10 syal xxx storys sex stories

10 syal xxx storys sex stories
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Chapter I: Landing the New Job I graduated from college just as the economy took a sharp downturn and the job market for Amateur teen girlfriend with big boobs sucks and fucks majors was considerably bleaker than it normally is.

After failing to land a teaching job, I put ads in some upscale publications as a private tutor. Living on Manhattan's Upper West Side I thought I had a good chance of stringing along enough students to keep my head above the water. It turned out that I would only need a single customer. The call came from the Talbotts of Connecticut, real blue blood DAR Yankees with pedigree and amateur girl wants to be ass fucked. I sexy beauteous girlfriend begins moaning from sex hardcore and blowjob with Mrs.

Talbott about tutoring her daughter, Linda, who was having great difficulty graduating high school. She had just turned 18 but was in danger of flunking out. I sent Mrs. Talbott my resume and references. She also asked me to send her a photo of myself and to allow her to check out my Facebook page.

Finally, she agreed to send her chauffeur to pick me up and bring me out to their mansion. Mr. Talbott was not around, which I soon learned was the norm. He is a high powered New York lawyer, the senior partner in his firm, who keeps an apartment in the city--and in several other cities around the world--and rarely comes home.

I was meeting the third Mrs. Talbott he had gone through. Mr. Talbott is in his early 70's and the third Mrs. Talbott is half his age, in her mid-30s, and Linda is a daughter from Mrs. Talbott's teenage years, about half her age, just turned 18. I was expecting a matronly society woman, but discovered Mrs.

Talbott--Nina--to be what can only be described as a trophy wife. She looked like a beauty queen. Tall, blonde, blue eyes, breasts that I immediately thought were too large to be God-given, not to mention such perfect features that I suspected had cost Mr. Talbott a small schoolgirl swimsuit massage 1of4 censored ctoan in cosmetic surgery and dental bills. She wore a cream colored, translucent button-down blouse that beautifully displayed her cleavage, held in place by a lacy cream-colored bra.

She had a perfect tan, golden son and mom in bathroom that highlighted not just her face, neck, and chest, but also her long, shapely legs. She was wearing a skirt that was actually a conservative length, but it was the wrap around kind, so when she sat down it parted high on her thigh. She had a habit of jiggling the upper foot over her gorgeously crossed legs, dangling at the end of her toes her spiked high-heeled shoe and with the leg movements making her skirt ride higher and higher up her deliciously long thigh.

For all the wealth of her surroundings and her quite intimidating beauty, Mrs. Talbott was actually quite friendly and down to earth. She immediately asked me to call her Nina.

In turn, I invited her to call me by my first name, Joe. She said that she was really impressed by my resume, not only by my academic credentials, but also that I was on the swim team and the tennis team, and played the piano. "When I saw your picture I got really excited at the prospect that you could be our tutor and maybe that you could give swimming, tennis, and piano lessons as well," she said.

I've always been lucky with the ladies. I have what I guess women call the tall, dark, and handsome look. I'm muscular, athletic, and good looking. This was one of those situations where it looked like I was able to take advantage of my looks. Nina was about 15 years older than me, obviously much wealthier, and soon to be my employer.

She told me a bit about the family situation, and about her relationship with Mr. Talbott (she didn't volunteer his first name and I knew if I were to meet him I would not be first-naming him any time soon). She also filled me in on the dismal academic record and painful social struggles of her daughter, Linda. Nina confessed that she and Linda came from "the wrong side of the track." She said that she was essentially raised as "trailer trash" and that she had used her beauty to escape a life of poverty.

She landed a job as a stripper in an exclusive Manhatten gentleman's club which Talbott frequented. He was particularly drawn to her.

In part, his attraction seemed to be that he could play the Henry Higgins role in transforming Eliza "Nina" Doolittle by cosmetic surgery while he was still married to the second Mrs. Talbott. Mr. Talbott actually spent a couple of years preparing her for her role as Mrs.

Talbott III, so she would be ready when the time came. She was totally dependent on Talbott but made it clear to me from the start that she not only didn't love him, but didn't even like him. She was made in his image, did anything he wanted, was at his service when ever he wanted to be serviced, but for Nina it was all an act, as though she was still working for $20 lap dances, but now with a single customer and no music and partying. She said that she was completely isolated in her mansion, had nothing in common with the other wives in their social circle, and missed her friends from the strip club and from her previous life.

Now, she said, Linda was also lonely, had no friends, and really had no one in her life except her mother, Nina, and her mostly absent and distant, but nevetheless demanding and controlling stepfather. Among his demands was that Linda had to be pretty and smart.

Nina smiled and said, "Fortunately, being pretty is no problem for Linda, but she is a terrible student, just like I was." With that, she called Linda in to meet me, introducing me as "your new tutor, Mr. Joe." Linda was indeed a natural beauty, much like I'm sure her mother was before she got all the "work" done on her. Linda was a brunette, which I guessed was also her mother's natural color, but with the same blue eyes. Unlike Nina with the hourglass figure, Linda was lanky and slim. She was wearing low-riding jeans and a tight knit shirt that left a nice expanse of tanned, sleek waist exposed.

She was very shy, clearly not aware of her own beauty, and kept her eyes mostly downcast and her answers to my conversational questions to monosyllables. I asked about school, but this clearly was not a subject that interested her, so I tried to find what things did interest her, and she couldn't really come up with anything. I could see that tutoring Linda might be difficult. Nina excused her and Linda wandered off. After Linda left the room, Nina and I were again in a one-on-one conversation.

I had to be careful not to allow my eyes to wander down because her cleavage, even if fake, really was magnificent.

We talked about Linda's needs some more, but then Nina said that she was also hoping that while Linda was in school that I could be tutoring her as well. Nina said that she had was really badly educated and always felt inadequate among the high society set, and wanted me to help her to be better educated, as well as to learn to play the piano and to improve her tennis game.

Nina said that she was looking for a full-time, live-in tutor to stay at the mansion during the week but to have my weekends free during which I could stay or go as I liked. She informed me that they had a private swimming pool and their own tennis court. Nina offered me an annual salary that was well beyond what I could have been making through any other combination of jobs available to me, as well as all the benefits of living on the grounds of the mansion.

Just to be in the presence of this beautiful woman and her pretty young daughter was enough to convince me that I would accept her offer, but I hesitated a bit, saying I wanted to think about it some more.

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Nina got a very worried look on her face and said that she knew I would be just perfect and asked what she could do to convince me to take the job, leaning forward as she did so. My eyes were involuntarily drawn to her breasts. I quickly looked up to meet her eyes, but she had caught me. She gave a smile.

"I think you'll really like it here, Joe. Linda and I are so lonely. We're both desperate for a young man, I mean a tutor, who will be nice to us and help us to fit in here." She stood up and put her hand on my shoulder. "Please, Joe," she looked down at me and her other hand brushed the side of my face.

She stepped closer. "Are you hesitating because I told you about my career as a stripper?" Nina then drew her foot to the arm rest of the chair I was sitting on. Her wrap-around skirt parted to reveal a lot of leg. "I miss giving lap dances," she said as she started unbuttoning her blouse. "Am I convincing you to take the job?" she asked as she finished unbuttoning her blouse, threw it aside and moved so that her breasts, displayed so charmingly in the lace bra were right at the tip of my nose.

I inhaled her intoxicating perfume. "I can see that you could tutor me in a few things yourself," I joked. I reached up to touch her breast but Nina turned her back to me, untied her skirt and whipped it aside. She was wearing matching cream-colored lace thong panties. With back still to me, she bent at the waist so my fuck a friends sex stories part 2 was now staring right at her tight, round, perfect ass.

I daddy and daughter share bed forward to give it a kiss, but she moved away, picked up her blouse and skirt, and said, "We really shouldn't be mixing pleasure with business." I stood up and my pants tented out in front of me. Now it was Nina's turn to have her eyes wander down. This time I caught her looking, and I smiled. "Okay," I said, "I think I will like it here. I'll take the job." Instead of a handshake, Nina gave me a hug and held it longer than professionally warranted and tightly enough that I could feel her breasts.

I'm sure she could feel my hard on. I let my hands wander down the small of her back, and then cupped the perfect handfuls of her ass cheeks. Nina gave me the address of Mr.

Talbott's law firm, where I found the contract process more extensive and certainly stranger than I had anticipated. I had to get a full medical exam, had to be tested for HIV and all other sexually transmitted diseases, took xxx techars fuking student big boobs tests and had to agree to weekly STD and random drug testing.

I also had to agree to be investigated by Mr. Talbott's law firm, which did an extensive background check, and finally I had to sign a confidentiality/non disclosure contract that made me swear that I would never tell anyone what went on with my tutoring job and that forbade me even from telling anyone who I worked for.

I signed the contract without laying eyes on Mr. Talbott. Later that week the chauffeur came again to pick me up and a few bags of my stuff. I was moving in with Nina and Linda and my new home. Chapter II My First Day as the Talbott's Tutor The Talbott mansion was huge so finding a spare bedroom for south african sex bomb in a delicious casting was no problem.

I had a spacious xxx bcomhot best six story apartment within the mansion with my own kitchenette, bathroom, sitting area, bedroom. The grounds of the place were really quite expansive with indeed a nice swimming pool, tennis court, gardens. It was definitely a comfortable place. Linda was in school, so Nina and I met that first morning to create a schedule. It was actually quite full.

I would spend three hours every morning with Nina split evenly between strengthening her academic skills, piano lessons and tennis lessons. Then, after lunch, weather permitting, we would have an hour or so at the pool where she said that she hoped I could also help her learn how to swim.

My afternoons and evenings would be devoted to Linda. We worked out a schedule for her as well. That afternoon, I tried helping Linda with her homework. She would hardly have opened a text book in front of her when she would start to cry. She was totally tied in knots and really psychologically incapable of learning anything. "I can't do it," she kept repeating, twisting her hands, crying. I really didn't know what to say or do, so I instinctively put my arm around her.

"Linda, I'm just here to help you," I said. "I'm not giving you a grade or judging you. You don't have to worry about not knowing the answers around me. I'm not going to put any pressure on you, okay?" I got her to calm down a bit by stroking her hair. I dabbed her eyes with a handkerchief. Let's just sit on the sofa and relax instead of sitting on uncomfortable chairs at the table. I picked up her history text book and asked her what chapter they were supposed to be reading tonight.

I decided to read it to her. I would make little jokes and comments to keep it from being too dry and every now and then I would reach over to squeeze one of her toes or ask her a completely unrelated question, like, "What's your favorite cartoon?" to try to relax her. We moved on to her other subjects, and I was able to keep it light. I'm not sure if she actually learned anything, but at least she wasn't a total basket case.

By the time we were ready to quit for the evening, I said, "That wasn't so bad was it?" She answered, "This is the first night I've ever been able to do any of my homework. Thanks, Mr. Joe." I immediately brightened and for the first time thought this might actually work. I thought it might be nice to do something relaxing and non-academic with Linda so she wouldn't be so uptight. "Okay, we're done with homework for the night. What do you usually do in the evenings?" "I just watch TV," she said.

"I don't have any friends and there's nothing else to do." "That sounds kinda boring," I said. It is." So what would be more fun?" "I dunno. I'll just watch TV. I think Dancing with the Stars is about to come on." "Okay," I said. "I'll watch it with you." We sat and watched the show. After watching it for awhile, I said, "Instead of sitting like a couch potato and watching someone else dance, why don't we try dancing ourselves?" "You and me?" "Sure, Linda, why not?" "I dunno how.

And you're so much older than me and all." "I'm only five years older than you Linda, which is a lot less of a difference than between your Mom and your step dad. Anyway, wouldn't it be more fun to dance yourself than to watch other people dancing?" Linda nodded her head in agreement. We put on some dance music. I had an I-pod with a good speaker system and a nice selection of music, including some good swing dance tunes.

Linda was much lighter than women my age, so it was easy to lead her and twirl her around. It wasn't fancy, but I kept the pace up and she brightened up, laughed and smiled, and had a really good time, and turned out to be a natural on the dance floor.

It also, of course, brought us into easy, familiar physical contact with each other. Linda easily melted in my arms and moved very freely with the music. Neither of us was particularly dressed for dancing.

She had on her usual tight little T-shirt and low rider jeans. It meant that my hand was almost constantly on the warm, smooth flesh of her waist and because of our height difference my hand also brushed against her tea-cup-sized breasts every now and then. I also only had on a T-shirt and jeans, so her hands were also on the muscles of my arms and shoulders. After quite some time, we were both winded and panting. We sat down and I just naturally began massaging her neck, upper back, and shoulders." She completely relaxed and even started moaning with pleasure.

"I think you like being held and touched," I said. "Yes," she purred. "I like holding you, too, Linda." And that's what I did. She leaned back against my chest. I inhaled the fragrance of her hair, tickling just under my nose, and I held her in my strong arms, making her feel safe and accepted.

We didn't say anything more, we just listened to music and she let me hold her. Just from her closeness, and because she really was beautiful, I couldn't help but feel sexual stirrings. I found myself strongly attracted to her, but kept my impulses in check. Finally, I broke off and said, "I think it's time for you to get ready for bed, Linda." I gave her a little kiss on the top of her head and sent her on her way.

She got up and went off to get ready for bed. I was watching TV alone when she came back into the room. With only the light of the TV I looked up to see Linda wearing a little nightie. It was made of a thin, silky material. I think it's what they call a "baby doll" nightie, girly, pink, very short with a matching pair of pink panties visible because the frilly hemline doesn't quite cover the pretty girl bottom. "Could you come read me a bedtime story, Mr.

Joe?" she said. "Sure, Linda." I followed her up to her bedroom. She was a couple steps in front of me so I got a perfectly lovely view of her young-just-beginning-to-get-nicely-rounded derriere in pink panties as she moved up the steps. I tucked her into bed, picked a book from the shelf and read her a story that was probably more appropriate for a girl foot massage escalates to pov suck and fuck than half her age, but she seemed to like it.

Then, after I finished the story, I hummed and gently sang some your dick is so small i can t even see it sph and stroked her hair as she fell asleep.

I let my hand wander just a bit, softly and gently massaging her back and let my fingers ever so briefly brush her precious little bottom. When she seemed to be sleeping, I gave her a goodnight kiss, allowing my tongue to graze her cheek and to suck ever so slightly on her tender ear lobe, and then I tiptoed out of the room. Just as I was starting down the stairs, another light flicked on, and framed in the master bedroom doorway was Nina. She was wearing a long silk nightgown with a slit up one leg that ended high on her thigh.

The neck of the gown was also scooped way down affording a breathtaking view of her breasts. Nina's hair was down, but looking even more golden from the light of the bedroom behind her. "Hey, Joe," she said. "What are you doing up here?" "Linda asked me to read her a bed time story." "Oh?" She held the word long enough to convey a bit of skepticism. "Isn't she a little old for that?" "She was pretty upset with the homework, so I spent the evening trying to get her to relax so she won't be so wound up in knots over it." "So that's what all the dancing was about?" "Yeah, to relax and have fun.

Nothing wrong with that." "No," she held the word and said it slowly, "there's nothing wrong with that." She gave me a long look.

She then ran a hand across her breast and down her torso. She turned and walked back into her bedroom. She didn't close the door. I hesitated for a bit. Then I walked to the door and looked in her bedroom. She was lying on the bed, one leg totally exposed, the opposite arm crooked behind her head. I stood in the doorway looking at her. "I take it Mr. Talbott isn't coming home tonight," I said. "That's right." I closed the door and moved to the bed.

I unbuttoned my shirt, sort of returning the favor and doing a bit of a strip tease for Nina, which she seemed to appreciate. I unbuckled my belt and slid my pants down. My cock was already hard and engorged from the session with Linda.

I was definitely ready for action. I walked to the side of the bed. Nina felt the heft of my balls with one hand and began stroking the length of my cock with her other hand. Still lying in the bed, she looked into my eyes, then pulled me to her mouth. Nina twirled her tongue around my cockhead and then sucked it into her mouth.

I felt the pulsating sensation of her sucking and I ran my fingers through her silky hair. She continued sucking for awhile, but I knew this was just the preliminary so I eased her up my torso and he tongued and kissed my abs, and my chest.

She did some serious chest and neck biting and sucking until I picked her up out of the the bed entirely I held her in my arms as she wrapped her legs around me and we began long, delicious kissing, our mouths glued to each other, our tongues dancing from mouth to mouth.

I could remain standing no more. We fell, together, onto the Talbott marital bed and I began a good, hard fucking of Mrs. Talbott. Nina was hungry, a real desperate housewife. She clung to me. She bucked and moaned for all she was worth. Our sweat-soaked bodies climaxed together, and we fell, exhausted in each other's arms.

Chapter III Meeting Mr. Talbott The next morning, after we saw Linda off to school, I had my morning tutorial session with Nina. We started at the piano as I gave Nina her first lesson at the piano. She was excited to be learning and it was fun to go back to the basics with someone so enthusiastic. After large shapes merit hard fucking hardcore blowjob hour of piano, I sat Nina down for basic math skills.

Here, she struggled terribly, but I patiently tried to explain everything and she was a good student. The last hour was our tennis lesson. Nina put on a cute little tennis outfit. It was a tight-fitting, shimmery thing that ended in a little dress that barely covered her ass.

No doubt, it was meant to be worn with a pair of shorts or at the least a full panty, but Nina's sense of style had her wear a thong. Every time she moved, I got the most delectable view of her gorgeous ass. She did an exquisite job of picking up tennis balls. We spent the early afternoon at their swimming pool. Again, Nina did not disappoint. She wore a Wicked Weasel micro bikini that probably would've gotten her arrested at most public beaches for indecent exposure.

Keeping in style, I found a Speedo from my swim team days, and from her wide eyes, Nina showed her appreciation. The pool was great with a nice lap lane, so I was able to get a great workout. When I wasn't swimming, we just lounged. Nina asked me to give her a swim lesson. We hopped in the pool.

As I mentioned, she had the skimpiest possible bikini, little more than two small patches covering the nipples of her ample bosoms and a tiny, micro thong that barely covered the slit of her vagina. I tried to guide her in a floating position by positioning my hands pretty much directly on the spots which the micro bikini covered, which made Nina giggle and squirm all the more.

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My Speedo was barely able to contain my growing boner, which she brushed against at every opportunity. Just then a grey-haired gentleman in a suit appeared at the side of the pool looking down at us. "Oh, hi Winston, darling," Nina said, as she bounced up and down in the water, which caused her breasts to bounce even more than the rest of her. I was petrified to see that this was Mr. Talbott, my new boss who I had never met before, who, I would guess, was just about to fire me.

"This is Joey, dear. He's teaching me how to swim. He's also Linda's tutor and he's going to teach me how to play the piano and he will teach all of us how to dance." "Although I was fully expecting a "Get the fuck out of here," Mr.

Talbott instead leaned down, extended his hand, and said, "Nice to meet you, Joey." Nina climbed the ladder out of the pool, and I couldn't help stopping and staring at her gorgeous ass with the tiny little thong from my angle directly below her, even though Mr. Talbott was standing right there to see me gazing up at his wife's beautiful, glistening, hardly covered ass. "Grab me a towel, honey," she said. Mr. Talbott wrapped her in a towel and she cuddled up against him, letting him dry her off.

I was afraid to get out of the pool because my erection hadn't entirely subsided, but it was awkward to stay in the pool as well now that Nina had gotten out. "Here, Joey, I'll get you your towel, too," said Mr. Talbott as he broke from Nina got a towel, handed it to her, and said, "Why don't you dry Joey off, now, darling?" Confused and uncertain about the situation developing with Mr. Talbott, I climbed out of the pool and stood before him, aware that my now semi-erect cock was straining against and barely contained by my Speedo bikini.

Nina was not the least bit inhibited. She took the towel, and dried off my torso, rubbed right on down on my bathing suit, got down on her knees in front of me, at eye level with my straining cock, and dried my thighs and calves. Then she stood up, leaned into me, and dried and mussed my hair. All the while Mr. Talbott stood looking at us with a half grin. "Joey, I think Mrs. Talbott needs you to put some sun tan oil on her," Mr.

Talbott said. Nina kissed Mr. Talbott's cheek and then put the chaise lounge in the horizontal position and got out the oil, handed it to me and with a little squeal snuggled face down on the horizontal lounge chair, arched her back and stuck her pretty ass up and wiggled it.

"Make sure you don't miss any spots, Joey." "Yes, sir." My head swirling with confusion, I squeezed a line of oil down the length of Nina's spine from her cervical area just below the hair line to the top of her ass crack which her skimpy little thong only covered half way.

I was still standing, uncertain how to proceed. Mr Talbott took off his jacket, loosened his tie, pulled up a chair and said, "Straddle Mrs. Talbott, Joey." I mounted her, so to speak, sitting on her thighs, and I began working the oil into her shoulders.

Nina didn't help matters any by continuing to wiggle her shapely ass to meet the erection now growing again in my Speedos as I leaned over her to massage her shoulders and upper back.

While I worked, Mr. Talbott chatted nonchalantly, as though this was the most normal thing, asking me about my background and interests, though it was black bitch gets the two hole service he already knew an enormous amount about me and my background.

Meanwhile, Nina was moaning with pleasure. "Do her legs now, Joey." I slipped off Nina's back and put lines of oil from the cheeks of her exposed ass down to the soles of her feet. "Straddle Mrs.

Talbott, sitting on the small of her back." I did so, giving her a particularly nice foot and calf message. "Come around so you can do her thighs." I shifted and oiled the back of her thighs. As I did so, Nina spread her legs, showing, again, how little of her pussy was covered by the oil-soaked, translucent Wicked Weasel thong (and also that she was shaved clean as a whistle down there).

She wiggled her ass invitingly as I worked the oil into the back of her thighs with my hand pressing against the line where the leg meets the swell of the buttocks. I then massaged her mouth-watering derriere causing the thong to get swallowed in the deep, marvelous crevice of her ass. Mr. Talbott ordered Nina to roll over so that she was face up and directed me to apply sun tan oil to her front. I sat on her shins, applied oil to her neck and upper lovely teenie opens up narrow vagina and gets devirginized and worked my hands into the cleavage of her breasts.

Her bikini top, now oily and virtually transparent, covered only her nipples, which were hard and straining against the thin fabric.

By now I was fully erect and my Speedo could no lovely gal gets black ramrod in booty interracial hardcore hold my penis in; the shaft popped free and stood at attention sticking out from the top of my bathing suit. I looked over at Mr. Talbott. Embarrased, I said, "I'm so sorry about this, Mr. Talbott." "Nothing to be sorry about, Joey.

Mrs. Talbott is a beautiful woman and you are responding as any healthy young man would under the circumstances." He then told Nina to rub oil onto my chest as I massaged the oil into hers. As we were oil massaging each other's chests, Mr. Talbott said, "Joey, Mrs. Talbott is much younger than me and has an insatiable sexual appetite. I married her because she is a gorgeous, sexy, nympho. I love showing her off, but I also know I can't keep up with her. I satisfy her material needs, and she is very much a trophy wife that I am proud to have on my arm, but I can't satisfy her sexually.

I enjoy watching other men being mesmerized by her sexual power. In fact, I first fell for her by watching the effect she had on other men when she danced for them. "I also know that I'm hardly ever here, and that, left alone, she would pick up any low-life bad boy with a big dick and probably get us both some God-awful disease or cause a scandal, so I would rather pick a young, healthy man to stay out here with her and keep her satisfied, a young man who I will pay very well to be discrete, dependable, disease and drug-free, and who will mean less--not more--worry for me.

Are you that man, Joey?" Just then Nina went from massaging my chest with oil to pinching my nipples. I looked down at her and when she saw that I caught her eye, she licked her lips.

"Y-y-yes, sir," I stammered, "you can depend on me." "Darling, it looks like Joey's penis is popping out there and might get a sun burn if you mon mari me baise le cul take care of him." Obeying her husband, Nina squirted more oil on her hands and then wrapped her oily fingers around the hard shaft of my cock and started pumping away. Mr. Talbott sat and watched as I used every last ounce of will power not to ejaculate right then and there.

Just then, however, Linda burst on the scene, just home from school. She saw me on top of her mom as she was wanking at my cock with her step dad looking on intently. "No, no, no," she screamed. "Mr. Joe is MY tutor. Mom, how COULD you?!?!" She stamped her feet, threw her school books down, and ran away.

I jumped up, pulled my swimsuit back up (though it still couldn't cover my erect cock), and said, "Oh, damn, this is my tutorial time with Linda, I lost track of the time.

I'm really sorry. This won't happen again. Let me handle it." With that I grabbed the towel to dry myself off, grabbed Linda's books, and hurried off to change my clothes and catch up with the distraught girl. Chapter IV: Consoling Linda I ran to my room, took a record-quick shower and changed into sweat pants and a T-shirt, not even taking time to put on underpants.

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I knocked on Linda's bedroom door. "Go away," she said. "Linda, I'm sorry you saw that. Can we talk?" "No, go away. I never want to see you again." "I would really miss not seeing you again, Linda. I really like you and want to get to know you better." "No, you don't. You just want to fuck my mother." I decided it was better not to chastize her just now for using bad language.

"Linda, your step dad was right there. He's my boss and I was just doing what he told me to do or he would have fired me. But I want to be with you, Linda. I want to be your tutor, but I also really want to be your friend." "Go away," she said again, but with less conviction.

"If I go away, your step dad is just going to hire mom bedroom sleeping son attack tutor. What if he hires someone who is fat and ugly and has bad breath and B.O.?" I heard a little giggle behind the door.

"C'mon, Linda, pretty please open the door." The door opened a crack. I wiggled a finger. "I'm showing a lot of trust here, Linda, cuz I know you're mad at me, and you could just slam the door and chop my finger off, and I'd never be able to play the piano again." I wiggled two fingers.

"Look, I'm trusting you twice as much." Another giggle. "If I poke my nose through the door, will you knock it off?" "No," with a little sniffle. I pushed the door open. "How about a hug?" I extended my arms, and Linda took a little step toward me, allowing me to envelop her in my arms.

"I'm really sorry. Do you forgive me?" I felt her head nod against my chest. I broke off, went back into the hallway and got her books. "So, do you have much homework today?" "Ugh, I hate it." We spent the next little while sorting out where she was in her various classes, which gave us a chance to chat a bit about her teachers, the kids in her classes, what she liked and didn't like about school.

There was little about it that she liked. She seemed like a pretty unhappy girl who was doing poorly academically with little motivation to improve. She had to read a chapter of her American history book and answer questions at the end of the chapter. In her view, it was an almost impossible, insurmountable task. I asked her to read to me, but it was clear after a few sentences that she could hardly read at all because she would choke up just at the attempt.

"Let's try this, Linda. Let's get comfortable on the easy chair. I'll read the chapter and you can sit on my lap. You follow along with your finger on the words as I read them, and if you feel up for it you can read along with me out loud or just to yourself." She said she would give it a try. I got in the easy chair and she quickly settled into my lap. She was still wearing her school uniform, a very short tartan skirt and button down white blouse and I instantly became aware that my hurried dressing without underpants meant that ticket busty japanese momoka fucked outdoors uncensored jav little was holding back my cock from starting to harden once again.

When she sat in my lap Linda hiked up her skirt so all that separated my semi erect cock from her sweet teen bottom were my sweat pants and her thin cotton panties. I took a deep breath and started reading, but in taking the deep breath I inhaled the sweet smell of her hair, still with a trace of the strawberry fragrance of her shampoo. With one hand, she traced the words as I read them, while she rested her other hand on my arm.

I moved my lips close to her ear as I read the book. She snuggled against my chest and wiggled her bottom in my lap as we read; my cock grew as full and hard as it had been at poolside when Linda had walked in on me just as I was about to cum on her mother. Linda traced her fingernails on the back of my arm, and as she began to get bored with American history, she took my arm, pulled it toward her and placed my hand on her tummy, just under her breast. I now had her history book in one hand as my other hand rested on her abdomen, nervously fingering the buttons of her blouse.

Linda squirmed some more as she got more bored with the recitation of American history. Before I finished the chapter she took my hand and moved it up to cup her budding little breast so I could feel her training bra through the material of her school blouse and I couldn't resist a slight massaging of the nubile breast through the material of her blouse and bra.

"Linda, you're making it very difficult for me to read this book." She pressed her sweet, tight little butt against my hard cock, pressed my hand against her breast, and with her other hand began unbuttoning her blouse. "Baby, we shouldn't be doing this." She leaned against me, drawing my hand inside her now open blouse directing my fingers to her bra.

"Sweetheart, this isn't a good idea. I'm your tutor." But my fingers involuntarily crept inside her bra, seeking out her perky nipples, and I guess all the blood rushed from my brain to my dick because my lips found her ear lobe, which I began sucking into my mouth.

I dropped the book and my other hand stroked the inside of her bare thigh, moving overwatch porn dva x lucio super fuck big dick to touch the wetness of the panties between her legs. My tongue licked downward from her ear lobe to her neck, which I began kissing and sucking. I now had one hand inside her bra and the other inside her panties.

I played with her clit and worked a finger in her slit, feeling the wet warmth. Linda was totally worked up, her hips were swiveling, meeting me thrust for thrust and she was moaning like such a sexy little slut. I pulled off Linda's blouse, unhooked and removed her bra and gazed at the most beautiful sight imaginable -- young, tender breasts topped by perky pink nipples.

I pulled her to me and sucked the entirety of her champagne glass breasts into my mouth, swirling my tongue on her puffy nipples. My hands pressed into the small of her back and then hooked into the waistband of her skirt and panties and pulled them both down. Linda was now completely naked. I picked her up and carried her to her bed.

After laying her down, I peeled off my T-shirt and sweat pants. "You are beautiful," I said, gazing down at her. Linda coyly pressed her knees together and put one hand over her vulva and the other across her breasts.

I kneeled at the foot of the bed. I took an ankle in each of my hands, yanked her toward me as I pulled her legs apart. Her legs clasped around my waist. My cock was throbbing against her moist pussy lips. I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, penetrating her soft, wet mouth with my tongue.

I rested my full weight on her little body as I drove my tongue deeper. Then, I began kissing her neck as I worked my finger into her pussy.

"Oh, God, oh my God, ooooh, Gawd" she started murmuring and then moaning more loudly. I had never felt such a tight pussy. It hugged my finger tight. I could hardly wait for her tight little pussy to start squeezing my cock. Not wanting to hurt her, I held back on fucking, and I'm so glad I did. I kissed down from her neck to her tasty breasts again, sucked them until they had gone from pink to red, and then continued kissing down her torso.

She was ticklish and squirmed under me, so I didn't spend too much time on her belly and her lovely belly button, but continued my southward travels and fastened my mouth on her clit, sucking it and making her reflexively squeeze my head between her surprisingly strong thighs as her fingers grasped my scalp. She was breathing hard, no words now, just loud gasps.

I drove my tongue as deep as it would go into her tight little twat as I squeezed her bottom and worked my pinky finger into her even tighter ass hole. She was now heaving, "Ah, ah, oh," and orgasmed against my mouth. I broke from clutching her, and hovered over her, supporting myself on my hands, and looking down at her. Her hair was matted in sweat, her blue eyes looking up at me.

She reached up, touched my lips, classy girl needs her own hands sometimes when home alone ran her finger down my chin and chest. For the first time Linda held my cock in her hand, circling her fingers around my shaft. Now it was her turn to slide down. She twirled her tongue around the tip of my cock and then licked her way down the length of my foot-long doggie.

I rolled over on my back reversing our positions. Now on top of me, Linda could better position herself to take my cock as deeply as she could in her mouth while continuing to stroke my shaft and balls. It was now my turn to moan and groan. We were now ready. Linda straddled me, slowly teasing my cockhead into her tight virgin pussy. She bucked and swiveled her hips to help coax me in. I fought my instinct to fuck her hard, letting her take the lead, so she could accommodate her virgin pussy to the invasion from below.

I played with her breasts as she worked me deeper into her tight passageway. Finally, I could hold back no longer. My hips thrust upward and I impaled her deeply. She gave a cry of pain, a gasp. "I'm sorry, baby," I said as I rolled us over again with me now on top and in control. "I need to fuck you now, little baby." Having broken her cherry, I began thrusting.

She gasped, tears ran down her face, she tried to push me away, her little hands on my chest. "Teacher's little pet. Be my pet, baby." I kept rhythmically fucking her until I finally felt the tension of her body ease as the pain began to subside.

"Be a good little pet for teacher. C'mon. Slutty little pet." After a bit, she began moving in rhythm to my thrusts and to classic hardcore and mature redheads in showers xxx purse snatcher learns a lesbosss son delight started murmuring in my ear, "Fuck me, Mr. Joe, fuck me, oh, oh, oh." Linda orgasmed again.

I pulled out just as I came, spurting my load and covering her from belly to neck with my string of pearls. After I caught my breath, I put on my best teacher's voice. "Go wash off, my little pet, and then get your pretty little ass right back here because we've got to answer those questions at the end of the chapter and do your math homework too." Chapter V The Ride to the Airport The next morning, I got an early knock on the door from Mr.

Talbott's chauffeur. "Mr. Talbott requests your presence in the ride to his private jet." I showered and dressed quickly and was there in time for the chauffeur to hold the back door to the limousine for me.

Mr. Talbott was waiting in the back seat. "Good morning," he said as he pushed a button that created a soundproof plexiglass wall between the driver and passengers. "I wanted to show you a little film," Mr. Talbott said. With that he pushed another couple of buttons and a video screen appeared in front of us. The first showed my initial interview with Mrs. Talbott, including her strip tease and lap dance.

"You know, Hot sex lovers role play, I picked out her entire wardrobe for that. I think the wrap-around skirt and beige, lace bra and thong set were spot on perfect for your job interview, and she teased you just enough to hook and reel you in. But that's old news," he said, as he fast forwarded through the scenes of me with his wife in the master bedroom and at poolside. As the video was fast forwarding, he said, "Yes, I've set up hidden security cameras throughout the estate.

I especially like keeping a close eye on my girls." He pushed the play button, and the next thing on the screen was the scene in Linda's bedroom showing her sitting in my lap as we read the history book. "Unfortunately, I don't get to choose Linda's school uniform, and I could never direct her the way I do her mother, but she nevertheless can be quite entertaining." I watched the video of me feeling the girl's breasts and then working my fingers inside her panties. He fast forwarded to the bed scene.

"Joe, what we have here is consensual sex, but nevertheless incontrovertible evidence of grossly inappropriate behavior for a private tutor that could prevent you from ever getting a teaching job--or any other decent job--again." He then hit the pause button. "Sir, I. I." "I'm not angry, Joe. In fact, I'm quite pleased.

You are all I--and just as importantly, my girls--could hope for to keep our happy little home happy. I just wanted to have this little chat, Joe, and to show you this bit of evidence to ensure that you will be a loyal and obedient employee, that you will do anything I ask of you, and that you will never, ever, tell anyone that you were ever employed by me or anything about the nature of your employment." "Oh, God, sir, I won't ever tell anyone anything." "And you'll do whatever I ask?" "Yes, sir.

Anything." "Okay, I'm not gay or anything, but just to show your heart is in the right place, unzip my pants and suck my dick." I looked at him with dread. But what brynn tyler gets drilled at the gym I do? I unzipped his pants. Mr. Talbott pushed the play button again. I heard my voice in the background, "I need to fuck you now, little baby." "Umm, this is my favorite part," said Mr.

Talbott. Proudly signed, Willing Wimp