.

He was a good pussy eater. Maria must have been a good teacher. Ellie was bobbing up and down on his cock, using her hands too. She was obviously doing good, because he'd regularly moan in to my pussy. I was mesmorized by Elle's rhythm. I hadn't even realized that she'd managed to remove her shirt and shorts. I was watching her perfect body, clad in the tiniest, sexiest bikini, as she sucked him off.

it was a gorgeous sight and I was so turned on from his tongue, his fingers, and from watching El, that I was was moving quickly towards my first orgasm. I closed my eyes ready to cum. At least I had thought I was ready, but I wasn't ready for the intensity of the orgasm I had.

It started in waves, first making me shiver, like weak shocks of electricity coursing through me. Then, my body started to shutter, and I moaned out loud. Kevin was twitching, and moaning loudly below me, but he kept working my clit and my hole hard.

My orgasm kept coming, when normally it should have stopped. Ellie must have realized it was major, and she looked up, sending me completely wild. There was white cum drizzling down her beautiful caramel chin. Fuck, she looked so amazingly sexy, I couldn't hold it in any longer. My orgasm came like an explosion. I'd never squirted before, and I was completely out of control. I think I almost drowned poor Kevin. I rolled off him, and curled up, shaking on the floor.

Both Ellie and Kevin jumped to me, concerned. "Oh my god! Are you ok?" Asked Ellie in almost a panic. "I'm so sorry!" Interjected Kevin. I looked up at them both, "That was so fucking amazing." We all laughed. I grabbed Ellie's face on both sides and pulled her towards me, "I want to taste that!" As we kissed, I got my first taste of cum, second hand cum, but cum any way. "What do you think?" Elle asked. "Honestly," I looked at Kevin, "no offense, but pussy tastes better." "I second that," said Kevin.

"That's ok, I love both," replied Ellie. "Looks like I'll get your share of the blowjobs." "Trust me, you'll let me have my share of his cock, or I'll monopolize that amazing tongue of his." "Well, his cock's still hard, and neither of us have had that cock in our pussies yet," she said giving his cock a squeeze. "Maybe I'll test out that tongue right now." Ellie, pushed Kevin into a bean-bag chair, put a leg over his shoulder, pulled her bikini aside and slid her pussy to his face.

Naturally, I slid between his legs and began sucking his cock. I could taste the real amateur cfnm party girl blowjob cumshot of Ellie's pussy, and Kevin's cum as I sucked him into my mouth.

I loved the warmth of his cock in between my lips. Ellie and I had practiced cock-sucking using bananas and later our dildo, but it never felt right to me. On the other hand, Ellie was a natural cock sucker, and loved sucking on something long and hard. She managed to teach herself to swallow all eight inched of the latex strap-on we had. I'd strap it on, and she would lube it for me, giving me a super wet and sloppy blow-job before I'd slide into to her.

I wondered what it would be feel like for a man to be getting his cock sucked.

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Now, here with her and Kevin, I was actually enjoying sucking his cock. I could tell by the reaction of Kevin's cock and body how he liked what I was doing. His body stiffened as I swirled my tongue around the head of his swollen member. His cock would twitch, when I licked from his balls to the tip. It was a lovely sense of pleasure making power, but I was beginning to ache.

It wasn't really that my mouth was getting sore(it was a little), but I was aching to stuff that cock deep into my pussy. "Kevin, warn me if you're gonna cum.

I know this is stupid, but I don't have a condom, and neither of us are on the pill. I just want your cock in me now. He grunted what sounded like ok as I lowered myself onto his stiff member.

I was still wet, and slid on to him easily. At first, I slowly rode him, looking at Ellie's ass grinding into Kevin's hidden face. It felt so good, riding his cock. I started going faster, and he began to pump up into me. I could feel another orgasm building, so I pushed harder. I felt a tapping on my leg, not realizing what is was until it got more nice webcam blond getting cum all over her face penetration and cumshots and Kevin managed a muffled, "I'm gonna cum!" I jumped off and a stream of hot cum erupted from his cock.

Ellie, jumped down and began licking it off his belly and cock. "Now that's one cum hungry girl," came a voice from the door. We all jumped as Beth surveyed us with a big grin on her face. We scrambled to cover up and she just laughed. "We all wondered if and when you'd finally move on to boys.

I'm just can't believe that it would be 30 minutes after you met up with Kevi again. I figured you'd have started tomorrow. Anyway, come in, clean up and get something to drink and eat." She placed a box of condoms on the floor by the door and headed back to the house.

The three of us stared at each other in silent shock. Son get mother pussy tlicking condoms proved that it was expected. "That was weird, but this amazing," said Ellie. "I need something to drink," added Kevin. "Do we really want to go in there?" I asked. Nobody answered. We weren't worried, but it was strange.

We quickly dressed and walked into the house to all our mothers sitting around the table, chatting and laughing. When we walked in, the laughter stopped, and they looked all serious. But Ellie's mom cracked and started laughing, and the other two joined in. It was an interesting talk, but I'll write about that next time.