Valentina vaughn fingers her very wet hole

Valentina vaughn fingers her very wet hole
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This a fictional story about becoming President of our country.

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It sort of parallels our history and time line. Chapter Two is about the Will & the Campaign "I am going home to take a shower and change, I will be back here at 9:30 a.m.

to pick you up for the reading of the will." Lynn said to me, as she gave me a quick kiss and flew out the door. I was in the lobby of the hotel, just as Lynn pulled up to the front door, at 9:30 a.m.

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I walked over to her car and got in. I leaned over, and gave her a kiss. For a woman she is a good driver, and we got to the law office in fifteen minutes. I 'm ushered into a large plush conference room. There were a number of people in there, including Mr. Johnson. At 10:00 a.m., he called the reading of myfirstpublic pierced babe came to be model but get fucked by older stranger will to order.

It is a lengthy will, but getting to the meat of the will, I inherited the bulk of the estate, estimated at about 200 million dollars. The bulk of my inheritance consisted of stocks, bonds, oil wells, real estate, and office buildings. Needless to say I was stunned by all of this.

I had really no idea on how to react or what to do. Mr. Johnson took me over to my new office building, and introduced me to my staff. They ran me through the whole network of business that I controlled. It was not long, and I was in way over my head. I figure the best thing was to step back and let them handle the business, till I could figure out what role I should play.

It did not take me very long to realize the making 50 thousand a year, was a whole lot easier than being worth 200 million. You say wow you have all that money, how can you not be happy spending it. Well at age 50 I am sort of set in my ways, I don't really fit in with the very rich. They sort of look down their noses shemale full body massages and sex me, because I was not born a blue blood.

I don't fit in with my lovely chick quinn wilde loves a pussy fuck with monique alexander crowd, because of my wealth, and they all figure I should help them out. It took a couple of years to get everything all straightened out. Within a few months after the reading of the will, Joyce and I sold everything, and move down to Miami, to the mansion that was part of the inheritance.

This place is huge, more than 10,000 sft of living space. It has a pool, spa, sauna, an executive par three golf course, and many other features in it.

I have a membership at Doral Golf Resort. The kids were either in college or out on their own. Of course we helped them all out, giving them enough money to support themselves.

The corporation has a 150 feet long yachet, which is available to me, when I have a need for it. They also have a couple of corporate jets. I was finally getting into the swing of things in the corporate world, helping to run my vast empire. It has been more than three years since the reading of the will, and the Presidential election was a hot topic. The first black, to run for that office was make progress out on the campaign trail. The election was a month away, and things were not looking real swift for the other candidate.

Most of us in the corporate world were scared shitless. We were afraid that the black candidate, might get elected. He has absolutely no experience on how to run either a government or a business, and very little dealings with other countries. But if the numbers are correct, then he will most likely by our next President.

The new President was elected, and the black candidate won, with 53% of the popular vote, and 2-1 margin, in the elector votes received. His newly elected Vice-President, was the wife of a former black Secretary of State.

His cabinet was made up of a bunch of conies, who he owed favors to. All in all it looked like a really fucking mess in Washington. He was bowing and apologizing to third world countries for the way our country has treated them. He was putting in programs that caused our national debt to skyrocket. He found ways to get around congress, by appointing sovereign individuals to run different programs.

Corporate America has trillions of dollars available to spend, but put it all on hold, till they could figure out just what was going on with this new administration. Meanwhile it was business as usual, with a lot of jobs going over seas. For which the present administration was helpless to stop. Foreign governments are more business friendly, and the labor force is cheap. The American labor force has priced themselves out of the world marketplace.

Products can be made cheaper, even with tariffs on them, than can be produced here in the United States. The bottom line for corporate America is profit, anyway that they can make it. The new administration was doing just a horrible job.

They were making policies that made no senses what so ever. There was a growing discomfort within middle America, as they could see who was going to foot the cost of these policies. After two years of watching this buffoon run our country. I formed a committee to investigate the possibility of running for the Office of President. The main decision was to decide if I should run as an Independent, or under the opposite party of the current President. I was a little disappointed on some of the issue that the party was supporting.

The final decision was to run as an Independent. It would be a very difficult task, to beat the other party's candidate, and an incumbent President.

On January 2, 2011, I announced that I was running for the office of President, as an Independent candidate. Oddly enough there was very little media splash, about my announcement.

I assembled a team, and set up a budget. My net worth was more than 600 million, and I put 100 million of my money up as collateral to the bank for loans I took out. The first few months we got our network setup and running.

The first year was letting America get to know who I was. I did a lot of speech making, attended a lot of fund rasing dinners, and I attended a lot of conventions. The intent was to get my name known. My wife Joyce supported me 100% on this endeavor, and accompanied me on puma swede cumshot compilation lord of cumshots of these trips. She also did some campaigning on her own, to some of the various national woman's functions.

The campaign donations and my initial investment, help to keep the campaign going. I need super pac money to help with the advertising. By the end of 2011, I was starting to receive a lot of support in the form of super pac advertising. My whole campaign was based on Middle Class America (MCA), being abandon by the other two parties. MCA has been the back bone of the United States for the past 200 years, and now it has been pushed aside.

My main campaign pledges were to lower the size of the federal government by 10 percent. Too revised the tax code so all pay a fair share of taxes. To down size the Transportation department, and the Energy department. The biggest to issues were lowering the national debt, and creating more jobs.

How can you create more jobs, if you are reducing the federal government by 10 percent you say? Good question. By creating more jobs in the public sector, the demand for better qualified employees should balance it self out, in theory. States will need more and better sweetie blonde babe alexa grace fucking hard smalltits and pornstars employees to handle the added extra work they will be doing in place of the Federal Government.

I hammered these issues over and over, at each campaign stop. Finally the President took notice of me, with a couple of remarks in his press conferences. "None of these ideas that are proposed by this Independent candidate will ever work." He answered to one of the reporter's questions.

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Which is odd, because a couple of these ideas were proposed by him, in the 2008 campaign. It was Christmas time in 2011, and I took a few weeks off from campaigning. Nobody wants to hear for a candidate at this time of the year. Besides I needed the break to recharge my batteries. I came home on a late Friday afternoon, and there was a strange car in the driveway. I spotted two glasses, and emptied wine bottle on the kitchen table.

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Oddly nobody was around. I could noise coming from upstairs. As I entered my bedroom, I almost gasped out loud. There was my lovely wife getting her pussy eaten out by a blonde hair woman.

I just leaned against the door and watched as Joyce was withering on the bed, and moaning in pleasure. Something about that woman was familiar, as her beautiful bubble ass stuck up in the air.

"Yesss Lynn lick my clit, I am about ready to cum honey, lick me harder right there." I heard Joyce woofed in glee. Wow Lynn, now I remember that ass. My cock was as hard as a rock, and I quickly stripped out of my clothes. My wife spotted me, smiled, and pointed to Lynn's ass sticking up.

I caught her drift right away. I climbed on the bed and mounted Lynn. She looked at me, smiled, and then returned to eating Joyce's pussy, as she pushed back at me, implanting my cock deep into her dripping wet pussy.

After a few minutes I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and started to rub it around her star hole. She wiggled that cute ass of hers at me, encouraging me to continue to fuck her anal hole. She relaxed and I invaded her star hole right up to my nuts. She was hot and it was like fucking a furnace pipe. "Goddam Tom that feels so good, keep fucking my ass." She gasps at me. Joyce looks down to see me fucking Lynn's ass, and the pleasure in Lynn's face as I fuck her hot hole. Joyce would never let me fuck her ass hole.

Maybe seeing this will change her mind. She grabs Lynn's head and pushes back to her pussy, to have her continuing to eat her out.

"OOOhh shit I going too cum." Lynn screams, "Ohhh fuck I'm cuming now." She howls. About that time I blast a load deep into her ass hole, and my legs weaken and I collapse on top of Lynn, who falls on pretty milf really needs a loan for a new motorbike of Joyce.

I am not sure if we all cumed at the same time, but there was sure a lot of panting going on. We rolled off Joyce gasping for air. I had a woman on each side of me as we dozed off, tired from all that exertion.

I woke up around 8:00 p.m., hungry. I disengaged myself from the women and got out of bed. Slip some clothes on and headed down to the kitchen.

I grabbed the phone and ordered us a large pizza, and some special bread sticks. 40 minutes later the pizza arrived and I went up to the bedroom and got the girls up to eat.

It was kind of erotic to eat pizza with two naked women. It has been a year since I started the campaign, and the first year seems to go really well for us. There has been a couple of early polls, but they are not very accurate. The other party has yet to pick a candidate. A couple of the front runners are an India governor, and a Hispanic female senator. Once again MCA is left without a person who will represent them from the two main parties.

We put a big push the first three months of the year, and decided to take a week off over Easter. The next three months after Easter was extremely hectic. I seemed too everywhere at once.

It was nice to have my own jet to move me around to the places I need to be. In a year and a half, I have been to every state but Alaska and Hawaii. I was campaigning in Alabama, when I got a phone call, saying that there was an emergency at home, and I need to be there ASAP.