This horny slut loves to fist her pussy extreme insertion and baseball bat

This horny slut loves to fist her pussy extreme insertion and baseball bat
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I was 15 at the time and still a virgin, although more and more often I was playing with myself thinking about sex with girls. I was lucky my cock was much bigger than all my friends, it was 7" long and nice and thick and as I was on my way home from school I would never have believed what happened!

I took a shortcut through the neighbour's farm and as I passed the stables I heard some strange sounds so I decided to sneak a look. Quietly I crept behind the large doors and I peeked through the gap and I could hardly believe my eyes&hellip. Beth, who was Farmer Joes wife, was lying down on some hay bales totally naked and she had her hand wrapped around a horse's massive rock hard cock. She had a beautiful body for big tits stepmom cums in stepteens mouth age which I guessed was about 35, she had large breasts and a slim waist and I could see her other hand playing with her pussy which was completely shaved.

I watched her as she slowly wanked off the massive cock which was about 14" long and unbelievably she also started licking all around the huge head, and as I watched my own cock quickly grew harder than ever before.

I undid my jeans and took it out and I started playing with myself as I watched her and after she had licked all over the head I heard her moan with lust before taking it into her mouth. But to my horror after a few minutes I heard her say " why don't you come and join me so you can see much better honey" … I froze unable to move at first, but then just as I was about to run away she said " its ok I really would like you to come beside me and watch me Please" I put my cock away and did as I was asked and nervously moved into the barn shuffling over next black raven sucking then riding the tattooed up stud her.

she smiled and said "well let's start off by seeing what's making that nice Big lump in your pants" and she leaned over and very quickly undid my jeans and pulled them down releasing my aching cock.

My cock was really hard and she put her hand around it and told me I was lucky to have such a big one at my age and then she slowly ran her tongue up and down the shaft and all around the base of the head. "Umm" I moaned loving the sensation which was making my knees tremble… and when she saw my pre cum ooze out covering the head I watched as she used her tongue to collect it all in her mouth.

"Oh that tastes so good" and she took my aching cock into her mouth. As she sucked me it felt amazing but she soon stopped saying that she bet that no one had ever done that before and she told me to fuck her while she would suck off the horse again! I followed her instructions and after rubbing my cock between her juicy pussy lips I slowly eased up her until all 7" where inside, slowly I fucked her which felt amazing, and I thought if this is a dream I don't want to wake up!

Beth started licking and wanking off the horse again which was so sexy to watch but as soon as I watched her pull the massive dick from her mouth gasping for air, the site of horse's cum dripping from her mouth and jets of cum spraying all over her face and breasts was too much… "oh God I'm going to Cum" I cried out as I buried it all the way inside her… It was mind blowing especially feeling her hot juices spray all over me as I came.

After it was over I was beastiality black guy on females clitoris story her lick up the last drops of sperm from the horses cock when suddenly I heard a voice.

"Well what's happening here then babes?" I recognised it as her husband Joe's and I turned around expecting him to go crazy any moment, but instead he just stripped off and as he moved over in front of me he said "well son if we are going to teach you all about sex you can see how good it feels to take a man's cock in your mouth too, what do you think Beth"?

I was disgusted by the thought and wanted to say no but I couldn't speak I was so scared, "its ok honey go on suck his big cock you'll love it I promise you, trust me" Beth said trying to reassure me. "Go on son suck me" Joe said again as he pushed me down firmly onto my knees. I didn't think I had much choice so I knelt down and put my hand around his already hard 8" cock and as I slowly wanked him Beth took the horse away and fetched another which she tied to the rail.

"Just do what I did to you, I promise you'll love it" Beth said so I started licking up and down the shaft and then as I licked around the base of the head I could hear Joe "ummm that's lovely" and then when his pre cum had covered all of the swollen head he said "lick it all up boy" I decided to try and gather it all up and swallow it in 1 go so I could try to avoid the taste, which I was sure would be disgusting and make me feel sick.

However my plan didn't work and I couldn't blonde suck group of bbc on of may interracial and blowjob been more wrong! I felt warm and watery and tasted a little salty too and the best word I could use is moreish. In fact the desire for more was so strong instinctively and without being told I took his cock into my mouth and I started sucking it.

"I guess I was Right then son" Joe said and he started fucking my mouth while we both also watched his wife suck off her 2nd horse. Again though just like me when he watched Beth grab some much needed air as horse cum splattered all over her body it must have really turned him on, as his cock grew harder he said he was going to fill my mouth full of Cum but not to swallow it yet.

Thick jets of his cum shot again and again into my mouth, until finally he carefully pulled it out telling me to lean my head back and open wide so he could see. I did as he told me and after staring he said "well you have a nice big load there now you can drink it son" As I swallowed it the taste was more salty and quite meaty and felt like warm milk sliding down my throat, and I instantly loved it even more than his pre cum.

Again instinct took over and I leaned forward and carefully licked every drop from his cock and I heard Beth say "see babe I told you to trust me". My own cock was hard again and Joe said that now he wanted to lick my cum from his wife's pussy and he wanted me to fuck him from behind! And after he took some of the horse cum from Beth's body and rubbed it all over my cock he told me to slowly push just the head inside him and he then started licking Beth's pussy.

"Ahh" he yelled in pain as I entered him and he told me not to move until the pain stopped saying it wouldn't take long. Sure enough I felt his grip on my cock relax and he told me to fill him with my cock.

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I eased slowly deeper and deeper and he felt really tight as I fucked him and he was moaning with joy in-between licking out my cum. "fuck him hard now honey" Beth told me so I did just that and after driving my 7" cock all the way in and out a few times I told him I was going to cum again.

To be continued

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