The devils gang bang lisa ann vs chanel preston

The devils gang bang lisa ann vs chanel preston
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It's been a long day. Having work a full 8 hour day and then having a class till 8:30. I drive home the usually road by traveling along the lake. Not taking much time to think about the days stress build up, homework, taken care of the dog, getting to the airport in the morning for a vacation.

My family has already left for Florida 2 days ago leaving me home alone till I would join them later on Friday. I get back to my house and find that the door mat has been moved, we keep the spare key underneath there.

I don't think much of it other than someone may have walked on it. No one usually uses that key. I walk into my house with my Mercedes uniform on, white shirt and blue pants. My body is dirty from dealing with engine parts and tires all day.

I have grease and rubber over my shirt, pants and hands. I walk in and drop my computer bag right by the stairs and go upstairs to take a bath. She peeks from the bedroom door, seeing if I had noticed that someone was in the house with me. She gives a slight giggle as I turn for the bathroom to take a shower. I strip off my clothing and step into the shower and wash away the hard day.

She hears the water on and takes the opportunity to get ready herself. Making little preparations around the room, making it a little more&hellip. seductive. While in the shower I take time and let my mind wonder, I start to think about her and how she felt in my arms, how her lips felt on mine.

I start to rub my hardening cock; I imagine that her wonderful mouth, instead of my hand, is what I feel. The water helping keep it wet and warm. I stroke harder as I imagine her going deeper on my dick, sucking more and more. I stop myself before I get to close to cumming. I groan at my own reluctance to finish but wait in anticipation for when I do finish myself off. I step out f the shower and put a towel around myself and head for my room, she notices that the shower has stopped and has put herself behind the door.

I step into my room and start to walk towards my dresser, the door slams behind me. I turn around fast at the sound and see her standing there legs crossed leaning against the door with her arm out.

She wears a red G-string that's tight against her petite body. Her dark chocolate eyes beneath a red mask that she wears makes me want to finish what I had started in my shower not to long ago. To phoenix loves to play around with herself it all off she has put her brown hair down to cover the top of her cleavage that shows from the lace red bra she has decided to wear. I stand gawking at her for only a short while before he grabs tall hitchhiker nikki stills has a juicy pussy and throws me onto my bed.

I must have a little bit of a frighten look on my face because of the way she is smiling, like she caught something in her trap. She is on all fours on top of me, pinning my arms down and trapping my legs with hers. "Aww what's wrong Angel, surprised to see me that much?" "No just surprised at what you decided to wear" "Would you have preferred the corset?" She says teasingly as she brushes her breast on my chest. Letting my lips hit the very top of her breast driving my hard on to grow more and more.

My dick pushes aside the towel that was covering it and pushing up against that red g-string she has on. She moves slightly back and forth knowing the torture she is doing to me. "No, this is just fine" I say as I take a lick at the top of her breast. She gives out a slight moan of pleasure. "Now now bad boy you don't get to have all the fun" She grabs hold of my hard cock that has been pushing hard against her pussy. I groan in pleasure as her small hand starts to stroke my hard dick, she kisses my chest and nibbles at my neck as I take my free hand and message her right breast.

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She brings her head up and our lips make contact, both tongues exploring each other's mouths deeply. I twist her nipple and retrieve a gasp from her, and she in return squeezes my dick so hard that it hurts to good. "I told you be a good boy, and you may get rewards" she says seductively as she starts to kiss down my chin and neck.

She continues down to my chest and bites my nipple. "ooww, why you do that?" "That's your punishment for what you did, now here is your reward for what you did" she says with a smile.

She continues kissing me down my body giving a lick every so often; the moister leaving cold chills after her mouth has felt. Her hair brushes against my body as she moves down more and more, that feeling alone ready to make me cum.

Her wonderful lips reach the base of my dick; she gives light kisses to drive me more insane, leaving spit all around my cock. My hands reach down and grab her hair; I lift her up gently and put my cock right on her lips. She does not open her mouth at first, but looks up at me with those eyes again, when she sees how hard I'm breathing and how much I need her she opens her mouth. Slowly she goes up and down on my hard dick. Her tongue licking the underside of my dick.

God what she does with her tongue is amazing, Her mouth warm with saliva making me get closer and closer to coming. She stops and I moan in protest. "I thought this was a reward?" "O it is, but its time I get mine for being so nice to you" She gives her school girl giggle before sitting straight on my dick her g-string. Her panties are soaked; she has enjoyed everything so far, as have I. She releases her bra and throws it aside. She grinds on top of me driving moan after moan from me as she rocks back and forth.

I grab both her breast with my hands and play with them. Squeezing them and twisting the nipples, she throws her head back from all the sensation she is getting from this. I think it's time to change the course though. I flip her around so she lies on the bed while I lay on top of her. I put her hands above her head and kiss her ear, nibbling at it every so often. It keeps her distracted. She does not notice the rope I am putting on her arm till it's too late.

She notices the rope on one arm and tries to fight me but I don't let up and kiss her lips to keep her down, surprisingly she kisses me back, still somewhat fighting me with her free hand. I take grasp of it and hold it down close to my bed post where the other rope is. I finally get her hand in the loop I have made and she is now helpless to move. I take her mask off and she stares at me with anticipation of what is to come next. I get off of her for a sec and she groans and whimpers in anger and objection.

Those whimpers make me shiver sometimes, but always in a good way. She struggles at the ropes but there is no way african sluts enjoy pleasing long cocks in orgy can get out. "Now it's time for your reward&hellip.princess" I say as I softly touch her legs moving upward.

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She shivers at the name as well as my actions. My fingers play with her g-sting that still remained. I softly touch the fabric making her squirm; I laugh at the fact that she can't do anything but layback and enjoy what I have in store for her.

I put my finger in my mouth and make it nice and wet with spit. I tear the g-string off and slowly circle her pussy lips with the wet finger.

She groans for more and I happy comply.

I stick my finger in her pussy slightly, while I lick her clit with my tongue. It drives her crazy. She struggles more and more at the ropes. She bucks her hips to make me go deeper. I replace my finger with my tongue and dig it deep inside her pussy.

She moans as I tongue fuck her good. She begins to breathe ragged as I begin to circle her clit with my finger. She screams my name as she cums over my face.

I lick it up and then go to kiss her. "How does your own cum taste?" She licks her lips, "not as good as yours is going taste." I let my dicks go down her stomach all the way to her nice juicy pussy. My dick still rick har from before, enters her pussy slowly, I let the head pop in first then take it out again, the cold air making the sensation tingle though my body. I reenter her pussy; she feels the cold wetness and whimpers.

She puts her legs over my shoulders giving me better access to her wonderful slit. I go further in with each stroke, until I am all the way inside her. I thrust again and again, her breast bouncing with my rhythm. I take one breast into my mouth, sucking and licking it.

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It become erect and I bit it, stuning tanned brunette toying on cam part whimpers loud at that and throws her head back. I start on the other one as I continue to fuck her good; giving her hard thrust then soft ones. She screams again as she cums all over my warm dick. I flip her around and tell her to stick her ass in the air.

She does so as much as she can still tied up. I slap that luscious ass of hers; she whimpers and moans for me to do more. I do it a few more times before I stick my cock in-between her beautiful butt cheeks. I slowly move up and down, she helps by moving her ass up and down against my motion. "fuck me again … please fuck me" she whines and whimpers. "I don't know if you want it enough princess." Making an emphasis on the last s.

"Fuck me please&hellip. Please fuck me… I need you cock in my pussy now, please&hellip. FUCK ME" I oblige and reenter her pussy hard; I just ram my dick in her hard. She scrams as she feels my dick hit the back of her pussy. I push ram her harder and harder, as my hand circles her clit while the other holds on to her hips and pushes her back. She cums again drips pussy juice all over my dick again.

I slide underneath her upside down, my cock right in her face, she knows what to do, she takes me into her mouth and sucks hard and long, while I tongue fuck her again, sucking and nibbling on her pussy. She takes her hand jacks off the base of my dick as she sucks me. The feeling is intense and I nearly come. She can tell I am ready for the way I am treating her pussy, lapping at the slit and sucking it hard. We both cum for the last time, as I cum in her mouth as she cums petite blonde rides on a massive dong my face again.

We both lick up as much as we can, enjoying each other's taste. We lie in the bed together sweating and holding each other. "Princess. this is certainly a way to start a vacation, maybe it can end the same way when I get back." She simply smiles and gives me a kiss on the lips. We both fall asleep for the short time I need before I have to get to the airport.