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Naughty beauty exposes her boobies hardcore and blowjob
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CHAPTER FIFTEEN "The Day After" Friday, December 22, Morning Dave found himself alone in Jennifer's bed the next morning. Olivia and Jennifer had been in the bed when he'd fallen asleep. Out of necessity, he had sent Emily into the master bath to take a shower after their fun and then sent her back to her own bedroom to avoid unnecessary and possibly dangerous questions from Emily's cousins, Molly and Megan.

Dave lay there looking out the window thinking about the past few days and about events yet to come. There's Christmas was the first thought to cross David's mind. Dave threw off the blankets, rolled out of bed, and padded across the room.

He pushed aside the sheer curtains and looked out.

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It wasn't snowing at present but there were some ominously dark clouds still hanging around and what he estimated to be a foot of snow sat on the ground and the roads. "No running around today, David," he told himself as he closed the curtains back.

He slipped on his pants, gathered the rest of his clothes, cracked open the bedroom door, and peeked out into the hall. Seeing no one in the hall, Dave slipped out of the room, closing the bedroom door behind him. He padded down the hallway, staying close to the walls to avoid the creaks he knew were near the center. He quietly opened his own bedroom door and slipped inside.

Dave stripped off his pants once more, threw all of the dirty clothes into a pile in one corner, slipped on his bathrobe, got some clean underwear, and headed for the bathroom just across the hall from the bedroom he was using.

Dave shaved and showered quickly, put on the clean underwear, brushed his hair and his teeth, slipped the robe back on and returned to his bedroom to dress. He was shocked to find his niece Molly sitting on the bed when he came back in. "Hello Molly. What are doing here?" "Just wondering what you and Mom and Emily and your friend were all doing in Mom's two raunchy babes pleasure a fat dick pornstars and big tits last night?" Dave tried not to let the shock show on his face but he could feel an ominous shadow fall over him.

The first thought that popped into his mind was another one for you to add to your harem. Strangely, the voice in his head that said this sounded remarkably like his daughter Emily.

Dave closed the bedroom door and sat down on the bed beside Molly, making sure his robe stayed tightly tied and closed. "What makes you think we were all in your Mom's room last night?" "I'm sixteen years old, Uncle David. I'm not a kid and I'm not an idiot." "I didn't say you were. You're a very intelligent, young woman." Molly turned to David, a smile on her face.

"I heard you all." "What did you hear?" "I heard Mom begging you to fuck her." "I don't think your mother would approve of such language." "My mother isn't here and I heard you and Mom and Emily all use worse words than that last night." "What'd you do, stand at the door and listen?" "No comment." "Okay then, how about this.

Why are you here talking to me? Why not talk to your Mom or Emily?" "What makes you think I didn't?" "Because I know you're mother pretty well. If you had, she would be here right now.

And I know my daughter. God knows what she would have done if you'd went to her with this information. This leads me to believe that you want something. So, what is it?" Molly smiled.

"Right to the point, huh?" "I don't like being blackmailed or extorted or strong-armed or whatever you wanna call this, Moll. Get on with it. What do you want?" "Maybe I want some of what they had. Any man who can take on three women in one night, one of them a seventeen year old girl, must be something special in bed. Are you hung like a horse or adorable ember gets her pussy banged hard by her stepdad, I'm not hung like a horse, or I don't think so anyway.

So, is that what you want? Some of what they got last night?" "It'll do for a start," Molly said. She stood and crossed the room to the door. She stopped there and turned around. "I don't mind if your friend - what's her name, Olive or whatever - stays but just so you know, I don't do girls." "I'll make sure and tell her," Dave said with a nod and a smile. Molly left the room.

Dave sat there on his bed thinking about how he had ever gotten himself into this mess. After a few moments, Dave got up and dressed.

He was just slipping on a pair of socks when there was a knock at the door.

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"Come on in." The door opened and Jennifer stepped into the room with a hot cup of coffee. "Brought you something." Dave eagerly took the coffee from Jennifer, carefully took a sip, sighed loudly, and then set it aside.

"Thank you. I needed that." "Dave, I wanted to talk to you before you go downstairs with the others." Dave nodded as he pulled on his other sock. Jenn closed the door before speaking.

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"First, I wanna say thank you for a wonderful night." Jennifer blushed. "I know I i need to get double dipped screw my wife feel horrible and guilty about what happened.

I slept with my brother. I had sex with my underage niece, not to mention another woman. But I don't. I don't regret any of it. In fact, I'm actually happy Emily did what she did. I haven't felt this good in years. Not since before Dimitri died." "I'm glad to hear that," Dave said, having finished putting his sock on.

He picked up the coffee mug and took another sip. Jennifer sat down beside him and took his free hand. "Second, I don't want you feeling guilty about it either. Emily, Olivia and I all got up early this morning. Okay, Olivia and I got up early and went in and woke Emily and dragged her downstairs. Anyway, they told me everything. Olivia told me all about SLuT9 and SLuT10 and Emily filled me in on what's been going on with you since you got it.

Neither Emily or I blame you for what's happened. Emily did it to herself and, believe it or not, she told me this morning, that even though she was being punished, she did rather enjoy herself last night and she fully understands now why she was punished. She confessed she had been acting like a brat." "Well then, maybe last night was worth it." "So, no blaming yourself, no feeling guilty, no regrets?" Dave nodded, deciding he would do his best to follow her suggestions.

"Good," Jennifer said. "Next, I want you to know that you have been my best friend for a very long time. You've seen me through all of my rough times. You were there for us when Dimitri got sick, you were there for me when Dimitri died, and you've been a father figure to my girls. I just want to tell you, and Emily mentioned that she made a similar promise a few days ago, if you want to -" Jennifer paused and took a deep breath before continuing. "If you want a repeat performance." Jennifer smiled, blushed and looked away.

"Well, you don't need the formula to do it." "The formula," Dave said, suddenly remembering what had led to the previous nights excitement. "Relax. Olivia and I were the first ones up this morning. We found the formulas right where you left them in the living room and moved them up here. They're in the top drawer of your dresser." Dave got up from the bed and went over to the dresser, opened the drawer, and shuffled things around until he found both bottles of the formula as well as the glove and some alcohol swabs.

Dave exhaled sharply in relief. "Thank God." "You know," Jenn said coming to stand behind Dave and just to his right.

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"That's some pretty powerful stuff you got there. Could be used to do a great deal of good or evil." Dave chuckled. "I don't see how this stuff could be used for good. Not one little bit." "I can." Dave turned to her and waited for her to go on but she didn't. "Not now. This isn't the time. I can see it in your eyes. You're still a little." She paused to consider the right word.

"Upset about last night. It'll wait." She leaned forward, kissed the tip of his nose and then headed for the door. "Jenn," he said turning to face her. She stopped and turned back.

"I need to talk to you, Olivia and Emily. Alone. Hayley can be there if necessary but I chubby amateur girlfriend bathroom action big boobs and homemade Molly and Megan out of the way for maybe a half hour." Jenn nodded. "I was gonna set 'em to shoveling the sidewalk this afternoon. Would that do? Or would you prefer I send them out now?" "The sooner the better in this case." "Okay.

I'll send them out now. Olivia is making you breakfast. Don't take too long, your breakfast will get cold." She turned away and stepped out. "That girl is whirling dervish in the kitchen. Did you know that?" "No," Dave said as she closed the door. "But for some reason, it doesn't surprise me." Dave stayed in his room for a few minutes, not wanting to be around Molly for fear she'd try and extort him again. He waited until he heard the clunk of a snow shovel on cement before going downstairs.

When he arrived, he found all the women, except Molly and Megan, waiting for him at the kitchen table. "I made you breakfast," Olivia said coming to greet him. "I hope ham and eggs are okay?" Dave took her in his arms and kissed her gently on the lips. "It smells wonderful. Thank you." Dave had to laugh at the blush that rose from Olivia's neck, up and over her face, and, as far as Dave could tell, continuing right into her hairline.

He put an arm around her waist and they walked back to the table. Dave sat down in the only seat where a plate of food was waiting, picked up the fork, scooped up a forkful of scrambled eggs and put them in his mouth. "What did you need to talk to us about, David?" Jenn asked, anxious.

"Your daughters. Well, specifically, Molly." "What about her?" "She spied on us last night." "She what?" Jenn shouted and rose from her chair. "I'm gonna kill that girl." She headed for the door. Dave grabbed her wrist to stop her. "Leave it alone for now, Jenn. She came to my room just after I got out of the shower this morning." Jenn slowly turned around and returned to her chair. "She says she knows what we were doing, she wouldn't say how she knew or how much she knew but she knows something happened." "Daddy, what did happen last night?" Hayley asked.

"Tell you later, Hay," Emily said, grabbing her sisters hand. Dave gave Emily a quick smile of thanks before continuing. "I asked her what she wanted and she said she wanted some of what you all got last night." "I say give romantic babe cant live without gentle sex and a nice orgasm in the end to her," was Emily's immediate response. Everyone, especially Dave and Jennifer turned to look at her.

"What?" Emily said, finding herself the center of attention. "Oh come on, the girl is well on her way to being a bully and a slut. I've never heard of someone filling both roles but she's working hard at it." "What are saying, Emily? What do you know that I don't?" Jennifer asked. "Looks like you just talked yourself into telling a story, Em," Dave stated.

"There's no story to tell. Hayley and I go to a different school than Molly and Megan. The only times we see them are when Daddy brings us over here. I don't know what Molly and Megan are like at school. All I know is that when we're here, Molly is constantly bullying Hay and I. "I don't know how much of what she says is true. I have doubts any of it is, but I know she's constantly talking about fucking this guy or sucking that guy or doing something with this guy or not doing anything with that guy.

If she's doing even half of what she says she is, she's a slut. So I say her give her exactly what we got. Hit her with the SLuT9 and teach her some manners." "Don't be shy with your opinions now, Em," Dave said, smiling across the table at his still sleepy daughter. "She's right," Jennifer said. "When I'm around, she's a perfectly sweet girl but I've heard her when she's with other girls - Meg, Em, Hayley and her friends.

She is a bit of a bully. And, yes, I've heard her talking about her sexual adventures. I never took them real serious. When I was in school, it was the ones who talked the most who got the least." "It's still true," Hayley told her aunt with a smile. "After all, I talk constantly." Everyone laughed.

Jenn wrapped an arm around Hayley, who was sitting beside her. "You're a good girl, Hayley Danielle." Polish milf mischa cross tag teamed by two horny beasts hugged her and kissed the top of her head.

"Does that mean I'm not?" Emily asked. "Oh no, Emily. After last night, I gotta say, you are good for some things." Jennifer, Dave and Olivia all burst out laughing as Emily first scowled, then blushed, then buried her head in her arms on the top of the table.

Hayley just sat there looking confused. After the laughter died, Dave turned to Jennifer. "It's your decision, Jenn. She's your daughter." Jenn thought for a moment and then said, "I want to know the truth. I think I need to know the truth. I wanna know what my girls have been up to. If Molly is going down the road that Emily described, she needs something to change her path and the SLuT formula seems ideal for the job." "What about the rest of it though?" Olivia asked. "You mean David fucking her?

I think David would be the ideal person for Molly and Megan both, to lose their virginity to. He's caring, loving, gentle, tender, knows what he's doing." Hayley looked from her aunt to her father to her sister. "Did you all have sex last night?" Suddenly, Hayley found herself as the center of attention. "Did you?" "Would it be a problem if we did? That was the plan wasn't it?" Dave asked. "Daddy, do you think I'm pretty?" "Yes, Hayley, I think you're absolutely gorgeous.

Why?" "You'll sleep with my mother, my sister, my aunt," Hayley said, ticking them off one by one on her fingers. "and you're talking about fucking a cousin or two but you haven't even given me a good French kiss yet. Should I be insulted?" Jennifer and Olivia both turned to David, eyebrows raised waiting to see how he answered his daughter.

Emily also looked at him, her eyebrows were raised in question too, but Dave could tell she was asking a very different question. Suddenly, that voice in his head, he'd heard up in his bedroom earlier shouted, Another one for you to add to your ever-growing harem, Daddy.

This time Dave was sure the voice was Emily's. Dave decided that the girl was a bad influence on him. "Can we talk about this later, Hayley?" "No problem.

Just make sure we do talk about it." Dave nodded. "Jenn, I hate to lay all this in your lap but it is your decision." "If she pushes it, David, do it. I trust you and I am kind of curious how much of what she says is true." David nodded. "Olivia, I think it might be best if you get yourself your own room tonight. If anything is going to happen with Molly, she said plainly she doesn't want you there." "Like that matters to you," Emily grumbled.

"What was that?" Hayley said as she tried to hot brunette kiare rides monster cock machine out what her sister meant. "Em, how long are you going to grumble about this?" Dave asked. "As long as I can get away with it." "Well, unless you want some more of what you got last night, that had better be the last I hear of it. Understood?" Dave and Emily locked eyes for a moment.

Then Emily looked away and down at the table. "Yes Daddy. I'm sorry." Dave nodded and turned back to Jenn. "What about Meg?" "What, you want both of my daughters?" Jenn asked, laughing. "Meg is so different than Molly. She's so quiet, tender, kind." She giggled at a thought. "I think, as much as she looks up to you, I think if you asked her nicely enough, I think she'd get on her knees and blow you, with or without, the SLuT formula." "I think you should test that theory, Daddy," Emily said, smiling.

"Your aunt Jennifer told me you'd learned your lesson." "I'm not being a brat, Daddy. I'm just teasing you." "Do you wanna be there, Jenn?" Jennifer thought about this for a moment. "No. I think it best if I'm not there." "So how are you gonna do it?" Emily asked. It was now Dave's turn to sit and consider for a moment.

"I think I'll let Molly play her hand before showing her what's in mine." The rest of the day passed by with little excitement. Molly and Megan both spent most of the day upstairs in their bedrooms messing with all the new clothes, toys and gadgets they had gotten for their birthdays. Olivia spent most of the day doing what she could to help Jennifer keep the house in order with seven people living there.

Hayley dragged Emily off after the breakfast chat to get the full low down on what had happened the night before and Dave spent most of the day sitting in the family room reading the new Stephen King novel.