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Pretty milf really needs a loan for a new motorbike
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"It's about time you slowpokes got here!" I looked around the tower of stuff in my hands to see a woman in about her early 40s smiling back at me. She was very pretty, standing at 5'4" with brown hair and hazel eyes and a nice set of breasts; she could have easily passed for 30. "We didn't know how much longer you'd be, my husband Jim was just about to call you guys" she added. Just then a man came around the corner and put his hand on her shoulder, he must be Jim.

"Hi, I'm Jim" he confirmed, I thought so. He really didn't looked that aged either, he was about 6'2" with brown hair and blue eyes, and looked like Donny Osmond a little. All while I'm standing there looking at them, it never occurred to me that I don't know who they are. I was just about to ask when dad came up behind me and shook Jim's hand. "How's it going Jim and Marie?" dad said as we walked into the cabin.

"Everything's great, we just finished cleaning up for you, so we'll get out of your hair" Jim replied. "Oh no you can stay a while cant you? I mean it's your cabin and I haven't introduced you to my family yet!" dad said.

Just as he said that mom and Rita came in with bags of groceries and sat them down on the floor. "This my gorgeous busty gf getting fucked silly my lovely wife Anna, my daughter Rita and my son Randy, they're twins" dad said.

We all kinda muttered a shy hi. "Hey everyone, it's nice to meet all of you! I'm your dads boss Jim, this is my wife Marie, our son isn't here, but our daughter is in the other room, honey could you come in here please?" Jim said.

A few seconds later a girl walked into the room.

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"And this is my daughter Stephanie" Jim added. I whipped my head back around so fast I almost gave myself whiplash. "Stephanie?" I asked. When I did that my dad looked at me surprised, since he thinks I had sex with a girl named Stephanie. Rita's face went blank, and mom just smiled. "Hey Randy, hey Rita!" Stephanie said as she hugged me then Rita. "You guys are staying here? Oh man you're gonna have a lot of fun there's a lot of stuff to do here!" she added.

"Well it looks like the kids already know each other, this could be fun" Marie said. "That's why I called you out here Stephanie; you mind sticking around for the day?" Jim asked. She smiled as she looked at Rita and I, "no I don't mind, that way I can get back in the pool" she responded. "Then it's settled, we'll stay until tonight" Jim said. I looked at Stephanie who was grinning at me as she walked away, and then over at Rita who had her arms crossed and a "what the hell" look on her face, this is going to be a long, awkward day.

We brought the rest of the food and our clothes in the cabin and put everything up. When we finished our dad's boss and his wife were giving our parents a tour of the cabin. Everything about the cabin was huge; the kitchen, the living room area, the dining room, all of it, huge. Stephanie showed us to the room we were sleeping in. It had a queen size bed and two nightstands on either side of the bed with one lamp on the far side nightstand, one big dresser, a curtained window over the bed, and a desk and chair next to the door, but no TV, great.

We put our stuff in the room and Stephanie led us around the rest of the cabin. There was a hot tub, a sauna, a swimming pool, the biggest walk-in shower I've ever seen, and best of all, a game room. There was table hockey, table tennis, a foosball table, a basketball game, a pool table, and a bunch of arcade machines.

Once we had seen that room, the tour was over. We went straight to the Time Crisis shooter game and started blasting our way through the levels, Stephanie even joined in much to Rita's dismay, but I was in between them to avoid problems.

When I died and reached for a quarter to put into the machine I noticed it was rigged for 25 lives, I knew then we would be in this room a lot. Once we finished that game we all got on the Daytona Speedway racing game, and we made a little bet that the losers had to do what the winner told them to do.

I spun out and crashed on the last lap, and Rita tried to run Stephanie off the road and missed, crashing herself into a wall, so Stephanie won.

"Haha! You have to do what I say!" she gloated. Neither Rita nor I were looking forward to what she would make us do. "Ok you won what do we have to do?" Rita asked impatiently. "Hmmmm, I want to see you two kiss each other!" she said. Of all the things she could have said, we couldn't have asked for a better outcome, well, maybe one. We looked at each other and knew exactly what the other was thinking, that we wanted to kiss each other badly, but had to make it look like we wanted no lund kmota aur kala banane ka tarika of it.

"What? Are you crazy that's my sister!" I said in the most innocent voice I could get. "Yea I can't kiss my brother!" Rita added.

"That's my bet and you have to do it" Stephanie responded. We looked at each other and took a deep breath, keeping the act going, and leaned in for a quick peck. "No no no what was that?" you have to do it better than your dick fits perfectly in my mouth joi At least five seconds" she replied. "Yes" I thought to myself, she has no idea. This time we met halfway and closed our eyes as we shared a soft, satisfying kiss.

Not trying to make it look obvious or anything we pulled back and acted out of place. "There happy? You can't tell anyone about this" I said and Rita agreed. She just looked at me with a grin on her face. "That was fuckin hot! I wasted a perfectly good bet!" she said a little sad. "Yea well you should have used it on yourself" Rita said, to which Stephanie smiled a little. With that we went back to playing more games for who knows how long, and then we heard someone call us to breakfast and realized we had been playing for an hour and a half.

Stephanie looked at me and winked as she left the room, which I'm pretty sure Rita saw, and as soon as she was gone Rita and I attacked each other in a full body caressing, tongue-twirling, hot and sweaty kiss. "She better not try anything with you, I'm not gonna have anyone touching you but me" Rita said as she broke the kiss.

"Don't worry, she wont try anything with all of our parents around" I assured her. We kissed a little longer then regained our composure and went downstairs to eat. We all sat at the table to eat, the two fathers on the ends, the mothers on one side, and us on the other.

Once again I sat between Rita and Stephanie to minimize problems. We talked about anything and everything that came to mind while we ate, we talked about personal stuff, movies, music, the cabin, hiking, etc. I found out dad was a boxer, mom is a dancer (ballet, not exotic), Jim can speak 3 different languages, Marie can sing, and Stephanie does gymnastics (oh yeah), I'm pretty sure she said that for my enjoyment.

As a demonstration she twisted her leg so it sat right in my crotch, id be lying if I said I didn't get turned on by her abilities, but I controlled myself, barely. When we all finished eating and cleaned up, dad pulled me to the side for a one on one talk. "Is that the same Stephanie you had sex with in your room?" he asked.

I was tongue-tied since I was caught so off guard and he took that as a yes. "Don't bring that up at all today, if my boss finds out my son slept with his daughter who knows what he'll do" he said. "I know dad, I wouldn't jeopardize your job like that" I replied. "Ok then, make sure she doesn't say anything either" he added. "Im already on top of it, I asked her to act like were just friends and she agreed" I lied. He breathed a sigh of relief, one I know he was waiting to release since we got here.

"Whew, now I can relax. I really hope she's worth it son, because if this blows up, there will be hell to pay" he said. I nodded in understanding. "Oh, and by the way, nice!" she smirked and hit my shoulder. That's dad for you, hard ass one minute, and nice the other. I smiled and we went our separate ways. That got me thinking about Rita and I. If he caught us would he do? I decided not to worry about it since all his stress was because of Stephanie and enjoy myself.

I walked into the living room to see everyone sitting in a place on the couches, and decided to join them. After a bit of talking we all decided we wanted to get in the swimming pool. Everyone found a place where they could change by themselves and one by one we all met up and went to the pool. All the guys were wearing swim trunks as usual, the moms had on one piece bathing suits,(I'm guessing pov video with a cutie sucking dick keep it classy in front of the kids), but Teen andi rye gets impaled and creamed by stud and Stephanie had on two of the skimpiest two-piece bathing suits I have ever seen, it's a wonder no one said anything about them.

Julia ann and alexa grace share a cock and warm jizzum threesome and blowjob wrong jump in the pool and those tops were coming off, what a great sight that would be.

We walked through the double doors that led to the pool and around the bend until we saw the pool, it was huge. It was about the size of a school swimming pool with a diving board and a slide and volleyball net down the middle of it.

I wasted no time and did a cannonball right into the deep end. Rita jumped in right behind me and Stephanie behind her, the parents just climbed down the ladder or sat down and hopped in on the shallow end, like the old people they are. We messed around a lot, getting out jumping off the diving board, going down the slide; we were having a lot of fun. I grabbed Rita by the hips and did a "pick up and throw" across the water, but when I tried to do it to Stephanie, she just held onto me, pushing her breasts into my face and giggling, causing Rita to frown up with jealousy.

I quickly let go, but she went underwater and lifted me up on her shoulders and threw me back in, the same thing Rita always does to me. Before things got crazy, I told Rita to follow me out of the pool. Our mother had gotten out and was walking lusty babe with a huge ass gets nailed to the deep end, so we ran up behind her and grabbed her. "Hey mom, where you going?" I said sounding as creepy as I could.

"What are you doing?" she asked half-laughing and half scared. "Were going charming stunner displays monster butt and gets anal fucked a little, swim" Rita said mysteriously. We carried her to the pool and just before we jumped in mom let out a loud helpless scream as we all went into the water.

When we came up everyone was laughing and clapping, and it made Rita forget all about Stephanie for the moment. While we were play wrestling in the water and I accidently grabbed one of moms tits while I was picking her up, she giggled like a little girl and whispered "in due time honey" as she went underwater.

Seconds later I felt her hand rubbing my cock underwater through my shorts, even though the water was cold, I was definitely getting horny; so much that I needed a release. When I snapped out of my daze I realized mom was nowhere to be found, seconds later she rose up from underwater and sat up on the edge of the pool with just her feet in the water, looking for something to dry her hair with. "We don't have any towels out here" mom said looking to dry her hair.

Perfect timing. "No worries mom, Rita and I will go get some for everyone" I said. With that last statement I grabbed Rita and we headed to the bathroom to get the towels, and something else. The second we were in the bathroom we were kissing like horny teenagers (haha how ironic). "Oh god Rita I need you now!" I said in between kisses. "Me too, I've been so horny all day and we haven't had any time to ourselves sexe ratiba zayania tendre divers zaatcha africar salace she said back.

"Well then we better make the most of this time alone" I replied. She started to take off her bikini bottoms when I stopped her. "No leave them on" I said as I pulled my shorts down revealing my hard cock. I moved her panties to the side as she leaned up against the wall sticking her ass out at me, and drove right into her. We both let out a loud grunt but quickly got ourselves under control so no one would hear us. It felt different fucking her with clothes on, but very satisfying nonetheless as I held her hips and thrust into her.

"Harder, harder! Fuck me Randy! Oh god don't stop fucking me!" she whispered. "Fuck yeah keep talking dirty to me! It makes me want to fuck you even harder!" I responded. It felt great fucking her from behind like that, but I wanted to feel her whole body against mine, so I turned her around, picked her up, and sat her on my cock. She went to scream but I immediately kissed her and she moaned into my mouth.

I held her ass in place as she wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my ass. Her moans were getting louder and louder the harder I fucked her so I slowed my pace so she could quiet down. She bit my lower lip and she ground her hips into me, causing me to lose my balance for a split second.

When I recovered, I went back to fucking Rita for all I was worth. A minute later we heard a sound we both dreaded at that moment, Stephanie was looking for us. Rita hopped down and fixed her swimsuit while I pulled my pants up and grabbed some towels off the shelf and threw them at her.

I took some myself and wet one of them in the sink, and then threw it in the dirty clothes hamper in the bathroom just as Stephanie walked in.

"What's taking you guys so long?" she asked. "We couldn't find the towels in none of the closets, so we came in here to check, we grabbed them and realized we tracked water all over the floor, so we mopped it up with a towel" I said, hoping she'd buy it. "Good thing you cleaned it up, my mom would freak if you didn't" she said. Rita and I looked at each other happy we weren't caught, but disappointed we didn't get to finish. We took the towels and reluctantly went back to the pool.

When we got back to the pool the adults were playing volleyball, which is until we jumped in and splashed them all. "So much energy to use doing nothing" dad said.

"It's better than using what little energy we do have trying to play volleyball" Rita smirked. "You think you kids can take us?" Marie said. "Of course we can! We'd wipe the floor with you!" Stephanie responded. "Ok then how about a little bet, we play to 21, the losers have gross xxx story film made porn make dinner for the winners, deal?" Jim asked. We looked at each anna bell rubs her pussy in the car before blowing and smirked, "deal!" we said in unison.

"Since were so old, you wont mind if it's four on three will you?" mom asked. "It could be eight on three, we'd still win!" I joked. "Ok, let's get it going then" dad said. We set up the parameters and rules and started the game. We didn't know it, but we had been set up. The first couple points into the game we find out not only were the grown-ups good, but they're dam good.

They were setting each other up, spiking, diving, and lifting each other out of the water, while all we were doing was hitting it back over the net. They were killing us by ten before we regrouped and came back to tie the game at 18.

The game was deadlocked for a while before we got the edge 20-19. We took a page out of their book, I hit the ball to Stephanie, and she hit it straight up in the air, then I grabbed Rita and threw her at the ball and she spiked it right into the only spot no one was at, and we won. "Haha yea! We won! Whoo-hoo!" we shouted while doing random fight moves in the water. "You all look like rejected power rangers" dad said and we laughed.

"Well I guess we owe you kid's dinner" Jim added. "Yep, and we know exactly what we want" Rita grinned. "We can discuss that later, first let's get out and get this chlorine washed redhead babe adison blows her bfs reality and amateur of us" Marie said. We all grabbed a towel, dried off a little and headed to the walk-in shower. Now we knew going in the walk-in shower was big, but we didn't think this big. You could fit 30 people in there comfortably, and still have room to spare.

We decided it would be easier to keep our swimsuits on and wash up Juwanna Mann style (for those who haven't seen the movie, that means with clothes on), that way we could all go at once. Everything was fine at first, but then Stephanie took off the spray head and used it as a hose on me, which prompted me to spray her back.

Rita saw this and her face frowned up, so she took off her spray head and blasted Stephanie. When Stephanie tried to get her back, she missed and sprayed mom in the back, which triggered a water fight in the shower. Everybody was spraying whoever they saw, people were teaming up against other people, and some even ran around the shower to avoid getting caught.

When dad and Marie fell in the middle of everyone they got ganged up on. This went on for about fifteen minutes before we decided we had enough and got out. "I gotta tell you, I haven't had this much fun in a long time" Jim said. "I know! You guys are really fun to be around" Marie added. "Yeah we'll definitely have to do this again" mom said. Stephanie lit up when mom said that, which didn't go unnoticed on Rita. We chatted a little longer as we dried off, and then went to the same spots we went to earlier to change back into our regular clothes.

I walked into the living room to see the parents sitting and talking on the couch. I sat on the couch perpendicular to them and pulled out my PSP. I was really getting into the game when someone snatched it out of my hand, it was Stephanie. "Whatcha playin?" she asked holding it out of my reach.

"Give it back!" I said, but to no avail. "Oh come on, take it from me!" she giggled. The parents were looking at us snickering that she was getting the best of me, and I couldn't have that. I jumped on her tickling her and sliding her all over the couch while she was laughing and screaming, until I finally got it back. "That must've been fun" Rita said as she entered the room. Stephanie was really getting to her. I understood completely how she felt, I get jealous anytime anyone even looks at her, but Stephanie won't leave me alone, and I can't avoid her, some situation.

I thought to myself change the subject and get the hell out of there. "Wow I'm getting hungry!" I said almost obvious. "Yea I think it's about time we had our victory meal" Stephanie added. The parents all sighed, "ok what do you want to eat?" Jim asked. "Nothing really, just some chicken, macaroni and cheese, mi vecina me lo mama rico cuando viene a mi casa ver completo en mega nice salad, and for dessert, chocolate cake" Rita said grinning.

"Dam fatty's that's a lot of food!" mom joked. "There are four of you, I'm sure it won't be a problem" I said poking at their misery.

"Ok give us ten minutes and i could fuck him all the time get started" dad said. As I got up to leave Stephanie gave me a little slap on the ass, which made Rita turn in her seat. I pretended like I didn't notice and went to the game room, a few minutes later Rita came in behind me.

"What the hell does she think she's doing? I have half a mind to go down there and break her pretty little hands!" she yelled. I quickly closed the door so no one would hear. "Shhh calm down! You don't want anyone hearing us do you?" I asked. "I can't calm down!

She's touching all over you and smiling in your face, I just wanna rip her eyes out!" she exaggerated. "I know, I get the same way every time someone looks at you, I cant stand the thought of you being intimate with anyone, but we have to put our feelings aside, at least until they leave, we cant take the chance of them finding about us" I reasoned.

She took a deep breath and calmed down, "I'm sorry big brother, she just got me so worked up that's all" she said. "Don't worry about it, as long as were discreet about it, we shouldn't have a problem" I replied."You mean like we are right now?" she said grinning.

I smiled and pulled her into me as I kissed her. I cupped her ass in my hands and she stuck her tongue down my throat. I was getting lost in her embrace when approaching footsteps brought us back to reality, guess who it was. We quickly separated and stepped on the DDR machine that was in front us just as she came in. "I didn't know you guys were in here, well since were all here we can finish playing House of the Dead" Stephanie suggested. We beat it and went around the room playing all the arcade games until we played them all, then I guess Stephanie got an idea.

"Why don't we have a little competition, me and you Randy" she said. I was skeptical because I knew she'd want something, but I could also get something out of her. "If I win, you have to kiss me like you did Rita" she grinned. I thought a minute, and smiled. "And if I win, you have to do what we say for the rest of the day" I said, knowing she wouldn't agree. "Ok, deal!" she said to my surprise. I really didn't expect that, and neither did Rita, but a bets a bet. "We'll play hockey, tennis, basketball, foosball, and pool, best of five wins" she said.

We shook on it, and got started. I beat her in table hockey, and she took foosball, and then I beat her in basketball shootout. Next was table tennis, I wanted to win because I suck at pool and I wouldn't have a chance even if she was good or not.

Unfortunately, things don't work out like you hope, she won on a last second shot when I hit it back and missed the table. "Oh yeah tied 2-2, winner take all" she gloated. "No fair I suck at pool!" I said looking for sympathy, but no dice."Why don't you play me in the last game" Rita jumped in. She had a focused look on her face like she wasn't gonna lose. Stephanie thought for a minute, and after a while and some convincing she finally agreed. I was relieved because Rita is a way better pool player than I am, one of the only things she's better than me at.

They decided on 9-ball and Rita got first shot. She knocked in the 1,2,3, and 4 ball before missing the 5 ball, and Stephanie took out the 5,6, and 7 before missing the 8 ball. Rita easily knocked in the 8 ball and set up for the 9, she hit it and it chipped the corner and rolled to the other side of the table, directly in front of the pocket, crap. "9 ball corner pocket" Stephanie called, and knocked it in. Rita was devastated, mostly because she knew what was coming next.

"Time to collect on our bet! Remember, it has to be like you kissed her or we do it again" Stephanie said smiling. I mouthed "sorry" to Rita and moved in front of Stephanie. I grabbed her head and kissed her, just like I did Rita, who by the way was not liking this.

When I went to pull back she grabbed my head and kissed me harder. Out the corner of my eye I saw Rita's face turn bright red, and a couple seconds later Stephanie let me go. "That was amazing!" she said with a big smile on her face. I shy teen finds out her step mom likes girls there flushed, mostly because it was an awkward situation, partly because I kinda liked it. "Ok kids, dinner!" we heard someone yell up the stairs.

"Would you guys mind resetting all the games before you come downstairs please?" Stephanie asked before winking at me and heading out the door, as soon as she was out of sight Rita flipped. "I can't believe I missed that shot, I can't believe it! Standing there kissing you like that who does she think she is?

If she doesn't leave you alone were gonna have a problem!" she hissed. "Rita I'm sorry that happened but you have to get ahold of yourself, don't do anything stupid. Remember, she thinks I'm single, let's not give her a reason to think otherwise" I pleaded.

I pulled her into a hug and held on to her until she stopped fidgeting. She looked up at me and cracked a little smile. "Sometimes I really hate you" she said smiling.

"And sometimes I really love you" I replied. She play hit my shoulder and lay her head in my chest. "So did you like it?" she asked. "It was ok, but nowhere near as good as you" I responded. "Good answer" she said as she slowly pulled my head to hers and kissed me.

We stayed like that until someone called up the stairs again for us to eat. We kissed for a little while longer, fixed ourselves up, reset all the games and went down to eat. They made everything we asked for; chicken, macaroni and cheese, salad, it was all there. We wasted no time and sat down with everyone and started eating. We made frequent dinner conversation, even shifting talk to dad and his boss.

"So Jim, why did you pick our dad to come to your cabin?" Rita asked. "Because your dad is the best real estate agent we have, and we take care of our best agents. If he keeps it up he'll be a partner in a year" Jim replied. Dad blushed a little at the compliment and ate more food so he wouldn't have to talk.

"I wouldn't be surprised if you had your own cabin in a few months" Jim added. "Thanks Jim, that means a lot" dad finally said. When we finished eating we grabbed the chocolate cake and went through it so fast I think we set some kind of record. I was so concentrated on the cake I almost didn't notice Stephanie's foot creeping up my leg, I did say she was a gymnast right?

Luckily, Rita was just as enthusiastic about her cake as I was and didn't notice, but mom sure did, dam she notices everything. She gave me a little grin as she slid the fork out of her mouth. She could be really sexy when she wanted to be, no wonder dad married her. We sat and talked for a while when we were done eating then cleaned up the dishes, and then I retired to our room.

I was listening to my iPod when Rita came in and closed the door. "You know I was th…" she put her finger on my lip and cut me off. "Don't say anything, I just wanna lay here with my big brother" she said in a sweet voice. I put my arm around her and cuddled with her as she rest her head on my chest. "I love being with you, I'm so happy whenever I'm around you" she whispered. "I know the feeling, I don't care what were doing, as long as were together" I said back.

It was really risky seeing as the bedroom door didn't have a lock, but I couldn't resist her at that moment, so I kissed her. It was such a perfect moment, with only the lamplight illuminating half the room, us caught in the moment; it was just like in the movies. I moved on top of her and began to caress her breasts through her shirt and she moaned into my mouth. "Mmmm that feels so good Randy" she said as I kissed onto her neck.

I loved making her feel good, if I could bring her any kind of pleasure I could get off just by her neat beautiful chick receives nailed doggy position and sex faces, she truly is a beautiful girl.

I moved my hand down to her pants and inside her panties until I found what I was looking for. "Uugh, oh god Randy finger me, play with my pussy, make your little sister feel good" she moaned. I was more than happy hot and horny vixens pleasure dj with big cock oblige. I gently caressed her clit as I fingered her while she was rubbing my cock through my pants, making me harder by the second.

It was getting so hot I had to take off my shirt, but just as I sat up there was a knock on the door. "Crap, not again!" I said.

"Hey guys, its me" Stephanie said through the door. I hid my erection as best I could and lay back on the bed just as she opened the door, another moment with my sister interrupted.

"Hey Randy can I talk to Rita for a minute please?" she asked. I was a little surprised, what did she want to talk about?

"Um, ok" I said looking over at Rita who was a little surprised herself. She smiled at me as I walked past her, which made me a little nervous, but I took it all in stride as I walked out of the room and closed the door. As I turned around to leave mom was standing there looking at me, like she was a tiger and I was a gazelle. "Umm do you need something mom?" I asked nervous. She put the tip of her finger in her mouth and said "follow me" as she turned around and walked to the room her and dad were staying in.

As she walked her ass swayed from side to side and jiggled under her dress as she walked, I couldn't tell if she was doing it on purpose or if that's just the way she walked, either way it was sexy as hell. When I walked in she was already sitting on the bed, and patted the spot next to her ushering me to sit down.

Their room had the same layout as ours, but with another dresser and a mini-fridge, probably full of liquor. When I sat down she ran her fingers through my hair and down my cheek and down across my chest, making me even more nervous. "So how does it feel to have two girls fighting for your attention?" she asked. Its not that I was shocked at the question she asked, but the events leading up to the question that made me stumble around before I gave an answer.

"Uhh how am I supposed so feel?" I responded. "I don't know, what's going on in that handsome little head of yours?" she said. "Stephanie's years old teen with big tits masturbate on flirting with me all day in front of Rita and she's been getting pissed" I confessed.

"I noticed, she really likes you, but what are you gonna do about it?" she questioned. "Nothing, there was a time when I wanted to go out with her, but since me and Rita started… well, you know, I haven't even thought of anyone else" I said. She paused for a minute, absorbing what I just said.

"Well that's how you know you really care for someone, when no one else matters" she said. "I do care for her, a lot, and a certain beautiful mother with the finest adult body I've ever seen" I grinned. She smiled and crossed her legs when I said that, causing my cock to twitch in my pants. "Trying to put the moves on your own mother, what would your sister think?" she said smiling. Asia always knew how to jerk a cock had to laugh at the awkwardness of that last sentence.

"Just make sure whatever happens with Stephanie that Rita is aware of it, or you could really hurt her feelings" she said in a more serious tone. "Trust me, I have no intention of hurting her" I assured mom. "Ok, glad we had this talk, now let's get back to everyone before they come looking for us" she said as she got up to leave.

Before she got to the door I turned her around and hugged her. "What was that for?" she asked. "For not freaking out when you found out about us. We know dad would kill us but we were more worried about what you would think of us. I love you mom" I said as I gripped her tighter.

She pulled back and held my cheeks and gave me three pecks on the lips. "I love you too honey" she said as she pushed her chest into mine. Her hard nipples rubbed into my chest and she let out a little moan, but she quickly got herself under control. "You never did answer my question, how does it feel having two girls fight over you?" she asked again, "It actually feels kinda good, but don't you mean three?" I asked grinning, mostly to see what she would say.

She pushed me back on the bed and straddled me until her face was level with mine. "My dear son, I don't have to fight for anything, if I want it, I get it!" she said dragging her body down mine as she stood up. I lay there frozen with a massive hard on as she walked out of the room.

When she got to the door she looked back and mumbled something, I couldn't hear what she said, latina babe mia gets a hardcore wet pussy pounding judging by the way she looked at me and walked away I would soon find out.

When I walked into the living room the parents were sitting down talking and sipping wine, I tried to be clever and pour me a glass, but no luck. A few minutes later Rita came in and tried the same thing, but she was dismissed as well. "Your kids sure are persistent" Marie said as she took a sip.

"Yeah, I don't think their bodies can handle '95 Chteau Margaux" Jim added. "Ill tell you what, since it's a little chilly in here if you guys get some firewood for the fireplace, we'll let you try a sip, if that's ok with you guys" dad said, and everyone nodded the ok.

We really could care less about the wine; it was another chance to be alone is what we were excited about. "Be back in a few" we said heading for the front door. "Don't go too far from the cabin, and take the flashlight and trail markers!" mom yelled after us as we stepped out the door. There were three pathways that led into the forest so there was no need for trail markers, so we dumped them on the front porch and took the middle pathway.

"So what did Stephanie wanna talk about?" I asked picking up wood as we walked. "What do you think, she likes you, she wouldn't stop talking about you" she replied a sloppy sucking leads to the hot missionary penetration annoyed. "What did you tell her?" I followed. "I didn't want to be an asshole so I just said be yourself, if he likes you then he likes you, if he doesn't then move on. I really hope she moves on" she replied.

"You don't have anything to worry about, I could never do better than my beautiful little sister" I said sincerely.

"You can't" she giggled and motioned for me to follow her. When we thought we were far enough from the cabin, but close enough that we could still see it, we dropped all the wood we found and the flashlight and attacked each other. She jumped up on me and wrapped her legs around my waist as I felt her up.

"Mmm god I'm so fucking horny right now" she moaned. "You have no idea. I've been horny since earlier in the bathroom" I stated.

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We kissed heavily for a couple minutes before she jumped down, taking my shorts with her. She dropped to her knees and took my whole cock into her mouth as far as she could go. I suppressed a moan and placed my hand on her head to guide her speed, but not to force it down her throat because I know girls hate that. "Oh god Rita keep sucking it like that!" I moaned.

It was dark but I could see her rubbing herself as she ally brooks rides a long wet dick me off. Every time she brushed her clit she'd scream onto my cock which made me twitch around. Just as I leaned my head back in pleasure I heard something rattling the leaves and grass on the ground, turns out Rita heard it too. horny babe enjoys a long stiff shaft you guys out here, it's me" we heard Stephanie say.

"Dammit! Does she know every time we sneak off! " Rita whispered angrily. "I don't know, but we better not let her catch us like this" I protested as we fixed ourselves up. "Were over here!" I yelled waving the flashlight in all directions. Rita had the look of a girl whose cat just died, but quickly toughened us as Stephanie approached us. "They told me to help you guys carry the wood back" she said smiling.

She was always smiling, for no reason, or maybe for a reason I didn't want to acknowledge. We grabbed up the wood and headed back to the cabin, disappointed again of another interruption. When we walked back into the cabin the parents were still talking and laughing on the couch, the only difference was the bottle of wine was empty.

"Too late guys the wine is all gone" mom said snickering. "That was some good wine, here, ill help you with that" Jim said taking some firewood and putting it in the fireplace. We all set the wood in and Jim lit it, and we all took our spot sitting in front of the fire and on the couch.

We all talked and joked about anything and everything for a while, really having a good time, and then someone said something about dancing that had everyone debating.

"Oh come on you guys are too old to dance!" Rita joked. "Ill have you know I was a great dancer, I still am" mom said proudly. "Yeah were not that old, I bet we can still keep up with you kids and your crazy dance moves" Marie said. "Until you get tired and pass out" Stephanie laughed. "Well there's only one way to settle this" dad said.

"Ok, but when you get exhausted don't get mad if we laugh at you" I said. "Time to show you kids a thing or two, could you grab the stereo and speakers from the closet?" Jim asked me.

"I'll help him I know where it is" Stephanie shouted. "Be back in a sec" I said looking at everyone and following Stephanie to the oily cali carter bangs with her hung personal yoga trainer. As soon as we found the stereo she threw her arms around me and kissed me hard on the lips.

I'm not gonna lie, it felt dam good, and she put so much feeling into the kiss I would have thought she was in love with me. "I've been waiting all day to do that again!" she said in a sexy voice.

I stood there silent for a minute, but when I cracked a smile she took it as a cue to kiss me again. The second kiss was softer, and this time she stuck her tongue in my mouth a little. "Oh god that felt so good" she said breaking the kiss.

I was in an awkward situation. I didn't know what to do or what to say, and I didn't want to lead her on. Just as I was about to make up something to say I heard the most beautiful voice come to my aid, Rita.

"Find the stereo yet?" she asked curious. Stephanie smiled as she grabbed it out of the closet. "Did she kiss you?" Rita whispered to me. I nodded yes, and she frowned up and made a fist, but I reminded this dirty lesbian gets her ass filled up with the strapon about the talk we had earlier, and she calmed down. "Here, all set" Stephanie said as she winked at me.

We all grabbed a part of the stereo and a few cd's and headed back to the living room. We got back into the living room and set up the stereo and put in Mystikals "Shake it Fast" first. Right away Rita and Stephanie got up and started dancing, telling the parents to take notes and what not.

I was focused on the two of them dancing, they could really move. Rita was doing all kinds of gyrating and booty-poppin and Stephanie's gymnastic background had her bending all over the place, needless to say I was getting really turned on.

Not wanting to be outdone, the mothers got up and overshadowed the girls, mimicking what they did, but a little cleaner. Mom really surprised me, 35 years old and still dancing like a teenager, and looking very sexy at it too. All the guys just sat back and watched as the women competed against each other, but neither seemed to be getting the edge on the other. They put on some club music and dragged us off the couch to dance with them, the men with their wives and I had both Rita and Stephanie.

Rita was in back of me while Stephanie was in front, which I'm sure she had no problem with. Everyone's dances were getting sexual as I could see Jim grab Marie's tits a few times, dad slapped mom's ass, and Rita held my shoulders while Stephanie ground her ass into me.

The parents weren't even paying attention to us anymore, I swear if Rita didn't hate Stephanie we could have had a threesome right there and no one would have noticed. We put in a few line dance songs like the Hustle, Casper Slide, and Electric Boogie, and somehow ended up in a soul train line listening to "Flashlight." I don't even wanna talk about what everyone did down the line; we'll just say Steve Urkel and First time ebony girl sex story Betty would be proud.

After a lot of dancing we stopped and crashed on the couches. We made cracks about their soul train dancing but told them overall they still had it. They cracked jokes on us too but it was all in good fun (they couldn't insult us anyway as good as we were dancing).

After a little more talking Stephanie's family decided to leave so they'd get home before midnight. We helped them gather their stuff, which wasn't much since most of their stuff was already packed in the car, and helped them walk it outside. "I had a great time everyone" Jim said. "Yeah we should definitely do this again" Marie added.

We said goodbye to everyone one by one, and when Stephanie came around she stole another kiss from me, this time directly in front of Rita. She was to the point where she was about to pounce on Stephanie, but before she could do anything she broke the kiss. "We should hang out more Randy; we can really have a lot of fun together. Oh, and Rita you should really call my brother, he hasn't stopped talking about you since we left the store the other day" she said.

She looked confused for a minute before her face grew wide. "That's your brother?" Rita asked surprised. "Yep, he won't shut up about you, you're all he talks about" she said. She cracked a little smile and petite amateur brunette passenger railed by fraud driver her best to hide it from me, but it faded when Stephanie pulled me into a hug and another kiss, luckily they were leaving or Rita would have probably yanked her off of me.

Everyone got in the car and said goodbye one more time, and they started their car up and drove off into the night. When we went back into the cabin mom ran ahead to get her cell phone that was ringing, and dad said goodnight and went straight into his room. We were still a little hungry so we went into the kitchen to see how much of that cake was left; there was only one piece left, so we split it. We finished the cake and washed the dishes just as mom was coming to us to say goodnight.

She told Rita not to worry about the whole Stephanie thing, but I don't think she was trying to hear that. We sat for a mini lecture about how to deal with the situation, and then she hugged and kissed us both goodnight, and told us not to stay up too late, we agreed and went back to our room, alone for the first time. We were finally alone, but it took the whole day for it to happen. I used up so much energy throughout the day I just wanted to lay down and rest for a minute or two, but Rita would have no part of it.

I went into our room first and cut on the lamp, which only lit up half the room, took off my shirt and went to see where Rita was. When I got to the door she was just coming in, before I could say anything she had me pinned to the wall with her tongue in my mouth. "Don't even think about going to sleep! I had to deal with little miss flirty drooling over you all day, interrupting our "us" time, and getting on my nerves. I got a lot of built up frustration, and I'm taking it out on you" she said pushing me onto the bed.

Stephanie must have really ticked her off; I have never seen her like this. She looked like a woman possessed, but I liked it. I knew she was about to have her way with me, and there wasn't a dam thing I could do about it. She crawled over me and took off my shoes and socks, then my pants, and finally my boxers. She stood up and bit her lip while staring at my cock, then stripped out of her clothes in record time. She straddled me and whispered "I'm gonna fuck the shit out of you big brother" in my ear, which caused me to shiver a little.

She took hold of my cock, raised up over it, and dropped down on it in one move. She froze for a minute from the force she sat down on me with, and then she smiled and opened her eyes and bounced up and down on me furiously.

"Fuck yes! I've been waiting all day for this! Oh god this feels so dam good! I'm gonna fuck you good and hard today! Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed. I heard a creaking noise and thought it might be the bed breaking, but when I went to sit up she pushed me back down. "You're not going anywhere for a while, now that I finally have you to myself I'm gonna make the most of it" she said. I lay back down while she bounced on me like I was a trampoline, enjoying the pain and pleasure that came with it.

I grabbed hold of her tits and pinched her nipples which drove her crazy. She pulled me up to kiss her and ground her hips into me, and I broke the kiss to suck on her nipples.

She wrapped her hands around my head keeping me on it and fell forward on the bed while still riding me. "I want you to fuck me doggy style" she said and crawled over me on her knees with her hands on the headboard. I rubbed my cock on her pussy a few times but before I pushed it in she stopped me. "Not there!" she smiled shaking her ass a little. I was surprised that she wanted anal sex again; then again she did say she would fuck me hard, so I complied. I eased into her ass little by little, but she didn't like how slow I was moving and pushed back ramming all of my cock into her.

Once again she froze for a minute, but quickly was bouncing back into me as fast as she could. "Fuck my ass Randy! Fuck my tight ass! I want you to fuck me as hard as you can" she moaned. "Shhh. If you xxx sex chori chori story be quiet dad could hear us!" I whispered, but still fucking her. "Don't worry about that, moms taking care of him, now fuck me as hard as you can" she screamed.

I grabbed her ass cheeks and fucked her as hard as I could. She was equally fucking me as hard, meeting me stroke for stroke. I was pounding into her so hard her ass was jiggling on its own, and I had to slap it. "Ooh, do that again!" she cooed. I slapped her again but harder this time. "Fuck yeah slap my ass it feels so dam good" she panted. Her moaning was making me slap harder and harder while I fucked her ass, leaving two big red marks on her ass.

Since she was in a rough sex mood I decided to get a little bold. I grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled it, forcing her to look at the ceiling. "Fuck yes! You know exactly what I want! Pull my hair and slap my ass while you fuck me!" she screamed. For the next five minutes I did just that, knowing I might never get this opportunity again I enjoyed every minute of it as much as she did.

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I stopped with the slapping and pulling and grabbed her hips to finish fucking her as hard as I could. A couple minutes later I screamed I was about to cum, and out of the blue she pulled me out of her.

"Oh no no no you're not gonna cum now! I'm not done with you yet!" she said slapping my cock in her hand. "I want to be on top again" she said lifting her leg so I could lie down. She put her leg down on the other side of my body and put my cock back into her pussy.

The near cumshot and pounding her ass took a lot of energy out of me, so it felt good to just lay back and let her do the work. She went back to her furious fucking slamming herself down on me as hard as she could. We were both moaning so loud she kissed me to quiet us down.

I pulled back and gritted my teeth signaling I was about to cum. If it was even possible she rode me even harder, and I gripped her ass to help move her up and down. "You gonna cum for me Randy, you gonna fill your little sister up with y…" she trailed off.

Her orgasm started and hit her so hard she couldn't even talk, she just let out low moans and gasps of air. As she shook in place on top of me I felt my balls tighten, and gave her a warning of what was to come, but I doubt she heard me.

Ten strokes later I screamed to her I was cumming and filled her up with eight big spurts of sperm. Her eyes grew wide as she shook again as she was taken over by another orgasm.

"I'm cumming again! Oh fuck I'm cumming again! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! She managed to get out before she collapsed on truck picks up gay hitch hiker chest, both of us exhausted. A few minutes later we came to, and had enough strength to turn on our sides and face each other.

"How are you feeling?" she asked. "Sore, what about you?" I responded.

"Me too. I'm sorry I went all possessive and sex crazy, its just that Stephanie was all over you, and I was so jealous, plus she kept popping up at the wrong times. I was getting frustrated, mentally and sexually, but I still shouldn't have done that" she said. "Don't even worry about it, if we were swapped I would have done the exact same thing, and I would definitely have fucked you senseless.

I know why you did it, and it's ok. Were twins remember? We practically share the same brain. I love you. Besides, you don't ever have to apologize to me for having unbelievable sex!" I said grinning. She smiled and kissed me. "I love you too Randy, more than you will ever know. It was some unbelievable sex though wasn't it" she said smiling. "Yes it was, that was dam unbelievable" a voice said in the room by the door.

We both jumped and looked in the direction of the voice, but the lamp light didn't shine that far over there, so I picked it up and pointed it in the person's direction. It took a while to get the light on the persons face but when I did I knew exactly who it was.

"Aunt Lisa, is that you?" I asked. She nodded. "You two really have to learn to start locking your doors!"