Mia khalifa her melons with gigantic black cock

Mia khalifa her melons with gigantic black cock
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My Wife, Step Daughter and Me -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have rewritten this story using names (not real ) and added a little more to the body. I will review chapter 2 and 3 and revise there as well. I am also in the process of writting a new chapter that I hope will be up soon.

This story started about 8 years ago. My second marriage was to a younger woman who had three children. Two daughters lovely hairy girls try rimming and cunnilingus a son.

I helped raise the children, supported them financially as well as did all the things a dad usually does. Through the years I watched them grow and couldnt help but notice that the oldest daughter, Sammi was growing into a fine looking young lady at 14.

She had her mothers british real incest hidden cam and appearance, tall, slim and small developing breasts. Now my wife and I had an active sex life, to be frank about it we love to fuck, any chance we get.

This whole thing started one night when I felt like i was being watched, you know that uncomfortable feeling when something dont feel right. I mentioned it to my wife and was told not to worry about it all is good. The next nite same thing only this time I noticed the door open a little and on the other side low and behold was Sammi watching me fuck her mothers brains out. Shocked I told her to get back down stairs and we would deal with her in a while.

Mom objected and asked her in, we obviously stopped our screwing and sat up in bed as her daughter approached us. Come to find out my wife had been allowing her to hide in the closet and watch us, she had been doing that for about 2 months.

She wanted her daughter to see what it is like to make love in a loving relationship. not just casual sex. They both were good with it, although I was uncomfortable. Sammi asked if she could stay in the room and watch us and her mother responded "sure if you want." Laying on the bed with my wife, she started playing with my semi soft cock wasn't long before it was back up and ready.

Samii in a low shaky voice said " I want to learn how to do that can I help?" She reached down put her hand on her mothers hand and started stroking with her mother. It wasnt long and her mother said "I think you got it try it by yourself." Sammi started stroking my cock using short light strokes my wife went down and started using her tounge on the head of it. The hand job stopped and my wife swung over and sat down on my rigid cock and burried all 6 1/2 inches into her pussy.

As she pumped away I had a tit thrown in my mouth and it was the daughter, she had got off the bed, stripped and was as naked as we were. I remember thinking that her observing us had taught her well. Getting caught up in the excitment I was nearly ready to cum when my wife got off me, took my oral job session with horny luscious babe hardcore and massage in her mouth just as I blew my load. It went all over her face and was running down her chin onto her tits.

Sammi speaks up "what does that tase like mom?" and was invited to try some. I watched Sammi run her index finger up the side of her mothers tit and stick it in her mouth. "Not bad" she said. Looking at her mom she said" can I try that mom?' Joyce, my wife moved out of the way as Sammi got on the bed on her hands and knees and started to lick my cock. She only put the head of it into her mouth as she stroked the shaft with her hand.

My cock sprang back into action as Sammi's movements got faster soon I was hard as a rock. Sammi's actions were getting fast and furious. I picked my head up to find that my wife was licking her daugjhters pussy.

The sight of that put me over the edge, " I am cuming" as the first squirt filled Sammi's mouth. Sammi released my cock as I squirted on her neck and tits. Joyce quickly came around and started licking my seed off her daughter's chest. I could not help but notice that Joyce when she came to the budding nipples on Sammi's chest she lingered there for a moment.

Being peculiar sweeties bang the biggest belt cocks and spray jizz everywhere we all layed there with the daughter in the middle and spoke about the events.

Sammi thanked me for letting her suck my cock. I did not tell her the pleasure was all mine. Joyce spoke of watching Sammi suck me and said it was " a turn on" for her. Joyce continues stating that it was a first for her as well sucking another pussy.

I couldnt beleive what had happened. I couldnt beleive that my wife was ok with her daughter having oral sex with me. The agreement we made was that her daughter can join when she wants to as long as we are all in agreement. With that we all rolled over with the daughter in the middle mother and daughter facing each other, with me next to the daughter.

I rolled over put my left hand on the youg budding tit as my well used cock pressing against the warm moist virgin pussy of my stepdaughter. My wife Stepdaughter and Me part 2 Allow me to set this up a little better. Our bedroom is on the second floor with a smaller room down and across the hall. This is the bedroom of the 14 year old so she had access to our room without her brother and sister's knowledge and sometime us.

It was 6 days after our first encounter and a Friday night, after dinner and a movie the kids went to bed about 9:30. My wife and I stayed up for a couple of drinks.

We had several rum and cokes and had a good buzz going. With the wife playing with me a little to set the mood I knew what she had in mind. While the wife went to the bathroom to freshen up, I went upstairs to our room to get comfortable and get ready for some hot sex. To my surprise we had company, for on the bed lay the Sammi asleep and naked.

One arm over her head, and the other hand between her legs. Thanks to the soft glow of the night light I could see her shaved pussy and her juices glisten as they ran down over her shaved pussy lips. Standing there looking at this First time small girl big black cock hard fucked took off my pajamas, as I always sleep nude, my fully erect cock sprang out screaming for action.

I remember thinking what could be taking my wife so long, as I reached down and lightly ran my finger between her lips and through her juices. Her juice was so sweet as I sucked my finger and gazed at her naked body and slightly open wet pussy.

Humm still no wife! Knowing that there was to be no contact unless we were all present, I reluctantly reached back down to get another taste of her juices. I slowly and gently ran my finger in between her lips, as my finger traveled through her pussy lips she slid forward pushing my finger into her. I didn't know what to do given the situation, as she started to rock back and forth on my finger. She pushed in until I could feel her hymn at my finger tip; she started moving faster and was slightly moaning.

Just as she was about to cum I heard "are we having fun yet?" Shit, man busted I thought, as I pulled my finger out of that tight virgin pussy and looked over to my wife. She was standing in the doorway naked rubbing here pussy with one hand and squeezing her left tit with the other. "What are you doing" was the next question.

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I started to explain and was told "no I think she is about to cum you need to make her cum" I turned back to the old woman dalny marga takes young big dick year old stuck my finger back into her waiting pussy.

I watched in amazement as she slowly rode my finger then two. Joyce approached slowly, watching me finger fuck her daughter as she made her way to the side of the bed. To my amazement she started playing and sucking her daughters budding tits.

Reaching my left arm out I imbedded three fingers into my wife's love canal. My cock at this point was pulsating and it was not even being touched, then it happened, the daughter had an orgasm like I have never seen before. The projectile squirts went up to my forearm. I removed my finger from her pussy and my wife's. I moved up beside the daughter and placed my cock near her mouth which was eagerly received. I licked her juices from my arm not paying attention to anything but the oral I was receiving.

It was like she was cock starved at 14 she was going wild with it. I told pierced nipples teen bangs stepdads big dick I was going to cum, she held on and took a little more of my cock into her mouth. One final squeeze of my ball sack and I squirted a huge load into her mouth, I could see there was too much for her as she spit my cock out, while still squirting on her neck and tits.

Tits, wait a minute where is my wife? To my surprise my wife was between her daughters legs eating her pussy driving her teenage daughter wild. My wife knowing I shot a load into her daughter's mouth quickly slid up and licked the drippings from her daughter's tits, neck and mouth.

Excusing myself to use the bathroom, my head was spinning, wondering what the hell was going on and why this was happening. I never once had the though of this cross my mind. How was I going to face my wife and stepdaughter again? Upon my return to the bedroom I found my wife lying on her back, knees up in the air and her daughter eating the pussy of her own mom. My cock sprang back to life and stood rigid as I present it to my wife who opened her mouth took almost all of it.

She worked my cock for about five minutes then maneuvered it out of her mouth asking me to take care of the daughter. With the daughters ass in the air and her tongue imbedded deeply in her mothers pussy I went around back and started to eat the 14 year old, as I tongued the girl her movements showed her approval she went wild bucking and moaning.

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The daughter lifted her head from her mother's crotch and said "fuck me I want you in me" I could not believe my ears! I kept eating her virgin pussy not wanting to pull away from that tender morsel. "I said fuck me damn it". Hesitating for a minute my wife replied "Jesus Christ fuck her she has been wanting you to do it for the last 2 months." Sammi slid up to her mom and they were on top of one another, belly to belly with mom on the bottom.

Perfectly aligned I thought pussy to pussy. I slowly maneuvered into position and drove my pulsating cock deep into the my wife's waiting pussy; she was so wet it met with little resistance. After fucking her for awhile I turned my attention the daughter. Slowly removing my cock from my wife I realigned it up on the daughter. She slid back towards me hoisting her ass in tattooed girl craves for a big dick air and burying her face in her mother's pussy.

I gently spread her shaved lips with my fingers and slowly eased the head of my cock into her fuck canal.

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As the daughter was passionately kissing and tonguing her mother's hot pussy I pushed forward through her tight virgin pussy until I hit her hymn. My cock felt like it was in a vise as I slowly pushed in and out stopping short of popping her cherry. The combination of me fucking her daughter and her daughter eating her pussy caused my wife to cum all over her daughters face.

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Deep down in my sack a rumbling was occurring and I pulled out of SSammi's fuck hole, I took aim and shot my load on the daughter's ass and back. Totally spent we laid there for a few minutes head reeling and minds wondering. Sammi got out of bed saying she was going to her room to get some sleep saying " I will be back" and she sure was.

Part 3 The next morning as the sun started peeking through the shades I awoke to a soft wet feeling on my cock. I opened my eyes to see Sammi on her knees in front of me with my limp cock in her mouth. She worked my prick with her tongue as she gently played with my balls.

My cock grew almost immediately as she worked it around in her mouth. My wife slowly became aware of what was transpiring as she opened her eyes followed by a big smile.

She laid there watching her daughter work my cock in her mouth. My wife said that we need to finish what we started last night. With that she got up and left the room saying for us not to come down until she was a woman. SAmmi then came up and straddled me aiming my cock towards her fuck hole and slowly inched down allowing my cock to enter her tight pussy. She slowly pumped my raging dick into her pussy stopping short of her hymn several times. Then without warning she slammed down onto my cock taking her virginity with it.

Tears filled her eyes as she leaned towards me. She lay on top of me several minutes biting her lip telling me not to take it out. As the pain subsided she began to move again, not experienced in this it took cruelty party stephani moretti part 1 a few minutes to build a rhythm. As I played with her tits she began to bounce harder on my shaft. "OOOH I CANT HOLD IT…………&hellip.IM GONNA CUM" she moaned Every time she slammed into me burying my cock deep in her little fuck hole she would whimper and moan.

OH GOD DAMN IT I am going to cum. She slammed into me one more time with a big&hellip. OOOH&hellip. GOD&hellip.YES as I felt a warm gush move down over my shaft.

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OOOH GOD mom is right you fuck so good, FUCK me harder don't stop OH God. The contractions within her little pussy felt like a vise around my cock and each one brought me closer to my own climax. I put my hands on her waist to help guide her as she picked up the pace sliding up and down on my well lubricated rigid cock. She started really fucking hard, she would slam into me driving every available inch into her fuck canal and grind a little when she was all the way down&hellip.OH GOD FUCK ME…&hellip.

YES PLEASE GIVE IT TO ME…… I reached up and pinched her small nipples…OH YES GOD&hellip. I'm going to cum again she said. A couple more hard thrusts and I was close&hellip.I'm gonna cum… I'm gonna cum&hellip. As she lifted off me, she had another orgasm and it squirted right at me landing on my chest, cock and balls. She took my cock in her hand and stroked it as I came all over her stomach as well as mine.

She slid back and licked my stomach gathering every drop. She worked her way down towards my cock, licking and sucking my balls until the cum was gone.

With a smile and a "thank you for fucking me" she left the room. I went downstairs shortly after to find the wife. She told me that she knew we had fucked because the daughter was loud and she was afraid that the others kids may have heard it. That, morning turned a relatively meek and mild teenage girl in to a full fledged fuck machine. For the next year and a half we had many, many threesomes. No event stands out more in my mind though then that morning I took her virginity.

Oh and yes that morning, the other two kids they did indeed hear me fucking their sister. A couple years later on a hot summers night in mid August after arriving at home I had a few drinks after a long hard week at work. The 16 year old was running around in her normal mode of undress, wearing just enough to cover her nipples and pussy lips.

My wife was cleaning up after dinner in the kitchen. I heard them talking but unable to understand what they were saying. The daughter kept my glass of rum impure awesome bitch milf pounding act japanese and hardcore coke full as she pranced back and forth in a flirtatious manner, bending over so I could see her nipples and the impression of her cunt lips through the thin fabric.

Never letting my glass go dry I lost count of how many I had until I found myself in an inebriated state. I don't drink that much so the constant flow of alcohol did its thing to me in a relatively short time. What do you think?. Hey hon you listening?

…………&hellip.Coming to my senses I realized my wife was speaking to me. What?.So is that ok with you?.

Sure I replied as I drifted in and out of a drunken stupor. Come on……Honey wake up…&hellip.come on we are going to bed now. …&hellip.You coming with us? Somehow managing to get up over the stairs and into my bedroom I stripped naked and fell onto the bed. Dull voices in the back round kept me from falling into a deep sleep as the bed moved with a rough motion and hearing the oohh……aahhh……oh yes mom.

Opening my eyes my wife was eating out the daughter as her younger brother watched from the foot of the bed. Jerry, the son had his birthday today he had just turned 14. My mind and eyes being blurred from the alcohol Lanlord angela fucks college boy for rent hadn't rationalized what I was seeing.

OOHH&hellip.yes mom suck by clit…&hellip.I moved up the bed a little so the daughter could suck my cock&hellip.God she does that well I was thinking. Looking down to the foot of the bed I saw Jerry jerking his cock while rubbing his mothers legs and ass. Jerry spoke and said he had never done this before although he had been masturbating ever since he found out we were fucking up here.

As I glanced back to Jerry, he was now rubbing his mother's cunt, then inserted a finger between her lips. Her response was one of approval as she leaned back onto her sons protruding finger. Jerry at 14 had a cock that was about 4 ½ to 5" long but the girth was huge I couldn't believe my eyes. "Seeing you took my sisters cherry it seems fair that my mom takes mine" His mother withdrew from her daughters pussy stayed in the doggie style position, spread her legs and said "fuck me son." He tried lining up but was having difficulty, his sister went down and grabbed his cock, "oh Jerry you have such a fine cock……OOOHHH my it is so thick" she said as she was aligning it to the entrance to her mothers fuck canal.

Once his mom felt the head of his cock near her lips she pushed back onto the offering being presented to her. "Jesus son what you got there your arm? …oohhh…god that's big&hellip.yes push it into me&hellip.OH FUCK THAT HURTS !!!!!!!!

I don't know if I can take it oh yes son fuck your mother. Easy easy you are ripping me apart&hellip.OH MY GOD……Yes…&hellip.Yes" "aaah aaaah ahhhhhhh OH MY GOD.that hurts&hellip.but it feels soooo good. Jerry stayed on his knees and allowed his mother to supply the action, she was gliding back and forth on her sons cock, when she came the first time. With her pussy now well lubricated every second or third stroke she was jamming her ass into her son horny doctor sucks and squeezes kenna tits his cock into her cunt.

SAmmi was on her knees with her hand between her brothers legs massaging his balls. I came around the back side and drove my raging hard-on into the 16 year olds pussy. She immediately began humping the whole shaft of my cock, taking deep powerful thrusts. I could tell by my wife's movements she was about to cum again. "Oh god son……&hellip.fuck me hard…&hellip.oh shit I gotta cum again……don't stop keep fucking your mother." The daughter driving me hard and fast, &hellip.Im Coming&hellip.

Oh fuck I am gonna cum. A final thrust by her and I filled her cunt full of hot sticky cum. Pulling out in time to watch her projectile climax hit me on the hand and forearm. Licking my arm I heard……Oh my god I am coming&hellip.son drive it to me hard, make me cum&hellip.I watched as Jerry drove his cock into his mothers fuck canal&hellip.The pace picked up and "aaahhhhhh oohhhh god damn" as my wife let loose a huge orgasm.

Followed by oh shit me too I am gone blow my load. I watched as my wife backed up into her son as he fired his wad into his mother's cunt. When Jerry withdrew from his mother his sister immediately grabbed his cock and started licking it then she took him into her mouth. My wife and I lay there watching her daughter give her son head. Being 14 it wasn't long before he was back up again. My wife looking at his cock turned to me saying "Jesus is his cock huge. Oh my god I had that in me" Moaning coming from the daughter "ummmmm&hellip.ohhh&hellip.

god Jerry I want that cock in me I have to try it" Jerry playing with her tits looked at her and chubby amateur girlfriend bathroom action big boobs and homemade I have wanted to fuck you since I was 12 I didn't dare to say anything." My wife said in a low tone "go ahead and fuck each other now then so dad and I can watch." With that Jerry rolled his sister over, raised her legs and positioned himself to enter his sisters cunt.

Mom reached down and gently wrapped her hand around her sons cock and guided it to his sisters hot wet pussy. Jerry slowly pushed into his sister …oh my god Jerry take it easy brother my pussy feels like its going to explode……Oh jesus&hellip.ohhhhhhhhh…………ahhhh fuck that hurts. Tears welling up in her eyes as she shook her head. Jesus it don't want to go&hellip.Oh god&hellip.I cant.

Then Jerry just dropped his weight on his sister driving his cock into his sister's tight pussy. "oh you bastard that fucking hurts…… oh&hellip.shit&hellip.ahhhhhh Jerry staying still for a moment allowing his sister to get used to being filled.

Oh yes&hellip.yes&hellip. brother dear fuck my cunt fuck me hard, god I love your cock in me." Jerry was pumping his sister hard when he was told to stop and roll over. His sister then remounted her brother driving his cock deeper into her pussy.

Jerry saying "I am going to cum sis oh my god I am going to fucking cum in you." "ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh jesus I cant hold it" as sany lione xxx story download filled his sisters cunt full of brotherly spunk.

As Jerry was arching his back driving every drop of his cum into his sister she was rocking hard on his cock. Every time she came down on him you could hear the gushing sounds. Her eyes were closed, back arched as she drove down hard onto her brothers deflating cock……oh jesus&hellip.yes&hellip.yes ohhhh…ahhhhh yes she shouted as her orgasm exploded over her brothers cock.

Dismounting we all lay there for a few minutes. The kids getting up to go to their bedrooms stopped for a moment Mom and daughter looked at Jerry saying I hope we can do this again. Jerry replied "I wouldn't miss it for the world.