Fervent bookworm gets tempted and screwed by her older instructor

Fervent bookworm gets tempted and screwed by her older instructor
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I led him through the kitchen, pausing to grab the small plastic squeeze bottle of anti-bacterial soap off the counter. I took him to the stairs and started up when my first flash inspiration hit me. Two steps ahead of him, I "accidentally" dropped the small plastic container and bent down to pick it up. I knew that this should put my pussy just inches in front of his face. I was hoping he would take the hint and do something.anything.but didn't want to linger too long in my bent over position.

It would just be too obvious. I straightened and led him down the hall to my room. Leading him to the edge of my bed, I turned him to face me. For the first time, I got a good look at the nasty ugly bruises on his knee and hip.

I quickly knelt down mommy creams on sons cock for mothers day and more front of him. I ran my fingertips ever so lightly over the welt on his knee, and then moved my hand higher up, to the bruise on the front of his hip.

Leaning in close, I ran my fingertips gently over the red area, probing very, very gently. I felt him wince a little, and leaned closer still, pretending to be inspecting his wound. My eyes, however, were focused on his penis. It was right in front of me.inches away from my face.my mouth. My pussy fluttered and my breath caught. I could feel the juices soaking me. Oh God how I wanted to.wanted to.

I stood and pushed him gently back, seating him on the edge of my bed. I held up his injured arm, pretending to examine his wound. But the corners of my eyes were still focused on his penis.right there.naked.between his legs.sitting on my bed.

My pussy fluttered again and I felt another flush of my juices. God I hoped I wasn't dripping. "Stay right there for a second," I managed to whisper in a hoarse voice, "I'll be right back." I scurried down toward the bathroom, but had to pause to catch my breath. He was in my bedroom! He was sitting on my bed! He was naked! His penis was.right there! Regaining my composure, I entered the bathroom, hastily pulling the electric toothbrush, blow dryer, and hair brush off the small tray they sat on.

I opened the medicine chest and pulled out the tube of first aid cream and the cotton balls. Moving quickly to the linen cabinet, I pulled out gauze, bandages, and the peroxide.

I grabbed a wash cloth and wet it with warm water. Wringing it almost dry, I placed everything on the tray and almost ran back to my room. This blonde is dating a black guy and shes so pro was still sitting right where I had left him. I tried not to stare at his penis stellar doll is presenting her spread tight twat in close up I approached, but my mouth was literally watering at just the thought.

I had intended to set the tray on the bed next to him, but then thought, "That would be stupid." A much better idea flashed through my fantasy inflamed mind. I stopped just in front of him and turned around. With my back to him, I bent way over and carefully placed the tray on the floor. My feet were discreetly apart, so I was pretty sure he would be able to see my slit, and the lips of my pussy peeking between my thighs.

I bent my knees slightly as I fumbled with the tops of both the first aid cream and the peroxide. I was pretty sure that, bent over like this, with my knees somewhat bent, the cheeks of my butt would be parting and he should be able to see my tiny back hole, as well as a much better view of my pussy. I fiddled with the supplies for a few moments, opening the gauze and the bandages.

God I wanted him to touch me.feel me.caress me.do something.anything! After a minute or two of.nothing.I gave up, straightening and turning to face him. I moved his knees slightly apart and stood between them, damp wash cloth in my hand. I propped one foot up on the edge of the bed, just outside his hip, and reached for the wrist of his injured arm. I draped it across my knee, inspecting his elbow again. I was hoping.wishing.praying.that in this position his eyes would be on my open pussy, now right in front of his face.

I let go of his arm and turned around, bending over again to retrieve the peroxide. When I turned back to face him, I thought, (or maybe just hoped.prayed), that his penis looked like it had swelled a little bit.

I propped my foot back up on the bed, again lewdly displaying my pussy just inches in front of his face, and reached for his arm, laying it across my knee.

I dabbed at the scraped, bruised area with the cloth, and, satisfied it wasn't actually bleeding, released his arm. I turned and bent over once more, this time grabbing a couple of the cotton balls. I repeated my show of propping my foot up on the bed. This time, when I placed his arm across my knee, I could actually see his eyes.staring between my legs.

My pussy fluttered. I really.REALLY.wanted to reach down and spread my lips open and ask.beg, for him to.to.to. I finished cleaning his elbow and quickly knelt on the floor in front of him, inspecting his knee. My eyes were still distracted by his naked penis just inches from my face as I repeated the cleaning process with first the cloth, and then the cotton balls and peroxide.

Even though I was kind of trying to pay attention to what I was doing, my clit was throbbing as my eyes were automatically drawn to his penis, right there in front of my face. It was just so perfect!

My mouth was watering as I felt another rush of juices flush my pussy. I finished his knee and leaned closer still, looking at the wound on his hip. Oh God his penis was now only inches away from my face.my mouth. I dabbed at the ugly red patch on the front of his hip, and then started around the side.

I'm not exactly sure how he landed when he came down on the edge of the deck, but this bruise started on the front quarter of his hip and went all the way around the side, disappearing under his butt. I dabbed as far as I could, and then whispered in my sexiest voice, "You're going to have to kind of lift up.and maybe sort of roll over." It kind of hurt me to say that because I really didn't want him to move anywhere that would move his penis from in front of my face, but figured once the "nurse thing" was over, I might get the chance to give his penis all the undivided attention I wanted.

I ducked back and he promptly rolled onto his side. It looked uncomfortable as hell, with his legs stuck out straight from the end of the bed. In a flash, the next inspiration hit. "Better idea," I kinda cooed. "Why don't you scoot down here and kind of sort of kneel on the floor and lean over the bed?" He quickly did as I asked, although I think he gave me a kind of a funny look as he moved into position.

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Unlucky for him, but very lucky for me, this scrape was actually bleeding a little bit, and a couple of the droplets had dripped onto his upper thigh.a couple onto his butt cheek. I dabbed at them one by one, all the while staring at his beautiful.tight.perfect butt, right in front of my face.

I finished cleaning him and had another flash inspiration. I grabbed the tube of first aid cream and dribbled a few drops onto the scraped area. I put the tube back down and started using my fingertips to gently.very gently.spread it around the bruise. I couldn't help but bend over slightly and look between his legs.

In his bent over position, both his penis and balls were hanging down between his legs, just off the edge of the bed. Oh God I wanted to.wanted to.wanted to. I let my fingertips continue playing with his hip, his thigh, the cheek of his butt. Without even realizing it, my fingers were getting closer and closer to his gorgeous crack, to his balls.to his penis. I continued staring between his legs as my breath became short and another flood of juice washed through my pussy. I stopped pretending.

I moved one hand to his other cheek and began kneading, rubbing, squeezing, both of them.deliberately.obviously. His tiny back hole was winking at me as I leaned forward, sticking out my tongue.

I began moving it, tickling his balls with just the tip.ever so lightly. He gasped and twitched.but didn't resist.didn't pull away. Emboldened, I began lavishing them with the full length of my tongue. It was so sexy.his balls.my tongue.

I couldn't get enough! I washed every little bit of them I could reach, even leaning forward and probing his tiny pee hole with the tip of my tongue. He gasped again and I went back to feasting on his balls, licking everywhere.

I very gently sucked first one, and then the other into my mouth, running my tongue all around the warm soft flesh while my lips held him captive. I moved my head up a little bit and began running my tongue up and down his crack, avoiding touching his actual little opening.waiting.waiting.waiting.until his hips started humping back against talked my wife intfucking black guy face.

Only then did I curl my tongue into a point and probe right at his tiny hole. He gasped again.and jerked. My juices were flowing freely now, dripping down the insides of my thighs as I tried to push my tongue up inside his tiny opening.

I swirled it all around the pink hole, licking.probing.pushing. His hips were rocking.mashing back against my face.my tongue.and I could hear his breathing start to become heavy. I lowered my head again, lavishing his balls with my tongue, and then sucking the head of his penis between my lips. He was moaning as I felt him start to swell in my mouth and ran my tongue in circles all around the smooth head of his growing organ.

I pulled my head away and put my hands on his hips. I twisted him around gently as I whispered, "Think it's time for you to sit back up on the bed." Within a second or two, he was back up and sitting, reclining back on the edge of my bed. I knelt again quickly between his knees, spreading them apart with my hands. I reached forward and curled one hand into a loose fist, grasping his penis. I leaned forward, still staring.still somewhat in awe.at the magnificent sight right in front of exclusive fix it then fuck abella dangers huge booty face.

The time for games was over. I leaned forward and opened my lips, pushing forward until I felt the head of his penis hit the roof of my mouth. I held him there for a moment, swirling my tongue all around him. I started a stroking motion with my hand, and now could feel him quickly starting to swell and grow. I removed my loose fist from his shaft and pushed my face all the way forward. I felt my lips mash his pubic hair as the head of his penis invaded my throat. I paused for just a moment, waiting for the gagging sensation to pass.

As soon as it did, I pulled my mouth back until only the smooth tip of his organ was between my lips. I moved forward again, delighting in the sensation of the head of his penis pushing into my throat. I bobbed back and forth a few more times, then wrapped one hand again around the base of his shaft. My mouth and hand moved in unison as I felt him grow and harden. His hips started to hump against my face as I dropped my free hand down between my legs, grasping my pussy.

I sharing a lusty and tough shlong momsandteens and threesome. God, I was soaked! The juices were literally running out of me, dribbling down my thighs.

I didn't care. I used a fingertip to start torturing my engorged clit as I bobbed my head and fist up and down the length of his throbbing hard on.

I felt his penis twitch and knew he was getting close. My finger was flying over my clit as I thought, "God.I want him to squirt.to shoot.I want to taste him.to drink him." Then another part of me objected, "NO!" I wanted more.I wanted.I wanted.

A tiny voice inside my brain screamed out, "Don't even think about it girl.no pregnancies.no babies." The other half of my brain was screaming, "I don't care! I want him!" The argument was boiling in my brain as Brad's hips started jerking against my face. His butt was all the way up off the bed as he thrust his penis between my willing lips. "God what to do?" I thought to myself.

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My pussy was drenched, my clit throbbing as my finger flew faster and faster. My mental "war" was interrupted by Brad croaking, "Why don't you hop up here and turn around so I can play too?" In a flash I was up on the bed, my knees straddling his shoulders.

I started to lower my hips.my pussy.and then I felt his tongue tickling up and down the backs of my thighs. "Oh God," I thought to myself in a sudden flash of panic, "I hope he's not grossed out." I could feel my juices running down my thighs, wet.sticky. "What if it turns him off?" I worried to myself. He stopped for a moment, and I was paralyzed.

"That's it," I thought, "now you've done it.you grossed him out. You screwed up any chance." I forgot he was a god. Seconds later, his tongue returned.not tickling this time.but lapping at my thighs like a dog starving for water. Up and down.one and then the other.getting ever closer to.closer to. I leaned down, again grasping the base of his penis in a fist and pushijng as much of it as I could into my mouth.

I resumed my bobbing motion and felt his hips start humping again. He was devouring my thighs with his tongue. He moved upward, his mouth.his tongue.roaming all over the cheeks of my butt. I felt him reach up and grasp my twin globes in his hands, spreading them apart. I knew my tiny little back hole was now lewdly displayed, just inches in front of his face, and wondered if he was going to.going to.

My hips were rocking as my answer arrived just moments later. I felt the tip of his tongue start to tease lightly up and down my crack. At first, he didn't touch my tiny opening, petite megan rain fucks her friends bf in the glory hole teased all around it.getting ever closer and closer. I felt another flood of juices wash out of my pussy. I was humping my butt back against his face.wanting his tongue to.to.to.

His penis began twitching in my hand and mouth. God I wanted to taste him.but one of the little voices was still screaming, "No!

You want more!" The other little voice was still insisting, "No babies!" His tongue finally.finally.touched my puckered hole and I gasped. I had to take my mouth off his penis, gasping for air, my hips bucking. His tongue.my tiny hole.it felt so delicious.so naughty.

I returned my mouth to his throbbing penis as his tongue began furiously lashing.licking.probing.my tiny back entrance. He continued this heaven for several moments, my butt pushing back against his face.trying to force his tongue inside me.

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I felt him shift again, his tongue tickling lightly up and down the lips of my pussy. My clit was screaming. My hand and mouth were moving faster and faster on his rock hord organ as I mashed my pussy down against his face. I squirmed around, wiggling.trying desperately to get his tongue on my clit. His mouth kept getting closer and closer to where I really wanted it. I was going crazy.

I was sure my juices were flooding.drowning.his face. Finally.finally.I felt pure bliss as the tip of his tongue brushed against my throbbing engorged clit. I came. No warning.no build up.I came.and came.and came. I was moaning, gasping, whimpering as the wonderful waves washes through me. My juices gushed out between my legs as I felt his penis start to jerk. My knees clasped tightly brunette great body watch part at wildfuckcamcom his head, imprisoning him, as I felt spasm after spasm shoot through me.

His penis jerked again, and I reached down a hand, gently cupping his balls. I could feel them starting to tighten.to contract. It was time. I stopped.still wanting something more. That little annoying voice inside my head was still insisting, "No babies!" I was still gasping, my chest heaving, trying to suck air into my lungs when I felt his tongue return to my clit, lavishing warm strokes all over the tiny bud.

I came again. "This isn't happening," I was thinking to myself, "twice in two minutes?" As my breathing started to return to normal, I stared at his penis, inches in front of my eyes. It was throbbing, twitching, jerking. It looked like a piece of hard steel standing up between his legs. God I wanted it.wanted it.wanted it.in me. The annoying voice in my head.denying me.

With a sudden flash of inspiration, I scrambled off of him, quickly moving to the other side of the bed. I got on my hands and knees, facing away from him.

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I spread my knees and pushed my butt up in the air. I moved a hand down between my legs and began suggestively running a finger up and down my drenched, dripping slit. I pushed a finger up inside of me, swirling it around. I pulled it out, wet with my juices, and pushed it against my little back hole.

I laid my head down on the pillow and took both hands, reaching around my hips and grasping my butt. I looked back over my shoulder at him as I spread my cheeks as far as I could. His eyes were glued to my rear as I hissed. "Use this hole." (To be continued)