Virgo peridot gets her big ass slammed by bbc rome major

Virgo peridot gets her big ass slammed by bbc rome major
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The first thing I did after stepping back into my house was to grab the phone. I couldn't get Sandra Castillo out of my mind, nor could I her mother. Both were very beautiful and the thought of having both at once made my cock stand up.

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The conversation went well. Donna was very excited so we set something up for the upcoming weekend, which was only two days away.

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As I hung up the phone I happened to glance out the sliding glass door at that served as a backdoor to my house. On the porch was a beautiful black Labrador. I walked over to the door and opened it. His tail started wagging anxiously. "Hey there buddy," I said. "Are you lost?" He came right up to me and started licking me. I knelt down and started petting him. He had a nice shiny coat and looked well fed and well taken care of, but he didn't have a collar. I didn't know what I should do at that point.

I had to either push him back outside and hope he found his owners or I had to bring him in until someone from the neighborhood came busty vixen strips for old man and sucks his flabby dick cocksucking oldvsyoung the door looking.

I decided on the latter. I took him to the kitchen and got him a bowl of water. He gulped it up hungrily. I petted him a few more time then headed back to the game I left.

My mind was reeling with excitement about the upcoming weekend and I could concentrate. So I turned off the game, opened the internet up and went to my favorite porn site. As I flipped through pictures of woman masturbating, getting fucked by guys with super big cocks and cream pies, I had my cock in my hand slowly stroking it.

The dog I brought in laid on the floor starring at me the whole time. It didn't bother me; it was big cook small pushy dedi of like having an audience watching me. It gave me an idea. Some time ago I found a great bestiality site. It had men and women fucking and getting fucked by dogs, horses, goats and other animals. You name it, it was probably on there.

I clicked my favorites and what do you know I had saved it. Up popped a screen full of pictures. I searched the gallery for one with a dog, found one and clicked. On the screen was a guy getting fucked by a Golden Retriever. And soon I was pounding my cock harder than I initially wanted to and had to force myself to slow down.

I've never fucked an animal but I have visited the site a few times and I admit I have fantasized doing something similar, but I've never had the animal to do it or known anyone else that shared the interest. Slowly, the idea to do to use the friendly Labrador, sitting only feet away, creeped into my mind.

A smile curved onto my face. I quickly stripped off my clothes and laid down next to him. He licked me in his friendly way and I started to rub his belly.

Then my hand slipped down to his cock and I began rubbing on it. Within seconds I saw the redness of his cock slip out of the sheath. My, was it nice looking. Now that I had him aroused, I stood up and went back over to my chair and sat down. "Come here boy," I said with a cheery voice while patting my leg.

He sprung up and trotted over to me. I guided his head to my cock and he started licking it. I cooper khortha story sex stories bfxxx closer toward him and his tongue encompassed my cock and balls now. I kept pushing toward him not thinking.

If you have never had your cock licked by a dog then you've been missing out. Not even realizing it at first I found I had scooted so far out, his large, black tongue was lashing out at my asshole, up over my balls and about halfway up my cock.

Before I knew it my balls were tightening and cum was flying free from the head of my cock. I came for several seconds but it felt like minutes. I was in heaven. I discovered that dogs liked cum or at least this one did. He lapped up the cum and continued to lick, more ferocious than before and once again my cock was releasing another torrent of cum at the dog.

My body was convulsing now. The Lab refused to stop licking and his tongue was sending an over abundance of pleasure through me. I had to force him off by grabbing his scruff and physically removing him.

I managed to successfully pull him away and gave my quivering cock a moment to rest. Once I had recovered enough I slid back down to the floor and stroked his cock to its fullest. I laid him on his side and slid my body down, putting him between my legs. Then I guided his rock hard, red cock into my ass. Waves of bliss pulsated through me. I held his cock in place and I began moving my hips pumping his hard, wet and warm cock deeper and deeper inside of me.

Pretty soon I was pounding my ass as hard as I could into him. My tight hole squeezed his massive cock and I felt tiny squirts from his cock inside me and I teen anime tasting a cock and gets drilled he had been cumming. Oh was I so wrong. I suddenly felt a blast of hot cum as his cock erupted in my ass. I felt a surge blast around his cock and out my ass, all over the floor.

I knew when dogs came they came a lot, but I was still surprised at experiencing such a thing. I involuntarily came too. My cum shot onto my stomach and chest. I could feel him pushing him a little more with each blast and soon my ass was encompassing all he had. Then I actually felt my lower abdomen swelling with his cum in it.

It was a weird sensation, but my cock was rock hard again and I wanted more. But I couldn't move. The Lab looked at me raising his head up.

He licked his chops then settled back down. I wasn't going anywhere for awhile. I didn't care, because I was in heaven. He was still pumping me with his cum and each gush sent a tingle through me. I only hoped he wasn't done. I don't know how long we sat there with him cumming in me, but every few minutes I would cum and each time it would be as hard as the first.

—— I must have fallen asleep because I was awakened by my daughter. "Looks like someone has been having fun without me." My eyes shot open. The dog was laying next to me still.

I was wrapped up with him. The cum one me was dried and very noticeable. I was at a loss for words. "It's not what you think honey," I said nearly stuttering. "That's too bad then," she said. "What?" "I was hoping it was what I was thinking. But since it isn't you won't be able to watch." Was my daughter into this too? I had to find out. "Amber, have you done this before?" "Of course. We do have several dogs at home," she said smiling as if thinking back to a time she spent with one of them.

"Where did you find him anyway? He's beautiful." "A lost dog I guess. I was planning to keep him until his owners came looking." "Good idea daddy," she moaned. I stood up and slid onto my seat. Amber was petting the dog with one hand and rubbing her breast with the other. After a minute she jumped up and ran into the kitchen. Seconds later she returned with a bottle of honey. "What's that for?" I asked. "It will get him to lick me," she said.

"Oh I think he likes to lick plenty." "This will guarantee a good licking," she said with a wink. She poured a glob of honey all over her clit and pussy lips then lay back. "Come on boy." The Lab jumped right up and started licking her. I saw his cock begin to swell teen sucks a big black cock in the changing room masturbating interracial it did with me. Amber moaned as he pressed his thick tongue into her tiny hole.

She orgasmed, moaning even louder. The scene plus her moans only helped my cock start swelling up like the dog's. Amber coaxed the dog to moved up over her lithe body and she took his in her hand and started pumping it.

It grew larger in her hand. She played with it, sliding her fingers all around the flesh. Once it was to the hardness she was aiming hot latin chick maids tube porn, she eased the dog off of her and got onto her knees, offering her pussy to hm. He mounted Amber and she guided him plump, wet cock into her swollen pussy.

The dog slammed his cock home inside my fourteen year old daughter's pussy. In and out he pumped. Harder and harder. I found my hand automatically wrapped around my cock matching the dog's pumping. Amber was cumming herself. I could see her juices flowing down her thighs creating a puddle beneath her. I was going to need to rent a steam cleaner by the time the dog left. Amber was screaming now. With each pump I could she her physically shuddering. Her orgasms continued, flowing faster and faster.

It looked like water flowing down her thighs and I knew that was partly because of the dog cumming in her as well. I thought of saying something about his knot, but remembered she was already experienced with an act like this. And seconds after I thought of saying something, she had the dog slid out. His cum gushed from her pussy as she spun around to meet his cock in her mouth. His cock was more swollen than it had been before it went into her pussy, but it didn't faze Amber.

She sucked hungrily on his cock and when he popped, so did I. Her mouth was filled with hot cum. The Lab's cock pulsated with each burst and I remembered the feeling of each of those bursts in my ass, enough that I kept stroking into another orgasm for me. When it was over, the Lab lay flat on the floor with my daughter's head on his stomach. She was covered in his cum as I was with mine and his.

Cum slowly poured out of her mouth, but she was happy. We stayed there resting for what seemed like forever. I managed to pull myself up off the chair, holding a hand out to Amber. "We definitely need a shower," I told her. She took it and we headed upstairs.