Hot chick lets colleague fuck her hung bf

Hot chick lets colleague fuck her hung bf
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Chapter 18 Uncle Jeff is my dad's younger brother. He is 38 or 39 this year. He has always been a really sweet guy, always getting us the nicest Christmas and birthday presents out of all the relatives, sometimes better than what mom and dad got us.

This time he just showed up with the cutest puppy ever, although there was no special occasion today, he mother son sexy at barth room wanted to do something nice for us. He didn't have any kids of his own, not because he didn't want any, but because his wife Sheila didn't want to even try.

She was not the nicest person you could meet… In fact, she was the meanest person that I knew. She was especially mean to my uncle, always bossing him around and giving him orders like she was the queen of something or other. But since he was such a nice guy, he just saw the good in people and somehow fell in love with her and married her eventually.

The sad thing is that he didn't even propose to her, but instead she convinced him that it would be the best thing ever if they got married. She even promised to try and have a child. She lied. Sheila was there when we got the dog and was staring at me as I gave my uncle a big hug. After I finally broke off and took a step back I noticed that they were actually all staring at me. Mom just took a few steps closer to me and said rather embarrassed: -"Honey, you should maybe go upstairs and put something else on…" looking down as she said that.

I followed her eyes and noticed in horror that my wet robe had clung to my curvaceous body like shrink wrap. First I noticed my large breasts in almost full display, with the nipples poking out through the thin material, the robe forming an ample cleavage leading down to my tummy where you could clearly see the outline of my belly button, then it clung even more on my round butt and stuck to my thighs like glue.

I was so embarrassed to be exposed like this in front of my entire family and relatives, none of them looking at my face at this point… I just put my arms around my chest, trying desperately to cover as much as I could, then excused myself and ran upstairs.

In retrospect I realize that running was probably not the best idea considering what I was wearing. In fact, it made everything more visible as my butt swayed and my boobs bounced on my chest all the way up the stairs. I went to my room and slammed the door. I couldn't even look myself in the mirror, but just took the wet robe off and put on a pair of shorts and t shirt. Then I just jumped in bed not religioacuten en la escuela orgiacutea con sol y ainara to ever leave my room again.

After about an hour or so I decided that I was acting like a baby and hesitantly went downstairs. I could only hear the TV and then saw the puppy in the living room.

I went and picked it up, then started playing with it. This almost made me forget about my earlier embarrassment. Suddenly I heard some voices coming from the kitchen and went in to see what was going on.

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It was my uncle and Sheila arguing about my mom and her new toy on spy camera. "What's going on?. Where's mom?." I asked as they both stopped and just looked back at me. -"Your mom took James to his swim practice and then said that she would do the shopping until he's ready to be picked up.

We're just waiting for your dad to get home, he has to give me those golf clubs that I gave him last week. I've got a pass for Saturday and want to use them on&hellip." My uncle was saying when she stopped him rudely. -"Nobody kitty at the cohf condo about your golf game Jeff…" Said Sheila annoyed.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to intrude on your argument. I'll just go back to my room" -"No, don't go, you should hear this. After all, it's about you." Responded Sheila in anger. I was confused and looked at my uncle whose face was now red. He tried to stop her but she just kept talking: "Yes, we were arguing because Jeff is a pig who got an erection when you hugged him and then amateur lisa massage turns erotic it.

Now, I'm not just blaming him for that, I'm mostly blaming you, you little slut! You came down stairs with your little wet robe on, shaking that tight ass of yours in front of my husband, then pushing your big jugs in his face!" She kept yelling at me and throwing insulting words left and right.

"I'm going upstairs, I don't have to hear this" and with that I turned around to leave. But she grabbed my hand and pulled me back. I tried to pull away and that's when she slapped me across the face. My uncle tried to intervene but she pushed him away and told him that if he doesn't do as he's told she will get a divorce and take everything away from him… Then she grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled me close to her and whispered in my ear: -"If you put up a fight I will not only kick your ass, but I will also come to your school and yell in the entire building what a whore you are for coming on to your uncle and exposing yourself to your entire family…" I wasn't sure whether brother and sister baat room xxx believe her or not.

I knew that she was crazy and eva lovia fingering her hairy wet pussy the way she was acting now I could gather just how insane she really was. I didn't say anything and just looked at her. She then pulled me into the living room and pushed me on the sofa. She then called my uncle in.

-"Is this what you like?" she asked as she got closer to me and pulling my hair back forcing my chest to trust forward, making the t-shirt stretch even more over my large breasts. Then she reached with her other hand and grabbed my right breast and gave it a squeeze.

I just gasped in surprise that she would actually touch me like that. I wasn't wearing a bra, I usually didn't around the house, so I could feel her whole hand roughly cupping and squeezing my tender flesh through the thin cotton shirt. Then she let go of my hair and took a hold of my t shirt and started pulling it up. I tried to stop her but she just called me a tramp and slapped me again. My uncle just sat there motionless with eyes as big as saucers. She finally managed to wrestle the garment over my chest and then pulled it completely off.

I screamed and immediately covered myself with my hands. She didn't like this and pulled my hands off while slapping me again on each cheek. I was so scared and didn't even know how to react. She ordered me to keep my hands at my side unless I wanted the "ass kicking of a lifetime" as she put it. I reluctantly lowered my hands in my lap, exposing my heavy breasts to my uncle and her.

Looking down at my chest she reached with both hands and cupped both my boobs and weighed them. She then bounced them up and down in her hands staring with jealousy… She was 35 years old and in quite good shape. She always worked out and ran 5 K every morning. But she was skinny with toned arms and legs, and a small waist and small chest, probably an A cup.

She seemed like the type that envied other women for their shapes and beauty and she definitely hated what she saw when she pulled my t-shirt off. -"How the hell does a snotty little brat like you have boobs like this?!

Huh? Tell me? How old are you now?" After a long pause I answered: "I'm… I'm only. 16…" She seemed even more annoyed for some reason, then squeezed both my boobs again, this time harder, making me cringe. I had never been touched like this by a woman and felt quite disgusted with all that was happening. After receiving a slap on each breast I could feel my sensitive nipples getting harder and poking out in her palms.

She looked at me and smiled. -"looks like someone is enjoying this…" I just shook my head but she called me a lying whore and then squeezed my pink nipples between her thumb and forefinger. I gasped involuntarily but she just continued, then started rolling them between her fingers cruelly, all the while looking at my facial expression. I just stood there and allowed her to molest my young body that she envied so much. Trying to hide how I felt had always been hard for me, but while these sensations were rushing through me it seemed impossible.

She could see right through me, and being older and much more experienced than me, she had no problem eliciting all kinds of little gasps and shivers from me. She then reached down for my shorts and started pulling them down. I tried to stop her for a moment, but once I saw the stern look she gave me I gave up and just let her have her way with me. She pulled them down and I was left in only my little cotton panties that had a little wet spot on them by now.

My uncle gasped when he saw this, but she just looked back at him and told him to keep his mouth shut unless he wanted his whole life ruined… Then she reached between my legs and cupped my pussy through the now moist material… She smiled again and accused me of liking the rough treatment.

Then started rubbing me harshly while I wiggled my butt on the sofa trying to pull away from her grasp. The wiggling only enticed her more as she toyed with me every way she wanted. -"Let's see what the little slut is hiding in there"… and with that she pulled my underwear down to my shaking knees, and quickly decided to just pull it all the way off, then threw it at my uncle who was now watching in disbelief. I tried covering my young pussy from their eyes but her hand beat me to it and started rubbing, now on my bare skin.

She used her whole palm to rub and squeeze my mound, then pushed two fingers in my mouth when it opened to cry out. While forcing me to suck on her fingers, she was moving her other hand in fast circular motions on my wet little pussy. -"You like that slut? You like being masturbated my a woman? I know I like rubbing my pussy like this, in fact I cum pretty hard when I do it to myself for a long time… Let's see how long it takes you, shall we?" I shook my head in denial with her fingers still in my now drooling mouth, moaning a bit as she increased the pressure on my vagina and sped up the rubbing.

Then the two fingers were popped out of my mouth and pushed between my labia and in one swift motion straight into me. It hurt and I cried out, but she just screamed at me to shut up and "take it like the whore that I am"… I was now being penetrated by the two fingers roughly and my clit was rubbed by her other hand.

That was just too much for me, and combined with the adrenaline from her earlier attack on my young body, it gave me a shattering orgasm. I moaned uncontrollably while she kept molesting me and calling me a dirty little whore. As a woman, she knew how I felt and what this was doing to me, but instead of stopping she just continued rubbing and penetrating me mercilessly in order to illicit more pain. Finally she let go and I just squeezed my legs together to comfort myself a bit.

It was in vain… I saw her get up and go to my uncle, then grabbed him by the hand and pushed him on the sofa next to me. She then threatened him to be quiet or else, then started taking his pants off. I just looked away but not liking this she pulled me closer by the hair in order for me to get a good look at what she was doing.

Once his pants were off I could see a large erection almost trying to poke its way through his boxer briefs. My face was red as I saw these things unfolding in front of me. She looked back at him with disgust and after calling him a pig she pulled the underwear off exposing his stiff penis to his underage niece… She then slapped his cock hard a few times calling him every name in the book, then grabbed a handful of my long blonde hair and pulled me down on the floor and then pushed my face on my uncle's hard cock.

I cried out but she just pushed me down with one hand and maneuvered the throbbing phallus in my face. I kept my lips tightly closed as she rubbed his precum all over my nose and chin. Then whispered in my ear to open perky big tits amateur leaves her man aroused hand job blow job slutty mouth and take whatever she gives me; then bit my ear hard. I screamed and that's when the large cock was brutally shoved into my wet mouth.

I tried to pull away but she just kept pushing my head down on it until it was all the way in and hitting the back of my throat, making me choke. With one hand she was now manipulating my head up and down on the stiff cock, making me suck off my own uncle.

Then she reached around and slapped my naked butt while telling me to keep sucking. I felt her release her grip but was afraid to stop, so I just kept sucking it in as best I could. My uncle was breathing hard while my soft lips were on his member and begged her to stop this. She just cursed him out while issuing another threat and then got behind me. I was kneeling in front of the couch with my hands on his legs and my mouth on his cock when she put her nose between my butt cheeks and sniffed my wet cunny.

I could feel her breath on my sensitive area and even heard her take in a few deep breaths… -"Ohh… that pussy sure smells good… Let's have a taste…" and then I felt her wet tongue on my most private parts.

She was licking me all the way from my clit to my butt hole and back. I moaned a faint "nooo…" but it wasn't very audible with that large dick in my mouth and all the drool dripping on my uncle's full balls. It all felt like such an invasion, I can't really explain it, just the fact that she was a woman and technically my aunt, and that he was my uncle made it even dirtier… She took her time on my back side… First she started licking over my folds, moistening them really well, then her tongue started darting more and more towards my puckered little butt hole.

This gave me a strange sensation, like blonde girlfriend fucked in the kitchen shaved pussy and sucking that shouldn't be happening but yet it was… She grabbed both my ass cheeks and squeezed then, then parted them as far as she could.

This gave her greedy mouth even better access to my teenage cunny and she was going to take full advantage of that. I felt her tongue reach between my pussy lips and lick into my tight hole, then come out and find my erect clitoris and give that a good licking as well. It gave me the impression that she knew what she was doing, like she had done this before… This whole time I was reluctantly sucking on my uncle's cock which was now completely covered in my drool and a copious amount of his own precum.

He was actually leaking more than one would expect. Every minute or so I was getting a salty surprise in my mouth, on my tongue or on my lips. I just licked it up and continued coating his large shaft with it and my saliva mixed together. I wasn't really sure why he was dripping so much precum, but his "lovely" wife was about to shed some light on that: -"You like that, you fucking pervert?

You like getting a blowjob from your slutty little niece? Or do you just like that you are finally getting someone's mouth on your disgusting prick?!" He just grunted in frustration and asked her to stop all this, or at least shut up… I realized what was going on, that she never gave him any oral attention, in fact she most likely used sex as a weapon against him, and even then did it only the way she wanted and as long as she wanted.

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That would definitely explain why he had an erection so easily earlier, why he was so wet now even before I touched him, why his cock was throbbing so hard in my hand and mouth. He wasn't a pervert, not even close. His body just reacted earlier to me hugging him without him wanting to. I could relate to that… Quite well in fact.

Who knows how long it had been since he had any sex, not to mention oral… It seemed that she never did that for him just from the way she said it and from the expression of sheer embarrassment on his face.

I actually felt bad for him. He was coerced into this just like I was, and if he was any stronger he would surely stop this madness, but let's face it, as much as I care for him, he really is a wimp and she knew that from day one. Probably what made her want to be with him, he was so easy to manipulate, so easy to control… As these thoughts quickly rushed through my head, she kept lapping at my pussy like a dog, hungrily eating me out against my will and actually making me squirm more as her tongue pressed on my now oversensitive clit.

She noticed this probably even before I did and all of a sudden bit one of my engorged labia… I cried out, still having the warm cock in my stretched mouth. It sounded like I liked it, so she laughed and bit harder into the other one.

The more attention my soft folds were getting, the more swollen and sensitive they would become. And right about now they were at the maximum level of susceptibility at which I could barely maintain my composure. I moaned harder this time and pulled my mouth off the phallus and asked her with pleading voice, to please stop. She just pushed my head back down in my uncle's lap and the continued molesting me with no regard for my comfort.

After a moment or so she bit down on my clit. That was it… I just couldn't take it anymore and screamed as she held my little pleasure bud between her teeth and shoved two fingers in my soaking tight cunny. The orgasm hit me immediately and totally unexpected. There was no build up to it or even some kind of warning. My body just took over, ignoring my wishes and shuttered in pleasure mixed with pain and total denial.

My knees were week and I had stopped any movement on the cock that was still lodged in my mouth, just holding it in like a pacifier. She noticed that I was completely unprepared for this, so she slowly pulled her mouth away, then came around next to me and ordered me not to stop and continue sucking. As I started up again she grabbed my right hand and placed it on the base of Jeff's dick, starting an up and down motion while giving me instructions on how to do it.

She was now speaking to me like you would speak to a toddler when you teach them how to feed themselves or how to drink out of a milk bottle. Tarada dando para ursinho com cinta pinto tone was condescending and insulting, but also imposing at the same time.

I understood what I had to do and started rubbing his dick every time I took him in my mouth. It didn't take long and he started breathing heavily… "Please… Jasmine&hellip. You have to stop… Sheila, let her stop, I can't hold it, I'm gonna&hellip.

Cummm&hellip." And with that he grinded his teeth and his hard cock spasmed in my hand and the first strong jet of hot cum invaded my mouth. She just got closer to my face and stared at me with huge eyes as I swallowed spurt after spurt of her husband's thick semen. You could actually hear me gulp it down, breathing heavily through my nose as not to choke until it was all gone. I then slowly pulled my mouth off him and swallowed one last time, getting all of it down my exhausted throat.

Now they were both staring at me. From the surprised look on his face I could tell that he had never received that kind of treatment before. He must have had blowjobs I guess, maybe before he met Sheila, but it seemed that no one had ever swallowed his load… My face blond babe pussy fucking with big dick red, not only from my own orgasm which I could still feel the effect of in my loins, but also from the realization that I was the first to ever swallow him&hellip.

It then hit me: she never actually told me to do that. She just made me suck him and pushed me on him, but I could have pulled my mouth off him when he ejaculated, or at least spit curvy adorable chick rides a thick cock smalltits homemade out… Why did I&hellip.

I had no time to contemplate. She pulled me up on the couch and told him to get out of the room.

Like a dog obeying its master he got up and barely walked out as she got on the couch next to me. After giving me a smile, Sheila started unbuttoning her jeans and pulled them off. She was wearing a black lacy thong with thin side straps, which after letting me get a good look at was also pulled off joining her jeans on the floor. She then laid back and pulled her legs apart while I just looked at her. The truth is I had never seen a woman naked like this before.

I had been in the school locker room and saw other girls undress and they saw me, but this was different. This was a grown woman that was purposefully stripping in front of me.

Her pussy was shaven, with a patch of hair left only above the slit, like a triangle. Her lips were thinner and smaller than mine, no camel toe or anything like that. It was just a slit that reached between her thighs and directed my gaze to her butt, which was small, but seemed firm and round. She was defiantly skinny and you could tell that she ran often… My stare was quickly interrupted by her hands reaching out and grabbing my hair, directing me to her wet vagina.

I was subconsciously pulling back even though my hair was pulled down and it hurt. At this point she slapped me across the face with one hand and then pulled me harder to her crotch with the other. I had no choice and soon my face was between her legs just as it had been between her husband's legs just a few minutes ago… All she whispered was: "lick"… I stuck my tongue out and as disgusted as I was I still managed to make contact with her skin.

It smelled musky, a strong odor as my nose rubbed against her upper lips and it tasted salty. It must have gotten wet while she did all those things to me and probably as she witnessed me suck and swallow my uncle's thick cum. I had no idea what to do, this was the first time I had ever touched another woman's pussy, let alone perform oral sex as she wanted me to. But I started licking it like she did to me earlier. It seemed that she was enjoying it as she started moaning and pulling me harder into her crotch.

My tongue was now moving over her vulva and I put my hands on her thighs for support as I started coating her dirty cunt with my saliva. Cum fill moms pussy hole went on for some time, until she started pulling me harder, telling me to stick it in her, to make her cum.

I stuck my tongue in her entrance and tried to reach as deep as I could. I was just trying to comply and hopefully it would be over soon. The taste was even stronger in there but I just closed my eyes as I felt her tense up and give out a loud squeal&hellip. Since I had never even seen a woman have an orgasm, and I was never quite aware of how I reacted during my own, I could just assume that she had one, so I hesitantly pulled away and looked at her. Her face seemed flustered and her lips were bright red.

Especially the lower one that she was still biting down on. I must admit that looking back now, if I had been a lesbian I would have found her sexy, especially in that state… We stared at each other for what seemed like forever, then she finally spoke: -"I never had a girl do that for me before, but I sometimes fantasized about it. I made Jeff do it a few times but he is just awful at it just like pretty much everything else he does in bed… You have no idea how long it has been since I had a proper orgasm… And I don't mean one that I gave myself with a vibrator when Jeff is asleep.

Those barely take the edge off…" I just looked back at her and at some point my jaw dropped a bit without me realizing it. -"You have definitely licked some serious pussy, haven't you slut?" "What?!" I just shook my head and stuttered: "No!

I've never…" she cut me off dismissively " I don't really care what you do with the other bitches at school" -"Don't worry, I'm not going to make you do it again. Now I'll have you lick my ass hole…" And with that, she turned around and stuck her butt up in slim blonde anal fucked in casting couch hardcore european air exposing herself even more to my eyes.

It was disgusting and I wasn't sure if I could go through with it. She had been sweating, not as much as me, but I could easily detect a strong odor blondie ryan conner seduces her horny buddy her back side. Her butt was right there in front of me, taunting me, almost encouraging me big ass on slutty blonde fucks missionary masturbate start performing the vial acts that were requested of me.

Reluctantly I lowered my face and tried holding my breath at first as I got closer and touched her butt cheeks with my lips. I couldn't reach between them, and she didn't say a word, so I did what I assumed was needed and parted her cheeks with my trembling hands. This revealed her puckered sphincter which was already covered in juices from her wet pussy combined with my drool. I forced myself to stick my tongue out and finally after what seemed like 10 feet, made contact with her sweaty skin.

She took in a deep breath, like she had been waiting for this moment forever. I continued with another lap of her butt, this time applying more pressure and tracing around and over her puckered hole. I could tell that she was enjoying it and I hated myself for giving in and doing exactly what she wanted, but on the other hand I couldn't let her ruin my uncle's life, nor mine.

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She started moving her hips and pushing her ass in my face more, encouraging me with her body language to do a better job. I was salivating by now because of having my mouth open this whole time and was coating her entire butt including the perineum towards her warm snach… All of a sudden she whispered to me in a much calmer tone of voice, almost friendly: -"Stick your tongue in me baby." I did.

"Ahh&hellip. Yessss&hellip. Just like that&hellip. Go In deeper&hellip." She hissed as she said this. I did as I was told and tasted the inside of her butt hole, the first time I had done anything like this. It was gross but what choice would I have if I chocolate beatdown brook marie by bbc redzilla large ladies and amateur to get out of this situation… I just kept going in deeper, as much as I could, opening my mouth and darting my tongue into her bowels, tasting my own drool from the previous penetration and so forth.

We were basically both in an all fours position, me behind her, with my face dug deep between her butt cheeks, trying to reach as deep as she wanted me, but the deeper I went, the more she wanted.

It felt like she was acting out a fantasy that she had for a while. Something that she wanted to do, with someone, or maybe even with me specifically. It had always seemed like she had a problem ebony babe gets anal and dp pounding me. Always giving me dirty looks, smug remarks or just being a bitch in general. I had just attributed this to the way she was, but now I was contemplating that maybe, just maybe, she had some kind of weird attraction toward me, one of those love and hate feelings, where she might want to do things to me but also felt dirty about her own thoughts.

Today must have either been what triggered it or she just had enough waiting and couldn't help it anymore. As the explanation was bouncing around in the corners of my mind I felt her start to grind her butt in my face, moaning softly, almost trying to hide it and breathing rapidly.

I hadn't even touched her anywhere else since I started reluctantly licking her ass, but this gave me some confidence that I might be able to get it over with faster. So, of my own volition, I reached around between her legs and touched the front of her pussy.

Just to test it at first, just tenderly, slowly, like petting an animal for the first time. It was wet. As soon as we made contact I could feel a shiver run through her body. My tongue was in her butt this whole time and I could easily feel her sphincter contract and release.

It was obvious that I received the reaction I was hoping for, even more than that… So I just took the lead and started massaging her wet cunt lips, slowly at first, then fasted. She seemed to enjoy this, not only by the way she was moaning, but also by two crazy french babes fistfucking each other her hips were bucking in my face. I let my middle finger slide between her now red folds and made contact with her erect clit.

She just jumped a bit, then paused for a moment before pushing her entire back side in my face again, encouraging me to continue. I did. I rubbed her pulsating clitoris and penetrated her convulsing butt hole with my tongue until she finally allowed herself to have another orgasm.

It was long and seemed like she had been holding it back forever. It was pleasure and release at the same time. But why was she holding it back? If she had wanted more "play time" she could just make me give it to her, I was already submitting myself to this sick lesbian perversion that was forced upon me.

It must be that Sheila was probably not quite kosher with doing this with a girl, or with anyone for that matter. It seemed that this fantasy of hers had been contemplated and replayed in her mind way too many times, with different outcomes no doubt.

Who knows what scenario she had envisioned before finally acting on her disturbed impulse… But I had no time to think about it, not now. I felt her get up and finally had the nerve to remove my tongue from her ass and take a deep breath of fresh air. For the past twenty minutes all I was breathing in was pussy smell combined with ass taste. A delicious combination for a closet lesbian like Sheila, but a disgusting thing for a little girl like myself.

As she got up, she immediately reached for her gloryhole swallow heather 2nd visit long which were scattered on the floor, grabbed them and started hastily getting dressed, avoiding any eye contact with me in the process.

It was almost like she was ashamed of what had happened, regretting what she had done. I just stood there on the sofa, naked, with my legs folded under my butt, looking at her puzzled. She got dressed and left the room.

Then I could hear my uncle and her talk about something in the kitchen. It sounded like she was now worried that this might get out, that Jeff, by some miracle, would find some last shred of manhood and step up.

I didn't really care either way. I felt bad for him because he was such a nice person, and because she was doing this to him, but I felt even worse for myself for having endured this indignity. I did blame him, even if I wouldn't admit it to myself, for just standing there and letting her do this to me.

Not only that but also for participating, unwillingly, in her unusual "requests". Basically I felt like she had done what she wanted to mature ladies and the best pussy show of us and we didn't stop it. "We", it downed on me… It was my fault as much as his. So then how could I be upset with him?. He probably hates himself for what he let happen as much as I do. And for someone who had been through this kind of situation before I knew better than to blame the victim.

I decided: No. I would not be part of a stereotype. So I got up, gartered all my clothes and got dressed. Then went to the kitchen where my uncle was at the table with his face buried in his hands.

I couldn't see her anywhere. "Did she leave?" He did not respond. It sounded like he was sobbing. I got closer to him and asked again: "Is Sheila gone?

Uncle Jeff…" He just cut me off as he removed his hands from his wet face. -"Don't. " I just looked at him puzzled… -"Don't call me that anymore, please… I don't deserve it. In fact I don't deserve for you to ever speak to me again. I can't even begin to tell you how sorry I am for what happened, for what I let happen, for what I did…" This time I cut him off.

My heart was breaking to hear him speak like this. "It was my fault too. I should have just fought back more, I guess I just wasn't expecting such a high level of aggressiveness from her." He just looked back at me… The truth is that I couldn't really had fought back, not me, not after being "programed" during my visits with Dr.

Carter to submit myself in any way that was asked of me. But he didn't need to hear that, no one should ever know that about me… So I just gave him a hug and tried to calm him down. I could not believe how the roles had been switched so quickly.

I, the teenage niece was comforting him, my adult uncle in regards to something that he had technically done to me, or at least was coerced into doing. But it was too much for my tired young mind to digest right now, so I just told him that I was OK and that this will not happen again. Not sure how I knew this, but somehow it seemed like Sheila wasn't to be seen; at least for a while.

I left him there to regain his composure and went upstairs. I was going to take a bath and wash her smell off me but was too tired for anything. As I opened the door to my room the bed seemed way too inviting to pass.

I just took everything off and got under the covers and took a well-deserved nap. .