Mom and son sex son bf

Mom and son sex son bf
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On every saturday night me and some of my friends go out and party. I have three sons and normally they go to there aunts for the weekend when there dad is out of town but this weekend they decided to stay home.

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I went out anyways and had fun at the bar. I came home earlier than i normally do and I had a little bit of a buzz but I wasn't drunk. I was walking to my livingroom when I heard this loud moan coming from upstairs so I went upstairs to see what it was and I walk into my sons bedroom and all three of my get willing for a bawdy action smalltits and homemade were jerking off to a porno and when they saw me walk in they paniced and covered up and shut off the tv.

I said," What the hell are all of you doing ?'', Jake replied,'' were sorry mom but we were horny and didn't know what else to do and you have never showed us what sex was'', I said,'' If you wanted to know I would have told you all you had to do was ask me, all of you are in trouble'', Petter says,'' but mom we found this porno in your room'', I said,'' you went into my room without permission and went through my stuff, all of you have to be punished emediantly, now get into my room'', yes mom'', replied Scott.

They did as I said and went straight to my room. " Now pull your pants down I am going to give you all a good spanking''. '' Why are you going to spank us why not ground us like you normally do?'', replied Scott. '' Because aparently grounding you is not enough to teach you a lesson and this will because I am going to smack your asses hard and all of you are going to like it because I say so, now shut up and talk dirty to me, tell me you want it and you want it hard keep saying I want it mom, spank me momspank me hard mom''.

I started to spank Scott first and I know he liked it as much as i did because he was saying, '' Oh yea mom i like it like thatoh fuck yea mom spank me harder, you make it feel so good, fuck mom you are making me so fucking horny I want more, more, more mom spank me harder I want more than a spanking from you''.

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Then my son Jake turned over and said,'' Mom can you spank me now i want it bad and i want you bad please mom spank me hard spank me real hard''. Well of course I can spank you too but i think I am going to do more than spank you honey, we have a change of plans I want all of you to get naked and lay down on my bed so I can play with your hard cocks, you do want me to play with your dicks right ?'', i replied.

''Oh fuck yes mom we all want you to play with us'', said Petter.

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So they did as I said and got naked and when I saw all of my sons naked it really turned me on and I just looked at there cocks for a few moments and the more I looked at them the hornier I got so I decided to suck on Petters cock first.

I bent down on my knees and started to like his cock and he let out a moan that made me want him even more. So i slid his 7'' cock in my mouth and sucked on it letting it go in and out of my mouth while moaned and when I was sucking his cock his brothers were jacking off and after a few moments of me sucking on Petters cock letting it go in and out of my mouth tasting his wonderful pre-cum i moved over to Jakes cock and stuck it in my mouth and let it go in and out of my watery mouth tasting his pre-cumit just made me even hornier and after a few moments of sucking on his tastful cock I moved over to Scotts cock which was over flowing with his pre-cum and I shuved it in my mouth sucking on it as hard as i could and him moaning ''oh yea my suck my cock suck bitch suck itat that point i knew i couldn't take it anylonger so I fell back onto the floor and started to play with my clit as my sons were watching me.

Gorgeous cutie plays with sex toy softcore and amateur my sons herd me start to moan the got down on the floor next to me and Jake grabed my shirt and ripped it off of me and started to take off my braw as Petter and Scott were taking of my pants then my panties and when they got my clothes off they sat back and watched me play with myself while they jacked off.

I was so horny i wanted to get fucked bad and I was going to get it just the way I wanted it.

I just kept playing with myself when Jake says,'' Mom I can't take it much longer i want you and want you bad so he started to lick my wet juicie pussy while Scott and petter held my arms down and sucked on my nipples and I wanted to say stop but I just couldn't because i wanted it to bad and it felt so good when Jakes tounge went in and out of my pussy as he licked me more and more and I let him keep doing it to me as I laid there and moaned ,'' Oh ya baby lick me more, i want you to lick me more, I want you to fuck me baby i want it bad oh fuck me ya baby fucking lick me more stick your tounge in there.'' I said.

It felt so good and I just kept moaning and at one point in time when he stuck his tounge in me all the I moan so load it felt so good and I wanted more but when he heard me moan that load he wanted to stick it in to me and just fu ck my brains out but I knew I couldn't let him although I wanted him to reall bad. Then Jake said to me, "mom can I stick my cock in you please I want to fuck you so bad I cant wait any longer.

'' No son I cant let you do thatI have already taken it to far and I cant let it go any further even though I wish I could oooooohhhhhhhh just keep licken me baby", I replied. I moaned again and after I moaned I had realized my sons cock was rubbing up against my pussy and when I went to go push him off I couldn't because Scott and Peter where holding me down plus I was so horny I was to weak to fight them off and I couldn't so no because when I went to say something Peter stuck his cock in my mouth and pulled my hair and told me to suck it or else he would do many worse things to me and I would have to enjoy them so I did as he said and started to suck is big hard cock and then my son Jake told him to get off and hold me down and watch him fuck me so Petter did as he was told and held me down.

Then jake looked up at me and said," sorry but I have to do this you made me to horny by teasing me and you know you want me to fuck your pussy and you cant say otherwise you want me so badyou want two busty lovely girls receive fucked pornstar and hardcore to stick it in your wet juicy pussy and fuck you till you are dryer than you have ever been before, Now tell me you want me you want me to big tit teen bouncing boobs sweet terry fucked you and you want it bad and you are going to like it because I say soso start talking dirty to me while I stick my giant cock in you." He was right I wanted him to do it and I knew I couldn't stop him from doing it either so I did as he said and started talking dirty to him.

He stuck his cock in me and moved it in and out and it felt so good I started to moan reall load again and it made him even hornier and he started to fuck my wet juicy pussy even harder then he pulled out and stuck it in my mouth and told me to suck it till he blew it all in my mouth and while I was sucking his cock Scott stuck his cock in my wet pussy and moved in and out and I screamed," fuck me faster and harder baby I want more stick it in me all the way," and he did and it felt so good as he kept fucking I kept sucking then Jake blew all his cum in my mouth and I swallowed as much as I could and he sat back against the wall and continued to watch us.

When Scott pulled out he started to tity fuck me till he blew all over my chest and told me to lick his cock clean and then Petter got on top of me and stuck his cock in me and as he did I moaned in passion and said, '' Petter fuck me harder, harder, and faster I want it more oooooohhh yes baby fuck harder suck my nipples and fuck me faster baby faster, make me cum I want you so bad fuck me harder Petter oooooohhh yea baby oooohh my god yes Petter harder I am almost there ooooooohhhhhhh yes, aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww ya, fuck me, fuck me, fuck mmmmeeeeee." Thats when I blew and Petter pulled out and blew all over my belly and it felt so good.

I went and took a shower and told the boys to leave thief girl force for sexy rape room and then I went to bed.

Then next morrining when I wolk up I looked up and all of my sons were standing in front of my bed naked and I was all tied up to my bed. To Be Continued.