Niki nitro vs storm womens championship aust

Niki nitro vs storm womens championship aust
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I was about 9 years old when it started. Every night he had come in to tuck me in, I was really happy that mom had met him after dad was killed in a car wreck. The first few times I didn't really think anything of it, it was just a casual brush of his arm or hand across my tiny breast. The first time it happened he lightly rubbed my titty with his hand while leaning over to kiss my forehead. All I knew was that it felt good, and I realized that my tit had gotten stiff. He left the room and I felt good, yet really funny.

The next few nights were kind of the same. As the next two years past it was a regular thing for him to brush my breast, he once even actually cupped my titties and squeezed my a little. After that night he didn't come to my room for weeks. I wanted him to come and tuck me in. By the age of 11 and a half I knew what he had done and been fat ass tinder date slow fuck coz her moms awake for years.

I wanted him to still do it, yet I think he became scarred when he really felt me up that nights weeks before.

Mom had to leave town for business and I was left alone. I decided I would tease him a little. I put on the biggest T-shirt I could find after my bathe and then went to watch tv.

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I didn't have anything on under neath, I mean nothing. I knew dad could see thru my arm pits of the t-shirt if I leaned over and or thru the neck of the shirt. I asked if I could change the channel, then stood facing dad as I picked up the remote.

I linguered and glanced up and saw he was looking down my shirt. My pussy was tingling knowing he was looking.

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I flipped thru the channels then got to a blocked one, I asked why it was blocked, he said because its for adults and not children. I looked at him and said mom's gone and no one would know if you let me see it ? I could see he was thinking, I said "please" I won't tell. He said okay just for 30 minutes then I had to go to bed. He unblocked it and as soon as it came on there was a girl getting her pussy licked, he said no, no, we can't watch this at all. I whined and he said to go get to bed.

I asked him if he was gonna tuck me in. He said no, I don't think I should do ebony whore mya mays loves facial and big white cock any more. I asked why ? He said I was getting to old for that, and that I was becoming a young woman. I asked whats that got to do with it ? Dad said it just wasn't right for him to do it anymore. I asked please, pretty please just one more time ?

He said okay, go get in bed. I climbed in bed and pushed the covers off the end of the bed. When dad came in the room I had the t-shirt very high around my waist and he looked right at my pussy then turned away to pick up the covers.

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When he turned back around I had my legs spread further open and he stopped dead in his tracks and looked at me. I said, dad I know what you've been doing over the last few years. He paused and said hun, please don't tell I have really tried not to do it. I asked him, dad do you want to touch me ? He didn't say anything, I pulled my knees up and totally exposed myself, I was smiling from ear to ear. Dad sat on the bed and looked at me.

He said to sweetie close your legs as he pulled the covers over me and then he kissed me on the forehead and then he kissed me lightly on my lips. There was a moment there where I was ashamed and I started to have some tears and dad saw me tearing up. He said its okay sweetie, your going thru puberty and things get mixed up for teens.

He wiped away the tears and began to get up, I asked if dad if I can ask a question ? He said what is it ? I asked him do you think I'm pretty ? Of course I do, that's why I can't stay in your room hun. I do think your really pretty.

That's why I have to go. I know your my step dad, so it wouldn't really be wrong would it ? I'm 11 years old now, I want you to touch me like you have been doing the past years.

Dad put milf hardcore anal hd stephanie west in im your pussy now hand on my stomach, he looked at me and said sweetie you can never tell anyone, I mean anyone.

I shook my head and stared into his face as he pulled the covers down below my breasts. He put his hands on both of my titties, my nipples were in the center of the palms of his hands. I felt his hands moving in circles, pressing my flesh into the warmth of his hands.

My pussy was wet, I could feel it leaking as he felt me up, his thumbs were now rubbing my nipples thru my t-shirt. Dad pulled my shirt up to my chin and leaned in and put his lips and warm mouth onto my left breast while rubbing my other one. He gently sucked my tit, circling and licking my aroused nipple, his tongue felt so good, I was in heaven.

I was moaning like a woman, yet was just a child. I felt hi hand inching down my stomach. I had begun growing pubic hair about 6 months before.

His fingers slid thru my hair and touched my pussy. His finger slid into the lips easily, I was soaking wet. Dad lifted off my breast and he began kissing me on the lips as he fingered my slippery pussy. Dads tongue entered my mouth and I responded naturally and our tongues danced sweet ass shy thai babe getting fucked by her. My bottom was lifting off the bed into his hand as he pushed his fingers deeply inside my pussy.

I felt one of his fingers rubbing at the entrance to my butt hole I was really wet there, the juices from my pussy had been leaking into my butt cheeks for a half hour.

I began to feel really funny/strange down there and I had my first orgasm from another person.

I had been masturbating for the last 6 months once I figured it out. This was the best feeling I'd ever had, I was thinking about how mommy must feel every night when they did this, wow, his fingers felt so good. I was kissing him equally, my tongue was deep inside dads mouth.

Dad moved his mouth to my ear and whispered, sweetie I want to do what we saw on the TV earlier. He was breathing heavily down my neck. His breath felt so good, daddy kissed me on the ear as he whispered that he wanted to "eat your pussy honey". I wanted him, I wanted him to lick me down there. I whispered back, daddy I smell down there, my pussy smells dad. He just went down my chest rubbing his lips across my titties as he went lower and lower.

Dad grabbed my legs and bent them upward into my chest as his tongue touch my wet hairy pussy for the very first time. It was like electricity as his lips and mouth covered my pussy.

He had his face and nose pushing inside my smelly pussy. Dad was moaning saying, sweetie your pussy smells so good, it tastes a lot like moms, god you taste so good. His breathing in between licking and sucking my pussy was so warm and nice.

Pov blowjob from an excited bitch swallows your cock pushed one of his fingers inside my butt as he ate my pussy. I felt daddies finger sliding in and out of my butt as he licked me. He wiggled his finger as he went deep inside my ass. My legs where spread wide as I gave him as much room as he wanted to eat my pussy.

I felt another orgasm coming on, my pussy was rising and inching into daddies face as I exploded gushing pussy juice as dad sucked my pussy madly. Dad sat up and began taking his pants off, I saw his dick for the very first time, it was huge. Daddy said to come here motioning me to his dick. He shoved inside my mouth and as soon as he did his dick began squirting in my mouth, it was pulsing as he drained himself. I began chocking as his cum filled my throat and mouth.

His dick xxx hot sexy bengali story pushing down inside my throat, I gagged a few times as his dick went all the way in. He was holding my head to where I couldn't pull away.

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He shoved it in my mouth forcefully as his cum drained thru my nose and out the sides of my mouth. Daddy was fucking my face, as I chocked on his cock. As he stopped forcing me to suck his dick he laid back on my bed, panting and breathing, sounding as though he was short of breath. He kept saying Oh my God, over and over. After I stopped swallowing his cum and wiped my face I realized how good his cum tasted.

I asked Daddy, "are you okay" ? He said yeah baby, "I'm Okay". Its that I haven't cum like that in years. I said I liked your cum daddy.

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I noticed Daddies dick was getting hard again, Daddy reached out and grabbed me by the waist and flipped me over. He climbed onto my ass and I felt his hard dick pressing against my butt hole. Daddy shoved his hard cock inside my butt and began fucking me in the butt. His hands were underneath me playing with my titties as he fucked me.

I felt his dick start to cum inside of me, he pushed his dick all the way till his balls were pressed against my wet pussy. He pulled out and shot his cum all over my back and pussy. When we had finished I said thank you, thank you, thank you, he pulled me close and kissed me for the next hour till we both fell to sleep in each others arms.