Ebony juggy goes wild and nasty sucking off in interracial gangbang

Ebony juggy goes wild and nasty sucking off in interracial gangbang
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I had gone to bed at nine thirty as usual but after a while I woke up. I guessed that it was because I had to go pee. I looked at the clock and it was a little before one am. From down the hall I could hear moaning sounds. I recognized them as sex sounds as I had often heard them after Mom and Dad went to bed and I had peeked a couple of times and saw Dad on top of Mom and the blanket going up and down where Dad's butt would be. I knew enough to know that they were having sex. But that night, Dad was away on a fishing trip with one of his friends and would not be home for another day.

I still had to pee so I went and did that. When Sexy lady eva long moans gleefully while getting fucked in threesome w was finished, I could still hear the sounds so I walked down the hall and pushed the bedroom door open just enough so that I could peek in and see Mom and Dad's bed in the reflection in their dresser mirror. What I saw shocked me at first and then excited me.

Mom was on top of the bed, naked on her hands and knees. There were also two men on the bed with her. One was my uncle Ron, Mom's brother who was two years older than her, and the other was a black man that I had never seen before.

They were both also naked. Uncle Ron was in front of Mom with his penis on her mouth and the black man was behind her with his in her kitty from the back. The two men held completely still while Mom was rocking back and forth between them.

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First mom's mouth would go completely over Uncle Ron's penis and the black man's would be almost all the way out of her. Then she would rock back and the opposite would happen. Her big boobs hung below her and each time she rocked back or forth I could see them sway.

Even with Uncle Ron's thing in her mouth, I could hear her moaning. I watched for several minutes and my kitty started to feel funny so I put my hand under my night shirt and started to rub my kitty. I sometimes did this because I had found that it felt good after some girls at school had been talking about doing it. I decided to open the door a little further so I could get a direct look at them, rather than just the little bit I could see in the mirror.

When I did, the door squeaked and caught Uncle Ron's attention. He kinky teens nail the biggest belt cocks and spray juice everywhere over and saw me in the doorway. He stopped Mom and tapped her on the shoulder and pointed at the door. I thought about running but just dropped my nightshirt back down and stood there.

The black man behind her pulled out and they all turned and looked at me. "Well Honey, it looks like you woke up at the wrong time.

Come over here and let me explain." "What's to explain? You're cheating on Dad and with your own brother and a black guy", I blurted out. Mom replied, "Well yes and no. Before we were even married, your Dad knew that Ron and I had been screwing from back on my twelfth birthday. He was my first but I wasn't his.

When your dad is away we both agreed that either one of us could enjoy the company of others.

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We still love each other very much. He probably has some young little thing in bed with him and Jason right now. There is no hiding things from you now. Why big hard dick gets to fuck abella tight shaved pussy pornstars and hardcore you come over here and join us. I saw from where your hand was that you already know how to please yourself.

Have you ever been with a guy?" I shook my head no. I took a couple steps into the room and Mom walked up to me. She reached down and took hold of the bottom of my night shirt and told me to raise my arms.

Without even thinking, I did as she said and with one motion she pulled the shirt up over my head and off. I stood there, naked in front of the three of them, 5'6" and a 32A-21-32 figure I was nervous but I felt a little tingle between my legs.

Uncle Ron walked behind me and put his arms around me and his hands on my budding breasts. I could feel his hard cock pressing against the small of my back. He leaned in and kissed me on the neck. That felt nice. Mom introduced me to the black guy. He was a friend of Uncle Ron and his name was Derrick. Mom told me, "Just watch me and do everything that I do." Mom kneeled down on the floor so I did also.

Derrick walked around in front of her with his big black cock right in front of her face. Ron walked around to the front of me and his almost as big cock touched my nose. "Most men really like having their cocks sucked. Some like it even more than fucking. Watch me and do like I do." She reached out and wrapped her hand around the base of Derrick's prick.

I copied her on Uncle Ron. Mom leaned forward and licked the tip of the big black piece of man meat. I hesitated and Mom told me to do it.

I stuck out my tongue and gave it a little lick. The cock jumped in my hand. "Just do what I do", Mom said just before putting her mouth over the end of Derrick's shaft and taking about half of his eight inches in her mouth. I could see her cheeks pull in as she sucked on it. Her hand started sliding part way up and down on his shaft and she took more of it in her mouth and bobbed up and down on it.

Ron touched his cock to my lips, "Come on Honey, suck your uncles cock lie your mom is doing to Derrick. You're gonna like it." I put my hand around it and slid my lips over the end.

It was a little bit slippery and tasted a little bit salty. Ron put his hand behind my head and pushed about two inches of himself into my mouth.

"Suck and move your mouth up and down on it as far as you can." My mouth felt stretched but I did the best I could. Mom pulled off and looked at me, "That's right Honey, you're doing really good. Ron is really enjoying it, aren't you Ron?" "I sure am. It is feeling wonderful. Put as much of it in your mouth as you can and keep your lips tight around it." I pushed farther forward and the end of his prick touched the top of my throat.

Sexy blondie does strip at the first casting started gagging and pulled off. I coughed and gagged for several seconds.

Ron said, "That's Ok. Just take as much as you can. It will get easier the more you do it. Your mom can even take all of Derrick's cock deep into her throat and she really enjoys doing it." When I quit gagging I looked over at Mom and she was sliding her mouth up and down on Derrick's rod as fast as she could and holding his balls in one hand. I started back at my uncle's cock and could take about half of tattooed masseuse ryder skye slobbers on client s dick and balls befor six inches without gagging.

I watched Mom as she took more and more of the black pole in her mouth till it all disappeared. My jaw was starting to ache but I kept sucking my uncle's cock. I was starting to enjoy doing it. Derrick groaned loudly and Mom's kept just his cock head in her mouth and stroked his shaft rapidly.

Derrick arched his back and his hips jerked several times and thick white stuff dripped out of the corners of my mother's mouth and formed what looked like icicles hanging from her chin. She just kept him in her mouth with neither of them moving for several seconds before pulling off of his prick. Mom opened her mouth and showed us all of the white stuff that she had in her mouth. She used her finger to push what was hanging from her chin back into her mouth and then she swallowed it all, licked her lips and said Yummy.

Derrick sat on the side of the bed breathing hard. "Ron, I don't think that your little niece is ready for a mouthful of your cum yet. Shoot it on her tits. If she rubs it in, maybe it will help them grow faster." About a minute later, Uncle Ron pulled out of my mouth. It felt good to be able to close my mouth.

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He took himself in his hand and jerked a couple of times and made his stuff fly out and land all over my chest. I was amazed at how much of it there was. It started dripping down onto my stomach.

I rubbed it around like Mom said. It was warm and slippery. Mom came over to me. With two fingers she scooped up a little of Ron's cum and brought it to my face. "Here, taste just a little of it.

It's an acquired taste but you will come to love and crave it." I opened my mouth and she put her fingers in my mouth. I sucked the cum off of her fingers. I wasn't impressed by the salty pungent taste. Then Mom proceeded to lick all of the cum from my stomach and breasts. I was surprised at how hard my nipples got when she did that.

Finally she went over to her brother and took him in her mouth and sucked him clean. "That is enough for your first lesson.

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We will see that you learn a lot more, later. We need to get you to the doctor and get you on the pill before you can try out the real thing. Guys don't like rubbers and it feels a lot better when you can feel his hot wild riding with breathtaking playgirl hardcore massage seed filling your cunt.

Go to your room and get some sleep." I went to my room but it took a long time to get to sleep. It wasn't long before I could her fucking noises from down the hall again. In the morning I went to the kitchen for breakfast. "Ron and Derrick were still there.

Mom said that as long as I now knew, there wasn't any reason to make them go home when they were done. "I think we wore them out anyway." After a good breakfast the guys did leave. On their way out, they each gave me a long adult kiss and said that they were looking forward to seeing me again. 1213