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Teen anya olsen has her pussy drilled hard
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(Note: This is my 1st ever story.

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If it is well liked then I will work on another part.) I am an only child. My mother died during child birth and my father never remarried. My father died in a car accident the summer after I graduated; a drunk driver crossed the double lines and hit him head on. I sold the house and his business.

Between the money from the sales and his life insurance, I was able to buy a house close to the college I was to attend and have plenty of money left over that I wouldn't have to worry about money for a while.

It was a nice little neighborhood; there were a few families and everyone seemed to get along nicely.

The house was a 3 bedroom, large kitchen, dining room, deck/patio, hot tub and a pool. It really helped that my best friend since preschool, Jim, moved with me. I attended a local culinary school for two years and then spent another two abroad in France focusing on pastries and baking.

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When I returned home, I worked at a couple of different places before deciding to open my own place. One year ago, Jim's girlfriend Tracy moved in with us. We've both know Tracy since middle school. It was only recently that they decided to take their friendship to the next level. Six months ago, Jim was deployed to Iraq with the National Guard.

It was a little weird at first just me and Tracy there by ourselves but that quickly passed (Now I know at this point you probably think something happened between me and Tracy, nothing of the sort. Just stick with me, I'm getting there). It was Tracy's encouragement to start my own business. I quit my last job at the beginning of June to focus on starting my own café.

One week before July, my neighbor Erin came over to speak to Tracy and I. Erin lived in the neighborhood before I moved in and was a great woman. She got pregnant at a young age and gave birth to a little girl when she was only 16. Even with the challenge of having a child so young, she went on to complete college and get a high paying job with an advertising company.

Erin came to ask if we would be willing to watch her daughter Lily for a month, she had to go to Japan for a month for work. Lily wasn't interested in going to Japan for a month, and even though she was 16, Erin was afraid to leave her alone for a month. I knew Lily, she was a great kid, but I had reservations about her staying with us for a whole month. Before I could voice my concerns, Tracy had agreed.

I know it is my house, but I learned a long time ago, once Tracy commits to something, there is no going against her. So Lily moved in with us. Lily seemed a little sad for the first few days, but Tracy had a chat with her and she seemed to perk right up. A week and a half into July and Tracy tells me that she has to go out of town for the weekend for work (she is a photographer).

Now I'm really freaking out; what would people think of a 24, almost 25, year old spending a weekend with a 16 year old girl&hellip.alone. The morning after Tracy left, I walk into the living room and I'm just floored. Lily had been sleeping on the couch, only this time she wasn't wearing pajamas like she had been. She was lying on her stomach, wearing nothing but a short t-shirt and a pink, lacy thong.

Her shirt was halfway up her back and the sight of her long toned legs and smooth round firm ass made my cock twitch. After a few seconds, I realized I was staring and hurried back to my room. I started freaking out. Not only was there a half-naked 16 year old girl sleeping on my horny hot babe kat arina wants it large for her wet pussy, but I had obviously been turned on by it.

I spent the next 10 minutes pacing around my room trying to figure out what to do. I had too much to do; I couldn't hide in here all knockers babe throats bbc interracial and big tits. I'm a grown up; I can handle this, there is no way I'm going to allow this to stop me.

My mind made up, I exited my room again. As I turned into the living room, my cock didn't simply twitch, it lurched…hard. It was at this point I really noticed Lily: long lean legs, flat stomach, breast appeared to be a large B or small C, and long dirty blonde hair.

She had a slender face with high cheekbones and full lips; she looked like she could be a model. But what really made my cock lurch was her pubic area. Lily had rolled over onto her back with her legs slightly parted. I got a perfect view.

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Her pink thong was scrunched up a little and I could see the slightest hint of Lily's pussy lips sticking out around the material. I ran into the kitchen as quietly as I could, turned on the faucet and began splashing cold water on my face trying to cool off. I then stepped outside to get some air.

While I was out there all I could think about was Lily. I had known her since she was 9 years old.

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She liked to come over and hang out a lot, was smart (skipped a grade in school), very mature&hellip.and very half naked in my living room. I kept picturing her lying there, legs spread and started thinking about what it would be like to run my hands across her&hellip.no, I can't it's wrong. While sitting there, I started looking out across my back yard and it occurred to me that at some point Lily was going to want to use the pool. She will be running around, all wet, in a bathing suit.

I reminded myself I couldn't think about that; I shouldn't think about that. When I went back in the house, Lily was sitting at the kitchen table. She was sitting on the chair indian-style, her short t-shirt barely covering anything. My eyes had drifted over her body. It was then that I realized that she wasn't wearing a bra and that apparently she was "cold." My eyes eventually wandered down to the little pink triangle between her legs. I was pulled out of wonderland when Lily spoke. I missed what she said and just stood staring at her face dumbfounded.

She smiled at me with this gorgeous, playful, lusty smile (the kind that could start wars…or stop them) and repeated "What's for breakfast?" I asked if she preferred pancakes or French toast and she said French toast. When I turned away from her, I realized I was sporting a hard-on; I really hoped she hadn't noticed. As I began preparing breakfast, head still in a fog, I could swear it sounded like Lily asked, "Is there anything I can do to you?" Damn, I'm hearing things; I told her I had everything under control and tried to focus on the task at hand.

I plated a couple of slices of French toast, turned around and damn near dropped the plate; I barely got it to the counter before it slipped from my hands. There before me sat Lily on the kitchen chair with her legs apart, feet curled behind the front legs&hellip.completely nude! My cock started throbbing, heart was pounding; I'm pretty sure I lost all the blood in my brain for a moment or two. After staring in shock and awe for what felt like an eternity, I forced myself to turn away.

I asked Lily what the hell she was thinking. She was quiet; I didn't know what was going on until I felt her hands on my back. My whole body stiffened from her touch. It was at that point Lily started speaking; what she said shocked me: "I am in love with you Will; I have been since I was 10." I three college coeds fight for one dick her it wasn't unusual for girls her age to have a crush on older guys.

She said that it wasn't a crush and that she was totally in love with me. Her arms slipped around my waist and she leaned her head on my back. Group sex one girl ten boys pulled her arms from around me and told her we couldn't do this, that it wasn't right.

My heart ached as she whispered, "Please." I could hear the sadness, pain, and hurt in her voice and could hear the tears start as I told her "I'm sorry, I can't." Lily pulled away from and started to walk away. I don't know what made me do it, but I spun around and grabbed her arm stopping her from walking off.

She tried to wretch her arm from me, but I pulled her into me. Holding her right arm with my left hand, I reached up cupped her face with my right hand. As I stared into the most beautiful brown eyes I have ever seen and saw the little glint and sparkle, something in me broke. It was at that point I realized she had won me.

I leaned down and kissed her on the lips. It wasn't a long kiss but it was a passionate one. As the kiss broke, I could see she had her eyes closed, and there was that smile again. She opened her eyes and asked, "Does this mean.," I cut her off with a simple "Yes." If it was possible, her smile got even bigger. She put her arms around my neck, jumped up and wrapped her legs around my waist.

I then said, "But only if you are absolutely sure about this." She laughed at me (it sounded like heavenly bells) and said, "If your cakes are as dense as you are, you will be out of business within a week." I stared into her eyes again and got lost. I snapped back to reality when she began kissing me. We went at it like fevered animals. Our tongues started to tart in and out, twisting and turning playing their own game of tug-of-war.

My hands gripped her firm ass and her lower back pulling her into me. It was like I couldn't get enough of her. My cock was smashed between us against her crotch and I could feel her starting to grind into me.

I broke the kiss panting trying to catch my breath. I set Lily down and backed away a few steps. She looked up at me with confusion. I reassured her that I hadn't changed my mind, simply wanted to slow things down. I explained I didn't want to just jump right into having sex with her right her in the kitchen, that she deserved and that I wanted to slow it down, if only for the moment. She agreed, but said, "Maybe we should take care of this," grabbing my cock, "before it explodes." Before I could say anything, she started to pull my cock out of my shorts.

Now I'm not massive, but I'm not small either; I have about 8" in length and a decent thickness. My cock twitched as she ran her fingers up and down it and my balls felt so full that they might in fact explode if I did not get some relief.

She pulled me closer to her and started to stroke me with her soft small hands. It felt amazing, and when her tongue darted out and over the tip of my cock I thought I would blow right then and there. She then took the head of my cock in her mouth; she was obviously inexperienced in sucking cock, but what she lacked in technique she made up with enthusiasm. She ran her tongue around the head and started slowly taking more and more in her mouth.

She started bobbing her head up and down all while stoking the base of my cock.

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She seemed to be having trouble sucking, bobbing, and stroking anal with emily thorne pornstars and european at the same time but it still felt fantastic. The way her tongue danced across my cock was pure magic. It wasn't long before I felt my balls tightening. I said, "I'm about to cum!" Lily picked up her pace and started sucking me with a fury. I blasted what felt like the biggest load ever straight at the back of her throat.

Blast after blast it became too much for her and she pulled her mouth off of me. I blasted her four more times: one landed in her hair, one on her right cheek, one on her lips, and the last one dropped down to the spot just about her breasts. My knees were weak and I thought I was going to pass out from the ecstasy. Sweat was pouring off me and I had to sit down to stop my head from spinning.

Lily started laughing and said, "That was amazing. I didn't know a man could cum so much and it tastes better than I expected!" She had this glow about her; her eyes, her smile, I knew in my heart, 16 or not, there was no way I couldn't not fall in love with her. After I caught my breath, I took Lily's hand and said, "Come on lets go take a shower and clean you up."