Xxx fucking sexy story in mumbai bar party dance

Xxx fucking sexy story in mumbai bar party dance
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I turned 18 years old today. My dad Had knocked on my My Bedroom door, yelling that it was a big day, and that I had to get up. I was too tired to make any effort to move. I was up all night Googling pictures of Penises and men's asses. I jack off mostly every night and sometimes I got lound. The sentation of erotic rendered me senseless. I knew for sure that my dad could hear my moans and grunts. He was right, though. Today was my birthday and he always planned something big. It was a Friday all my clothes were dirty, thrown all around my room.

The patter and thumps of dad's feet crowed my ears as he made his way lulu jung enjoys a nice black dick down the stairs. I used that chance to leave my room wearing only a sock. I rubbed the other one off lastnight as I came into my fist. I turned the the handle on the door slowly and looked through the crack. He was down stairs for sure. And no body else lived here being that my older brother was away at school until next month, and my mom had just up and left for a reason that never crossed my young and tender ears.

I swung open the room door and ran to the bathroom down the hall. I closed the i came in your mom vvictoria valentino behind me in a haste and whent straight for the toilet.

I lifted the seat and then my uncut cock. I pulled back the skin that covered the tip of my member. I stood there peeing while my mind started to dream.

I was feeling quite excited of what my dad might have planned. I sort of knew what it was. I looked down at my smooth and flaccid member as my urinary came to a stop. I shook it a couple of times to release the last few drops hanging on to the tip.

I didn't have on any pants to keep dry but you how habbit goes. I looked in the mirror over the sink and gazed at my solid handsome face. I told my reflection, "Hey, your 18 today." The sound of the stairs being pounded by feet interrupted the silence just before I reached in to turn on the shower.

I bent over and twisted on the hot watter and the bathroom door flew open. I was bent over with my nuts swinging between my legs and my dad just stood there. I erected my body and snatched a towel from the hook on the wall and wrapped myself before turning around to address his intrusion. "Dad, what the hell?" I yelled. He just sort of stood there. I was worried when he finally spoke and said, "Son, we got to talk about something." He looked me up and down and I told him ok.

"Over Breakfast," he said, with a grunt. When he left the bathroom and closed the door, steam from the shower filled the room and I pulled back the curtain and stepped in. The water was too hot. I felt as though I was cooking. I scolled my back but I reached under the spraying water and turned the cold water tap just a little to lower the temperature. My wash cloth was not hanging over the rod in the tub were I had left it last night.

Then I remembered smelling detergant when I exited my bedroom. Dad must have done laundry this morning. I had a choice, just rub the bar of soap against my young tight ass, then massage it between my cheeks and back around between my legs or yell for my dad to bring me a fresh hand cloth.

For some reason the warm water and the thought of my dad reaching into the shower to hand my a cloth was turning my on. That was the first time I had ever thought of my dad in a sexual way.

He was an average faced guy. About 5' 5", black hair and blue-ish eyes that glowed even in the dark. I was open with my sexuality and he was fine with it from the start.

Told me that he suspected that I was going to submit to homosexuality when I was only 10 years old. I would watch the crotches of men that I came in contact with, such as my dad's friends.

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I could remember one time when we threw a cookout, my dad's old classmate got hammered. He must have had too many gin shooters or something, but any way, he was drunk. I was going hot camping teens fucked a homeless in a tent outdoor the stairs and he was coming up. I came to the understanding that he needed help getting up the last couple of steps. I could smell the alcohol bursting from his pores.

He said that my dad said he could rest in the guest room until he felt better. I was 12 years old when this all happened. When we got to the guest room he fell to the bed on his back. He was tall and muscle built. When he layed there. On his back, the buldge of his simi swollen cock was resting under the crotch of his basketball shorts. I looked around and just knew that we were the only ones in the house.

I saw that he had caved into a deep slumber and knew that he would be out cold for a while. Before I could think twice about what I was doing, I found my hands pushing the right leg of his shorts up his thigh, exsposing his fat black cock.

That was the first time I had ever seen another penis besides my own. It excited me that he was sleep. My weener was only a strong 3 or so inches then, and his what at least 8" and it was soft.

I touched his dick and it was warm. I lifted it with both my hands and looked at it curiously. He was huge. It started growing and in no time at all he was erect to his full mass. Using both of my hands to support his strong cock I stroked his shaft up and down. I heard the front door slam and my dad called for me.

Amateur girl wants to be ass fucked quickly pulled his pants leg over his massive erection and took one last look and left the room closing the door behind me. I came to find my dad sitting on the stairs.

He asked if jake had made it up to the guest room ok and I told his yes. ************************ Thinking of that day when I was twelve really heated things up. I was swollen and the head of my milky white dick was red and aching. I yelled with all my might for my dad. It took three attemps to get his attention.

When he made it up to the second floor I yelled again, "grab me a cloth, will you?" He came into the bathroom and the coolness from the central air struck me quick when the door opened.

But the door closed behind him parts of the shower curtain was transparent and I wiped away the steam to find him undoing his pants. I watched as he pulled out his dick and started peeing into the toilet. I thought it was a major turn on to see another man pee. And this man being my dad made it a lot hotter. He reached into the shower and handed me the cloth while he urinated.

But I kept watching. His cock was uncut aswell and he had to hold the skin back in order to pee without making a splatter. He was much bigger than I was though.

He was finnished peeing, his head turned around as he reached over to flush, and he caught me peeping at him through the curtain.

I jump and looked away quick. I heard what sounded like a shirt being pulled of a hair filled chest, then something soft hit the tile floor. The next set of sounds I heard made me quiver with curiosity and the clatter of my dad's belt came loose.

I tried to pretend to be washing. I placed the bar of soap in the wet hand towel and got it all foamed up. I rubbed the soapy towel over my chest then under my arms. I scrubbed my neck. Just as I did, I felt the soap roll down my back and landed on my butt. As I reached back and threw my leg up on the rail in the tub to wash between my butt cheeks the shower curtain ripped over to the left and I was exsposed to my dad. My dick was dripping white foam and I was wet with all the water flowing onto my nude body.

I looked back at his body. Mofos teen gets caught fucking in back room words, he stepped into the shower and the tub was so narrow that his flaccid member hit the crack of my ass and bounced back when he got in behind me. We remained quiet. He just pulled me close to him and wrapped his arms around me.

My ass was resting on his cock. The watter flowered us with moisture and he began to swell up between his legs. I was a pisoner to his embrace as the nature of my young hormones took effect. His body pushed me into the wall very slow and he rested against me. His weird lusty fetish babes with a strapon started to explore my body and my dick had gotten harder.

It was throbbibg against the wall of the shower as my dad caressed my hips and ran his finger up my butt. "Are you a virgin?" He asked. I answered with a choked yes. He put his stomach firmly to my back and then took his left hand and pulled my hair, causing my ear to be pressed against my shoulder.

He bit my neck. then sucked on it. My dad then licked up my neck and rolled his tongue around in my right ear. The pleasure was phenomenal. I reached behind me and seached for his erection with my hand. I guess he felt my hand and noticed what I was doing. He placed his rock hard shaft into the palm of my waiting hand. His dick was wide but not too long.

I say it was about 6". My dick was 8" but it wasn't as wide as his. I was forced to let go of his erection when he pulled me closer and grabbed mine. I gasped out loud at the grip he gained on my shaft. I was jolting at every stroke he made with my cock in his soap slippery fist. My dad then turned his back to the wall holding me tight against his body and fist fucking my young dick as if it were his own. "How do you like it son" he asked quickly.

I couldn't speak. This was the first time I had been this sexualy overwhelmed. He dropped my cock from his hand, he spun me around. His face was red and I assumed mine was too. He kissed me on the lips and grabbed my tight ass. I did the same to him. His ass was fat. Just touching my dad and being touched by him was the Most craziest thing I could ever dream of. But I thought wrong. He killed our moment of kissing and dropped to his knees. Water was pouring onto his head and he just sucked the tip of my dick into his mouth without using his hands.

I trembled. My body fell and shattered on the inside but I remained standing. His hot mouth felt so good sliding up and down the shaft of my erection.

My dick fell from his mouth and he stood up demanded that I cut off the shower and get to his bed room. I stepped out of the tub leaving him to stand there alone. "Could this be part of his plan" I said softly as I walked down the hall way with my fully excited, nude dody dripping water. My dad's room was lit by candles and the covers on his bed were neater than they had ever been since my mom left.

the candles had a strong scent of peaches. My eyes locked onto a box that was sitting on the dresser and I walkeed over to it. The box was small and in the shape of a heart. When I picked it up I noticed that it was sitting on an unsealed letter adressed to me. I sat down the box and lifted the flap and pulled out a paper. By dim candle light I read the few words that had been scripted onto it. the note read, "Danny, Happy Birthday.

The box contains the keys to your Gift." Before I could read the last two words on the paper, my dad had filled the doorway and said them for me. "Love dad." I placed my hand on my chest and the letter fell to the floor. My dad came into the room and closed the door.

Leaving it sweethearts share cock at the casting hardcore blowjob just a little. I eased back on the bed and he asked me to lay down and relax.

My mind was in a wild world and I became quite submissive to what was going to happen. My dad came over to the bed, his dick was fully erect. It swung from left to right as he walk over to me. I was on my back and my cock was hung over my left thigh.

My dad's eyes glowed in the shimmer of the candle lit room. He was still wet from the shower as he crawled into the bed. he rested his body between my legs and the first thing I noticed what his warm breath flowing onto my nuts. He lifted my legs into the air and said, "Happy Birthday, Son." His nose brushed against the crack of my ass and it tickled. His mouth opened, his tongue fell vitctm to my fresh virgin butt. "Oh Dad" I moaned.

His tongue painted the crack of my sweet teen ass as I quivered under his fantasy. Using his thumbs, he opened the cheeks of my ass and spat onto my hole. I gasped at the landing of the warm solution. He licked my tiny hole and I fat grandma riding on young cock dolly bee oliver to stroke my swollen cock.

My mind failed to think of anything else at the time. He was driving me to my first assisted orgasm. I fell into a shake as his rough muscled tongue caressed my asshole. My fist pounded my shaft harder. And I used the precum that formed at the tip of my cock to lube my fist. The extra skin on my cock brought more pleasure to the eroctic case that I was on trail for. Keeping my load of cum down I released my dick.

I didn't want to come just yet. Dad stopped licking me and he took one of my nut into his hot mouth. He sucked the second one into his wet lips and rolled his tongue around my entire sack of cum. His hand wrapped my shaft and he stroked me slow. His mouth slipped away from my nuts and he licked the base of my cock. His tougue was haft way up my cock when I thought to myself that this is not his first time.

He had done this before and I was sure of it. He moved up on the bed closer to my crotch. I lifted my head and watched as his lips pushed my skin away from the head of my erection.

His lips were now wrapped around my swollen member again and I was more pleasured at this point. My daddy lowered his face down onto me and he pulled back up leaving a lather of saliva all around my shaft.

He closed in again and I threw my head back onto the pillow. I was still trying my best to contol the launch of my jizz but he wasn't making it as easy as when I was fisting my cock. His suction on my dick got even greater. He positioned his body so that he was laying on his side and he continued to suck me with his head resting on my thigh.

I felt like a prince and he was my servant. I was well pleased how the sensations of our new bond killed any and every pain that I had felt ever in my life. Dad reached down and took hold of his cock and stroked it. He was massaging his shaft like a crazy man. He almost bit my dick when he came. I saw how far the cum shot up from his cock. He pulled my dick from his mouth.

The vains along the sides of my shaft were full and throbbing. He moved up and layed down bedside me. " want to fuck your dad's ass" he said, I was shocked but in a good way. I told him I never did anything like this before and he told me that he was going to allow me to take my time.

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He was verry kind with his words and I agreed to fuck him. He opened the drawer of the bedside table and pulled out a small tube of ludricant. And handed alessandra switching it up guy fucks shemale and pornstars to me.

He told me to put some on the tip of my cock and then he lifted his legs and told me to put some on his ass hole. His hole was gaped and was flexing open and closed.

My dad was not a virgin to this. After we were both lubed up and ready to go I moved in between his legs and lifted my cock. I pushed the head of it against his gaping hole while holding back the skin. I thought about comdoms but was too horny. I pushed my pelvis against his waiting butt and my young erection fell into his hole. He tensed and moan. I pulled back and instict took effect and I started sexing his hot chute. I loved the way the smooth muscles inside him grabbed and bit my cock and I fuck him.

I speed up and added a left and right motion to my rhythm. He was smiling when I looked down at him.

The candle light was falling onto his face and I strarted sweating. "FUCK ME SON" he yelled. My member was swelling more inside him. I watched as my shaft vannsihed into him again and again. It looked so good, but felt even better. I fell over onto his body.

Dad asked me how his ass felt, and I was focused on my thrusts too hard to answer. He bit my ear and asked again with a warm whisper. I grunted that I was about to cum. He opened his legs wider and my nuts were slapping his ass and his chute was getting wetter. My dad wrapped his arms around me and and called my name. I was jumping into a zone. The tip of my cock grew sensitive. I was fucking his ass hard. My eyes pained as threy rolled back. My toes curled. The last few thrust where the best just before I came.

I unloaded my entire sack of cum into his ass. My cock softened and fell from his wet asshole and rest against his crack. My dad continued to hold me and he said that he loved me. I ebony shlong for white holes interracial and hardcore have a chance to reply. The phone begain to ring and we were both startled by the killing of the silence in the room.

He reached over and answered it I didn't know who it was but the only thing he said before hanging up was, "See You When you get here." After he hung up I said, "I love you too dad." The day was still young and we he announced that he had another event planned. We both got showered and then dressed.

I was first down stairs. I was at the kitchen table waiting for him when the doorbell sounded off. I whent to the door and opened it. There was a young man standing there. He was about 5 feet tall, with black hair and was wearing a brown suit. The tag on his shirt had "U.P.S" stitched on it and I saw that his name was willson.

"Mr. Salvons?" He asked. I told him that I was Danny Salvons. I was handed a box with a Texas Return address.

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It had no name but I knew that's were my mom lived now. I signed his google tablet with my finger and wished his sexy ass a good day and closed the door. I took the box into the kitchen and sat it on the table. I got a knife and sliced the taped from the side and lifted the flaps. I couldn't believe what was in it. It was a birthday card with tow hundred dollars inside, and another box with the California Apple™ logo on it. It was the new iphone. I had destroyed my old one and was forced to use it with just a part of the screen not cracked to hell.

Taped to the ipone box was a post-it™ sticky note with 10 digits, "this is my new number call me when you get your new phone set up." I had the phone out the box and slid it into my old Let downs and stimulating my nipples stimulate lactation case and turned it on. Dad came down the stairs and pulled two warm plates from the oven. The grits were cold and had gotten firm but the sausage was fine aswell as the toast.

He poured a couple glasses of orange juice and asked were did all this come from, he was talking about the phone. I told him it was from mom. And he just said ok.

And never took a second thought to it. He reached into his pants pocket and pulled out the key he had left on the letter he wrote upstairs. I had forgotton about that. I took it from his hands. I felt that he handed it too me with means of compotition with the gift mom had sent me. But to me, a car anal fuck of nice looking brazilian honey hardcore and blowjob much better than a phone.

And have been sexed by my dad was even better than anything on four wheels. We finnished Eating and I couldn't wait to get out to the car port. There I found a brand new Ford Viper. It was red with a black stripe down the middle. Told my dad thanks and gave him a big hug. I jumped in the car and started the motor. We took the car for a spin and he wanted to tell me why mom left.

I told him that I knew why and he was shocked. I pulled the car into the drive way and told him, "I was 12 years old and you had asked if you buddy jake made it up to the guest room ok, " you remember that huh" he asked. I continued " yeah, and you whent up stairs and I when down. I was in the kitchen looking for a soda in the fridge when mom walked in and asked if I seen you.

I told her that you where in the bathroom upstairs and she headed up. There was some yelling and a few names called and I remember thinking if you acually whent to the bathroom or did she catch you in the room with jake." Well son," my dad said, "I was in that room.

He explained to me that jake started feeling on him while he was at the grill and he was drinking a bit so he just let it happen. so the plan was for jake to pretend to be drunk and go up to the guest room. "Wait what do you mean pretend to be drunk?" I asked. My dad told me that jake told him about my curiosus moment and how he didn't want to throw out the plan.

But how you had just left the room when he came in the house and called for me. I thought damn. My dad whent on saying that mom had known that I was gay and was waiting to catch me in the act. And she got what she was waiting for.

But with all that over and done with, Happy birthday, son. My dad got out the car and whent in the house. I backed out the drive way and drove to the mall with my 2 hundred bucks and my new ipone. I didn't have any worry in the world until I was in the mall eating a corn dog, and this boy about my age asked me if he could have a bite. I laughed and saw that it was my best friend Carlos. He was gay aswell and we loved each other like brothers. I handed him the stick and he finished my lunch and slipped me a bag from my favorite store in the mall.

I opened it; it was a jean jacket inside with my name stitched on the chest. Its your birthday right? I told him thanks and we walked daughterswap fucking the lesbian out of their daughters the mall with his arm across my shoulders and we had a good time.

After we slurpped down two big cokes we both had to find a bathroom. We did. Carlos pulled his cock from his sweat pants and moved up to the toilet.

I thought about how I had watched my dad pee earlier today was I starred at carlos as I started to pee too. I reached over and tapped his butt and he laughed. We played that way all the time as a result of our wellness of being gay.

he backed up and I saw his dick for the first time since the 5 years I had know him. It was brown and thick and he was circumcised.

I liked the way it looked as he shook it up and down before shoving it back into his briefs. I then noticed the buldge it formed in his sweat pants. I was getting hot again. I put my dick in my shorts and flushed. We stood to the sink washing hour hands when I told him that he got a nice cock. he looked at me and said thanks.

And then chuckled. I had to tell him that I was serious and he placed a hand on my shoulder. He asked me what I was getting at and I dropped my head and told him I want him to come over to sexy milf sucks off her cocked patient house. He agreed and we whent out to look for my car in the lot. Carlos didn't know that I had my own car now so when he saw the white Mercedes™ parked in the front, he thought it was my dad's car that I always drove when I came out.

I held on to my remote and hit the panic button. The red viper in the middle lot honked and flashed. That's me I told him. He told me I was kidding and ran over to the car. "Yep, its mine." I said. We got inside. We sat there for a minute after I started the motor. I was trying to connect my phone to the bluetooth™ radio. When I had our favorite song playing, Never going to give you up by Rick Astly.

We whent to my house singing along to the song the whole way. I parked the car and we whent inside. My dad wasn't home and I was kind enough to call him and let him know I had someone over via text. Carlos was standing in the foyre when I looked up from the phone. We whent up stairs to my room and we both sat on the bed and didn't say anything. I finally broke the silence by saying "Cool car, right?" Yeah its really nice danny, he said.

But don't forget that I left mine at the mall. I didn't even think about that but I told him ok. I stood up and decided to make my move onto carlos by telling him I was going to change into something else. When I got off my shoes and pants I saw he was looking at my ass and I turned around.

My soft cock was bouncing around in my boxers as I took off my socks. His member was swelling inside his pants a and I knew he was ok with with me seeing. I whent on and took off eveything and stood before him naked. The door down stairs opened and slammed shut. "I'm HOME" my dad yelled.

I asked Carlos how he felt about a three-way and before he could answer my dad had came into the room and was looking my Friend Carlos up and down.

My dad started to undress and We were both ready to taste the dark meat of my friend's erection. Carlos stood up and bent over to pull off his pants. His dick was bigger than my dad's his black dick stood at attention as though it was waiting for a command. I looked at my dad and he was nude. Now we all were.

*******TO BE CONTINUED*********