Only tata and lan and fodi

Only tata and lan and fodi
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A Short Train Ride I bumped into him at the porn club where I usually took a bottle of wine to share with the manager Brian. I had been a member so long that I only went downstairs to the two small cinemas when a couple came in to play.

That evening whilst chatting with Brian, a friend of his came whom I had seen before but not really got to know. We shared the wine and got on to our main interests that drew us to the club- wonderful horny women who liked to play.

He and I got on really well. He then made a proposition to me that was quite a challenge. I agreed and would wait for him to phone me on my mobile when it might happen.

This is the story of what actually happened. I had forgotten about the chat at the club. Then out of the blue Stan rang me and asked me if I was still interested. I replied, "Of course." "Well Sheila and I are coming up to London tomorrow for the day for a bit of what she loves and I wondered if you would like to partake in a little fun. She doesn't know I rang you but she knows I can arrange this kind of thing." We agreed to meet at the hotel at Victoria Station, one of the main lines into London, at 1030 in a bar we both knew.

I wasn't to greet them but when we had both arrived I would go to the loo where he and I would make arrangements. I arrived just before 1030 and ordered a coffee.

About 1040 they arrived and Stan gave me a wink and settled down with Sheila nearby. So I had a good view of her as she sat sideways to me about 12 feet away. She was blonde about 45-50 and quite trim and wore heels and stockings (I thought) and a light black cotton coat buttoned up, but without a belt.

Her breasts were not too apparent under the coat. I had to imagine what she wore under the coat. Once they settled I rose and went to the loo. I was followed by Stan. He said she's game. In fact they had a bit of fun on the way up from Brighton but that's another cameo. We agreed I would go out of the hotel first and wait for them to come out and follow them. Once back in the main station, after a few minutes they emerged from the hotel and began to walk to the underground.

I immediately followed them down the escalators to the underground to join a train going north. I kept a few feet from them but never got too separated. The platform was very crowded and I began to lose sight of them. Don't panic Ian I thought. But I then heard the sound of the train in the tunnel at some distance but they approach fast. I moved along as quickly as I could, then suddenly I saw her blond hair.

They had walked some way along the platform and waited. The train arrived quite crowded. I moved closer to them and got on behind her and Stan was in front of Sheila.

We were at the end of the carriage where there is amateur lisa massage turns erotic single door. I was the last in. The doors closed and we were wedged. Sheila had her back to me and Stan provided cover for both of us. The train picked up speed and she relaxed a bit.

Because the train was crowded her back was pressed against me. I found myself in a position I had imagined but didn't possibly think would actually happen. Tentatively, I moved my hand to her hips and over her rear and just pressed a little toward her.

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She pressed back firmly on to my growing hardon. I took that as a yes. I moved my right hand down her leg at the back and tucked into her coat. I began to slowly lift her coat running my hand up her leg and thigh over her stocking. Yes they were stockings. I had reached her soft flesh. Her continued pressing against me encouraging me to go further.

Her flesh was deliciously warm as I stroked that warm softness across her upper thigh at the point where it met the cheeks of her bum. No apparent panties. She seemed to like what I was doing as she pressed more firmly against my groin.

Encouraged and running my hand round her thigh I ran into plenty of hair and noticing she was indeed panty less. My fingers explored her hairy wet warm cunt as I slid across her soaking labia and into her vagina and up across to her clit.

With my other hand I suddenly found that her sleeve was a wide one enabling me to move inside the sleeve under her arm pit on to her chest and across to her left breast.

The nipple was tight and stiff from a slightly floppy but fullish tit. She squeezed even harder against me in silent recognition of my sexual onslaught. The train began its deceleration into the next station. I thought it was an all too brief sexual interlude. I was right up against the door. Fortunately the platform was on cristina gonzales pinay celeb sex scandal other side of the carriage. I paused. Sheila didn't move or look back at me as if I was still a stranger in the carriage whom she had to involuntarily squeeze against.

Stan winked at me in recognition of my, so far, successful exploration of his partner. More people got on the train than got off. So the effect was more intimacy. But Stan controlled the pressure on us. He didn't want to make it impossible for us. Slowly the train began to speed up leaving the station. As it did so I resumed my movements on her clit and tightened my fingers on her hardened nipple. At full speed Sheila was getting into a beautiful rhythm as my finger slipped and slid around and across her stiffened clit.

Pressing her nipple really hard, she began to tense her whole body. Glancing at her face, she had clenched her eyes, her lips silently braced and she came in my hand as I increased the pace on her little power source. I heard her quietly squirm at the pinnacle of her cum.

As she came down, she took her hand out of her pocket where it had resided, her other hand on a vertical rail for support, and squeezed my erection in recognition of her induced orgasm.

Stan jav collection genuine nakadashi ampcreampied pussy legs ass hardcore gleamed at both of us.

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He looked pretty high too. All this in the space of what felt like five minutes. I was on a high too but thought, well at least I've provided a good service even though there was not much more she could do for me.

The train slowed again. She signalled to Stan that she wanted to move on, gave me a final warming grip of my cock and moved out of the carriage. I quickly made the decision to follow them. They were changing train lines, involving a change of platforms.

I was becoming expert in keeping up. Though it was about 11 in the morning the underground was still busy, with visitors and tourists who just got in my way as they struggled to make sense of where they were going.

My knowledge of London's underground enabled me to follow them on their way to another line and platform. Going up an escalator, Stan viewed me from the neighbouring escalator and winked again. Sheila didn't see me.

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Arriving at the next platform, I followed a few yards behind and waited, as did they, till the next train arrived. This time I was able to get in with them. We found ourselves, again at the end of carriage except that Sheila was standing and resting against a bum rest facing out and I was directly in front of her with the door to our right and Stan to my left. Again, beautifully tucked in.

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"Weren't you on the last train? Sheila beamed at me as I responded, "Yes, my pleasure." I moved forward feeling encouraged by my covering of her by my full winter coat, by her comment and slipped inside her coat to feel her stockinged thighs again. She helped me by undoing one button on her coat, enabling me to slide my hand up xxnx bac si nu thich bu cac her stockings to her still wet pussy.

However, this time she went for my zip inside my open coat that provided a cover for our activities. I had decided when I prepared for this morning not to wear underpants. So when she began to explore she found herself stroking my cock already hard. We played with each other. "Here darling let me look after you this time." There wasn't either the time or the space to be able to fuck without being observed but Sheila took both hands to stroke my balls and wank my cock as I also fingered her wet pussy that had leaked onto her thighs.

I slid a spare hand in her coat to grasp her nipple again and gave it a squeeze. She smiled and quietly whispered in my ear, "Darling, you're not good at taking instructions are you? Let me look after you. Just hold me. Don't try to get me off again no time." For some reason my eyes scanned to the right of Stan. Looking very closely at me was a woman in her late 50's giving a very searing look at me and Sheila.

In an instant she knew exactly what was going on. I was just about to panic and attempt a quick withdrawal when she just smiled benignly at me, giving us a silent acquiescence. Fucking wonderful.

The world can be just brilliant. Sheila was not in a position to see or be aware of this potential, but averted, blow to our pleasure. I smiled back and relaxed just holding Sheila's warm soft thighs. "Cum for me now. You look ready. Just shoot at my pussy. Don't worry about the mess I love it. I had a lovely mouthful on my way up on the train. Yours will add to my creaming." In my ear she murmured, "Yes let me have it now." Just as she made the comment I felt her hand harden on the head of my cock, much firmer than she had been doing.

I had not cum for a day or so. As I went over the top, not making my usual noisy outburst but stifling it in her hair, she kept going, rubbing every drop of spunk out of me as it shot out and slid on and down her pussy hairs. She let go and I slipped back behind my open zip. I gave her a warm hug just as the announcement came for the next station.

We smiled at each other. I glanced at Stan who returned my smile as did my observer who realised what had happened and just beamed at me.

Sheila gave me a final hug just as the train slowed at the platform. I kissed her cheek and wished her a lovely time for the xxx sex stories story katreena kap of their travels. I got off the train with the sexual observer right behind me. I caught her eye again. busty babe fucks herself with a toy people get all the luck don't they?

Thanks for the show. Wish it were me." I was just going to reply when she was joined, by what appeared to be her partner or friend and bid her, "I wish it were to." We went our separate ways. It was really just a quickie, but a very memorable one that depended on impeccable timing and good luck.

I was aching to share the story with my closest friends but only the ones I could trust and who knew me well. Brian, back at the club loved the retelling. I've enjoyed sharing it, once again, with you. And the cameo on the Brighton line? They found themselves in an empty carriage with just a young 18 year old opposite and facing them. For Sheila it was just too, too tempting.

She slowly opened her stockinged legs to the young man. At first he didn't notice but he looked up a little from his mobile on which he had been texting and found himself looking at her knees.

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She continued opening her legs until her tops were revealed, then, and in the full light of the morning sun, she displayed her pussy hairs. Seeing his response in his groin she used her fingers to open wider and revealed the glory of her glistening wet lips. His eyes rove between her pussy and her face to see her intentions were aligned with what was happening.

He registered positive as his cock began to harden. Nodding to Stan to keep an ear and eye to passing passengers, she reached forward to his zipper and pulled it down pretty babe with large ass gets fingered dug for his cock. Pulling it out she leaned further forward and took his hardon straight into her mouth. She proceeded to suck him to an extremely quick climax, deftly swallowed his load, wrapped back behind his zipper, stood up, blew him a kiss and departed to another carriage with Stan.

(This little cameo was relayed to me by Stan back at the porn club a week or so later, when we reminisced about our underground travels with Brian).