Perempuan jalan seorang diri sampai kena rogol

Perempuan jalan seorang diri sampai kena rogol
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Christy is 40, brunette, 5'6", with a 34B bust. She is the mother of 2 children and happily married. She returned home ill this morning after working only an hour. Her fireman husband was gone until tomorrow on a 24 hour shift. Her teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob were at school where Christy's mother would pick them up and keep them until Christy would normally get off and get them.

She was therefore looking forward to being able to go to bed and rest until that time. Unfortunately, her home was being burglarized that morning by 2 men with long criminal records for crimes ranging from misdemeanors to felony assaults. Both were large Black men and they both enjoyed fucking white women. They were just getting ready to leave when Christy pulled into the driveway. Amos, the larger of the two, saw her get out of the car and instantly wanted her. He alerted his partner, Reggie, and they waited out of sight, while Christy entered.

Not noticing that anything was wrong, she headed to the bedroom to rest. Thinking a shower might help, she undressed and went into the bathroom. Turning on the water, she waited for it to heat and up and then stepped in and pulled the shower curtain closed. Amos and Reggie entered the bedroom and quickly realized their opportunity. Both rapidly undressed and went into the bathroom where they could see her silhouette through the curtain.

Both had gotten erections anticipating what was going to happen, Amos was 11' long and 4" around.

Reggie was 9" and 3.5 inches in girth. Amos tore open the curtain catching Christy completely by surprise. She started to scream, but Amos punched her hard in the stomach expelling the breath from her body. The men stepped into the shower, trapping her between them.

"What's your name?" Reggie asked. Dazed, Christy told them what it was. "Well Christy, you are a pretty little thing.

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My friend and I are going to have some fun with you this morning. If you cooperate, you won't be hurt. Fight or scream and who knows what might happen. Do you understand" Reggie asked. "Please, I have money. Take it and please go," she answered.

Reggie slapped her hard across the face. "Wrong answer. I asked if you understood." Shocked, Christy could only nod yes. "Good." Let's go back into the bedroom where we'll be more comfortable." They turned off the water and dragged her into the bedroom. Reggie forced her to her knees and her eyes came level with his cock. "Suck it whore," he commanded. Christy tried to pull away but he grabbed her hair and pulled her head forward until her lips touched it.

He slapped her head and again told her to suck it.

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This time she obeyed, letting him stroke in and out. "Lick it bitch," he said. Christy began running her tongue around his massive tool. She wasn't very good at it since this wasn't something her husband and she did. Plus being used by a black man was humiliating to her.

Impatiently, he grabbed her head and shoved it deep into her throat. Christy struggled for air as he repeatedly raped her mouth. He abruptly erupted his cum into her throat before releasing her head. Christy collapsed onto the floor gagging and coughing, trying to get air into her oxygen starved lungs. There was no respite as Amos pulled her up and threw her on the bed. He spread her legs and started fingering her cunt. Christy was appalled that she found herself getting wet in response to his actions.

She tried to scoot away but Amos held her legs and Reggie got on the bed and pressed his lips to hers. She refused to open her mouth so he gave her left nipple a hard pinch. She screamed in pain and he used the opportunity to insert his tongue, playing with hers. Amos soon felt that she was wet enough and big tit mother fucks pal first time outdoor sex to position his cock at her pussy.

Shoving hard, he got almost half his cock into her. Christina tried to scream but only gave Reggie the opportunity to deepen his kiss. Amos continued to stroke into her until his massive tool was fully into her.

Reggie got up to get his cell phone to video the action. Christy couldn't believe this was happening. It was so wrong but Amos' cock was hitting her clit on every stroke and she felt fuller than her husband had ever been able to. Almost unconsciously, she reached out and grabbed his ass pulling him closer. "Look Reggie. The little whore likes it" said Amos.

"Tell me you like it Bitch" Amos said to Christy. Christy kept her mouth closed but when Amos viciously twisted her left nipple, she relented. "Yes, I love your big black cock. Fuck me. Fuck me hard," she screamed. And it was true.

Her orgasm was building to heights she'd never experienced. Then he hit her clit just right and pleasure shot through her body. She screamed in pleasure and her body went limp.

She felt stream after stream shot from his cock filling up her pussy. Reggie got it all with his phone teen got lesbo action on casting reality and lesbian. No way the slut could claim rape now.

Amos crawled off Christy's spent body. Reggie got into the bed and rolled her onto her stomach. Then he eased her up onto her knees. Chrisy was unable to resist.

Reggie reached between her legs and scooped up some cum leaking from her abused cunt. When he started to rub it onto and into her anus, she realized what he was going to do. She tried to pull away begging him not to use her asshole.

Reggie just pulled her close and positioned his cock head at her opening. Then with a sudden push, he forced about 2 inches into her. Christy screamed in pain as it felt like he was tearing her apart.

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Reggie started stroking going deeper with each one. In a matter of minutes he was completely in her ass as she moaned in pain. Then she experienced an odd thing. The pain began to subside and she started feeling pleasure again. She began to feel wetness building and when Reggie reached around and began rubbing her anime hentai wife raped by brother in law, she pushed back against him meeting his every stroke.

She couldn't help herself. Her body was in control now, not her mind. She found herself uttering words which were unthinkable an hour ago. "Fuck my ass.

Fill me with your baby juice. Make me your nigger whore," Christy begged Reggie. And then they were both cumming and yelling in ecstasy. Reggie collapsed on top of her. Amos had picked up the phone cam and got it all. Reggie got up and turned her around so that his shit covered cock hovered over her mouth. "Clean my cock," he commanded. Christy was broken and she didn't try to resist.

She nearly vomited as she sucked her own shit off his deflating cock and then licked the last of his cum oozing from his peehole. Cum dripped onto the bedding from both her cunt and ass. They showed her parts of what they had recorded. "You're now our whore. Unless you do as we say from now on, these will be posted online and go to your husband, family, and co-workers.

Do you understand?" said Reggie. Christy could only nod yes. She couldn't let anyone else see the videos. "Do you have any questions?" he asked. "Yes. Can we do it again before you leave?" she asked.

Christy was now truly a Black cock whore.