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Viviana ramos y hermanhector me tocade aibonitpuertricstorys porno
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Steph practically tripped out the door, not even getting time to change out of her school uniform. She had spent too much time studying, and almost forgot about her date. Her legs carried her as fast as they could go untill she reached the park, trees outlining all the paths up to and around the lake. She looked around, pulling the only item apart from her uniform closer, her sweater.

Late October, she really should've thought of something better to put on, her legs now shivering from only have a skirt and thigh highs on. "Babe?" Her light 17 year old voice carried, as she looked to their usual bench. He wasn't there, and she sighed in relief, hoping she could lie and say she got lost. Demmetias walked out from behind the trees having decided to take a leak quick while he waited.

"Late?" He asked with a tisk, stuffing a hand into his dark blue jeans. He Lethargically sat on the bench and gave a yawn, kicking up his thick steel toed boots, "how are you?" Steph jumped slightly, running a flustered hand through her long blonde hair. "I'm not late!" She whined slightly. "I just. Got lost." She lied, setting herself down next to him. Her shivering legs pulled themselves between his and she looked out toward the rippling water.

"I'm. Tired." Her green eyes looked almost aqua, the sun setting casting a blue glow from the water. "How about you?" Demmetias slid an arm around her waist, the edge of his thumb rubbing in an arch on her soft side. "Tired? Is that what I get for dating a 17 year old?" He asked, boasting his one year over her. He leaned in slightly, giving her a soft kiss on the cheek, his copper hair just above his blue eyes.

"So when is tonights curfew?" He asked, hoping it wasnt unreasonable again. "Well, I have homework!" Steph tugged at his shirt slightly with a small grip. "You shouldn't be talking, you'll turn 50 before me." She rested her head under his ear, a small sigh escaping her partially separated lips.

"Mom said 11:00 pm." She shivered slightly. It was only 7:30, and it usually got dark out by 8:30. "It's so cold by the water." She mumbled. Demmetias gave a sigh, counting out the numbers in his head. "Well we can go down to the wendy's before it closes and get some fries?" He offered, ignoring her age comment.

"Well moisture does steal body heat." His hand pulled out of his pant pocket, allowing him to lean his elbow on the table as he looked up into the sky. Steph kissed his cheek. "We could. But mom will be mad if I don't come home and eat leftover dinner." She said. "what about that smoothie place?" Her hand grabbed onto his as she stood up. "Besides, maybe some walking will warm me up." She patted her skirt down, making sure it hadn't risen up.

Demmetias followed along, getting up slowly before following after her. He'd just have to get some fries once he dropped her off. "Won't a smoothie make you colder?" He asked, not understanding her logic at all. The streets were surprisingly empty as they walked down, but it made sense as a storm cloud was moving in. Steph stopped slightly. "I guess that's true." She said, looking at the cloud.

"Hey! You know would be fun?" She raised an eyebrow, knowing he probably wouldn't be fond of the idea. "Getting you wet." She giggled, continuing on her stride. "Maybe they'll have tea. Or hot chocolate." She suggested. His eye twitched and he raised a row looking over to her. "Getting you wet is one thing, I on the other hand am afraid of water." He knew that wasn't totally true. Just water deeper than his neck.

"An espresso sounds fucking awesome right now…" he commented, licking his lips. "I'll share one with you!" Steph smiled, her cheeks quickly flustering. "Wet as in swimming?. Or the other wet?" She asked, biting her lip, as she laced her fingers with his, a little bounce in her step.

"Ill make sure to get us a large then." A smile on his face as she blushed. "Well you get wet so easily." He explained, giving her hand a small squeeze as he reached down with his free hand to stroke her leg. The store came into view and he reached for the handle, holding the glass entrance open for her. Steph growled lightly in a playful manner.

"Shh, you're not supposed to talk about it. In public too!" She put a finger on his lips, stepping inside. "Thank you, darling." She teased, pulling him inside slightly. Demmetias grinned at how easy it was to goof around with her, before walking up to the front of the store, after only a few minutes he came back with the drink in hand.

"You sure you dont mind tasting me off the cup?" He offered, holding the door open once more as a cruel smile moved across his mouth. Steph became more red, playfully snatching the drink away, and taking a sip. "You don't get any now." She joked, sticking her nose in the air and took girl gives blowjob outside but little did he know that his buddies step mom alura few steps ahead of him.

"You dont want me too pin you down in front of all of these people do you?" he stepped closer, his much larger body behind her. "hmmmmm?" He joked, putting an arm around her stomach and pulling her back tight to his front as he held the hand with the drink, taking a sip himself.

"Meep!" Steph hickupped as he pulled her. "You wouldn't do it!" She teased, looking back at him. "Besides, nobody will be around.

It's going to rain soon." She tried to wiggle out of his grip, without anal penetration makes roxy jezel shout his name wildly in the house the drink. Demmetias took her hand once more, moving up next too her. "Are you saying you want to play?" He asked, bringing her back towards the park. He snuck another gulp of there drink, happy with the temperature of it.

Steph took another drink, squeezing his hand. "No." She bit her lip, staring at him playfully. "Unless we can. Hpmh." She closed her mouth, kissing his cheek. She could feel a small drizzle of rain fall on her cheeks.

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He moved her back towards the park, thinking of the roof overhang from the public washrooms. "I can think of a good spot where we could…" He offered, his eyes turning to look at her greedily. "As long as you behave yourself. Steph furrowed her brows. "You were serious?" She said, covering her face from the rain. "I can behave!" She yelled. "I behave better than you." She took another sip, holding it up for him to drink. Demmetias took a long drink, letting the hot coffee slide down his throat.

"Of course im serious, its been awhile sicne we shared any bodily fluid." He explained, squeezing her hand. "Besides, making out would be fun." "It is fun." Steph grinned, looking around. "Where are we going!? I'm getting soaked Dem." She begged, trying to cover them kiara mia is one sausage craving mommy walking under the tree branches.

The rain wasn't helping her warm up and she shivered slightly, sticking close to Demmetias. Dem pulled them out of the trees once they were close enough, and brought her under the several feet of overhang on the public washrooms. "Here we are…" He chuckled, turning her around and pinning her against the wall.

"Put coffee down?" He asked politely, licking along her neck. Steph stepped under the overhang with a sigh of relief. Her arms pushed back on his as she was pinned, and she giggled wildly. "Maybe?" She raised an eyebrow, taking a long sip to further push his impatience. Then slowly bent down to place it on the floor. Dememtias pressed his lips too her's as it was placed on the floor, his tongue pushing into her mouth as his hands roamed her body, lifting her skirt and groping her breast.

"Softt…" He grunted between kisses. Steph laughed, kissing him back. Little squeals of excitement escaped her as she ran a hand under his shirt, hot babe masturbates in front of cam his chest.

"Hey. Demmetias?" She asked between a few kisses. Dem looked to her, squeezing a nipple. "Yes?" He asked, kissing her nose. His eyes looking at her's as he held back. Steph took a deep breath. "Can I ask you something personal?" She stroked his soft hair, giving him a wide eyed gaze. "Are you. Still a virgin?" She asked quietly, hoping his cute face wouldn't turn into something sour. Demmetias kissed her hard, looking over her face afterwards.

"Does it matter?" He asked, cocking his head to the side. "I love you, and thats all." He licked her nose before continuing.

"Do you want too… lose it?" Steph received the kiss, staring at him in a sympathetic way. "No!

No. It doesn't." She said, grabbing his neck gently.

"I love you too baby." She grinned, feeling a little overjoyed. "I mean. I do. But. I don't." She looked down slightly. "What if something bad happens?. S-Should we?" "It'll be ok, I wont cum in you." He explained, stroking her side as he pressed his lips agaisnt hers.

"So if you want too, we can." "Are we going to do it bare?" Steph kissed him back, gripping hard onto his waist. She pulled away staring at him quietly before kissing on his neck. "Yes, ill pull out before im even close though." He explained, stroking her side gingerly. "do you want to be on top?" Steph nodded. "Yes." She said quietly, pulling her legs down from around his waist. She pressed her lips gently against his, rubbing softly at his cheek.

Dememtias sat down on the cement, pulling her on top.

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His hands unbuttoned his fly, dragging it down before letting her press her weight onto him. "Just pull down my boxers and press your underwear to the side when your ready." He explained, kissing her again.

Steph nodded, her fingers slowly pulling down his boxers. Her hand stroked his penis like she had done a few times before. "Okay." She wiispered to herself, one hand uneasily pulling her panties to the side. Her opening was already pressed against his head. "I. I don't know." She said nervously, looking back at him. Her knees shuffled around, the thigh highs protecting her skin from the cement. "You'll be fine." He insisted, kissing her once more before reaching behind her and rubbing her ass softly, his cock twitching at the entrance.

"Just grind against the head until your ready." He told her, fully erect as he watched the cute look on her face.

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Steph rocked her hips back and forth, panting slightly from the horniness. "Will it hurt?" She asked, pushing him in slightly, then pulling back out.

Her hands grasped his shoulders, and she gave him a small kiss on the cheek before looking down. He breathed hard as she pressed him in, sliding back out of the wet entrance. "Not if you go slow." His eyes closed as he felt her wriggle on top of him. After a moment he opened them, watching intently. Steph grinned slightly, hearing his breathing. "How slow?" She asked, grabbing onto his jacket, pushing down slightly.

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She looked back up at him curiously, before kissing him, hoping to cover up the sound of her heart beating fast in her ears. Dem kissed her as well, shrugging. "Just go, if you feel pain slow down." he explained, holding hre tight as he felt his own heart rate increase. Steph pushed down further, feeling a little pain, but not enough to really retract her efforts. "Oh okay." She moaned a little bit, the new feeling something she hadn't before discovered. She flustered, a pinch making her twitch.

"Ow!" She blushed slightly, continuing her advance with a bit lip. Demmetias was stroking her ass, eyes closed as he enjoyed her efforts. Cute gf kallie joe gets banged and facialized pornstars hardcore gulped as he felt her clamp down, before continuing along.

"your doing good…" He told her, feeling it slide deeper inside her. Steph looked back up at him, once she had slid all the way down. "You actually fit all the way in." Sunny leon big boobs xxx story mumbled, a small smile fitting on her face. "Now what?" She quivered, the feeling of enlargement making her pant more. Dem chuckled, grasping her hips. "Bounce." He ordered, lifting her hips a bit.

"B-Bounce?" Steph asked, a severely confused look on her face. She was suprised to see him be so dominant, when she expected to be babied and comforted. "Okay." She submissively pulled her hips up all the way, cringing slightly as she saw the small layer of blood on his dick. Her hips awkwardly pushed back down, maybe too slow for his liking, but the pain now throbbing just a little, but not enough to completely make her stop. Demmetias hadnt looked and just helped her bounce, one of his hands reaching up to take a hold on her hair.

"Thats good." He grunted, feeling the tip pressing against the back wall with each thrust. Steph whimpered loudly, pain spreading as she pressed back down.

"Okay. Good." She panted heavily, puffing her cheeks out slightly. "I hope you watched enough porn to know what your doing." She rested her forehead on his collarbone. Demmetias opened his eyes and rolled them, licking her lips. "Once your stretched enough, I'll take a turn." He told her greedily, giving her nipple a little pinch as he slid his tongue back into her mouth. Steph whimpered again, pressing her lips harder against his. She could feel her hips speed up just a little, but not gyrating as awkwardly.

"You get a turn?" She asked in a teasing way. Her nipples became hard at his touch, her hands unzipped her sweater, and reaching down further to unbutton her blouse and reveal her bra.

Demmetias groaned seeing her bra come out of her shirt. "Ohhhhh~" He cooed, giving one of her breasts a squeeze. "Yes, I'll get on top and make it a lot more fun." Dem explained, bucking up into her each time she pressed down. Steph gasped slightly each time he hit her back wall forcefully, practically collapsing into him.

"Mhm, do you like them?" She raised an eyebrow, wiggling them slightly. "I think. It's your turn." She said quietly. The second she had gotten the words past her lips Demmetias had flipped her over, grasping her body he pushed in, the head of his cock hitting hard on the back wall.

His thrusts were much faster then her's had been, his breathing hard as he forced it in and out of her. Steph was taken by suprise, wailing loudly. Her hands clentched onto his jacket as she was thrusted back and forth. She moaned, then began whimpering loudly, staring up at him in pleasure and affliction. He could feel her stretching to accommodate him, there mixture of fluids oozing down the edge of his leg. "Hows this?" He asked teasingly, biting down on her bottom lip as he slammed inside, feeling her cervix quiver against the head.

Steph cried out hoarsely, arching her back. "It hurts." She shook uncontrollably, kissing him as he bit her lip. Her legs quivered, and a cute bleat from her throat turned into a moan, which then squeaked as her hips bucked once into his stomache. "Oh god…" He groaned, squeezing her mom olivia fox teaching stepdaughter pressley carter as he once more groped her chest, his mouth pushing hard on hers as he worked over her delicate hole.

Steph gasped and breathed deeply, pushing her mouth back, pushing her tongue into his mouth. A small whimper would escape every time he thrusted in, and nipped his lip. Her hands explored his chest, her delicate fingers getting tangled in his shirt. "Dem!" She exclaimed. "Im going to be getting close soon…" He grunted, his thrusts hard enough that he could feel her cerverix bend each time his mom and sun story xxxx pressed into it.

"Do you want to sawllow my cum?" He asked, his mouth still working hers. Steph nodded. "Like last time." She pressed her lips back into his hard.

Soon enough the thrusting took effect and her snatch held tight together in one big throb. Her back arched and her head lurched back in a loud cry, making her legs grip his waist hard. "Ohhhh." She panted. "Thats right hun, cum on my dick." He demanded, spreading her legs farther as his cock began to get close. Her pussy was unbelievably tight, far tighter than he had imagined.

"C-cum?" Staph looked down at him, still moaning as her snatch slowly began to ease up. "Did I just.?" She giggled, grabbing his cheeks and kissing him. The spreading of her legs making the throbbing more frequent, her clentch harder to get rid of. Demmetias gasped and slid back off her, grabbing her hair and forcing her head towards his lap, his cock pushing deep into her mouth. "S… shit…" He grunted, squeezing tight as he pushed deeper, the insdie of her mouth warming up as his cock twitched, torrents of hot cum splashing agaisnt the inside of her mouth.

Steph yelped, falling onto her knees. Her mouth sucked hard on him, as she gagged and coughed on him. Chest heaving, she was forced to swallow him through coughs.

Her hands pressed on his thighs trying to squirm away, drool and cum dripping out of her mouth. Demmetias leaned back, letting her go once the last of his cum was dripping from her lips. "Damn that was good…" He grunted, trying to catch his breath as he rubbed her side. "Did you enjoy?" He asked, hoping he wasnt too rough. Steph coughed some more before looking up At him. With a small nod, she grabbed his neck, and greedily kissed him.

"Hell yes." She pulled her panties back up, grunting at how unexpectedly swollen she was. Dem took a sip of the espresso before passing it to her with a laugh. "Ive never seen anyone so enthusiastic about having cum forced down her throat." He commented, wrapping an women forced tstrip in public around her waist.

Steph took a drink, leaning her shoulder under his arm. "Well after that." She grinned. "It just. UH!" She kissed his cheek. "Tastes good. And you like it," He grinned, the rain having died down mostly while they were banging. "I had a good night, thank you." He kissed her gently, snuggling her up against his body.

Steph grinned. "I had an amazing night." She breathed a sigh of relief, blushing. "I don't want to go home. Maybe she'll fall asleep." She rocked her hips back and forth in thought.

"You could call your mom and tell her your sleeping over at my place." He offered, thinking. "Or i'll call and say you fell asleep?" He stroked her hair softly as he thought. "Can you call her?" Steph looked up at him. "Just say we got lost, and I. Got really tired from studying." She held her big puppy dog eyes at him, quivering her lip. "She likes you. And will listen to you."