Cute innocent amateur gets pounded by a huge dick

Cute innocent amateur gets pounded by a huge dick
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We are a married couple of 20 years and living this lifestyle for 19 years. I like to watch my wife with other men or have her tell me about it afterwards. My wife "Roxanne" likes to dress very sexy, some might even say sluty.

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She has endless high heels, stockings, garterbelts, lace & thong panties, lace see through bra's & shelf bra's that expose nipples, short skimpy and/or see through clothes, she has long blonde hair, all natural 44DD tits with large erect nipples, has very long sexy red finger nails and wears lots of sluty makeup.

In short she is every mans dream! Well this particular night she was going out to the bar with her girl friends for ladies night. I always stayed home and drank a few beers with a buddy so she could have a night to get away. That night she let me help her pick out her outfit. She wore 5" high heel pumps with a strap around the ankle, a pair of tan wide band theigh high stockings, a white lace garterbelt, a white shelf bra that exposes her nipples, no panties, a short tight stretchy mini skirt that hugged her ass, is see through and exposes her stocking tops & garterbelt straps, a white lace see through blouse that showed her pierced naval and you can see right through to her white lace shelf bra with her nipples almost practicly poking through the blouse, of course lots of makeup, oh and a pair of white lace ruffle top bobby socks.

She had her hair all done sexy, was very tan so needless to say she was looking extremely fuckable! I always encourage her sunny leone fucked hard her husband meet guys and to get laid and this night was no different. As she left I gently grazed her bald pantyless pussy under her short skirt as I kissed her dark red lipstick covered lips and told her to find some cock!

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She grinned & giggled and said yes dear. It was later that night when she told me this story while I ate her cum filled freshly fucked pussy. She and her girl friend arrived at the bar a little late because they were waiting on other friends that ended up not coming, so it was just her and one girl friend who was single and pretty loose and immediately started working around the bar.

Just after they got there Roxanne was sitting at the dark side of the L shaped bar at the short empty end of the bar just sipping her drink.

The band was walking back and forth from the stage and right past her to get to the back gathering they're things and getting ready. She was watching as the lead bass player was checking her out.

She spun the bar stool around to make sure he got a good look at what she was wearing and what all she was exposing. She sat there as they started playing and evintualy made it to the dance floor right in front of him. Now when my wife dance's it looks like she is fucking while dancing! So she teases him dancing with her skirt hiking up exposing her stocking tops, garterbelt and now the bottom of her ass cheeks and of course her nipples might as well be right brunette model babe teen enjoys love making on the stairs there cause the blouse is see through lace and it is as close to wearing nothing as you can get, along with the fact she has very large erect nipples.

And then to top all because of the black lights they have in this bar she is glowing from being in white everything, LOL. So it is almost like she is dancing for him because they do not hardly take they're eye's off each other. When the band stops to take a break she goes back to her lonely dark end of the bar and within minutes he is asking her if he can buy her a drink and of course she says yes and they start talking.

He noticed her wedding rings and said your married I see but out at the bar alone and sexy as hell? Roxanne replys yes but I like to play also and my hubby encourages it. Next thing she knows he is asking about her stockings and slowly starts caressing her theigh looking her in the eyes and she tells him that she loves the way they feel and that stockings with the garterbelt just means that a man can fuck her and leave it all on so he can enjoy it too! He then leans forward and starts deeply and passionately kissing her while slowly caressing her stocking tops and theighs going from her stockings to her bare skin.

He then sips his drink starring at her and tells her he likes her blouse also. She then says that she loves dressing sluty and teasing men and that the bra is easy accessable also so a guy can suck her nipples and leave the bra on.He then says to her so what your saying is that your all around easily accessable?

Roxanne answers simply "very". Well then he had to go back and play some more and she followed and assumed her position in front of him dancing moreless for him very sexual, sentual and starring right at him the entire time.

When they get another break Roxanne goes back to her lonely barstool as he quickly arrived right behind her and sat in the barstool next to her and immediately started caressing her stockings again.

She openly invites him by spreading her legs open a little more. They sat there talking a bit and he orders another drink and this time stays standing up rubbing all up against her. He starts kissing her again and slowly starts going further up her skirt until he finally reaches her pussy and realized she was wearing no panties and was clean shaven bald.

When this happens he moans out into her mouth as they're tongues dance in each others mouth and he takes his other hand and starts pinching her nipples through her shirt and then went for it by plunging his fingers deep inside her pussy. She let him know she was enjoying this by moaning in his mouth and spreading her legs wide. She then started rubbing his very hard cock through his pants, this is when she realized he had a huge cock.

This went on for two to three minutes as he stopped and said he had to use the rest room. She then sat alone at the bar swiveling back and forth on her barstool looking at the bar tender and how busy he was. Now with that said she feels him wrap his arms around her waiste as he starts kissing her neck slowly and exploring her theighs to her nipples. Then with out even saying anything and he is standing behind her sitting on the barstool facing the bar he reaches up and un buttons her blouse completely exposing her breast in the now glowing white lace shelf bra with my rock hard nipples showing.

He then spins her barstool around facing him and he has his huge hard cock out of his pants and lays it on the barstool with his cock head just touching her clit. Roxanne grabs his fasadnye setki sankt peterburge v to the edge of the barstool, grabs the back of his head to shove his face in her breast and then pulls his cock deep inside her pussy as she lets out a muffled moan of extacy.

They stay there slowly and deeply grinding each other fucking while he goes back and forth from kissing her passionately and bitting & sucking her nipples. Not long after they started she told him she was going to cum all over his cock both sides love sex for cash doggystyle pornstars that she wanted to feel his cock throbbing shooting his cum deep inside her.

And that did it as she moaned she was cumming all over his cock and he shot his hot load of cum deep inside her.

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Both of them were moaning loudly while they were cumming to each other at the same time. At this point it was making her cum harder knowing people were around and possably knowing what she was doing. They then exchanged numbers and she came home with they're cum dripping out of her pussy and soaking her theigh high stocking tops.

When she got home she told me all about it in detail with excitement as I licked up they're cum juices from her stcocking tops theigh and pussy.

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I then fucked her in her stretched out worn pussy while she expressed to me how exciting it was and how big and great he was. And with out saying I did'nt last long before I was cumming all over her face and in her mouth.

Then I made her lay there all night dressed up, used and with cum all over her. She ended up calling him the very next day and I dropped her off to meet him and she was dressed about the same way only red heels and a red mini dress and he took her out to dinner showing her sluty dressed ass off to everyone in public before they went and fucked and sucked for four hours before he dropped her off used again!