Destiny girlfriend gets 7 creampies

Destiny girlfriend gets 7 creampies
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I felt guilty about Matt being stuck with a pregnant woman about ready to pop one out any day now, so I made arrangements for him to have some of his old "fun." After all, he was young college jock with an obviously potent sex drive.

I peaked through the bedroom door once I heard the door being opened. In came Matt wearing khaki shorts and a red t-shirt. Right behind him was a red headed girl with huge tits. "Fuck me stud," the red head begged as she pulled off Matt's t-shirt.

"How big is that thing," she asked as Matt pulled off her tight top as her tits sprung out. "Big enough," Matt said with that sexy growl in his voice. He pulled out the sofa bed as i peaked at the show from behind the bedroom door. I couldn't help but notice that Matt had a huge bulge in his shorts just aching to be released. The red head bounced down on the sofa bed as Matt crawled on top of her.

She grabbed his bulge with her hands and yelled "holy shit is that all you stud." "Why don't you see for yourself," Matt growled as he undid his belt. Before he could reach for his zipper, the red head had her hands on it and eased it down past Matt's huge erection. As his shorts fell, I saw her eyes bulge out when she saw Matt's massive bulge in his white briefs. "Ready," Matt asked as he stud up above her on the bed like that scene in "Boogie Nights" when Mark Walhlberg is having sex with his girlfriend.

He eased his briefs down. From the view I had, my eyes fixed on Matt's ass as he slid his briefs down and kicked them off. His huge dick swung between his legs as he hopped back down on the sofa bed. "Holy fuck that thing is huge," the red head with the huge tits said as she wrapped her legs around Matt. "Hold up," Matt said as he reached down into his shorts on the floor and pulled out a condom pack. "Let me," the red head said as she tore open the condom packet and poised the rubber right over Matt's swollen head and down his huge shaft.

Matt let out a gasp as she grabbed his huge shaved nuts. "Fuck me hard boy," the red head demanded as Matt eased his huge cock into her. It wasn't long before the sofa bed was shaking as Matt pumped in and out of the red head's pussy like butter. In a few seconds, she was screaming as Matt plowed away. I had a good view of Matt's bucking ass as he drove in and out with such force that it seemed like the sofa bed was going to break any minute. Going by the sounds she was making, the red head had already had ava addams with tenting machine for fuck orgasms as Matt continued to pound away.

It was a hot May day and Matt's a/c wasn't exactly working the way it should. By now, Matt and the red head were dripping with sweat as he continued to pound away. She dug her nails into Matt's back as he let out a loud moan and filled up the condom with his manly seed.

Even I was amazed at how Matt kept cumming for at least a minute or so. Matt was still poised on top of the red head as she reached down and pulled the condom off his still hard cock. Matt rolled onto his back and was about to get up when the red head started jerking his still hard cock. "I wanna watch you cum," she said as she squeezed Matt's massive cum deposit hot vixen lux lisbon services big cock of stud his shaft and balls and used as lubrication to stroke his cock.

Matt's body looked so fuckin hot as he glistened with sweat as the red head kept stroking his cock. Then she wrapped her lips around his head and started inching her way down his shaft. "Fuck," was all Matt managed to say as the red head managed to take all 10 1/2 inches down her throat.

She bobbed her head up and down until Matt finally grabbed the back of her head and exploded in her mouth. She grabbed his balls and kept sucking until Matt had emptied his entire load in her mouth. Even I wasn't able to swallow all of Matt's massive load. I watched as the red head got back down on the soft bed. I saw Matt's still hard cock standing at attention as he got up.

I marveled as his amazing muscular ass as the red head grabbed his dick and said "we're not done yet stud." "Fuck me raw," the red head demanded as she pulled Matt back into the sofa bed with her hand still wrapped around his rigid shaft.

"I don't know," Matt said as he probably drifted back to how all that hot raw sex ended up knocking me up. Matt didn't have much of a chance to protest as the red head wrapped her legs around Matt. He got up on his hands and knees and started pounding her doggy style.

I liked this view much better. I got to watch Matt's sexy ass cheeks squeeze together and apart as he got ready to blow a load of his hot cum directly into the red head. His ass cheeks were spread enough so that I got a good view of his huge balls as they banged against the red head. I just heard the sound of Matt's balls smacking before he finally shot a huge wad inside the girl.

Matt got up off the sofa bed. His cock was semi-hard now. The red head slowly got up and got dressed as Matt slipped his briefs back on and walked her to the door. "You were fucking amazing stud," the red head said as she reached down to give Matt's cock a playful squeeze before leaving.

"Did you like the show," Matt asked aleska diamond is going to blow your mind once sh I came out from my hiding place behind the door. "You were amazing stud," I said as I mocked how the red head talked. I ran my fingers down Matt's sweaty chest and 8-pack abs right to the waistband of his briefs.

Even soft, Matt was still a big boy. Matt pulled away and said he was going to get a shower. I thought maybe he didn't find me attractive anymore. After all, I was beached whale.

I got into bed and about 20 minutes later, Matt came into the bedroom buck naked and hard and crawled in bed. "I just wanted to shower first," he said as he kissed me and rubbed my belly before easing his huge cock slowly inside of me.

Matt was still 19 years old and I didn't lenna dark first time in studio dp ed fucked by guys a baby to hold him back. He was doing great as a football player and won all kind of awards and all that good stuff. He was now up to 220 pounds - most of which was pure muscle. I had to coax him into fucking that red head.

I do admit that it turned me on to watch him go full throttle without holding back some so he wouldn't hurt the baby growing inside of me. Matt was working out more than ever. Getting super ripped seen to make him even hornier - if that was possible. He fucked me as much as he could, but I heard him jacking off when he didn't realize I was still awake.

When he flexed all I could say was "damn." He was really an amazing boy. He had started to do cam shows to make some extra money since his dad cut him off.

He asked me if I minded and I said I understood. It was actually kinda hot watching him jack off for random girls - and guys - on cam. I peaked in the door late at night to watch some of his "performances." Usually, he was buck naked while sitting in a chair. One time I peaked in and he was banging his rock hard cock against the desk while standing up and jacking off. He grabbed his briefs that were down on the floor and blew a huge load inside of them. Another night I couldn't sleep and I peaked in while he was in the middle of a cam show and watched as he cranked out two huge loads back to back.

He was covered with cum all over his chest and stomach. He was slowly stroking his cock back to full hardness. It took him about 10 minutes or so to get it back up again. He was dripping with sweat and he was stroking at a frantic pace. He stopped and told the person on the other end of the cam that he would bust a nut for another hundred. He stood there with his cock throbbing and waited for the guy to pay. Once the payment went through, he started cranking again. He grabbed some lube and worked up a steady pace.

"Give me fuckin money back if you can't do it," I heard the guy yell. Just then, Matt leaned his head back and blew a huge load right up into the air. Some of it landed on his chest and the rest landed on the chair and desk. "Fuckin hot dude," the guy exclaimed. "Fuck yeah," Matt said.

He was clearly pumped up from this hot show. He turned around and told the guy to couch up 50 bucks for another surprise. The guy was so turned on by what he saw that he did as he was told. After a few minutes, Matt turned around and smacked his hard dick down on the desk. "No fuckin way you got that fucker back up again," the guy shouted.

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Matt was breathing heavy and covered in sweat and cum. He was about to log off when I heard the guy say that he would give Matt another hundred for one more cum shot.

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"Pay first," Matt said. "Half now and half after you nut," the guy retorted. "Alright, " Matt said. I was peaking through the door wishing I had popcorn for this x-rated show. Matt stood up with huge dick right in front of the cam. He was really getting into it. "Watch this mother fucker," Matt growled through his gritted teeth.

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He started bouncing his balls off the desk. I let out a gasp as I heard the sound of Matt's huge balls smacking off the desk as he kept stroking away. The air conditioner still wasn't working right and Matt was dripping with sweat as he kept pumping.

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He showed the guy his swollen mushroom head which had a huge drop of pre-cum right on the piss slit. Just then, Jason came out of his room in just his boxers. "He doing his shows," Jason asked. "Yeah, he's about to blow again, " I said as Jason moved next to me to watch the show. He didn't seem to care that the head of his dick was peeping out of the piss hole on his boxers.

"Fuckin ready bitch," Matt yelled as he closed his eyes and pointed his dick at the cam. "Fuck yeah stud boy," the guy on the cam shouted back. Matt let out a loud groan as he spewed a huge load all over the cam. He shot the remaining ropes of cum onto his 8-pack abs.

He then squeezed his head and took a huge glob of cum into the palm of his hand and licked it off. The guy paid the other half of the hundred as Matt said "goodnight mother fucker" with a huge grin on his face.

Jason and I barzzers xxx sex stories vedis clapping as Matt stood there covered in sweat and cum. The next night his roommate, Jason, had two girls over and Matt and I walked in on them going at it on the sofa bed. That didn't stop Jason from keeping up the action though. I told Matt go join in. He was august ames strap on ariella little reluctant at first, but once he had his sweats off, he was ready for action, as evidence by his huge erection.

I slipped off into the kitchen area and watched Matt and Jason fuck the two girls. I was amazed at how they got a steady rhythm going. Here I was just a few weeks away from having Matt's baby and I was getting turned on watching him and his roommate's tight asses squeeze together and apart as they fucked two blondes. Matt and Jason even managed to cum at the same time, which ended with them giving each other a high five with their dicks still firmly inside the respective blonde underneath each of them.

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Late one night Matt came home with a bloody lips and swollen eye. "What happened," I asked. "I don't wanna talk about it," Matt said as he went to get a shower. I crawled into bed. I figured he must of gotten into a fight or something. Matt crawled into bed with just his briefs on and wrapped his arms around me.

"Ready to tell me what happened," I asked as gently as I could. "I went over to see my dad before. He keeps texting me and telling me how happy he is with his new wife and how he can't wait for his baby to come. I couldn't take it anymore. I went over there and we started talking and he went on about he was about to knock his new bitch of wife up and bragging about how he fucks her every single night.

He acted like you never existed and I couldn't take it anymore," Matt explained. "So you hit him," I asked. "I didn't plan on it, but yeah," Matt said. "Did he do this to you," I asked while rubbing Matt's face. "Yeah, dude's been working out and shit.

You do that when you want to keep a 22 year old hoe happy I guess," Matt said. "I got in a few good licks and he hit back and I rammed him good. He was down on the ground when I left shouting and yelling at me. He got up and yelling something about him being twice the man I am before slamming the door." "I'm sorry you had to go through that," I said while running my fingers over Matt's chest.

"Yeah, good thing he didn't kick me in my moneymaker," Matt said with a laugh as he grabbed his cock through his briefs. "If it means anything, I think you are ten times the man your father is," I said before giving Matt a kiss on the lips.

He winced some. "Sorry," I said. "It was worth it," he said with a smile while rubbing my belly. When I woke up in the morning, Matt was already up and getting ready for his last final. He peaked into the bedroom and said "good morning baby" while dressed in khaki pants and a white dress shirt. "Trying to make a good impression on the professor," I said as I got up and walked into the living room.

"Whatever it takes," Matt said with a sexy smirk as I smacked his sexy ass. He was just about to leave when I grabbed him by the belt and pulled him back.

"Good luck," I said while struggling to pull him close enough for a kiss. "Thanks babe," he said before leaving. A few weeks before Matt's 20th birthday, I finally had the baby. I had my friend Susan take me the hospital. I did manage to call Matt so that he could get there in time. He even came into the delivery room. "You're not putting this on the Internet," I said as Matt took out his camera phone.

In a few hours, I was a mommy and Girl with small tits reveals her body was a daddy. He leaned in to kiss me and said "so I guess this officially makes you a MILF now." I just laughed as the nurse brought in our son. We decided to name him Justin Matthew. While it may seem like the circle is complete from when I first met Matt to now, this was really just the beginning.