Attractive teen team fucked in doggie hardcore and massage

Attractive teen team fucked in doggie hardcore and massage
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I have spent the last 12 years in the army, reaching the rank of staff sergeant. I have served in both Iraq, and in Afghanistan. I have been married once, and she divorced me after my first tour of Afghanistan.

She said, "I could not take the waiting, and not knowing what is happening to you over there." But the real reason was she was lonely, and found someone else.

I was home on leave in late September, with nothing to do on a Friday night. So I headed down to the bowling center to visit some old school buddies, who were bowling on a Friday night league. We chatted for a while about old times, fucked my hot n sexy niece while sleeping then she woke up I told them some war stories.

I then told them I was heading into the bar to watch the baseball game that was on the TV. There were a few people in the bar, but I did not know any of them, so I grabbed a table by the TV, and order a beer, and settled back to watch the game. In walked this gal, who looked dam familiar, but I could not place where I have seen her before.

The next thing I know, she walks over the table and asked, " may I sit down with you?" I nodded my head yes, and look her over real close, I be dammed she look just like the gal who played Peg Bundy(Katey Sagal), on Married With Children.

"I know what you are think, yes I resemble Katey Sagal," she said with a delightful laugh. "Yes you do," I nodded back with a half smile on my lips. "Can I order you a drink?" I asked her. She nodded her head yes, and I motioned for the waitress to come over, and we placed our orders with her. After our drinks arrived, I looked over to her, and said, "Cheers." as we taped our drinks together. I introduced myself as Jack Slater, and she told that her name was Peg Winters.

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I told her a little bit about my self, 32 years old, still in the army, and my times in Iraq and Afghanistan, married once and divorced with one daughter 6 years old. She told me that she was 34, married early, and is also divorced with 3 kids, 2 girls ages 15 and 13, and 1 boy age 10. After another round of drinks arrived, and with the small talk out of the way, I asked her, "Just what do I owe this unexpected pleasure of you joining me at this table?" She took a long sip from her glass of wine, looked down at the table for a few seconds, cleared her throat, and look at me sort of unsettling.

"Well um I was wondering um if you would come to my house and um have sex with me in front of my 2 girls, so they would lovely student and hot professor punished hardcore and bondage um what sex is like? She asked as her face got bright red in embarrassment. "Alright alright which of the guys out there put you up to this?" I asked laughing out loud. She looked at me with a puzzled look, and shrugged her shoulders, "I do not know what you mean." She replied.

"You mean to tell me this is not a setup by my friends out on the bowling lanes?" I asked her. She shook her head no, " I am not sure what you are talking about, I do not know anyone out there bowling." She informed me.

"Then why did you come to a bar in a bowling center, if you did not know anyone here?" I asked her. "I was hoping to best xxx story karina kpoor com someone like you to help me out, and I figured that on a Friday night there should be lots of guys at a bar in a bowling center." She said trying to sort this mess out. "You really want me to come home with you and fuck you in front of your daughters?" I asked her to making sure I was understanding what she was asking of me.

She just nodded her head yes. "But we hardly know each other, and out of the blue you want to take me home and fuck me, and use me as a sex education toy?" I asked her, really not sure what to do about this situation. " Yes," she says softly with her eyes starting to get moist. Well I am here to tell you she is a very good looking woman, with a great figure. If you remember just what Katey Sagal looked like, you know what I mean. Well I pause to think about this for a few minutes.

I guest if a woman wants to take me home and fuck me, Peg would be one of my top choices. "Why did you pick me for this experiment?" I asked her with a quizzical smile on my face. "Because you were the best looking hunk in the bar, and I was very attracted to you." She said with some relief.

"Well I guess, I will go with you, but just give me a moment." I said smiling at her. I went up to the waitress and got a piece of paper and wrote my friends a note, that said I just got picked up by a redhead, who wants me to fuck her, I just hope this is not a setup by you guys.

I signed it Jack. I gave the note to the waitress plus 5 bucks, and told her to take this to lane 20 and give it the big loud guy there, as soon as we leave. She knew just who I was talking about. I went over to the table and grabbed Peg's hand and we left the bar for our cars. I followed her back to her house which was about 20 minutes from the bowling center. It was about 9 pm when we got there. Let me tell a little about us, I am 5'11" tall, 190 pounds, with all the work outs I do for the army, I am rock solid.

My cock is just under 7" long, but 2.5" in diameter. I am not real huge, but then I am glad because it does not scare the girls away either. Peg has reddish auburn hair, green eyes, she is not real tall around 5'3" might hit 110 pounds, with a great body.

She tells me later that her measurements are 34B-23-34. We walk into the house, and the girls were watching TV. She told me that her son was at his dad's house for the night. She got me another beer, and herself a glass of wine. We sat at the kitchen table and chatted for a bit, she was as nervous as a cat on a hot tin roof. "Relax relax we do not have to do this if you are uncomfortable with this situation." I told her.

She just shook her head and got herself another glass of wine, her fourth glass of the night, and it was starting to have some effect on her. I could see she teen emo girl blonde hot dolls taking a shower together not much of a drinker.

"Where is the bathroom ?" I asked her as I finished my beer. She pointed down the hallway. I went and took a leak, came back and sat in a chair in living room. She finished her glass of wine and smiled at me, "I will be right back, I need to change and use the bathroom." as she bent over the chair and gave me a kiss.

"Hi girls my name is Jack, what are your names?" I asked them The oldest told me her name is Wendy, and her younger sister's name is Wanda. She also told me their brother's name is William or Will. "Has your mother told you two what she has planned for tonight." I asked to see if they knew. They both shook their heads yes.

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"Are you sure that you want to watch us have sex?" I asked Again they both shook their heads yes. I guess that was kind of a dumb question. Peg comes walking down the hallway wearing just a skimpy white teddy, that does not do a very good job of covering her up.

She sits down on my lap and starts to kiss me. Our tongues are doing lap dances in each others mouth. She breaks the kiss and pulls off my tee shirt, and rubs her after sex blonde got a hot facial over the top half of my body. "You are very chiseled," She murmurs as she resumes kissing me. I hold her tight and kiss her back softly, and then with more passion, as our breathing gets heavier, I open one eye and notice that both girls are staring at us intently.

By now my cock is rock hard, and she shifts around a bit and rubs her ass cheek over my cock a few times. She pulls the straps off her shoulder and drops her teddy down to her waist, giving me full access to her breast. I move my hand over to fondle her breast.

They are nice and firm with her nipples poking out in full erection. I kiss my way down to her pointed nipples, and my hand works down to her wide open pussy. As I start to suck on her nipples, as my fingers invade her pussy, which is soaking wet. You can hear my fingers slurp around in her pussy juices. I does not take me long to feel her tighten up as I bring her to her first orgasm. "O my god that feels so good, it has been along time since a man has made me cum." She coos in my ear.

My finger is working on her clitoris, and then I move up to her G-spot, and rub that sensitive area in her pussylicking dyke dildo drilled by glam babe. She gasps again and her body shakes, as I bring her to her second orgasm.

She slides off my lap and stands up, her teddy falls to the floor and she stands there in front of me with that perfect naked body. She kneels down and takes my shoes off, and then reaches up to unbuckle my belt, and pulls off my pant's and boxer's. As she reaches for my pecker, both girls move around to the sides of us for a better view of the action. She is softly stroking my cock with one hand and massaging by balls with the other hand.

She picks the tempo up a bit, till some pre cum leaks out of my exit hole. She bends over and with her tongue she licks up the pre cum, and the starts to suck on my purple head. She licks the under side of my sensitive head, and down the shaft to my sac, where she gives my balls a bath with her tongue. She is a very talented cocksucker, as she builds up my excitement and then lets is subside. She never loses eye contact with me either. Both girls stare with rapt attention at their mother, as she was sucking on my cock giving me a good blow job.

Peg is now giving my cock the vacuum treatment, as she is sucking it real fast and deep. I put my bound slut has her wet muff penetrated brunette fetish behind her head and push my cock deeper into her throat. I can hear her gag a few times, but she does not pull off my cock. Finally I tighten up, and give a loud groan, and explode my cum deep into her mouth, unloading rope after rope of cum into her throat.

She never spills a drop, and when I finish with my orgasm, she pulls off and shows me and the girls the cum in her mouth, and then she swallows it all down her throat. "WOW that is one of the best blow jobs I have ever gotten." I told her panting slightly. "That is how you make your man happy, by making sure you make good love to their cock.," She told both of her girls. "My turn," I said as I picked her up in my arms and put her on the chair I was just in.

She spread her legs for me and I started to lick her shave fanny. She is starting to reach an orgasm, as I just started to lick on her clitoris, and she begins to cum on my face. I kept licking her pussy right through her orgasm, as she fills my mouth full of her cum. I was so engrossed oh my beautiful tall woman pleasuring her, that I forgot all about the girls watching us perform.

She had her legs draped over my shoulders, as I kept licking her clit, my finger was busy fucking her pussy. When I had my finger well coated in her juices, and I started to rub it around her anal hole, and soon my finger was embedded into her hole up to my first knuckle. As my finger worked on her anal hole, and my tongue was licking her clitoris into a frenzy, she lost it and started to cum in bucket fulls, and there was no way I could lick it all up.

I could feel it run down my chin and over my hand that was fucking her ass. I did not know a woman could cum that much.

"O God Baby I need you to fuck me right now, I am so wet and ready." She panting in sensual gratification. I disengaged from her and turned her over in the chair and fucked her dog style, ramming my cock as far up into her pussy as I could go. I was pounding her so hard, that I was lifting her right off the chair. She was screaming as her orgasm was ripping through her shuddering body.

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I was giving her 2 girls a good show on what fucking was like. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and started to rub it around her anal hole. "O god no I have never done that before," She moaned, but she never pulled away from me either. "Relax you want to show your girls what fucking is all about don't you?" I said as I shoved my cock into her anal hole. She opened up for me and I slowly invade her hot hole.

I fucked her hole and spanked her ass, till she blew her nuts in a massive orgasm. She laid on the chair limply after her last orgasm, while I held her ass up and pumped away inside of her.

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It was not long, and I blew my second load of the night deep into her ass. I pulled my cock out of her ass and held it up to her mouth to be cleaned off. She was to tired to fight me, she just open up her mouth and sucked my cock clean. I looked over at the girls,"did you learn anything tonight about sex and fucking?" I ask them, as I stood there with my cock in their mother's mouth. They both looked at me wide eyed and nodded their heads yes.