Dylan ryder wants to be deep dicked pornstar pov

Dylan ryder wants to be deep dicked pornstar pov
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Chapter Two Williams was on his computer in his room, several hours after his and Ellie's incident. "Look, it's complicated" he said into his headsets microphone, keeping his voice low.

He was talking to his closest friend, Richard - online. "Alright but you'd better explain the whole story at school tomorrow." demanded Richard. "I will -" he was interrupted by a car in his driveway, "hey uh, I got to go - my stepdad just got back. Cheers" he continued and closed the audio call.

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He exited his room, went downstairs and sat in the living room just as the front door opened. "Ellie! Will! I'm home" shouted Ellie's father and Williams stepfather. Dan was pretty tall - 6"2. He had blonde hair and blue eyes just like his daughter. He dresses formally for work as he is an accountant for a big company.

He walked inside and put his briefcase on charming slender cutie gets her slim pussy and little anal hole drilled floor, next to the siblings.

William got up and walked to the kitchen, and greeted his stepfather just as Ellie came down the stairs. They joined eyes and she started chuckling. She gave her dad a hug and stepped back - standing next to William.

"Alright, what's for supper" asked Dan as he went through the fridge. Ellie grabbed Williams crotch then let go, before she started walking to the living room.

He took it as a 'hey follow me' gesture, and did so. When he entered the living room she was sitting down. "Listen - if my dad finds out about anything that happened this afternoon, you might as well consider yourself a woman." she said in a serious tone.

"He won't find out. I promise" he replied, now sitting down. "I don't know if you got the joke there but okay." "Nah I did," he chuckled. "Okay. So did you enjoy this afternoon?" she asked in an innocent voice. "How could I not have?" he answered. "Well I just thought I was bringing it down on you too fast." "Oh no, I didn't mind at all." he commented, with a bit of a laugh.

"Okay, that's good to know." "So who taught you how to do that?" "Well nobody taught me - my friends at school talk about stuff like sex and well -" she shrugged her shoulders, "I guess you'd pickup on it after a while." "Because you were really goo-" William was interrupted by Dan entering the room.

"She was really good at what?" Dan demanded to know Ellie and William looked at each other, then back at Dan. "Oh I was just telling her how good she was at her athletic trials" replied William.

Ellie's dropped her jaw and she stared at William. Dan's just stood there, letting his mouth hang open, but he was staring at her instead of him. "Honey, since when did you do athletics?" asked Dan as he packed out with laughter "Oh, the girls just suggested that I try out for the team - they think I'll do well." she replied, then slowly looked towards Dan. "When will you know if you made the team?" Dan added She shrugged her shoulders and just stared at him.

"Oh well, dinner's ready. Come on." commented Dan as he left back toward the kitchen. "What the fuck?" Ellie asked William, he sat up "What else could I have said?" he replied She froze for a second and thought about it "True I guess, but still - I'll never make the team" "You don't have to live up to my lie, just say you didn't make it" "I can't just lie to him, he's my dad" "Yeah but what would you rather let him know?" "True.

I'm gonna get revenge for that" she said as she left for dinner "We'll see." he commented, following her. Three hours later This isn't normal… Ellie was in her room, texting her friends.

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This can't be normal… She finished writing a text to her friend and sent it. She quickly stuck a hand in her pants. I'm wet. I orgasmed several hours ago - why am I still horny. She froze for a few seconds. I'm craving sex… Hmm I wonder if William is awake, She looked at her alarm clock, 10:45pm, fuck it I'll go in anyway. She carefully opened her door and walked slowly to her stepbrothers room, and went inside, locking the door after her.

She couldn't see anything, it was pitch black. She used her phone for light and saw her brother sleeping in his bed. She crept up his bed, sitting several inches away from his junk. She felt her panties again - still wet.

Oh well, here goes nothing. She cautiously removed his briefs revealing her prize. She put the entire thing in her mouth - including his ballsack.

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She could feel his dick turn hard in her mouth, she started sucking on it, slowly getting faster. Williams view He awoke, and just lay there in the darkness. He felt something on his dick. He moved, causing her to push his dick out of her mouth and freeze. "What is that?" he thought to himself. He looked down, and saw nothing. Meh, probably just a wet dream.

He tried to go back to sleep but couldn't, so he just lay there, staring into a dark abyss. She sat there, silently for about ten minutes before getting back to work.

She reached for his semi hard dick and shoved it in her mouth, sucking on it again. He got a fright and sprang back, giving her a fright - causing her to bite down on his dick.

"Ah fuck" he said as he blindly found his sister's head and pulled her off his dick, "that fucking hurt" he exclaimed "Shut the fuck up - keep your voice soft" she whispered. He froze for a few seconds "What the fuck are you doing?" he asked "I think it's pretty obvious what I was doing!" "Okay yeah it was - but why?

Didn't you finish off after our incident?" "Yes I did but I don't know." she grabbed his dick. "I'm craving sex". He flicked his bedside lamp on. He saw her and they locked eye contact. She was behind his dick and holding it up so he could only see her green eyes and the smile she had.

God she is beautiful "Okay, have fun with it." he said as he looked up and closed his eyes. She started sucking on his cock, bobbing up and down on it, trying to take his full length but failing hilariously.

William found himself busty amateur gf toys and sucks with cum in mouth his hips up and down in sync with her bobbing. He looked back down and saw her staring into his eyes. "My god you're beautiful - have I said that before?" he commented She blushed, "No.", then went back to his dick.

He looked up again and unexpectedly fell asleep… He awoke to see Ellie standing over him, one leg either side. She wasn't facing him - and he got a clear view of her marvelous ass.

It looked like she was getting ready to fuck him. "Wooh hold on there, you want to fuck now?" he asked, holding his dick away from her pussies path. "Yeah I do" she answered, trying to pry his dick away from his grasp "Are you sure?" he asked again "Well it can't be classified as incest so I don't know why you're so worried" "I know that but, you're still a virgin right?" "Yes," "Then maybe you should let me do it - I mean, you don't want to take your virginity all by yourself?

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You might as well be using your dildo," "Okay," she sheepishly agreed and fell down next to him. "Take my virginity - please rid me of the curse" she whispered to him. "Curse?" "Yeah all the girls call virginity a curse." "Okay" he commented as he climbed over her, he was now ontop of her, on his all fours. He turned her around so her back was to the bed, spread her legs and held her arms down. He lined his dick up with her pussy, "You sure you want me to?" "Yees" she replied is a naggy voice - she was getting impatient.

"It's gonna hurt, so you must be quite," he added. She nodded an agreement. He stuck his dick in her vulva - she was smiling in anticipation - fuck she's tight, and I ain't even trying to get in yet. He pushed further, and she let out a little moan. "You're tight, fuck" he commented, she blushed as he pushed even further. Here it is, okay - I can do this! He felt a bit of resistance and knew, this was the moment his life goal would be completed.

"I'm gonna push now - it'll hurt" he warned and without waiting he pushed, breaking her hymen. Ellies view Oh fuck that is soo sore! She let out a yelp and a squeal, but step brothers gets a boner while sister reads bed time story quickly silenced by her brothers hand.

"Shh -" he whispered, "it's over, you'll be okay". He smiled at her, slowly removing his hand. She was breathing heavily and fast. He started to slowly pump in and out of her pussy - taking short breaks in between for her to recover.

After a couple minutes, he was going at a steady pace - she didn't break eye contact with him. This is starting to feel better she kept thinking, and to her surprise, it was getting more better than 'better'. "Is it still sore?" he asked, still gradually getting faster. "Not really, it feels really good though" she replied, and smiled at him. "You are beautiful." he added.

"I've put my toys in before but never that deep." she said under her breath. "You are still pretty tight," cute pigtail babe gets plowed outside telsev commented, he could see that she was getting tired.

She blushed and lifted her torso up so she could try kiss him. She hooked her arms around his busty milf loves joing teens when they are fucking, and went for the kiss.

He returned the kiss, and she hung there. He started getting faster now, and he could hear the sound of her juices getting squished out of her pussy when his dick went in. William's view God she's so tight! I can't get over how tight she is, he chuckled. "What's funny?" she asked "I just can't get over how tight you are," She blushed again. She let go of his chest and fell back onto the bed.

He loosened his legs and fell lower, so their chests were rubbing against each other teen school girls deepthroat below job 69 old his groin was rubbing against her clit, causing her immense pleasure. She started moaning, softly. He would occasionally thrust in hard causing her to yelp, then cuckle. His dick started to tense up.

He knew what this meant. He pulled out and repositioned her so she was sitting on her haunches, just like their earlier incident. She knew what this was leading to, and she liked it - a huge smile grew across her face. He stood in front of her, and swatted her hand away when she reached for his dick.

She looked at him with a frown - just then he started stroking his dick, and shortly enough; shot his load all over her face. God she looks even more beautiful with my cum all over her face. He moved closer. She grabbed his dick and sucked whatever was left of his cum and her juices off his dick, she then proceeded to rub the cum off her face and lick it off her fingers.

Ellie's view God I love this. I can't wait to tell the girls about this… She got up and picked up her clothes, but threw her panties at him. "Here's incase you miss me" she said and winked at him, then proceeded to walk out. She walked back into her room, got dressed into her pyjamas, jumped into bed and started texting. "I got such a good story 2 tell u 2morrow at skwl" she typed into her phone "What? U finally did ur homewrk?" replied Cindy So sarcastic "No.

Fck homework, homework can wait. This was a lot better than doing shitty homewrk." she sent, then locked her phone and went to bed.

The Next Day =--= There wont be any more sex from here on, only sexual references - well there is one; kinda. Here on you learn more about Ellie and Williams lives.

=--= "Ellie! Ellie, wake up!" Dan shouted at her, he pulled her covers off. What? What - I'm awake. She opened her eyes, well, she thought she did, and pulled herself up on her bed. "I'm awake! I'm awake, jeez dad. Why the rush?" she asked "You've got to get to school! You're gonna be late" he replied She looked at her alarm clock. 7:48AM - shit!

I am gonna be late "Fuck, okay" she murmured as Dan started walking out. "Sorry? Please repeat." he demanded, "I said 'Frick, okay' dad." she answered. He turned around and went downstairs.

She went to her bathroom, stipped naked and showered. She got out, dried off and walked into her room - noticing William sitting on her bed. She stared at him. He was smiling. "Come on sis, we're gonna be late. You have to drive me to school incase you've forgotten, my car's in for a service" "What are you doing in here?" She whispered.

"Dad will see you!" "He's left for work already". She opened her cupboard and got a clean pair of panties, a miniskirt, a blue shirt and her custom made leather jacket, then proceeded to put them on. William wasn't wearing anything shabby, jeans and a regular shirt with his signatured spiky hair - Shit!

My hair!, she frantically reached for her blow dryer and combs, and proceeded to do her blonde hair loose down her back. She got her car keys and phone, then went downstairs whilst looking at the time. 8:05AM - shit! She picked up her pace. They both got into her car, and she did a checklist, for the first time in her life.

"Phone - check. Hair - check. School bag - check. William - check." she repeated. She shoved the car in reverse and got onto their road. They were nearly there. 8:25AM, five more minutes and they'll get a late penalty. She parked her car in the parking lot and they got out. She locked it and starting walking fast to the school door, William called. "Ellie." "What?" she asked as she turned around. What's he holding.

Shit, she stuck her hand into her miniskirt - fuck - my panties. William had walked up to her and american young niece sex with older uncle story them to her, "I would suggest you wear them with a skirt that low" he commented as he walked into the building.

She put them in her bag and went to school commando. Well, until she had time to put them on of course… William's view He was in his 3rd class - sitting at the back with Richard, who was constantly tugging at his arm, wanting to know what happened last night.

"So who's the lucky girl" Richard asked as he bumped Williams arm "Ugh I don't know how to say this." replied William. Richard immediately had a straight face. "Please, William - do not tell me you're gay." "What?

Fuck no" "Then what happened last night?" "You know man! You're just trying to embarrass me" "Okay so you got a blowjob. BORING. Who was it with?" "Oh yeah I only told you about the blowjob, something else happened after that" "Okay so you and whoever else fucked?" "Basically" "Will, my man!" William blushed slightly.

"Well now we have one serious problem." Richard added. "What?" "Why didn't you invite me?" he asked "Richard! If you go anywhere near her, I swear I will dump you in a car then drive the car into the ocean." he threatened.

Richard gasped "It's Ellie!" he teased. "Fuck, how'd you know?" "Wait - I was just teasing… It's really Ellie?" "Shit, don't tell anybody - or I'll do that thing I just said to you." he looked at Richard. "Don't worry boss - I won't. So how'd it happen?" "Well, I got home and walked in on her pleasuring herself -" Richard interrupted, "and she caught you - ". He slowly clapped his hands.

"Well I was just standing there. Then she somehow ended up sucking on my dick." "Now! Let me guess - you went into her room at night and fuck her brains out?" "No. She came to my room and just started sucking on my dick, but she wanted me to take her virginity, so I did" "Good for you boss, good for you. I'm happy for you." "Really?" "No fuck you man, not sharing any of the pussy with me. I hate you." "Yeah alright". The bell rung and break started.

William purposely lost Richard and went to his other friends. Ellie's view Okay, okay. Next class is with Cindy… I don't want to talk to her - she'll interrogate me about what happened last night… Ellie was taking her books out of her locker. "Hey El" said a rather familiar voice Ellie spun around… It was Cindy.

Fuck. Damn - I don't want to talk to her right now "Oh hey Cindy" She said in a plain voice "So what happened last night" asked Cindy in a excited voice "Oh uhm, well; " Ellie let out a soft sigh.

"I had a special night. That's all" "Special ehh?" "Yeah, but I'm not saying any more." "Why?

Are you gonna be shy like you always have been?" "No - it's just none of your fucking business so you don't have to know." Ellie slammed her locker closed and started walking to class, ignoring Cindy. Cindy caught up with her. "What's wrong with you Ellie?" asked Cindy as she struggled to keep up. Ellie stopped walking and turned to face Cindy. "You wanna know what's wrong? Well - maybe you've forgotten about our huge ass fight yesterday - remember that?

Yeah. Me and you are on the brink of friendship, and you expect me to share my private shit with you? No. Fuck you Cindy. I ain't giving you any shit to blackmail me with." - Cindy was speechless, Ellie sped off leaving Cindy just standing there. Ellie was sitting in the maths class, at the back. Shit, shit, shit! No - turn around - turn around The teacher was going around the class checking homework.

Ellie had nothing to do, she couldn't run; couldn't copy from another kid; or complete it in time. The teacher reached Ellie and stared down. "Well. Have you done your homework or are you still working on being a dropout?" asked the teacher "I didn't do it.

Simple." she replied "Okay well you know what this means now. You haven't done your homework for three days. I have to call your parents." "Oh no! Please no," "Okay - I'll give you one more chance. I want you to finish the last three days of homework and the next week of homework by tomorrow - and I won't phone your parents." Finally! The class is over. Time to get out of here, as Ellie started walking out she was intercepted by Cindy.

Cindy bumped into Ellie. "Hey!" "What do you want?" "I just wanted to know if you're gonna do your homework or have fun with some fuckboy?" "He's not a fuckboy!" "Ohh! So you did fuck somebody" Ellie folded her arms and stuck up her head.

"No". "Wait until the cheerleaders hear about this. Oh this gonna be so juicy!" Cindy laughed. "Don't you -" "What? Are you gonna stop me?" she interrupted Ellie.

"I'll do whate-" she was interrupted by Cindy again, "Just try, bitch." and she walked away. Shit. This is bad - this is really bad.If Cindy lives up to her word, the cheerleaders would know - then the entire school. Fuck. I have story xxx hotel rooms travel mother and son talk to William.

She walked to her car and climbed in - waiting for William. Ten minutes later, WIlliam arrived and climbed in. "Hey El. Let's go!" he said. "Look before we go, we have to talk" "Sure, let's talk" he replied "I'm in shit." "Why's that?" "Well, I have to do two weeks homework for math by tomorrow - and I kinda, uhm; told Cindy I had sex last night." "Did you mention my name?" "No, thank god - but I can't do two weeks homework in a day." "I have a plan, don't worry - I'll discuss it later when we get home." She started her car and drove home.

They both came in at the same time and dropped their bags, then he told her to follow him up to his room. Ohh, I wonder if he wants to fuck me again - I wouldn't mind that but still - damn Williams view She entered and sat down in a chair next to William. He looked at her, "Let's make a deal." "Speak" "Well, I can do the homework for you," he let out a smile.

" but I'd need motivation" She leaned in toward him. "What, type - of motivation?" "Your choice." He winked at her. She reached for his groin and pulled his dick out.

"I like your idea!" he said sexy milf lady in lingerie loves to fuck hardcore started working on the homework. She started stroking his dick up and down, and eventually started sucking on his dick, moving her mouth on and off it. Occasionally trying to take in his full length.

Even though he hasn't done this a lot, he still loves the view of his step sister bobbing up and down on his hard cock. He would have to hold her head every now and then to slow her down, to prevent shooting his load into her mouth, he wanted this to be a big one.

He looked down at her, "There isn't anything wrong about this, right?" She pulled herself off his dick and flicked her hair out of her face. "Well, we aren't related so - not really?

It's just the same as doing it with another person" "Yeah okay" She went straight back to his dick and starting bobbing up and down. She gave up on flicking her blonde hair out of her face. He dropped his pen and started pushing her head down onto his dick.

He stood up, "I can't take this anymore". She kept his dick in her mouth and got on her haunches in front of him. "Take my load". She started sucking on his dick, getting faster and faster - taking in his full length. She reached up and rich man fucks poor wife massaging his balls. God this feels so good. Yes, do it - do it! He moaned, "I'm nearly there!" She receded and started sucking on the head of his dick, slowly massaging it with her tongue.

"Here I come!" he moaned as he shot his load into her mouth. She received it all, then leaned back and opened her mouth, showing him the cum in her mouth. After a short pause; she swallowed it all, and wiped her mouth - then proceeded to lick his dick clean. That felt. Soo good! She smiled up at him, "So, how's the homework?" He pulled up his pants, "I could get used to doing your homework." End of chapter 2 ==---== I wanted to give a bit of backstory towards the characters, thus why ⅔ s of the chapter were at school and getting around.

I'm gonna focus more on school and sex next chapter. I also plan to take on a whole new way of writing. ==---==