Brazzers jennifer white cheats on her bf with stud bodypaint and dick

Brazzers jennifer white cheats on her bf with stud bodypaint and dick
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One sunny afternoon, I went next door to play with Matt. I was 7 and he was six years older than me. Matt and I have exploring sexual things and games with each other for a couple of years before this incident.

Such child games as doctor and house, I loved playing doctor with him. Always when I went over to his house we would go into the basement. There was a bathroom, a bed a couch and a TV plus the laundry room. The laundry room was hidden away from the other parts of the room, so things weren't easily seen. As we were walking down the stairs he was holding my hand and in the other hand was a little doctor bag that I had brought over. Walking words the couch I could see that Matt had made a bed on the floor for us.

As I sat down on the couch Matt turned on the TV to make some extra noise. He sat next to me and placed my hand on his cock. Being at such an age and to do anything."wrong" felt so good. Matt grabbed the doctor's bag and opened it up. He pulled out a fake syringe cuff placing them on the floor next to the couch.

I leaned in and kissed Matt on the lips, sliding my tongue into his hot mouth. Our tongues collided and rubbed up against one another as if in a dance. He started to lay me down still kissing. As our lips parted and I was lying on the couch I reached for his pants and began to undo them. As I did so, I noticed he wasn't wearing anything underneath exposing his hardening cock. I threw his pants onto the floor and he scooted up towards my face.

I opened my mouth and began to lick the head of his cock. I LOVED the way Matt's cock tasted. Slowly he began to fuck my hot mouth with his cock. Shoving his cock deep into my throat could feel my self getting wetter by the moment.

"Matt" I said, "I want you to lick my pussy" a surprised look came upon his face as I said those words. He pulled my pants off and tossed them next to his.

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"well, I can see your enjoying this" he said with a smirk on his face and pointed to my wet spot. I giggled and bit down on my index finger. I slid down my panties and they were hanging off of one ankle. He lowered his face to my pussy, that hasn't grown hair yet.

He took the tip of his tongue and licked ever so lightly. He repeated this and began to open my pussy lips licking my clit.

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To feel a hot wet tongue rubbing up against your clit is indescribable. He began licking harder and moved down to my hole and started to insert his tongue into me. I arched my back in the delight of his tongue; I started to rub my chest through my shirt. He picked up the syringe and placed it at my hole; he started to insert the cold plastic into my vagina. Instinctively I moaned and thankfully not very loud. He pushed the plastic syringe into my pussy and then back out.

Slowly he started to pump the syringe into my dripping wet hot pussy deeper. His cock was fully stiffened by now. "I want you to relax your body because I'm going to do something that you haven't felt before" He said looking into my eyes. I laid back and tried to relax my body; he aimed the syringe at my tiny little asshole and started to push it in. I gasped at this feeling, It was a mixed emotion, It felt so good, nothing like I've ever felt before, but at the same time it sort of hurt.

Matt continued to shove the plastic syringe into my asshole until it was buried deep. "How does that feel?" he asked looking into my eyes. Speechless I moaned in delight and mutterd "it feels so good". He smiled and started to rub his cock, "now I'm going to need you to relax some more because I'm going to do something else that you haven't felt". Before I could realize what he was doing he had taken his cock and started to push it in my seductive milf sophie leon gets wet pussy pounded hard wet pussy.

Trying not to moan I gritted my teeth together.

I know that the syringe has been burried into my pussy before, but this is the first time that i had a cock sliding into me. Thankfull Matt had broken my cherry with the syringe long before we did this. He began pumping his hard cock into my pussy deeper and deeper with ever thrust. " Saucy erika pleasures a throbbing meat pole cumshot facial Matt i want you to cum in me" i said feeling my body coming closer to its wonderful orgasim.

I took the arm band and bit down onto it trying to muffle my moans. I felt my butthole pucker tighter around the syringe and my pussy tighten around Matts throbing cock. All of the sudden my body spazimed and came, squirting Matt out of my tight pussy and onto him.

He began to stroke his cock and not soon after he came on my pussy. Our juices mixed together as he fell limp upon my chest, and i combed my hand through his hair. soon realizing that i still had the syringe burried into my asshole, i got into a doggy style position and begged Matt to take it out.

But he instisted on teasing me with it. by pulling it almost out but then shoving it hard into my ass. What juices were left in my pussy came flowing out with every stroke.

Soon i came again but this time he licked up every drop, and laied next to me kissing my lips. " Now thats my little Angel" he wispered in my ear, and we both slowly driffted off to sleep.