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Afro hooker fucks white dick for hard cash
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Getting ready slowly Sally felt trepidation at what she had to do, jav collection complete visible ass voluptuous anus in front of the mirror in her dressing gown she picked up the note again and reread it; Sally, If you want to see your husband again you'll follow the instructions below.

You will dress in the clothing which you will receive shortly, make sure you Wear everything; you will baby school girl sex rap be at the Hotel Castor by 8pm Enter the bar and sit in the 3rd booth at the far end of the room.

You will be contacted with further Instructions. DO NOT DEVIATE FROM THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Dropping the note Sally stood up and walked to the bed, looking at the box on the bed she was afraid to open it, how it got there she didn't know but someone had somehow got into their house and left the box right in the middle of the bed.

Taking a deep breath she lifts the lid and stares at the contents for a second. Slowly lifting out the dark red dress inside she sees its slit all the way up the side to the waist, the plunge neckline she realised would almost reach her navel.

Looking down Sally gasps; underneath the dress is a set of underwear, black silk the cups of the bra almost nonexistent and the panties more string than anything else, Black suspenders and fishnet stockings.

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Putting the underwear on Sally looks at herself in the mirror for a second, shuddering she can't believe she's doing this but the note says her husband's life depends on this. Why he was taken she doesn't know but it has to be real, Sally had heard it had happened to others with horrible results when the instructions weren't followed.

Slipping the dress on she shrugs it into place, looking again she notices her breasts have been pushed up by the bra forcing her nipples to press hard against the material of the dress. Staring for a second she quickly looks away and checks the time on the bedroom clock 7:15, Sally slowly pulls her coat on and leaves the house, a cab waits outside and she gets in.

Telling the driver where to go she sits back worrying that she won't be able to follow the instructions, 30 minutes later Alexis silver busty escort with punter exits the taxi and stands looking at the outside of the hotel, frozen in place she trembles, what if she doesn't get the new instructions? What if she can't follow them?

These and a dozen other thoughts flood her mind as she slowly walks up the steps and into the hotel. Looking round the interior she sees the bar entrance, stopping again she looks round at the almost empty foyer then quickly walks to the doors and enters the bar. There are a couple of people sitting on their own and 2 couples off to one side, looking round Sally sees the booth and freezes, there's someone in it, panicking she doesn't know what to do as she slowly approaches the woman in the booth.

Before Sally can say or do anything the woman looks up at her, her eyes widening a little and she quickly gets up walking passed Sally without a word.

As she slips into the booth Sally looks towards the door and catches sight of the woman looking back as she uses her mobile, the look the woman gives Sally is an apologetic one as she walks straight out the bar. Ordering a large drink from one of the waiters she sits back and waits for something to happen. Nervous now Sally fiddles with her coat buttons, almost jumping at every noise, when her drink arrives she almost downs it in one go and asks for another.

Glancing round euro harlots get happy to the max hardcore groupsex bar she doesn't see anyone that looks like they're watching her, as she looks at the table in the booth Sally notices an envelope sticking up from between the cushions opposite, right where the woman had sat.

Trembling Sally reaches over and pulls it out, again looking round to see if anyone noticed or was watching, the envelope feels heavier at one end. Slipping her finger under the flap Sally opens it making sure whatever is inside doesn't fall out, pulling out the slip of paper she shakes as she realises that these are her next instructions. Placing the envelope on the table Sally reads them going cold as she does.

Sally, Well done of making the right choice, follow these exactly and everything will be ok. In the envelope is a Room Pass (Room 1085), go there in 10 minutes and enter.

DO NOT TURN THE LIGHTS ON UNTIL TOLD TOO. You will then be met by your instructors, cute ghetto screwed by nasty pawn keeper Do as they say and nothing will happen to your husband Glancing at her watch Sally sees its 8 pm exactly, waiting 5 more minutes she finishes her drink and leaves, heading for the elevators, looking at the plan of the hotel Sally sees the rooms are number by floors being the 1st one or 2 digits of the pass cards, shaking she enters the elevator and presses the 10th floor button, grabbing the hand rail to support herself as the doors start to close, suddenly a hand comes through stopping the lift and 2 men enter, one smile a greeting at Sally and they stand to one side as sally moves towards the doors.

Too late to get out she stands with the men behind her as they talk quietly. Leaning passed her one of the men pushes the 8th floor button. Nervous now Sally is shaking as the elevator moves up the floors, reaching the 8th floor she steps to one side to let the men out, as the doors open Sally's suddenly grabbed from behind an arm goes round her waist while another hand clamps over her mouth, she goes stiff and for a second can't move, as she begins to struggle Sally's lifted off her feet by the strong arms and she's quickly carried down the corridor to a door that's opened by the 2nd man.

Once inside a voice whispers by her ear, 'don't move or make a sound, do you understand?' scared of being hurt all Sally can do is nod. Then the man releases her and she staggers, 'please' she begs 'I have to go, you don't understand what you're doing to me!' 'Shut up' the voice replies, 'your husband will pay if you continue to disobey us'. Shocked Sally realises she's been tricked, she was never going to make it to room 1085! 'We did this to make sure orgia it scopata dagli amici del marito haven't contacted anyone and was being followed' the voice tells her.

Now Sally knows she wouldn't have stood a chance of being rescued even if she had told anyone. The voice tells her 'You can ask one question only now'. Standing still Sally thinks about what to ask, 'Why are you doing this?' Sally almost begged.

The voice explains that they had been watching her for several weeks and knew that she would do anything to save her husband, now she was going to do exactly that, anything! Sally felt one of the men step up behind her, his arm snaking round her waist, he pulled her back against him, his other hand running over her arse cheeks and round onto her thighs, squeezing as he did he slowly moves his hand up over her stomach.

Reaching to below her breasts the hand stops as she gasps out loud. 'Do you understand now what we want?' he whispers in her ear. Biting back the tears Sally nods as the hand moves again this time it move up over her scantily clad breast, stopping as it reaches her protruding nipples the man starts to rub and tease them one at a time through the material as Sally shakes frozen with fear of what would happen if she tried to fight him off.

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Suddenly the 2nd man steps in, 'Back off' he tells the 1st man, 'she will need the room'. Standing alone now Sally waits, the 2nd man tells her to slip the dress off her shoulders, reluctantly Sally starts to peel the dress off letting it drop to her breasts holding it there she tries to see the man in the dimly lit room. Suddenly he's there in front of her slapping her across the face he snarls 'you'll do what you're told when you're told straight away!

Now drop the dress!' Silently crying with fear Sally tugs it down and lets the dress fall to the floor. Standing now in nothing but the slutty underwear these men sent her she feels like she's going to faint. The man tell Sally to go lay on the bed, moving faster than she thought she could Sally quickly lays down not wanting to be hit again.

She sees the two men approach her and realise that they're already naked, one moves to her legs the other towards her confined breasts, his hand grasping them hard and pulling on her nipples making her moan involuntarily. The other mans hands push her legs apart and starts to maul her panty clad pussy mound.

Struggling slightly Sally tries to pull away but another slap from one of the men stops her; again the 1st man pulls at her nipples making them harden and turn red as the 2nd man forces her legs further apart rubbing her pussy harder through the panties.

Sally can't help but moan louder now. Grasping her hair the man twists her head and thrusts his hard cock at Sally's mouth pushing it against her closed lips, 'take it he commands' and reluctantly her lips part allowing him to feed first the tip into her mouth then more of the shaft.

He starts to fuck Sally's mouth slowly at first then faster as he pushes deeper making her gag.

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The hard cock pumping in and out of Sally's mouth forces her to swallow the motion of her tongue against the cock making the man groan and redouble his efforts fucking her mouth harder. The 2nd man aroused by his accomplices actions bends and attacks Sally's now wet pussy through the panties, finally, unable to stop him the man rips the panties off of Sally's writhing body and buries his face into her shaven mound pushing his tongue deep and lapping hard at her juices.

Sally, unable to control herself now moans louder as she start moving her head in time with the thrusting cock in her mouth and raising her hips to try and allow the searching tongue more room to lick.

Forgetting herself, Sally pulls off the hard throbbing cock and gasps a plea 'cum in my mouth, please let me drink your cum!' greedily grabbing the man's cock she quickly pushes it back into her mouth taking it deep and sucking harder. Using her tongue now Sally licks round and round the throbbing cock, moaning louder and louder as she loses control, suddenly she feels the cock twitch, once, twice the a third time and the it floods her mouth with the man's cum, forced to swallow she can't make a sound as she drinks as much as she can while son forced mom secret sex storys cries out with pleasure.

The 2nd man finding Sally's clit starts to lick and tease it, biting it and sucking on it until without warning she orgasms and floods of her juices cover his face, he keeps licking as she pulls off the other cock and screams as the 1st man's cock covers her face in his cum, shooting it all over her hair too. Now both men drag Sally to the end of the bed and one of them (she doesn't know or care which) thrusts into her soaking pussy, Sally screams again as his hard thick cock stretches her tight convulsing pussy, he starts to fuck her hard and fast not allowing her 1st orgasm to subside he pounds hard against her.

Crying now with the pain of the pleasure Sally feels herself pulled over onto her side while the man pulls out and the 2nd man lays in front of her and enters her fucking her just as hard as the 1st man, again she screams as this hard cock pounds her stretching her even further with its thicker width, now Sally feels the 1st man behind her and his cock touches her arsehole, 'NO!' she begs and before she can speak again he thrusts hard into her virgin arsehole, Sally feels like she's being torn apart both front and back as the men fuck her in unison driving into her abused holes in time with each other, Sally's screams are continuous now as orgasm after orgasm floods her body.

Suddenly both men stiffen together and through her throbbing, convulsing body she feels them both fill her holes pumping their hot cum sunny leone xxx pucy story downlod inside her, shaking all over she almost faints again as the men pull out of her.

Sally starts to think they have finished with her when they pull her off the bed and on to her hands and knees, shaking violently she hears a door open and she hears one of the men say 'all yours now'. Lifting her pounding head Sally look round to see 2 more men undressing quickly and looking hungrily at her one moves round to her head and kneels feeding his cock into her unresisting mouth, holding her face in his hands he starts to fuck her pushing even deeper than the first man, Sally gags again and feels the cock slip deep down her throat as he ignores her feeble struggles, suddenly she feels hands grab her waist and another cock force its way again into her abused and burning arsehole, Sally whimpers again but can't stop these men using her as they want, time stops as all four men use her again and again fucking her face, arsehole and pussy repeatedly.

Finally dropping her onto the floor they leave her alone, Sally hears the door open and close but can't move or make a sound, feeling like hours have passed Sally recovers the energy to move slowly, looking down she sees her legs covered in her own blood, knowing that it's come from both her pussy and arsehole she crawls to the bath room and tries to clean herself up, resting repeatedly Sally slowly regains her energy, dressing slowly Sally manages to leave the hotel and flag down a cab having it drop her home she stumbles into her house to find a note from her husband screwed up and under the table, had to go away on business darling will be back mother i would like to fuck adores fucking around a lot hardcore and blowjob don't worry about me I'm fine.

Collapsing Sally bursts into tears, they knew he had gone, she had gone though it all for nothing!!