Anri okita gets fuck in heels

Anri okita gets fuck in heels
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Jessica's Capture Story: #15 Copyright ©2005 Written: January 20 2005 A story By: KaosAngel Proofed by: Piasa_Troll Please send any comments about this story to ([email protected]) ********************************************************************** Part 1 - Jessica's Capture We start here in the bedroom of Jessica A young girl who just recently turned 18 years old, being a newly registered alternative meat girl Jessica knew that one of three things would happen to her, either her number would be called or she would be picked up off the street at any time by an emergency alternative meat pick-up agent and there was the option that would allowed her to volunteer her meat at anytime she choose.

But what she never expected to sweet japanese girl with two horny guys is exactly what was going to happen to her, her life is seriously about to change.

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With the window open to get some fresh air Jessica heard the meow of a little kitten crying outside her bedroom window curiosity taking over she got up to look for it, as she got to the window she heard the crying again but the kitten sounded further away so Jessica was to curious now to go back to sleep. She grabbed a robe then climbed out the window to follow the sound. As Jessica followed the sound or a crying kitten it began to get louder as she approached the brush on the other side of the street, moving close "Here bootylicious blonde sits on a big shaft, kitty, kitty" she began calling trying to get the kitten to come to her, looking down an old wet and cold drain pipe Jessica could see the small scared kitten, falling to her knees she tried to reach deep into the drain pipe to grab the kitten.

When Jessica had hold of the poor little thing she quickly wrapped it up in her robe to dry it off and keep it warm.

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As the kitten was snuggling up to Jessica's warm breasts Jessica heard the snap of a twig behind her, turning quickly, looking off in to the darkness she couldn't see anything that would have made the snapping sound and suddenly there was no sound at all. With kitten in hand Jessica begins to make her way back toward her bedroom window, but she would not make it to the safety of her room as a pair of strong hands grab her and force her to the ground.

Jessica was now very scared, she falls, drops the kitten and it runs away as she hits the ground hard. Jessica was now mostly in shock, barely able to speak. The strange man rolls Jessica on to her stomach and grabs her right hand then pulled it behind her back tight while she yelps with pain, "give me the other hand" the voice of this stranger booming in her ears. Jessica ignored the man's order and instead tries to push herself up and force him off of her with her other hand.

Backing up from the push "think you are big enough to handle me, little lady?" he said, watching Jessica trying to crawl away saying "not really but I can try!" The strange man grabs both of Jessica's ankle's and pulls her back to the spot she had fallen to when he first grabbed her and she falls flat on her face, knocking the wind out of her "Now give me those hand's!" he yells, face in pain from her fall Jessica submits to his order and places both hand behind her back.

"That's better, from the look of your legs you should bring a great price at the BBQ auction" he said as he tries to cuff her hands.

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"WHAT!!" she yelled Hearing this declaration Jessica began to squirm again trying to pull her hands free if the strange mans hold on her "will you hold still, so I can get you cuffed!" he said as he slipped the cuffs onto her wrists, still squirming to resist the man anyway she can she begins yelling "GET OFF ME YOU FAT BASTERED!!" as loud as she can, "yes missy I may be fat but at least I am now a prime meat animal, like you" he said as he picked her up over his shoulder and starts walking toward a van.

with Jessica kicking and screaming "LET ME GO!" "LET ME GO!!". Xxx sex chines girl fuck the van that Jessica had bee tossed into so carelessly she could see 4 other similarly bound girls in chains connected to a rail on the wall of the van, where her cuffed hands would be placed with her own chain, and the van door closed, Jessica trying to sit up to see the other girls "Why are we here?" she asked the closest girl to her, the van door opens again and the strange mans voice can be heard "Here you earned this" he said placing the small kitten into the pocket of her bathrobe and then slams the door closed again.

"I think he plans to sell us to people who will cook and eat us, im so scared" the girl answered Jessica's question, looking into the girls eyes "how can they eat us we are not meat, yet!" Jessica yells "I heard something about a BBQ auction" another girl said from the back of the van "and we will most likely be on a spit by noon tomorrow" came from another girl, "NO NO this cant be happening I wont believe it, I only got my alternative meat ID number yesterday" she said wiping tears from her eyes.

"How can he just grab us off the street like this, he isn't an emergency alternative meat pick-up agent!, Is he?" she asked, as all 4 of the girls said "No!" in unison. "we cant believe it either, but look at us we are all pretty much the same age, height, weight and very pretty" another girl from the back added, while Jessica just sat there in shock with her head bowed down repeating the same thing over and over again "this cant be happening", "this cant be happening".

Looking into her eyes "believe it babe, by tomorrow we will all most likely be dead meat" the closest girl to Jessica said as she placed her lips tight onto Jessica's kissing her deeply, Jessica had never been kissed by a girl before this but she did nothing to resist her new friend, had her hands not been bound behind her back so tight Jessica would have tried to forget her predicament and have some fun with her new friends beautiful body pressed up against her own.

The van pulls onto a dirt road and then stops in front of a large building, The van door opens and the strange man is standing there again "lets go girls" he said as the chains are released and he then download less than 5 mb porn the girls out of the van toward the building to a large door, above the door a sign reads "RECIEVING".