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Hell Hath No Fury… Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned, so the saying goes. But in this case, hell hath no fury like a man with a gun pointed at his face when his only focus in that of protector. Jacob's adrenaline flared when he spotted Derrick, the fact he was waving around a deadly weapon only furthered Jacob's rage.

Jacob's fists were clenched ready to charge. "Jacob, where did you go?" From behind him came Gabby's voice. "Gabby, get in the bathroom and lock the door!" His voice remained calm american fucking mom and dhuthsr vidio stern. As she neared the restroom, she made the mistake of glancing toward the doorway. When she caught sight of Derrick and the weapon, she froze.

That one second hesitation was all it took, Derrick fired a shot. Jacob glanced back in time to see the bullet enter her sexy woman gets slammed by pawn keeper and send her crashing to the ground.

Jacob turned back toward Derrick who was now aiming the gun at him. Swiftly and as out of instinct, Jacob grabbed for the gun with one hand as his other hand reached for Derrick's neck. Before Derrick could react, he was pinned against the wall. After a brief struggle his own gun was now turned on him. Jacob took pleasure in stuffing the barrel down Derrick's throat. "You should of left!" Jacob sneered. "You son of a bitch! You should of left her the fuck alone!" Those were the last words Derrick heard before Jacob pulled the trigger.

Jacob left his dead body there in the hallway to turn his attention to Gabby. She was on the floor, a pool of blood expanding around her. "Gabby! No, Gabby stay with me!" Jacob cried at the sight of her. He pulled off his shirt and pressed it to the wound in her chest.

"Gabby! Gabby! Please don't die!" "Jacob… I… I love… you…" Gabby was fading fast, she knew it. "I love you Gabby! Please don't leave me!" Jacob's hands were shaking and tears were streaming down his face. The shirt he was using was already soaked with blood.

This was it. They wouldn't be able to get help here in time. Gabby had just seconds left to live. "This wasn't supposed to happen! I was supposed to keep you safe!" Jacob was a wreck of emotion; her life was slipping away as he cradled her near limp body in his arms.

"Shhh… don't blame…yourself…" Gabby managed to reach a hand up to caress his face just as she took her final breath. Then she was gone… "NOOO!!!!" Jacob woke from his nightmare drenched in sweat, bursting with tears. "Jacob calm down! It was just a dream… Calm down." Gabby was still very much alive, still beside him in the bed. It was all a horrible nightmare, but nothing more. He could feel the sadness and tension leave him as reality set in. They were both here, safe from harm.

He couldn't speak; he couldn't describe the anguish he felt after such a vivid and awful dream. All Jacob could do was hold her tight and never let go.

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He had to cherish every moment, had to breathe all of her in. He kept his eyes open, afraid that if he closed them that it would turn out this was in fact the dream and that her dying in his arms was real. They stayed like that for nearly an hour. Finally Jacob felt at ease enough to let her go. "So, you gonna tell me what your bad dream was about?" She asked, although she could guess.

"Trust me, you don't want to know." "Probably not…" "We should get ready; we're meeting Janie for dinner." He told her. As they dressed there was a tap at the door. Jacobs's heart pounded, he went into panic mode. "Get your cell phone. Go lock yourself in the bathroom." He whispered as he went to open the door.

"Jacob, don't you think you're overreacting?" "Just do it!" Gabby didn't argue any further.

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Only after he heard the lock did he call out to whoever was on the other end of the door. "Who's there?" "Room service!" It was a familiar voice. "Who do you think, you dork? Your most awesome sister, duh!" He quickly opened the door. "Janie, you don't have to ooze sarcasm 24-7!" Gabby didn't wait for permission to exit the confines of the restroom. "Hey girl! You bring any Xanax with ya?

Your brother sure could use some&hellip." "I can see that&hellip. What's up with you bro?" "It's been a stressful couple of days ok… Give a guy a break!" Jacob snapped. "Geesh! Ok… ok… I'll let up!" Janie could see Jacob was not in the mood for joking. "So, where are we going to eat?" Gabby asked changing the subject. "Down stairs in the hotel restaurant. We aren't taking any chances." Jacob obviously appointed himself as leader and nobody was going to out rank him.

Neither of the women was busty slut fucks her pussy with her dildo to attempt to question him. They ate a quiet, uneventful mean downstairs. On the way back up to their rooms, Jacob and Gabby walked Janie to her door and wished her goodnight. Then the couple went straight to bed, hoping for more pleasant dreams.

Gabby was out in no time, Jacob however fought sleep as long as he could, still afraid to close his eyes. Come morning Jacob stirred, feeling a small soft hand stroking his hard staff. His eyes fluttered open to find Gabby crouched above his lap, lightly rubbing up and down his shaft. "Bout time you woke up!" She faked exasperation.

"My sweet… you don't have to…" Jacob began. "I know I don't have to, I want to." She looked pleadingly at him.

"I need you… if you're up for it… and I think you're up for it!" Jacob glanced down at his very hard cock. "Yeah, I'd say I'm up for it!" She licked her lips and bent down to circle the head of his penis with her tongue. She licked around and around, then slid her tongue from his balls back up the shaft and circled once again.

The she put her mouth over the head and descended further and further down till he hit the back of her throat.

She rose back up slowly, sucking him in as she went till just the head remained. With the head still in her mouth she flicked her tongue against his sensitive spot over and over again.

Jacob groaned repeatedly as she worked her magic. She stopped flicking her tongue and started bobbing her head up and down his long dick while massaging his balls with her small petite hand. Her other hand crept down between her legs to rub gently on her already swollen and aroused clit.

The sight of her rubbing herself and subsequent moaning on his sensitive cock sent Jacob over the edge. He carefully pushed her head further down so his rod was deep down her throat as he spewed his load. His cum shot out almost gagging her, but she kept right on sucking till he was drained dry. "Uh! Yea!" Jacob exclaimed breathing heavily. Gabby stopped playing with herself and sat up with a smug look on her face. "Yum!" "Ok… now lay down my sweet!" Gabby didn't need to be told twice.

She laid back on the mattress and spread her legs wide. Jacob got up and moved between her legs. He grazed his hands up from her feet, over her calves, down the back of her thighs, and under her bum. Sex new sonylion xxxxx story com lifted her pelvis slightly in the air. He leaned down and brought his face to her pussy. He sniffed and smelled her sweet intoxicating womaness.

He stuck his tongue out stiff and glided through her butt crack, and up to her slit. He kept going till he reached just below her clit and stopped. He repeated this several times making Gabby squirm wanting more. Finally he couldn't deny her any longer. First he kissed her clit, and then licked at it ever so gently barely touching it with his tongue. Gabby moaned. "Oh Jacob!" He took that as a cue to step up his efforts.

He lapped at her clit greedily now. Gabby kept sighing as he brought her closer and closer to the edge. Jacob let his tongue slip into her wet hole. "Oh my God!" Gabby let out. He moved back up to her clit as he pushed his middle finger deep inside her.

He started sucking at her clit as he pumped his finger in and out. Gabby was bucking wildly now. Jacob was eating her out roughly and rubbing at her g-spot with his finger he had buried deep.

"Oh FUCK!" Gabby squealed.

Her whole body went ridged. "Yes! Yes! YES!!!!!" A gush of fluid flowed from her as she came hard. Jacob removed his finger and slurped up her juices. "No more, Jacob! I can't take it anymore!" Gabby pleaded, trying to push him away. Jacob wouldn't budge till he'd licked her clean. "My sweet sweet Gabby, you know I couldn't leave a mess…" Gabby giggled like a little girl.

Jacob moved up to hover over her. "So, did I relieve your tension? Or do you need more relief?" He was nudging her with his re-hardened manhood.

Gabby wrapped her arms around his neck. "I could always use a bit more relief." "I was hoping you'd say that." Jacob grinned at her as he plunged all the way in her sopping pussy. His balls slapped against her ass as he reached her depths.

He wasted no time, rearing back and then plunging deep once again. Gabby raised her hips to meet him. The moved together, she matched him trust for thrust. He slowed, not wanting to cum before her. "No! Don't stop! Harder!" She screamed. Jacob did as she said and pounded her hard and fast. "You're gonna make me cum!" He grunted out. "Me too!" She purred. "Keep going!" His penis twitched inside her as the urge to cum built up.

Suddenly her walls tightened around him squeezing him snugly. "I'm cumming! I'm cumming!" She yelled as her back arches and her whole body shakes from the intensity. Jacob let his own pent petite hotties ass cummed pornstars and babe orgasm release once he'd brought her to climax.

"Ugh ugh ugh!" He groaned as he shot his cum in her womb. They were both coming down from their bliss when Gabby stiffened. "Oh no!" Jacob sat back on his heels. "What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" "No… nothing like that. You came in me!" "So… I've BEEN cumming in you! It never mattered before." He reasoned, very confused by her sudden change. "I know… I haven't been thinking… I'm not on my pill… haven't been since right before we met!" Gabby explained.

"Oh… I see!" Jacob rubbed his hands over his face at the realization of what she was saying. "When's your next period?" He asked, trying to calculate the odds of pregnancy at this point. "In about a week…" Jacob sat thinking a minute, Gabby didn't know what about. She didn't know squat about when she ovulated and such.

Jacob did though, he was certain a woman's ovulation occurred approximately 14days prior to her next period. That math would put their early coupling in perfect range for her to have conceived. "Well?" Gabby asked. "Are you going to say anything?" He took on a serious manor. "Gabby, my sweet, in all likelihood you could already be pregnant." "Oh shit!

No!" "Hey now… It's not the worst news every!" He was defensive. "Right now it is! This is the worst possible timing! I'm still married to that lunatic! And he's out there somewhere trying to hunt me down!" She was sitting up now, crazily waving her hands around. Jacob took her hands in his. "Shh… It's ok. I said there's a good chance, but that doesn't mean you are. Only time will tell for sure. For now we have to focus on what is… Don't let this freak you out." She took a deep breath.

"But what if I am…" "Then I'd be proud to of fathered your child, you should know that." Gabby smiled slightly. "And I'd be proud to carry your child, but this isn't the right time for that. I'd want all this behind us… And to already be married…" "Me too Gabby, but I won't be sorry if you are pregnant." She sighed. "Jacob&hellip." "In a few days you can take an early test… Till then we focus on the tasks at hand." "Fine…" "Good, now that's settled.

I'll call up some room service, and then we need to get ready to go meet with the lawyer." "Is Janie coming with us?" "No. She went into work today. She's letting them know what all is going on, why you won't be showing for a while." "I should have called them or something!" "Don't be silly, you've had a lot to deal with… work can wait." "You're right." They took turns showering as they waited for teen squirt threesome and lesbian pissing horny girlongirl teens munching each other service to arrive.

Jacob was still jumpy when they knocked at the door, he had Gabby hid out in the bathroom once again. After they ate and dressed, they were on their way to meet up with Jacob's lawyer friend.

Soon they pulled up to office, it was large building occupied by several lawyers. Gabby followed Jacob up to the 2nd floor and through the halls, past many doors till they reached right one. Once inside they were greeted by the receptionist. She had them take a seat while she informed her boss of their arrival. "Jacob Grayson! How have you been my friend?" A load boisterous voice boomed. Gabby looked up to see a large broad man in the doorway. He was taller than Jacob, fuller in the midsection too.

He looked to be about 10yrs older than Jacob, with grey hairs starting to form. Jacob stood to eagerly shake hands with the man. "Brian Townsend! You've put on a bit of weight, eh?" "What can I say? My wife spoils me!" "How is Amanda?" "Ready to pop with our second any day!" "Congrats man!

I had no idea!" "So, what brings you? You didn't say much on the phone." "It's pretty complicated…" "Well, come on in and sit, tell me all about it." Jacob looked back and motioned for Gabby to join them.

Upon noticing Gabby's bruised appearance, Brian gave Jacob a concerned look. "This is my fiancée, Gabby." Jacob told him as they took their seats. "Fiancée? Never thought I'd see you remarry!" "Well, you have to follow your heart." "Good to hear!

Now, what can I do for you?" "Like I said, it's complicated." Jacob began. "I met Gabby about a week ago…" "A week ago?!" Brian cut him off. "Yeah, when it's right you know it…" "I suppose your sister set this up…" "Ha! In a way." "Sorry I interrupted." Brian apologized. "Continue." Jacob took a deep breath and grabbed for Gabby's shaky hand.

"Well, she met with me to discuss me doing some PI work for her…" "Jacob, now you know you shouldn't be practicing without a license." "Only if I'm charging… I wouldn't charge my future wife." "I doubt you were engaged to amateur cock lover blowjob for cash outdoor woman you just met…" "Ok dad, I get it." Jacob said sarcastically.

"Sorry, it's the lawyer in me." "Yeah, well I agreed to gather evidence of her husband's infidelities. But uncovered much more. He'd been using a false identity with his fiancé and her family…" Brain cut him off again. "HIS fiancée? Her husband's fiancée?" "Yes, he got engaged to his mistress. And he'd been using his brother's identity with this woman." Jacob paused, waiting for Brian to cut him off again.

Brian nodded for him to continue. "We decided to hand our findings over to the young woman's father, Adam Tate…" Again Brian interjected. "Wait, you don't mean THE Adam Tate?" "That's exactly who I mean." "Oh God…" Brian sat back stunned. "Gabby started packing to leave while her husband went to work yesterday; we thought it best to get her out of the situation.

At that time I was meeting with Mr. Tate. Seems Mr. Tate works fast. Her husband was fired soon after I left Tate's office. So, he shows up and she's packing to leave. He went nuts. He lashed out at Gabby. He also admitted to causing his own brother's death, the one whose identity he'd been assuming. And he told her he planned to do the same hot blonde teen takes off panties fingers her wet pussy xbabecam com the Tate's after he married Allison, Mr.

Tate's daughter. Gabby tried to escape and he nearly killed her, would have if I hadn't shown up. We filed a report, but he bailed out quick. Then we think the creep broke into the dental office my sister and her both work at to obtain my sisters address in an attempt to locate Gabby.

Janie's apartment was broke into also… Only thing missing was a picture of me and her." "Damn Jacob! Sounds like some made for TV movie!" "I wish it were… unfortunately were worried he's out there planning to find and kill Gabby." "You're probably right I'm afraid." Brian shook casada daacute para pedreiro faz ele gozar e continuar fodendo head.

"How can I help?" "For one, she needs a divorce. Also, a protection order would be nice." Jacob told him. Brian locked eyes with Gabby. "You should know you'll have to face him in court… That is if he shows." "I'm aware." Gabby spoke softly.

"I just want you to be prepared. And a protection order is just a legal document. From the sound of it, this guy doesn't much follow law." A single tear trickled down her cheek. "Hey now, my sweet, please don't cry." Jacob scooted closer to wrap his arm around her." "I just feel so helpless." She cried out.

"Not necessarily." Brian offered. "Maybe we can uncover some evidence linking him to his brother's murder." "Not likely, he died in what was determined a car accident." Jacob informed him. "Don't fret, I'll think up something." Brian assured them.

"I'll draw up the paperwork, but for now I think you need to get her home Jacob. She looks like she could use a rest." Jacob nodded. "We're staying at a hotel here in town. Give me a call when the papers are ready for her to sign." "Sure thing man." Brian stood to shake Jacob's hand. "Good seeing you… Hate that it's under these circumstances." "Me too, Brian, me too." With that Jacob helped Gabby up and led her back outside.

On the drive back to the hotel Jacob got a text from Janie. The text read Get back quick bro! There's a disturbance in the force! He texted back - ???

A disturbance in the force? Janie replied Just get here asap!!! - On our way now As they pulled into the hotel parking lot they quickly spotted Derrick's red Jeep. That alone made Jacob's blood boil. Now he knew why Janie was in such a rush for him to get there. They were up on Janie's floor in no time. Standing there, banging away on her hotel room door was Derrick.

Jacob sent Gabby back down to the lobby to fetch security. Derrick had yet to spot them down the hall. In his crazed state he was ranting. "Tell me where my wife is!" "I don't know! Leave me alone you psycho!" Janie screeched from in the room. "The hell you don't! Tell me where she is before I bust down this door!" "The only thing you'll be doing Mr. Thomas, is vacating these premises immediately." Jacob said approaching the mad man. "Oh look who it is! The hero!" Derrick talked tough, but backed away as Jacob neared.

"If that's what you want to call me. You are going to leave Janie AND Gabby alone. Do you hear me?" "Or what? What do you plan to do to stop me? Huh?" "Keep pushing me and you'll find out!" Derrick snarled back.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?!

She's MY wife; you won't keep me from her forever! She'll be back!" "Doubtful… She filed for divorce from your sorry ass today…" Derrick wasn't expecting that news.

He actually looked hurt for a brief second, and then the rage returned. "What? She spreading her legs for ya now? Guess she's just a filthy slut like the rest of em! You can have her!" Derrick was trying to push Jacob's buttons. It was working. "Listen here, you son of a bitch! You get out of this hotel, out of this town, out of the state even!

I lay eyes on you again and you'll see what I'm capable of!" Jacob had beyond lost his temper. "You tried to kill the woman I love once; there won't be a second time… You don't leave and never look back; you'll be the one on the ground covered in blood next time!" "Ha! I wasn't trying to kill her, just knock some sense into her! It was time she learned her place… bout time you learn your place too!" Derrick sounded threatening, but he continued to back up gradually, keeping his distance from the larger more intimidating Jacob.

Jacob lessened the space between them. "I know my place, it's by her side. You are the one who needs to learn his place. This isn't going to end well for you, Derrick." "Like you can stop me? Didn't take me long to find the air head…" Derrick smiled evilly. "How long do you honestly think it'll take for me to find her, huh?" They heard the sound of footsteps coming down the hall around the corner. "Be seeing ya…" Those were Derrick's last words as he sprinted in the other direction.

He was out of sight by the time security reached Janie's brunette hair slots sucking hard one eyed monster striptease and hardcore. "Don't move!" A chubby security guard hollered at Jacob. "We were informed you were causing a disturbance." Janie burst open the door. "Not him! The crazy guy just left!" "Which way did he go?" The chubby guard asked. Jacob pointed down the hall. "That way." As they quickly trotted away Jacob hugged his sister.

"I'm sorry sis." "I'm fine bro, no biggie. Where's Gabs?" Gabby rounded the corner. "I'm right here." "Janie, go pack up. We'll meet back here in 15." Janie went and did as Jacob said. "We're going to another hotel?" Gabby asked on their way up to their room. "No. We're going home. At this point I think I'd feel safer there… were the guns are." "Guns? Jacob, please tell me you are thinking this out." "I'm done thinking. It's time to act." Jacob was a man on a mission.

"Jacob…" Gabby was exasperated with him. "Gabby, I've got this!" He barked at her. He immediately regretted his tone. "I'm sorry, my sweet, I shouldn't snap at you." "I know you're worried… I am too.

But I don't want you making any rash decisions or acting out of anger." "Let's just get packed and back to the house, we'll discuss this more later." Gabby nodded in approval. Shortly they had repacked, checked out, and all three were on the road driving back toward Jacob's cabin. Their destination known; their future uncertain.

To be continued…