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It was late almost midnight. She was walking home in the cool fall air after going dancing with her friends. All she could think about was him.

She danced with him at least 5 times.

He had breathtaking eyes, strong features, strong body and long black hair. His name is Ekanga and she knew she would probably never see him again as she and her friends almost never went to the same dance club. Oh well, she thought, I don't need to worry about a man right now. He would just be a distraction I need bbw granny having fun in the forest worry about my life right now, get things in order.

You see she had just broken up with her boyfriend of three years and had to move out of his apartment. She had walked in on him with his sister. Yes his sister. He had her bent over the kitchen counter with him pounding her from behind. She screamed and yelled at him for hours while she packed her things.

It sure was a good thing she had been left her childhood home in her parents will. She just did not have the money to pay for an apartment and all her other expenses.

Anyway I should describe this young lady you're hearing about, her name is Lola. She's 5'2" and has perfect curves; she has DD breasts a relatively small stomach, a large brunette babe parker gets oral pornstars and hardcore taut ass and gorgeous shapely legs. She is 26 years old with a BFA in photography and she loves her job at a small photography business in town but she hopes to start her own business soon.

She gets home and can't wait to climb into her bed and stare at the glow-in-the-dark stars on her ceiling. As she undresses to get in bed she realizes how wet her panties have become on the walk home. She was thinking of the mysterious Ekanga and how his body felt against hers as they danced. She lay in bed and thought about his strong arms wrapped around her as she pleasured herself. She needed release that was obvious. She slowly rubbed her clit as she imagined it was Ekanga pleasuring her.

It was strange that she hadn't known him for more than a couple hours yet he was stuck in her thoughts; she even thought of him while she masturbated. Finally she had an amazing orgasm. She lay in bed catching her breath. Wow that was intense, she thought.

Why did I cum so hard while thinking of him? I really don't know him. Yeah I danced with him, let him feel me up a bit but it can't be more than that. I was just horny&hellip. Yeah that has to be it. With sunny leone sex for man porn hub last thought she fell asleep. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ekanga had thought of the beautiful women named Lola all day.

It was almost midnight. More than a day since he met her and he still thought of her. She was beautiful with long red hair, pale skin, and the most beautiful blue eyes. It seemed like he had known her forever while they were dancing. Lola and him had danced numerous times and that was not normal for him. Usually when he went out he only danced with a woman one or two times and if they stood out to him he'd take them home.

Lola was different though. She seemed like a very strong willed woman and he wondered if he would ever see her again. I have to see her again. He thought, Even if it's only one more time it will be worth it to see her beautiful smile and hold her in my arms as we dance.

After walking home from the club, he had showered. Of course after dancing with numerous women and having their bodies against his he was extremely turned on.

He had started to rub his hard 8 inch cock while thinking of all the women he had danced with. Yet only one was really on his mind. He imagined Lola bent over in front of him with his cock deep inside her. Her moaning his name as he fucked her from behind. Eventually it was too much for him and he had shot a huge load on his shower wall. He washed his body and went to bed ___________________________________________________________________________________ Tonight Lola is going to the same club she met Ekanga at nearly a week ago; she hopes to see him again.

It's a long shot but it's worth a try. She's dressed to kill in a short red body hugging dress. Her hair is curled and hanging around her shoulders. She's a wet dream waiting to happen. She loves going to the club when she's dressed slutty. It's one of those things that make her really wet, almost as wet as being dominated. Lola isn't a slut she just enjoys being a cock tease. Ever since she was 12 she's dressed like a whore because it turns her on to see guys stare at her wantonly.

She knows she's sexy and she works it well. She's hoping black police officers boning while cities are being looted see Ekanga and get to know him better. She enjoyed dancing with him and she thinks there could be more between them. It's like she's known him for years. I'm gonna have fun tonight. She thought. I'm going home with someone and that's all there is to it.

I need a man. Of course there was only one man she was hoping would take her home. His name's Ekanga. But you knew that I'm sure. Lola heads out the door. Her taxi is waiting already and she can't wait to get to the club. All of her nerves are on edge and she's got poor boy fucking rich girl and in her stomach. What the hell is wrong with me, she thinks. She's not used to these feelings and it scares her.

Usually she doesn't get this way about men; she's a woman who knows what she wants and usually gets it but this is like a wild goose chase. She doesn't know how far she'll have to go to see him again and she likes the thought of wondering aimlessly in search of this sexy man. Ekanga is perfect though. His chiseled jaw and deep-set, brooding eyes are enough to make her melt. The fact that he is an amazing dancer makes her wonder how he is in bed.

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The cabby pulls her out of her thoughts as they pull up to the club. He's looking in the mirror at her but not at her face. Yes, he's staring at her tits but she doesn't mind. She pays him and steps out of the taxi.

All eyes are on her as she walks to the front of the line and the bouncer lets her right in. Lola walks straight to the bar and orders a coke. If she sees who she hopes she wants to be sober. Lola sits at the bar and drinks her soda as her searching eyes scan the dancing crowd. As finishes her drink the bartender comes up to her and hands her another. "From the gentlemen that's been sitting at the end just watching you." He tells her.

"Thank you." She slowly replies while looking towards the end of the bar. And of course, guess who it is? None other than her douche bag of an ex-boyfriend. She leaves the drink and walks into the crowd. Lola is just not ready to deal with him. You'd think after the ranting she did that night he'd have learned to not try to reconcile.

Guess not. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Ekanga watched as she got up with a look of disgust on her face after seeing who had sent her the drink. He didn't understand as the man was not ugly.

He was actually very handsome. Ekanga slowly got up and followed her, she almost instantly found someone to dance with and was really into it when Ekanga came up behind her and whispered in his sexy deep voice, "Mind if I steal you from your dance partner?" Lola gasped, turned around and just smiled.

Instantly she wrapped her arms around his neck and started to sway her hips. "Let's go get a drink somewhere quieter." Lola said into his ear. Ekanga didn't reply. He just grabbed her hand and led her through the crowd, straight towards the door. Lola just followed quickly while silently smiling to herself. They walked a few blocks to a small 24 hour diner and went inside. Lola was on edge, her long shot hope of seeing this man again came true and here they were. Ekanga pulled her to a booth and they sat down across from each other.

Their waitress came over and Lola ordered a hot chocolate while Ekanga simply asked for water. "Hmmm only water?" Lola asked. These were the first words she had said since they left the club and Ekanga marveled at the sound of her voice. It was soft and delicate while she seemed tough and determined. It fit her well though.

"Yes I don't drink coffee or soda and hot cocoa just doesn't sound xxx story sex stories 12 sa tonight." He smiled while he said this and silently added but man you sure do look appealing. Lola smiled as the waitress came back with their drinks.

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"Anything else I can get you two?" The waitress named Jane asked. "Not for me," Ekanga started, "How about you Lola?" "No, but thank you Jane." She replied. She could not believe how something as simple as this man saying her name sent chills down her spine. "You know, I have been going to that club every Saturday looking for you ever since that night. You've clouded my thoughts for the past three weeks and I'm so glad I finally found you." Ekanga stated and flashed his beautiful white smile at her.

"Really?, "she asked rhetorically. "I went there tonight looking for you. I ditched the girls just to see if I could find you one more time but you found me." He racy and wild wet crack drilling pornstar and hardcore at her and said, "I hope you don't mind me asking, but why were you disgusted when that man sent you a drink?" "Oh you saw that.

He's not worth my time and he should know that by now.

He's my ex-boyfriend and I am totally disgusted by him." "What did he for you to deem him disgusting?" "Oh you know I just walked in on him fucking his sister." Lola Replied with an angry tone and the apologized for being so rude. "Seriously?" Lola nods and Ekanga says," I can see why you were so angry, I would be too" Lola smiles and they talk until the waitress brings the check. Lola looks at Ekanga and asks, " come home with me?" Ekanga looks at her in shock but agrees.

She pays for their order while Ekanga calls a taxi. She knows what she wants but she knows she has to take things Slow.