Anal gaping teenager small tits and pornstars

Anal gaping teenager small tits and pornstars
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As the small dog was fucking my ass, Tim brought over Stud. He had the dog lay down before me.

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Reaching up I took Stud's cock into my mouth and started sucking him. Licking up and down his hard cock.MMMM Stud let out a wimper.I sucked a little faster.

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The Little dogs pumping away at my ass.Tim reaches over and spreads my ass cheeks even wider.My ass is so wet from the precum.His cock is sliding in/out of my ass with ease.Working his hips, grinding in deeper.mmmmmm putting my ass a bit higher in the air.

"mmmmmm yes, I moan with pleasure". Working on Studs cock and having my ass fucked at the same time was making my body want to explode. My pussy needed and wanted some attention too.

So, I reached down and started rubbing my pussy.mmmmm dripping wet, putting a finger inside my pussy.i started moving my finger in/out.mmmm feeling the tingle travel through my body.

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With Studs cock deep in my throat, he started filling my mouth with his juices.drinking as much as i could, it ran from the sides of my mouth.The little dogs pumping my ass faster, harder, when i noticed his cock growing inside my ass.mmmm filling my ass with his cock.he pumped faster, harder. Driving his cock even deeper. I feel his knott push into my ass.he pumped harder." mmmmmmm .Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhhh . Fuckkkkkkkk me babyyyyyyy." Deeper he drove his cock.faster until i felt a hot stream hit the inside of my ass.He blew he's load deep into my ass.still he kept pumping, giving me every drop.mmmmm yessssss.

Pulling his cock from my ass he goes to clean himself up.Laying there still working on my pussy.rubbing my clit.mmmm I'm ready.I'm ready to cummmmm.ohhhh rubbing pussy dripping wet.wanting .begging to be fucked. Tim comes up and tells me to get up." Stop!!

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Don't do no more ". He yelled. He comes behind me and grabs both arms and pulls them to the middle of my back. " Now start walking" He says as he pushes me toward the kitchen." Come on Tim, Enough is enough!!". I said, trying to stop him. He unusual lezzie lookers are opening up and fisting anals my arms up higher." Walk!" Not sure on what to do i started walking.He lead me through the kitchen and down the basement stairs.

He lead me over to THE BENCH." Now bend over bitch!" " Come on Tim don't do this ". again i try begging to him.He twisted my arms even tight and lead me over to the bench.bent me over.brought my arms around in front of me and cuffed me that fast.then brought my hands down in front of me and hooked them to the floor.walking behind me, he grabbed a foot and pulled it to one side and cuffed and hooked it to the floor." Please Tim, if you wanna play we can, but not like this." I begged him.

He grabbed the other foot and repeated the steps.until i was all cuffed and hooked in place. Laying there with my ass in the air, my hands and feet cuffed i felt scared.not knowing what he had in mind.Well he didn't give me much time to think before he was sitting in a chair before me.grabbing my face, making me look into his eyes." You like fucking dogs bitch?" he said with a grin. You like freaky shit bitch?" I never said a word.

I was to scared to answer.He stood up and told me to suck his cock." Suck it like you did the dogs bitch!" I opened my mouth for him to place his cock inside.licking, and sucking him as he wanted.feeling his cock grow bigger in my throat.i sucked harder.i could taste his precum on my lips. Licking my lips mmmmmmm enjoying the taste of my master.i sucked harder.taking his cock deeper into my throat.he pulls out and walks behind me.He walks over to THE SHELF .and comes back with my paddle." Tim!

No don't " I cried. SMACK hard on my ass the paddle comes.SMACK another blow is given." Fucking little slut letting my dog eat your pussy without letting me watch" He yelled. SMACK!!

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My ass was burning, but i noticed just how turned on i pussy was getting wet.Tim walked over and started rubbing oil all over my ass.mmmmm his soft touch sent shivers through out my body.he rubbed the oil all over my cheeks.letting his finger slide down between my ass crack.rubbing my hole.putting a finger in a bit.mmmmmm i wiggle my ass. "Tim, mmmm that feels good" I moaned as he rubbed. Spreading my ass cheeks apart he pours oil so it runs down my ass crack into luscious bitch is fully in love with sex games ass.mmmmm working his finger in my ass making it hot and wet.SMACK another blow to my ass with his hand." Baby i think you're ready for some fun" He said while walking back to THE SHELF.he comes back with a butt plug.he started rubbing the plug around my ass hole.putting it in a bit." mmmmmm baby more, give me more" I cried with pleasure.

He gets the paddle and SMACK he drives the plug straight into my ass.SMACK another blow, making the plug deeper.he puts the paddle down.and comes behind me.taking his cock and rubs it on my wet pussy.he puts the head of his cock in.mmmmm my pussy tightens around his cock.trying to pull more in. He works it. Playing with my pussy with his cock.putting it in then pulling it back he's doing this he takes the butt plug and pulls it out.then pushes it back in.fucking me in the ass with the plug.while his hard throbbing cock teases my pussy." Come on baby give me more" i pleaded.

Fucking my ass faster with the plug he started pumped my pussy a little deeper." Come on baby! Thats it! Give it to me" I begged as i opened my legs wider for him.With one quick jerk he rammed his whole cock deep into my pussy and started pumping hard and fast." There bitch take that" he yelled. " I'm gonna fuck you every way known bitch" Something took over him.

He was like a madman. Pumping harder and faster.i could feel his cock grow bigger." You like that bitch?" " you like being fucked like a dog?" He yelled as he drove his cock deeper into my pussy.My pussy was ready to explode." Oh yeahhhhhh baby Fuck mmmmmmeeeeee.give me that cock baby.ooohhhh yeahhhhhh.Fuck meeeeeeee" I yelled as i hot juices ran down my legs and he pumped harder, faster.deeper.sending me into another orgasm.I felt him jerk deeper in my pussy, he started laughing as he blew his load deep into my pussy.pumping me every drop.Pulling out.i slumped over, my head dangling.

I was worn out.he took the plug from my ass.SMACK went the paddle.SMACK.another blow."I think me and the boys will stay the rest of the weekend.AND PLAY."