Soni leon bf xxx story

Soni leon bf xxx story
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Driving really fast down a wet street is a great way to end up in a hospital. That's why im here.

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I spun out and smashed my face on the driver side window. I also had broken an arm and a few other bones. The doctors had given me plenty of drugs to numb the pain. Most the day I sleep in the bed and wake for when the doctors are there or the nurses come to change the sheets.

I lay waiting for the day the doctors finally give me the ok to leave. Although I don't mind this one nurse who comes in every other day. She is young, with perky breast and long brunet hair. She has never seen my face because it has been wrapped up since I got here.

She looks so fucking hot when she is in that nurses outfit. This hospital seems to use the short skirts still. She comes in quietly, trying not to wake me, however I'm not asleep. She moves around the room cleaning up from the last doctor's visit and every other nurse that walks in. She slowly bends down to check the equipment that is on the side of the bed. She bends down more than usually as more and more of her panties become apparent to me. The black lace seems a bit provocative for a normal nurse.

She bends down more and I see that her boy shorts have ridden up her ass a little as I see the beautiful flesh. I pretend to be asleep so she will not try to correct herself or ruin my view of her perfectly round ass.

She continues on with her duties and comes closer to the bed. She starts to fluff my pillow in attempt to make me more comfortable. Her top bottom seems to have loss itself somewhere for her cleavage is showing right in my face. I can't help but stare as her breast push up against me more and more. I can't help but get hard at the sight and feel of her amazing breast.

I can feel myself get hard as she continues to check gauges and tubing that is attached to me. She continues to rub against me still thinking I'm sleeping. As she finishes she look down at the sheets to change them out she notices the bulge that has been created. She looks at it with intensity as she wonders if she did that herself. She Pokes at it still wondering how it could have happened. She wants to see more of it. She removes the sheets so that only the dainty hospital robe separates her and a tasty treat.

I lay with my heart beating faster wondering if she will dare to do what I hope it is she is thinking. She looks around the room then goes to the door and locks it up. She turns around with a look in her eyes that screams "I need it now!" She walks over back to my bed and licks her lips.

Her hands slowly extending, shaking, probably from the fact that what she was doing she true anal emily willis has an anal addiction was wrong, but that was not going to stop her.

Her hands start to rub the thin hospital gown. My dick twitches at her feel and I resist the urge to buck my hips up to urge her to go on.

I want to see how far she will go on her own. I Bit my lip and let her continue to rub more and more. She giggles as she knows she is having fun playing with me unaware that I'm awake. She bits he lips and reaches underneath the shady excuse for covering. She finds the object she desires, my long 7 inch cock with its wide girth. Her eyes go wide as she continues to feel up and down her new toy.

She pushes the robe to the side and looks upon my dick with amazement. She lowers her head getting closer and closer; I start to feel her breath on my cock making it stir more than before. I still try and concentrate hard enough to not let her know I'm awake. The next thing I feel is that she stands my hardening dick straight up, my hart starts beating fast.

Before I know it I feel her soft puffy lips rub against the head of my hardened cock. I almost cum at the feeling. I hold it back biting my own lips. She sticks out her tongue and licks the little precum that came out from her long wet kisses.

Jesus I'm having a hard to pretending to be asleep now. She is driving me so crazy I'm trying to stop from get up and fuck her so hard. She gets up again and looks around the room so see if anyone is at the door, I see her face and it looks like she is about to do something crazy. She goes back down to my cock and opens her mouth slowly. Inch by inch she starts to take me into her mouth.

The wetness and soft pressure builds around my hard cock. I try my hardest to stop from moaning, but fail. She stops for a while and just waits to see what happens. I say nothing and don't move. She continues going further down. She only gets half way down my big cock before gagging herself.

As she tries to get up I lay my hand on the back of her head, she tries to jump off my cock, scared that someone has found out what she has been doing. I push her head back down on my cock making her go deeper down on me. I get her to take in three quarters of my dick this time. She gags again and I let her mouth come up for air. My dick is coated in spit as she struggles to get me all the way inside her tight mouth. She continues to suck my crystal rush in gold digger gets a creampie for a long time, constantly keeping attention to the sensitive spots on my dick.

She lifts her mouth of my dick for a moment and I moan in protest. Only to be greeted with a warm wet tongue touching my balls. The feeling makes me want to cum right then and there. She drooling shy teen receives hardcore face fucking and sucks on my balls for a while and even compliments this feeling with jerking my cock as she does.

She continues to suck my dick again. I push back down on her head one more time. She goes down a little easier. I feel the tight wet of her mouth clench my dick as she gets closer and closer to my base. The pressure on my dick increases so much that it feels amazing.

She starts to bob up and down on my dick nearly hitting the base. Her soft lips rolling up and down my hue cock drives me insane, I feel myself build up to the point of cumming.

She needs no more encouragement; I let her continue to push me closer and closer to coming, only to have her stop and throw a leg over her the bed and straddles me. She slowly and torturously grinds back and forth on my hard dick. As she continues I realize that she has no panties on at all beneath that tight skirt.

Somewhere she had removed her boy shorts. Her pussy was a shaven mound that I could never imagine to look so taste, I only wish she would put it right around my mouth so I could lick the sweet juices from it. She starts to grind harder and fast on my increasingly sensitive cock. She also starts to grab her breast as she moan like a little school girl. Every one of my senses are tingling and wanting more. She is a goddess and she is treating me to the best treatment I could ever receive from a hospital nurse as fine as her.

She begins to talk dirty as she rides me like a horse, most of it is whispers because she can't be too loud yet someone hears her. She wants to scream out the words "yes…yes… o fuu… yes." She continues her hard long strides across my dick, her pussy lips spread around the long shaft.

Her pussy juices let her tight cunt slide easily. I moan in my own pleaser, what I would give to be able to use my whole body and fuck her right. She props herself up on the bed with her knees, stands my dick straight up and lowers herself slowly onto it. It's slow and torturous as her pussy spreads little by little. She looks into my eyes and bits her lips, well aware of the pleasurable pain she is putting me through.

All I can do is moan and enjoy everything she does fakeagentuk nd dose of blowjobs rimming and fucking for tall dirty blonde me.

She finally gets down to the base of my cock. IM surprised that she can fit me all the way in. The pressure from her pussy is fucking intense. I let out a very audible moan as she tenses her muscles in her pussy.

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I did not know she could do that. She just gives a very wicked smile then starts to slowly move up and down. I buck wanting her to move faster. She only smiles at my pitiful attempts to egg her on. She increases her speed just slight, I whine for more, she smiles again then does a little more. She finally starts to move up and down on my thick cock that makes me almost scream in pleasure. She moves faster and harder drawing moans from her own mouth. She grabs her bother her breast and starts playing with them and playing with her nipples.

I wish they were in my mouth as I lay down not able to move at all. I feel my own orgasm build as her moans ring in my ears like a great symphony. I start to feel a warm liquid flow down my legs as I see her bit her lips hard and realize that she just had as orgasm on top of me. The hot juice pools at the base of my dick and makes an even louder slapping sound as she continues to slide my dick in and out of her wet hot cunt.

She still continues as I feel the cum build in my balls. She must know I'm getting ready to as the hart monitor gets faster and faster. She climbs off and takes my hard dick into her mouth. She moans as she taste the mix of both my and her cum and hers. She sucks my cock more and more, I feel as though I am about to exploded. She adds her hand stroking my cock to her sucking.

I can't hold it anymore and exploded my warm cum into her mouth. I expected her to spit it all back out but instead she sucks and drinks down every drop. The heart rate monitor drops back down to normal.

As her lips leave my cock a small trail of spit fallows her. I still can't believe white sweethearts for black man interracial and hardcore has happen. She wipes her lips off and says "Had to drink it all up so no one could know about my special treatment." I just lay looking at her correct herself. She unlocks the door and waives goodbye, saying "Doctors orders are you get your treatment one a day… I will see you tomorrow" and with a wink the door shuts.

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I can't wait till tomorrow. I think I might end up hurt a lot more now.