She made us lesbians gloria and her redhead

She made us lesbians gloria and her redhead
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Can We Survive II I had been thinking about and smelling the items the girls parents had sent for them. I dug a hole in the front yard.

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Then I called all the girls and the boys out side. " I want all the deodorant, Cologne, perfume and all forms of makeup and scented soap. I will pick up the plainest soap I can find as well as unscented laundry soap. To speak plainly nia and minnie fuck in the bathroom sweet smelling things we are in the woods the only scents we will use or allow is pine and natural scents.

Girls dump your bras and skirts. From now on you will wear pants, If we had to leave it will be at a moments notice and no time to change. As far as the scents .I depend on my nose to get around and to feed us. You need to learn that also. A week had passed and Dad had not returned. I got a 4 wheeler (li'l Mule 4 seats with small bed ) ready and the boys readied a trailer I told Rose I was going shopping and to check on Dad, I took Tom with me.

We weaved through the trees and around to enter from the north side. The town had an eerie feel to it, the silence was deafening, I heard a rifle bole being cycled.

I looked over at Tom he had the rifle sweeping back and forth. There didn't seem to be anything alive or they were well hidden. I guess it is time to tell you a bit about my home town. It is a small town which was built in the late Eighteen hundreds. At that time the town was there to support the logging industry at the hey day of the lumber boom the town had a population of about thirty thousands.

After the boom was over there was enough industry to maintain a town. but just barely. The population dropped drastically then rose and leveled out at about 11,000 hard working people. The town was built in a very large box canyon with a River across the opening. There were trails out in other areas but only two highways. One to the North and one to the Northeast and they were a 100 yards apart at the entrance, Really it could be considered one highway, they joined together in the center of town.

The nearest City to the North was Sandburg, 64 miles. To the Northeast 90 miles was Sparta. I guess you can say we were remote.

I think that was why it had not been reoccupied.I mean.why would they. I noticed something different about the speed limit sign.

I call it to Tom's attention and asked if he noticed anything about it. He looked and looked I could see him getting frustrated then he face lit up. "Upper right corner a faint scratch." I nodded "But what does it mean." I explained it was a symbol that my Dad and I had developed. We marked our trail when we were on a lone hunt in case we were injured or just to give directions. The scratch on the sign was clearer as we got closer. I explained the meaning The scratch was in the form of a square.

The top line of the square extended to the left Inside the square was the number 3. The 3 was a measurement since we were in town it would mean blocks. We were to go 3 blocks and turn left. We followed these directions and made our left turn. Tom caught sight of our next sign a few blocks later he spotted a square on a store front.

The store was a sporting goods store. Inside the store was another square with the arrow angling down. We looked in other rooms for a door into a basement we found it We searched the basement and finally found Dad's Cache it was all kinds of weapons and ammo.

As well as knives. Another area held backpacks and sleeping bags and other camping items. We decided to look the town over before loading up. I knew Dad would leave me a more detailed message some where. We circled around town for about 3 hours and nothing we were at a Kawasaki dealer I was getting a 4 wheeler set up with a trailer for Tom.

"Jake did you notice the American flag and teamskeet compilation of teeny blondes getting fucked hard school flag are young couple is streaming a live sex at the School, but it doesn't look right." I stepped outside and looked at the flags flapping in the breeze.

At first I saw nothing wrong, then I laughed and slapped my fore head. I knew Dad would leave me a sign. The school flag was flying above Old Glory and that was a no no. We went to the school and lowered the flags, attached to the school flag was a leather bag inside it was a note from Dad. Before reading the note I raised the flags in song tbf movies full scxiy correct order. ************* The message: Jake I am taking these kids out of here we are going South over Tipple Top, (Which was the clearest trail to the south, If careful small 4 wheelers and three wheelers could travel it.) I can't leave these kids none of them has the least bit of training.

One of the girls has a bit of leadership ability but no practical Idea of how to get by. I left the cache in Toby' s Sporting Goods. Be sure to take all the clothes you can carry. You have the ability to make multiple trips just vary your routes. After you are through with the town. Began setting up camps in the National Forests. You know what to do Good luck. You have a smaller group to work with they seemed more interested in learning teach them, work with them every day.

In the Cave are a variety of books educate them as well. I will check back on occasion. If possible. The flag pole will be our drop for now. Take care Son. ************** Tom and I stopped by the Super Market and loaded the li'l Mule back seats with boxes of canned food. Then back to Toby 's to load the weapons in to the trailer. On Tom's trailer we loaded the bed rolls and back packs then we covered both trailers with all the clothes we could get on them and topped them off with tents and tarps and tied them down.

It would be a slow trip home. We covered our entrance to the forest with brush. We both wore back packs which was filled with toothpaste and feminine items and soap. The laundry soap was tied to the canopy supports.

When we arrived all the kids met us and began the unloading I opened the wall into the cave and hid half the weapons in there. Every day I would take the kids in to the woods and teach them a bit of outdoor lore. Tom became my assistant he would tell the group what he had learned from the book his Mother had sent. We had nearly 3 months of peace and the kids just ate the training right up.

They were really becoming woodsmen. On one of out trips to town the twin boys were with me they had an idea. We had just passed a Radio Shack. Tracy and Terry turned to each other and spoke at the same time "Walkie Talkie's " I slammed on the brakes. We popped the door open and the twins were in Seventh Heaven. I had not known but they were heavily in to electronics. We found walkies and even hand held CB"s.

The twins began unloading the shelf 's of the various kits. They tried to explain what they had on their minds. Only thing I understood was they were going to fuckfest makes euro doxies cum a lot spy eyes directed on the two hwy s in and out of town and to cover our access. We also picked up laptops for every body. There was a really odd thing about this war of attrition and our town All of our power was from the county to our North the power station that fed our little town was 35 miles away.

They had not shut off the power to our town. We spent over a week going from house to house turning off lights just in case the blue hats happened to be looking. We didn't wish to draw attention. One day the twin boys came running to me and they were very excited and grabbed my arms and led me to their little work table in the basement. They opened a laptop and said "TA DA" I looked at the laptop and said "So what am I looking at" Then a Whitetail Deer walked across the screen.

I pointed at it and asked "Where is that." The twins said with excitement that is the North Hwy. One of them opened another laptop and the Northeast Hwy was visible. "The accesses to the forest is is on a sensor which will switch on if there is movement on the trails. Worked pretty good too, picked up everything from squirrels to deer and everything in between. It finally paid off it picked up an army vehicle with a driver and two passengers in the cab.

Somehow it just didn't seem right. Three men and 1 vehicle, I wouldn't think they were here to re occupy the town. We made our way into town I had Ebby and Tina and Toni along with me. They were the best shots.We worked our way nice black wang smashes great boobs woman and we spotted their truck. Just looking at the things in the back of the truck made us realize. they were not here on orders. they were thieves.

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They were laughing and drinking booze and bragging about the killing they would make on the Black Market. We made our way out of town and set up an ambush on the North Hwy. Being afoot we were almost to late, we had barely finished setting up our ambush when the truck came around the corner. Ebby was standing alongside the road waving her blouse.She was topless. They slammed on their brakes and threw their doors open and jumped out almost before the truck came to a complete stop. We wanted all three of them out of the truck … when the one in the middle started around the anal junkie gets both holes penetrated while sucking third guys dick penetration gangbang Ebby dropped the blouse revealing the pistol in her hand.

They came to a screeching halt the driver grabbed for his sidearm. Three bullets slammed into his chest. Ebby shot the shotgun rider in the throat.

The last one hit the dirt with his hands over his head. I questioned him about the plans of the troops for our town. He told us that as for as he knew they had no real plans anytime soon. It has no strategic value. I stepped away from him and was speaking to Ebby when the soldier grabbed Toni and was trying to get her pistol from her.

Before he succeeded Tina raised her pistol and shot him in the forehead. I sent Ebby to get the L'il Mule. We loaded the bodies in the back, fifteen miles out of town was a deep canyon which the Hwy had to Curve around. That is where we met Ebby. We put the soldiers back in the truck. I started the engine, put a rock on the gas pedal. I shifted into 1st gear Put 1 foot on the running board eased my other foot off the clutch the truck began to move slowly. I had tied off the steering wheel so the truck would go straight.

I jumped out as the truck began to pick up speed. Tina was standing off to the side as the truck neared she lit the rag she had stuck in a whiskey bottle. Just as the truck started over the ledge she threw the whiskey bottle into the bed of the truck.

It burst and scattered flames all over the truck. Other bottles began to explode as the truck made its way down the canyon wall it flipped over and over rupturing the gas tank which exploded in to a ball of flame. By the time the flames burned out there would not fakeagent sexy waitress shows off her skills much left of the bodies or the truck.

A week later Two trucks and a jeep came looking for their missing comrades we kept them in sight. The found where the truck had taken a dive into the canyon. The twins had planted a listening device near the crash site. They sent two guys down the cliff. When they returned they told their Sgt that the bodies were burnt beyond recognition and that they were a bunch of thieves there was their loot scattered all over the ground. He said he bet they were drunk there was smashed whiskey bottles from top to bottom.

They said it served them right and crawled back in the jeep and waved them on. And they headed back North. I told the twins we need the spy eyes on all the trails. I began to work with the weapons thanks to Tom. He wanted to stop by the library the next time we made a trip to town.

What he was after was gum making and repair. We already had re loaders for all of our weapons. Although we still did most of our hunting with bows. He thought it was a good idea to construct silencers. It was a trial and error enterprise but we finally came up with one that worked with just a Pfft. And a quiet pfft at that.

We tried it out in the National forest. We knew where a herd of whitetails often fed. And that is where we decided to try it out. We eased up into range I took aim through the scope and as we had done in our practice raised my sights a half inch above and to the right. I eased in on the trigger and Pfft sex tamul xxx grils storys the 5 pointer I had aimed at appeared to just lay down.

The other deer seemed to just walk around it. We watched for a while then fired up the L'il Mule and made our way down to pick up our kill before we were half way there the last of the whitetails was going over the hill. We didn't wish to rile them to much so we hauled the deer over a mile before we skinned and gutted it.

We really had not needed the meat sis sleep brxnxx 1000 storys lisbean we found out how well the silencer worked. The girls seemed to be happy with fresh meat.

I said I was ready for some fresh meat and received a few sneaky looks. I went down to what I call my Lab. I looked over my shoulder and spied Rosie following very close.

I started to turn and ask her what she wanted when I felt my sweatpants being ripped downward. She was laughing and reached around and grabbed my cock and said fresh sunny leons xxx story fucking. I tripped on my pants that were around my ankles and went down dragging her down on top of me.

I rolled over on my back just in time to see her foot and leg going over my face followed by her pussy alighting on my mouth and my cock entered her searching mouth.

OOOH Rosie needs to train the girls on how to use their mouths. I was looking at Rosie's pussy and it just drew my tongue like a magnet. I was glad I had made 1 exception of the scented things. That lavender douche sure made for a tasty pussy. I sucked the lips of her pussy in my mouth and licked around the entrance to her love nest then I moved to her clit and nibbled on it it swelled up and Rosie's butt began to bounce and twist, I slid two fingers into her hot box and continued to nibble her clit.

This caused her first orgasm. I could feel her nipples moving back and forth across my chest. Rosie gagged a bit trying to deep throat me. She didn't succeed but her gag reflex caused such a sensation on the head of my dick that I didn't need the depth. She did it again and I splattered the inside of her mouth and her throat. She hadn't been ready so she really gagged and pulled off me. I spun her around and mounted her trying to driver thru the floor I sucked one of her nipples in my mouth and bit down on it.

She went aah harder so I bit harder. This had been a long day and I was very aroused usually by this time I would have had sex at least twice. Today was different. this was the first time and someone was banging on the door.

I yelled just a minute and kept pounding I felt a difference in Rosie's movement and knew she was close. I began to move faster my balls were getting tighter when Rosie yelled NO O W WW. I felt her release and it was enough to set me off too and Blonde suck group of bbc on of may interracial and blowjob flooded her insides with a ton of Cum.

We got up and Rosie opened the door and Lynn was there, "Tracy sent me to tell you there is radio traffic in the area." All the time she had been telling me she had been playing with my still naked cock.

But I didn't have time. I rushed to the radio room. Terry was listening with the ear phones while Tracy caught me up on what was happening. They were talking about guerrilla groups attacking their patrols. It sounds like they are coming down the NE highway. I took Tracy, Ruby, Maddy, Tina and Tom with me.

Ruby driver and Tracy spotter. Maddy and Tina 2nd ATV and Tom and I in the Mule. Tom was the youngest but was one of the best drivers we had.

All of us were wired to talk and hear each other. And Tracy also carried a Hand held CB so he was in constant contact with base. We did not follow the road we had our our own road through a part of the forest that cut across the bend.

When we reached the NE Road we heard gun fire further North. We left the ATV'S and moved forward on foot leaving Tracy and Ruby to watch our rides. We eased up till we could see through our scopes all the while relaying info oriental beauty riding cock after blowjob japanese and big tits Tracy. I motioned every body down. I could see a truck with a machine gun platform and eight Blue Hat soldiers with two more sprawled on the ground and the driver appeared to be dead or wounded.

I was not able to see who was firing at them. The firing was sparse so I assumed there wasn't very many.

The machine gunner seemed to be firing bursts at a rock outcropping. I had equipped all my group with silenced rifles and a couple even decided to bring along their crossbows. I told them to pick their target and that I would take the gunner. I counted to three and keyed my mike and fired the gunner leaped up and fell forward I moved my aim to the man feeding the machine gun and he too fell.

I looked around and there was 4 of the remaining 8 were down and they were looking all around trying to figure out where the shots came from, that took their partners.

I heard their radioman. I wasn't sure what Language he was speaking but I assume he was calling in re enforcements .I told my people take them out and I shot the radio then the man. I stood up and held my rifle up and said they are all dead you can come out. I saw 5 heads stick up in various areas then two more from the outcropping.

Five boys and 2 girls and they all looked to be starving to death they were skinny. It was some war they were waging they only had three rifles. Their idea was to kill the driver and anybody else they could see.

They didn't know there were more troops in the rear. And in an instant they were pinned down. I asked their ages, the oldest was thirteen. I asked what they expected to gain my stopping an army vehicle.

Their answer food they hadn't eaten in three days. I told them to load up we would take them home and feed them one of the younger boys said we can't leave yet and he turned and ran into the woods. I asked where he was going The Thirteen year old girl, Kate, said there were 4 more little ones down by the creek We ended up with 5 boys from 12 to 9 and 6 girls from 13 to 2.

We loaded them all stethe guy mashing her pussy around then fucked her mouth pornstars hardcore our ATV's With the little ones in laps we made it alright.

My worry was we would not be able to hide our tracks I had all three dragging large limbs to disguise our tracks and I walked back a ways and repeated what dad and I had done I set off two charges of C-4 and dropped two trees to crisscross the trail.

We radioed to Rosie to fire up the grill we were bringing 11 hungry mouths to feed .