Delightsome and arousing three some hardcore and blowjob

Delightsome and arousing three some hardcore and blowjob
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Eva and Father A cold gust of night air blew into the house as Eva opened the door. Her long, red-brown hair whipped across her face as she stepped over the threshold and closed the door behind her.

Basking in the warmth of her home, the eighteen-year-old shrugged off her coat and hung it in the closet by the door. With a sigh of relief, she dropped her heavy bag full of books onto the floor.

--- He watched as she padded through the living room in her socks. He gazed over her slender body, from her gently curving chest down to her firm, round ass and long legs nestled in a pair of tight jeans. She stopped by the large white sofa, looking down at the phone in her hands, and he took this moment to emerge.

He glided soundlessly up and with a swift, practiced motion, wrapped his arms around her from behind. She tensed and tried to scream, but his hand was already covering her bangingbeauties ebony teen anal threesomes skin diamond and leilani leeane. His other hand snaked down and grabbed both of her wrists, forcing her to drop the phone onto the sofa. The girl writhed and twisted, attempting to shake loose, but he only tightened his grip.

In fact, he was enjoying her movements - her little ass was grinding against him and heightening his arousal. Nevertheless, he leaned in close to her head, pressing his face into the side of hers, and whispered in her ear. "Don't make a sound," he smiled softly. He needn't said anything, though; as soon as the girl heard his voice, she froze. "That's my girl." He slowly removed the hand from her face and moved it down towards him. As his clothes dropped to bringing my wife to an anal orgasm floor with a soft thud, the girl began to tremble.

He tightened his arm around her, hugging her from behind, and he was sure she could feel his hardness pressing into her back. The man looked down and inhaled the scent of her hair, before he removed his arm from around her and roughly pushed her over the back of the sofa. Before the girl could react, the man placed a hand on her upper back, forcing her to remain bent over the sofa, her firm ass towards him.

With his other hand, he reached under her, unbuttoned her jeans, and yanked them midway down her slim legs, almost to the knee. The girl hadn't made a sound, but he felt her tremble even faster as he used two fingers to pull aside her thin, white panties. He hooked the tiny strip of cloth to the side, and ran his fingers over her exposed vagina.

The girl remained silent. Keeping a hand on her back, he leaned over her and slowly ran his free hand down her lower back, over her firm, petite ass, and used two fingers to spread her vaginal lips.

He stroked in between her labia with his middle finger a few times, and then, he inserted the tip inside her without warning. The girl gasped, even though only half his finger was inside. The man curled and rotated his finger, rubbing the walls of her vagina. He leaned further over the girl and sighed with pleasure in her ear, moving his finger even faster inside her.

She continued to make no noise except for sharp gasps and inhales. Without warning, the man shoved his entire finger inside her, forcefully hooking and twisting it around, and the girl let out a small whimper of pain. He smiled. The man quickly withdrew his finger, before plunging two more inside her. The girl gasped, and gasped again when he inserted a third. He spread his fingers against her insides, forcing the walls of her vagina apart, and he began to move his fingers in and out of her, shoving them all the way in until his knuckles were against her labia, and yanking them out until only the tips remained inside her.

The girl began to twist against him, trying to break free. --- Eva's mind was filled by the pain between her legs. As the man's fingers penetrated her over and over again, she tried to move with them to lessen the agony, but it was the friction against her insides that hurt her the most. The man was curling and stretching his fingers inside her. She shook her head and full sex stories xxxx story brother and sister to get him to loosen his grip, but the man kept her in an iron hold.

Suddenly, however, the man withdrew all three fingers. She turned her head, but still couldn't see him or what he was doing behind her. Then, she felt an enormous pressure against her vagina, as it was forcefully widened to accomodate something much larger. --- The man pressed the head of his cock against her labia and pushed forwards.

He felt the girl's vagina expand, and he forced himself inside. The girl let out a whimper of agony, but he continued until his balls smacked against her labia. He rested inside her for a moment, feeling her tight walls stretched around his eight-inch shaft, and then began to move.

He withdrew all the way until only the head was inside, and then drove forwards until his balls were against her vaginal lips once again. The backseat love with stranded bigtit hardcore and big tits began to sob as he moved faster and faster. Her tightness was driving him crazy, and it seemed even better in this position where she was bent over with her legs together. He loved the feel of her smooth legs and ass as he pounded her against the sofa; the friction between his cock and her vagina only intensified, and he felt himself approaching climax.

He leaned over the girl, groaning in her ear, but she did not react. The man wrapped his arms around her chest and pulled her up off the couch, both of them standing nearly upright. His arms were crossed against her chest, and he ran his hands over her shirt, caressing her firm breasts through the fabric; as he began to release himself inside her, he reached up to grab her throat.

With one final, upwards thrust, he pushed himself as deep inside her as he could go. --- With both of her hands at her throat trying to loosen his grip, Eva felt the man begin to pulse inside her. Ropes of hot, sticky fluid coated her insides as the man groaned in her ear, his balls pressed against her labia.

As he continued to blast her vaginal walls with his semen, he suddenly let go of her throat and pushed her back over the sofa. The sudden motion forced her hips upwards as she bent over at the waist and the head of his cock grinded against her cervix.

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Eva gasped in pain and shock as his warm semen kept spurting inside her, directly against her cervix. The man pressed against her back, and she felt his rapid breaths for a while, until they began to slow. With his cock still inside her, the man pulled her upright once again, but this time, he began walking her forwards.

With her jeans still midway down her legs, she stumbled, but the man half-walked and half-pushed her until they were both in front of the sofa. With a heavy sigh, the man sat down, pulling her with him.

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His cock was still hard, and she gasped from the friction inside her of the sudden movement. Now, she was sitting in his lap, her back against his upper chest. Eva could feel the sticky warmth of the semen inside her, and some of mouth pussy wazoo screwed pornstar and hardcore had already begun leaking out of her, even though she was still plugged by his cock.

The man began to take deeper and slower breaths, and she realized he was falling asleep. "Dad," she whispered. "Let me go!" Her father stirred. "Huh?" "I need to make dinner! Aren't you hungry?" He sighed and took one arm from around her chest.

She tried to stand up, but his other arm kept her pinned against him. "Dad!" Eva protested. "I'll let you go," he promised. "Once my dick's not hard any more." He reached underneath her legs with his free hand and raised her body so only the tip of his cock was inside her.

Eva felt more of her father's semen wnww sex mom in son out of her, dripping off her labia onto his balls. He grasped his shaft and to her surprise, began stroking it. The motion bounced her slightly, and she winced as the head of his cock rubbed against her vaginal lips.

Her father was groaning again as he masturbated faster and faster; he stroked his shaft more and more forcefully and his hand began to hit her labia with each upwards stroke, each time eliciting a sharp gasp of pain from her. Before long, she felt him explode inside her once again. The thick, hot fluid spurted against her vagina walls and her father lowered her down onto his shaft until he was balls deep once again. Eva tried to stand up, but his arms still kept her from moving. "Dad, let me go," she repeated.

"You know it's healthy to pee after sex, right?" he asked dryly. "Dad-" she began to say before he covered her mouth with a hand. It was the hand he had just been using to masturbate himself inside his own daughter, she thought.

There was some sticky fluid on it, and she realized that it was his own semen that had dripped out of her vagina.

Eva could feel his cock softening inside her, and she expected her father to let her go. Without warning, the cock pulsed against her insides once again. A warm liquid was spraying her insides, she realized, but it was different this time. She remembered what her father had just said, and gasped with surprise. Her father, seemingly anticipating her protests, covered her mouth with his hand once again.

His other arm keeping her firmly in place, he groaned with pleasure as he relieved himself inside his own daughter. The scent of urine was drifting through the air now, and Eva shook her head in disgust. The stream of it from her father's cock had not yet ceased inside her, but it was slowing. She could feel the dirty fluid trickling down her inside walls and mixing with the thick semen. With a final grunt, her father finished urinating, and unraveled his arm from around her chest.

He put his hands around her hips and lifted her off his cock, roughly pushing her forwards. Startled by the sudden motion and with her jeans still halfway down her legs, Eva stumbled to her knees, putting out a small hand to break her fall. Kneeling on the floor in front of her father, with her panties pulled aside and a urine-semen mixture dripping in strings from her vagina, Eva wanted hot latin teen fucking her tight ass with a dildo cry.

--- He looked at his petite daughter at his feet. She knelt with her jeans around her knees, her hands on the floor, and her panties still pulled aside, displaying her beautiful, used pussy with ropes of his cum and piss hanging free.

There was a puddle of the yellow-white fluid on the floor under her ass already, he saw. There were even a few strands of the thick mixture connecting her vaginal lips to the puddle between her socked feet. He couldn't see her face, though - it was angled away from him. "Go make dinner," he ordered her suddenly. "I need to change," she whispered. "No," he smiled. "Take off your jeans." She slowly obeyed. "Stand up and come here." When she was standing in front of him, he stood up.

She looked straight ahead, into his chest, as he towered over her. "Turn around," he said. She turned on the spot, and he put his left hand on her waist. With a quick motion, he hooked his fingers and yanked her panties down to her knees.

She shuddered, perhaps fearing that he would bend her over and take her again. Unfortunately, he was too spent and tired to do that, but he had other plans. With his other hand, he reached into his pocket and pulled out the pink, remote-controlled vibrator. It was seven inches long and almost an inch in hairy granny gets fucked by a younger cock, and its curved head was jointed so it could spin at an angle to the rest of it.

The urine-semen mixture was still dripping out of her vagina, but he didn't care; he took the vibrator in his hand and thrust it into his daughter's pussy from behind.

He heard her gasp in shock, but before she could react, he pulled her panties back up to her ass with his left hand, keeping the vibrator in place inside her. An inch or so stuck out between her labia, so he put his hand flat against it and pushed upwards with all his might.

There was a thick, moist, slapping sound, and he felt the vibrator slide all the way inside until his palm smacked firmly against her vaginal lips, still wet with his semen and urine. Glancing down, he could only see a hint of the pink base, nestled in his daughter's vagina.

He let go of her panties, and the thin strip of cloth snapped into place. He slid his right hand back into his pocket, fingering the remote with anticipation. "Go make dinner," he repeated. "Right now."