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Busty asian girl getting her hairy pussy fucked with strapon and doubledildo on
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Cock Worshipper Part 4: Eighteen When I was18 is when I came out to everyone, although no one was surprised and I think I always had that "cocksucker" look about me. It was shortly after I had met a guy named Joey who did gay porn. I won't reveal his stage name, out of respect, but I will say he was in his 20's, Italian, with black hair and blue eyes and very hot. We met through a party line and I drove to his flat where he lived with his partner who was in his 40's and flirted with me a lot.

But that night when we first met, he'd had another guy over around the same age as him and they got naked and had me service both of them. It was so hot and I had never serviced two guys before.

They kept having me take turns, going back and forth, sucking them, licking their balls and they both squirted their hot loads into my mouth.

One time when I went over there, Joey had to take off for a pretty teenie blows dick in pov and gets spread twat rode minutes and I was there alone with his partner, I think his name was John or Jack&hellip.but we were in the living room and he was just wearing a robe. We were watching TV, but I could see him casually let his robe open up a bit so I could see his cock and he kept running his thumb along it.

I wanted him to say something to me, but he didn't and pretended he was watching what was on the tube. I was going to make a move, but then Joey came back and John (or Jack or whatever) tight blonde teen tiffany watson screwed by her stepbros have gotten scared because he closed his robe and started flipping channels. Whatever. I also learned about an adult video store in San Mateo that had video booths, which I went to so I could watch some hot porn.

Little did I know until that first night that there would be guys cruising the maze of booths and leaving their doors open a crack. So, I figured this was a golden opportunity for me and I went into a booth and dropped quarters in to play the video channels and within a minute or two, a man peeked into my booth. I let him an and locked the door. He opened his fly and pulled out his cock to let me suck it and in seconds he was pumping his hot goo down my throat.

I made several trips to this video store, either going inside or sitting in my car just outside as men would walk by. There were some nights I would go and give head to anywhere from 3 to 8 men in one night.

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Older, bigger, smaller, Indian, Black, White, Latin. You name it!

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It was like a cock smorgasbord for me. When I'd sit in my car, guys would cruise slowly by in their cars and if there was an attraction, I'd follow them somewhere dark and blow them in their car. Or, they'd walk by my car and look in, so I'd have them get in and we'd talk a few minutes and then soon I would take us somewhere out of the way to suck them off. Some would suck my cock, too, but back then I was a total bottom slut and hadn't learned the thrill of being a top.

(Don't get me wrong, I'll always be a cocksucker in a huge way, but I really like fucking ass now). That was also the year I met Richard, a really handsome latin guy in his 20's forced sex with mom sleep I had a huge crush on.

I picked him up, as he was thumbing a ride one night to this gay bar in San Mateo that's no longer there, called "B" Street (on actual B Street) and there was a lesbian bar upstairs too.

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So, we talked as I drove him there and before I dropped him off, we made out for a few minutes and we exchanged numbers. Richard and I hooked up again not too long after and he had me over his grandmother's house in Redwood City where he lived in this little house behind her house that was once his grandfather's storage "house" that he converted into bigtit mature fucks her cock starved cunt own pad. Richard was a lot of fun and we smoked weed together.

He turned me on to this group called Mazzy Star whose CD we played over and over that night and then finally all stoned he layed back on his futon mattress on the floor and let me give him head. It was hot and his cum tasted so damn good, but I really had a crush on him and it didn't seem like he was headed in that direction. He was very free-spirited and in no way ready to settle on just one guy. I was still so young yet too and had no idea what a relationship involved.

So, we became good friends. He introduced me to the nude beach at San Gregorio, where when we got there he stripped right down to nothing and ran right into the ocean.

He was great to look at and a beautiful example of manhood. He also got me into B-Street because he knew a guy who worked at the door and I was just told to be casual, not order any alcoholic drinks and blend in with the crowd.

The place was dimly lit and large so it was easy to be incognito and have a good time. It was such a great place with a big dance floor and the music was awesome.

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Richard would instantly start mingling and so I would hang out and check out guys. I was a little shy there and so they would usually come up to me and start talking. I ended up going home with a few of them and was having a great time. One night at B-Street, I met John and he invited me to his house…with him and his wife Judy.

So, I thought, why not? They were nice and in their 40s and he looked gay boy german 18 sxx the lead guitarist from Aerosmith. We went back to their house and they turned on some porn, got naked, served cocktails and introduced me to crank. Wow, did that get me amp'ed and I started talking 50 miles an hour about how much I loved cock.

Judy wanted to see me suck her nannyspy lonely dad seduces busty brunette nanny amia miley cock, so John stood in front of me and I sucked him. Judy then put on a strap-on and pretended like she was stoking her "cock". Then she sucked my cock as John had me suck his cock. I couldn't stop looking at the porn too and the scenes they had playing were so nasty with a lot of pissing and cumshots. We partied and messed around until the next morning and I went home as the sun came up in a bit of a haze, baffled about what had gone on all night.

We kept in touch and got together a couple more times. They'd have me over for dinner, then take me to B-Street for a drink (well, they'd drink), then we'd go back to their place and do some crank and mess around. It was fun, but we all moved on after the 3rd time. So, those were my experiences when I was eighteen years old. I'd already had quite a good amount of sex by that time, but I didn't have any clue as to what was in store during the next year.

Age 19 for me is a completely different story that I will hold off on telling you about until the next installment. Take care!