Hot blonde babe gets fucked hard and fast with an array of machines

Hot blonde babe gets fucked hard and fast with an array of machines
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By now you know I am obsessed with penises. At this point I had only had experience with my brother Bob and my dad. They both had very nice cocks and I loved to play with them, jack them off or suck them off.

Mom and Bob were off somewhere shopping and it was just dad busty hotel owner nina lopez has hot fun with manager me at home. He was sitting watching tv. I sat down next to him and asked him to take his cock out. "Heather, you can't be playing with my dick all the time. It will piss off your mom. Can't you play with Bob's cock? I haven't seen you two together that much lately." "You don't understand dad," I replied.

"Your cock and your semen are responsible for me being on earth. So naturally I am more focused on you." "Well, your mom had something to do with it too." "I know, but it all started with your wonderful penis and your thick gooey semen. That's why I want to literally worship your cock every chance I get. I would be in heaven if I could just stroke and suck it for hours on end." Despite his protests, dad had unzipped his fly and taken his big prick out.

It was already hard. I was entranced by the sight of it, sticking straight up out of his pants. I grabbed the shaft and squeezed it while leaning over and planting a big sloppy kiss on the head. Then I slid my lips over the head and started sucking. I withdrew from his cock and asked him a sharing of juicy pussies momsandteens threesome take his pants off as they were obstructing my ability to get to his balls and asshole.

I had gotten in the habit of finger fucking his butthole while blowing him because it greatly enhanced his orgasm and seemed to produce more cum than usual. I had learned to love cum so the more he could produce, the happier it made me. He slipped his pants and underpants off and then he decided to go totally naked and shucked his shoes and socks and shirt. I quickly stripped off everything I was wearing which wasn't much. Just a slip dress with no undies and no shoes. So there we were, both totally naked.

I returned to sucking his rock hard prick and he reached over my back and fingered my pussy. Every so often he would put his finger under his nose and inhale my pussy aroma. Then he would suck my juices off his finger and put it back in my cunt.

Up until this session with my dad, I had always been just happy to suck and masturbate his penis. But now I had an urge to have it in me. I told him I wanted him to fuck me and asked if he had any condoms. He said condoms weren't needed as he had a vasectomy after Bob was born and was unable to get anybody pregnant.

This was music to my ears because I wanted to feel his bare penis plunging in and out of my tight little pussy. I wasn't a virgin. Bob had taken my virginity just a few weeks ago. But Bob had no experience fucking so I was really looking forward to the intense pleasure that I knew Dad's big cock could provide.

As I started to straddle him and lower myself down onto his jutting penis, he asked me to wait a bit while he coated his prick with some K-Y jelly. He said that if we were not both lubricated it might hurt. By now my pussy was dripping wet so I wasn't too worried.

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I looked down and saw how shiny his cock was from all the lube and it just made me want it more. He held it in position while I centered my pussy over it and slowly lowered myself onto his prick. I felt the head part the lips of my pussy and begin to enter me. Omigod! What a feeling. I had played with my pussy, put my fingers inside me, and had Bob's cock slide into my cunt. Despite the fact that Bob's cock was almost as big as Dad's, the feeling of Dad's large member forcing its way into me was an indescribable feeling.

Better than anything my pussy had experienced before. I could feel the tip of his penis bumping against my insides and although it hurt a bit, it was a really good hurt. I loved it. I begin to move slowly up and down on dad's cock. I could hear him groaning in pleasure.

We were so lost in what we were doing that we didn't hear the back door to the kitchen open. Mom and Bob were back from the grocery store. Mom walked into the living room and saw what we were doing. Even at that point neither of us knew she was there.

Even if we had known, I am not sure we would have had the willpower to stop because it was the most exquisite and pleasurable feeling I had ever experienced and I don't doubt that my tight little cunt gripping dad's penis was giving him equal pleasure. Mom just stood there watching. Bob was still out back unloading groceries from the car into the kitchen.

At that point dad and I had been fucking for a good twenty minutes and I could tell he karina white sex xxx pussymovies ready to cum. I felt his semen explode inside me and that caused me to have one of the most intense orgasms in my life.

I let out a blood-curdling scream, which brought Bob rushing in to stand beside mom and watch the two of us collapse together. For some primal reason, I had an intense desire to have dad's cock in my mouth. I slid off of him and onto the floor in front of him and grabbed his wet, still erect penis, soaked in cum and my pussy juices, and stuffed it into my mouth.

I greedily sucked his cock clean. The taste of his cum mixed with my cunt juices was wonderful. I could feel his juices dripping out of my pussy onto the floor. I didn't care. We still were not aware that mom and Bob were watching us from the doorway.

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Mom took Bob's hand and led him back into the kitchen. At that point, dad saw mom retreating back into the kitchen and he whispered to me that mom and Bob were home and we needed to get our clothes back on. I was reluctant to let go of his cock as I gently continued to suck him. But him seeing mom had killed his hard-on and I finally let his softening prick slip out of my mouth. I grabbed my dress and ran up to my bedroom as dad started to pull his clothes on. Dad told me later that mom was not as pissed as you would expect her to be.

Knowing me, she told dad that she realized I was the likely instigator and that it would be hard for dad to turn me down. But she said that it could not continue. That had to be the one and only time.

But what we had done had felt so damned good that there was no way that could be the only time. We just had to be a lot more careful about not getting caught. Later that day, Bob came into my room and told me he had seen me fucking dad. He said that from the position we were in he got a really good view of dad's big, hard cock stretching my pussy lips as it plunged in and out of me.

He said dad's cock was coated with our juices and seeing us doing it made him really horny. He wanted to know if I would give him a blowjob. No way could I disappoint my little brother. And of course, wouldn't you know it? We got caught. Dad walked in the bedroom just as Bob blew his load of cum down my throat. Of course, what we were doing was permitted. But as dad watched I could see a growing bulge in his pants. And I knew before the night was out I would be fucking his big stiff prick again.