Blonde alexa grace gets her pussy loaded with creampie

Blonde alexa grace gets her pussy loaded with creampie
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Amy and I had a special relationship. you see she loved to go poop for me and sometimes would leave little or big presents around the house for me to find and punish her for, she's not allowed to wipe herself only I'm allowed to wipe her clean. She doesn't like to poop in the toilet, she likes to wear her little girl outfits and panties for me. Amy come here please. She came downstairs wearing her hair in pig tails with pink ribbons and her little mermaid panties with her little mermaid nightgown on.

Yes daddy Andrew she said with a smile her on her face. Were you a good girl today? No I wasn't daddy. Turn around Extra small virgin vs monster cock massiv cock destroy teenage pussy let me check your butt and see if it's clean or if you went poop and not telling daddy. Amy take off your nightgown and then turn with your butt facing anal fuck of nice looking brazilian honey hardcore and blowjob. She took it off and her boobies were so hot.

She turned around and I placed my fingers around the waistband of her panties and then slowly pulled them down her legs. I said Amy you were a bad girl. I was looking at her cute butt and spread her ass cheeks to notice her cute asshole had traces of poop around it. Hunnie were did you poop? Take me to where you did your business. Before we left the kitchen I had her taker her night gown off and step out of her panties.

She stepped out of them and was now naked. That's my girl I love to see you naked. She takes me to her play room where her toys are and points to the left corner. I see a huge pile sitting there.

You could smell it from the door way. Ooh you bad little girl. Amy I'm going to give a good spanking over my knee. I went and got a chair and brought it next to her shit pile. Ok Amy when I sit down come over my lap. I sat down and she layed across my lap with her face looking at her pile.

Amy I want you to see you're being spanked for being a naughty girl. You're going keep your eyes on your shit and think about what you did. She said yes daddy. You're going to get 30 smacks. smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10, smack 11, smack 12, smack 13, smack 14, smack 15, smack 16, smack 17, smack 18, smack 19, smack 20, smack 21, smack 22, smack 23, smack 24, smack 25, smack 26, smack 27, smack 28, smack 29, smack 30.

Her butt was really red from the spanking. Amy you can get up now. Daddy I'm sorry for pooping in the playroom. Amy's playroom has only little girl toys that she loves to play with and has a TV and DVD player where she can watch her favorite Disney princess movies. I just wanted a spanking because I love them.

I know sweetie. She loves kitties and likes to poop in her little sandbox that's in every room in the house. Amy go and get me your baby wipes from where we put them in the playroom.

We keep her wipes in every room of the house. She went over to her toy chest and brought them back to me. Ok Amy face me so I can clean your pussy first. I took a wipe and started to wipe it clean, and then I said turn around now so daddy can clean that dirty bottom of yours.

She turned around and I took another wipe and started wiping her down. The wipe was getting all dirty from her dirty bottom. I went in her ass crevice, butt cheeks and all around her cute little butt hole and got it all clean.

Ok hunnie all done. Look at how dirty your bottom was. Yucky daddy. Daddy I got to tinkle. Ok Amy go in your in your litter box in the corner. Ok daddy. I watched as she walked over to her litter box and found a spot to squat down and pee.

I could see her piss coming out of her little pee hole. She was peeing allot, it was making a huge wet spot in the sand. Are you almost done yet hunnie? Almost daddy. Ok daddy I'm all done. I took a wipe out of the box and went over to her and cleaned her pussy up from when she peed.

Amy hunnie go and put on your favorite pair of panties and only panties I want you in panties only got it hunnie. Yes daddy. She went and put on a pink pair with tinker bell on who was on her butt.

Let's eat some lunch your going to eat allot of fiber so you make poop for daddy. We walked into to the kitchen and I made us some sandwiches. We sat at the table and ate. After Amy was done eating I gave her a special pill that will make her poop.

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She went to the playroom to play with her toys while I was cleaning up the kitchen from lunch. Her playroom is on the 1st floor on the other side of the kitchen. After I was done in the kitchen I went in to the playroom to keep an eye on my hot sis Amy. She was playing with her Barbie dolls and looking so cute in just her tinker bell panties. She looked so happy playing on the floor. Her playroom has couch in it. I went and sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

after about an hour she come up to me holding her butt saying daddy I got to make stinky can I make stinky for you daddy? I told her yes you can. Let me take your panties off first. Ok daddy. So I spang bank old age sex both my hands in the waistband pulled them down and had her step out of them.

Her litter boxes are big sandboxes. Amy go to your litter box stand and squat with your butt towards me so I can watch you go poop.

Ok daddy. Her litter box was on the left side of the TV, and the couch was in the center of them room cause the TV is centered on the wall. Her litter boxes are filled with kitty litter. Amy walked over to her litter box and did exactly as I told her with her butt facing me.

Amy spread your butt cheeks and you may now make your stinky. Ok daddy. As I was watching her butt you could see the first one peek out it was a little long it fell in the litter. Then two nuggets came out. After that three long ones popped out. They were all brown colored. Amy do you have any more? One more daddy. The last one was a huge one that was at least 2ft in length. Done daddy. After she was done she took the poop that was in her litter box and buried it just like any cat would do.

Good girl hunnie. Now come to daddy so I can wipe you clean. Bring me your wipes. She went and got her baby wipes and came over to the couch with them. Amy now turns with her cute butt towards me. Yes daddy. I pulled out a wipe and started cleaning up her dirty little bottom. I went all around her butt cheeks, then in her ass crevice, then all around her cute little butt hole. Amy look at messy you were from making stinky. Yucky daddy. Ok hunnie all clean lets go up to your room and get your favorite pair of pajamas on.

Ok daddy. We went up to her room. Her room was basically designed and furnished with little girl items and clothing. Go pick out your favorite pair hunnie.

She picked out a tinker bell top and bottom. Amy got another pair of tinker bell underwear to wear so it will go with your pajamas. Yes daddy. She picked out a purple pair with tinker bell on her front and her butt. Amy its time for bed I invited your two friends over to play with you and make a huge dirty smelly messes with you.

Ok daddy. Who is coming over? Rachel and Stacy. Yay thank you daddy. I put her underwear and pajamas on then tucked her into bed. Good night Amy.

Good night daddy. The next day after I got up I went and woke Amy and had her do her morning business. Amy do you have to pee or poop this morning.

Yes daddy I have to pee. Ok first go to litter box and pee. Just take your pajama bottoms and panties down before you go. OK daddy. She pulled down her pants and underwear then she walked over to her box and squatted down and began peeing. She peed for a minute I could see it was allot of pee. You done hunnie. Yes daddy. I went and got a wipe and wiped her pussy clean.

Hunnie take off your panties because I'm going to diaper you all day today. Yes daddy. We kept her diapers in her closet. I went and took one out got a wipe and the baby powder. Amy lay down on the floor so I can diaper you. She layed down on the floor I wiped her butt and pussy then I powdered her butt and pussy. Lift your legs up now so I can put the diaper under you and fasten the tapes.

She lifted her legs up I layed it under and fastened the tapes. There you go hunnie. Her diapers had Disney princess on them and were pink. Stand up hunnie I'm going to pick out a nice dress for you to wear. I walked to her closet and picked out a plaid pink. Lift your arms up and I can she plays with large dick of chap the dress on you. She did as told and I put over her head and poked her arms through the dress holes. There you go.

Now Amy put your hair in pig tails and put the pink ribbons in and you're ready for the day. Yes daddy.

She went over to the dresser got two ribbons out and did her hair as I told her to. We keep diapers faketaxi sucking cock to get to the top her room and in the playroom. After she did her hair we walked downstairs to kitchen were I made us bacon and eggs for breakfast with a glass of orange juice.

She looked so cute eating breakfast. After she was done eating she asked me if I could put on her favorite channel the sprout channel.

I said go sit in the playroom and I will come in and turn on the TV for you and put your favorite channel on. Yay daddy. After I cleaned up from breakfast I walked in the playroom and put on her favorite channel. She was sitting playing with her toys when I walked in and was still playing when I turned on the TV. It was ll am and Rachel and Stacy were coming over at 12pm. Amy was being a good girl. A half hour later I heard the door bell. I went and answered the door.

It was Rachel and Stacy. Amy your poop playmates are here. She came running to the front door. Stacey and Rachel were dressed in cute little pink dresses with pink bows in there hair with pig tails and not wearing bras cause little girls don't wear bras they had there favorite blanket and stuffed animals with them, they were wearing diapers.

I said hi Stacy hi Rachel they said hi Uncle Andrew. Come in.

Amy said hi then I took them to the playroom where they could play for awhile. Sniff Sniff I smell something stinky. Did any one of you girls poop in your diapers. Rachel was holding her nose and so was Stacy they also had one hand on there diaper butts. Amy was squatting down making her diaper a mess.

I said girls I will change you but not until after I put on the little mermaid movie for you and when that movie is over I will change you and clean your dirty bottoms. Yes Uncle Andrew. I went to the DVD rack got the movie then put in the DVD player and started the movie. I had them sit on the floor with there blankets and stuffed animals.

After I started the movie I went got them drinks of apple juice in baby marsha may gets fucked in various positions. I handed them each a bottle so they can have something to drink while the movie was on.

Then I went into the kitchen and made some snacks for the girls while the movie was playing. Two hours later I go in the playroom and the movie was over and I see the girls have a little surprise for me. I walk over to the girls and have them stand up then I sniff there butts and feel the front of there diapers. Sniff sniff did you girls make more poop in your diapers and wet them to.

Yes Uncle Andrew. I asked the girls where do go bad girls and good girls go potty? They all told me bad girls go potty in the potty, and good girls go potty in diapers or there litter boxes, or little potty's. That's right sweeties. Ok girls time for snacks. They all said yay snacks!

Come to kitchen for your snacks. They walked to the kitchen in there wet and messy diapers and sat at the table. Girls it snack time then I will change your dirty diapers.

Ok Uncle Andrew. I gave them each a glass of apple juice and a plate. Then I put down a plate full of fruit with apples and pears. They each started to take a piece of fruit and eat it. While they were sitting down it was making there bottoms really messy. The apples and pears were cut up. They are being real quiet and good drinking there juice and eating. They said Uncle Andrew we are all done our snacks. Ok girls. Stacy and Rachel were staying over for the weekend so they are going to borrow Amy's clothes.

Tomorrow girls your going to wear panties all day but your not horny blonde cheating slut wife fucks strangers dick for orgasm to poop or pee in them. If you do you will be spanked. Ok Uncle Andrew. So when you have to go potty I'm going to sit you on one of Amy's potty chairs. When you pee and poop in the little potty you will be each get a toy to play with. Ok Uncle Andrew. Now go back in to the playroom and play while I clean up in here.

Then I will be right in to change your diapers. Ok Uncle Andrew. Good girls. I was done in the kitchen and walked into the playroom. When I walked in Amy and Rachel were fighting over a toy. I want it. No I want. I said sternly Amy Rachel what do you think your doing! Amy and Rachel the both looked at me. Yes Uncle Andrew. I see you two are being naughty and fighting.

So I'm going to have to spank your bottoms for being so naughty. First let me change and clean you girls up. Stacy your first lay down on floor while I get the supplies. She was on the floor and I walked to her with the supplies. p u somebody is a stinky girl. She held her nose as I said that and giggled. I kneeled on the floor and lifted her dress up just I liked did with Rachel and Amy. Then I undid her diaper. As I was peeling it down her bottom was really messy and the inside of her diaper was filled with allot poop.

I lifted her legs up and took away the dirty diaper. Then I grabbed some wipes. I took the first wipe and wiped her pussy then down her butt and through her ass crevice and her cute little butt hole. It took three wipes to get her clean. I showed them to her. Look Stacy at how messy your bottom was. She said yucky Uncle Andrew.

After that I powdered her then slid the new diaper under while holding her legs up and fastened it. All done hunnie. Thank you Uncle Andrew. Stacy go play while I do Amy and Rachel. Ok Uncle Andrew. She went and played with the Barbie dolls. Rachel come here first I'm going to clean your bottom then spank your bottom. She came and layed on the floor I had two other diapers with me one for Rachel and one for Amy. I undid Rachel's diaper and it was filled with more poop then Stacy had in hers.

So I lifted her legs up and took the diaper out from under her. Then I got some wipes and started wipe her pussy first. Then I got another one and did her butt. I wiped her butt cheeks just like I did Stacy's and then her ass chanell fires off a few questions about carters sexuality interracial and pornstars then her cute butt hole. All clean stand up Rachel you're getting five spanks.

Yes Uncle Andrew. She stood up. Turn your butt towards me. She did. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4 smack 5. You going to be a good girl. Yes Uncle Andrew. Now back on the floor so I can diaper you. She got back on the floor. I powdered her then slid a new diaper under her and opened it up sexy gorgeous girl shows off her milk sacks like I did Stacy's and lifted her legs so I could pull it up and fasten it.

All done. Now be good and go play with Stacy. Yes Uncle Andrew. Amy get your butt over here now. Lay down. She layed down. I did the same process with her as I did Rachel and Chums playmates sister amateur blowjob crazy bitch brought in a gun she still got. Her diaper was filled with allot of poop.

So I got the first wipe and did her pussy. Then I got another one and did her butt cheeks, ass crevice, and butt hole. Ok Amy now stand up for your spanking butt facing me. Yes daddy. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, and smack 5. Back down. I put a fresh diaper on her and pulled her dress back down just like I did Rachel and Stacy. Amy went and played with Rachel and Stacy. All girls were holding there noses when I was changing them. Girls it's almost dinner time I'm going to turn on the TV and put on the sprout channel for you while I make dinner.

Ok Uncle Andrew. I put the TV on and left them to play. I went into the kitchen and made there favorite Mac and cheese. I peeked my head in the room to check on them and the girls were all squatting down holding there noses and there butts cause they were going poop in there diapers. I went back in the kitchen took the Mac and cheese out of the oven and put it on the table.

Then I set the table with plates and forks and napkins, and there little girl cups. I filled each of them with milk. Girls come and eat dinner. They came in the kitchen and I could see smile on there faces. Girls why you so happy. So I walked over to each girl and I told them to turn around. Then I sniffed there butts. First was Amy sniff sniff p u your diaper smells pretty bad. Then I did Rachel p u your diaper is little worse then Amy's. Then I did Stacy sniff sniff p u your diaper smells the same as Rachel's.

I got an idea after dinner lets see who can make there diaper smell the worst. Ok Uncle Andrew. Ok girls sit down. They sat at the table I put some Mac and cheese in each of there plates. They started to eat there dinner and drink there milk. When they were done I told them that I would give them a bath after they wet and messed there diapers. Then I would put Amy's pajamas on them then off to bed. The girls then went back in the playroom to play. I cleaned up the kitchen then went in to watch them.

It was 7pm an hour later Amy was holding her nose and so were Rachel and Stacy. Uncle Andrew can we go poo poo and pp in our diapers. Yes you can. So they all let out there pee and poop. I asked the girls are you done. Yes Uncle Andrew. Ok let's go up to the bathroom and I will take off your diapers and give you bath and clean your wet and messy bottoms. Yay. So we walked up to the bathroom.

Girl's remember tomorrow you have to tell me when you have to pee poop. Ok Uncle Andrew. In the bathroom the girls were sniffing each others diapers. Ok let's see who wins. Turn around I'm going to sniff your butts and I will tell who wins. I lifted there dresses up when I sniffed there butts. Ok Uncle Andrew. First I did Amy sniff sniff p u your diaper smells pretty bad.

Then I did Rachel sniff sniff p u your one stinky little girl. Yours smells a little worse then Amy's. And finally Stacy. Sniff sniff p u your the stinkest little girl you win sweetie. Next I took each of the girls dresses off so now there just in there dirty diapers. I plugged the drain in the tub and started the water. I threw in soap and made it a bubble bath for them. I had each of them lay down on the ground while I took off there diapers. And they all had very messy diapers. After the tub was full I told them all get in.

they got in the tub. What I did with there first pair of dirty diapers was put them in the diaper pail in the playroom. Ok girls get in the tub. They got in the tub. And I let them play in the bubbles for a bit.

We have bath toys in the bathroom and they were playing really nicely with the toys. I grabbed the cloth and soaped it up and started to be Rachel first. I soaped her whole body. I had her turn around so I could clean her messy bottom. I wiped her butt cheeks and inside her ass crevice around her butt hole. Then I wet her hair and took a little bit of shampoo and washed her hair. Then after I did that I rinsed her soapy body off.

Then I moved on to Amy and Stacy. I did the same procedure I did with Rachel I did to Stacy and Amy. They were all clean. I got three towels. Then I had them step out of the tub and I started to dry them off one by one. Once they were all dry we went to Amy's room were I put diapers on them for bed time and then put there pjs on. They were wearing Amy's Disney princess ones with aerial and sleeping beauty on them.

Ok girl's time for bed hop in bed and tomorrow we will have more fun yay Uncle Andrew. They hoped in Amy's bed and drifted off to sleep. Before I left them room I gave them there stuffed animals. I walked out of her room and headed to bed. The next morning I woke up and I heard crying coming from Amy's room. I quickly went in her to room to see what the fuss was about.

Are you girl's ok I said? wah wah wah we wet our diapers. Ok girls its time to get up and I will clean you up and get you dressed. The girls got out of bed and I told them to take off there pajamas. Now they were in there wet diapers. I took one girl at a time. First up was Rachel. I took off her diaper then wiped her pussy. Then I did same thing to Amy and Stacy. Ok girls go pick out a pair of underwear. They went and picked out a favorite pair.

Amy picked her tinker bell yellow ones, Rachel picked ones with aeriel on them on the front and back of the panties, and Stacy picked out Cinderella ones with Cinderella on front of her panties. They walked back over to me and I helped them into there panties. Once in there panties I went to the closet and picked out three different outfits for them to wear. I picked out three Disney ones. I picked out a Winnie the pooh for Stacy, little mermaid for Amy, and a Minnie mouse one for Rachel.

I dressed the girls then we made our way to the kitchen for breakfast. I poured them each a bowl of cereal. I gave them orange juice to drink. Girls after breakfast it's a nice day out you can play outside. Ok Uncle Andrew we will. Once they finished eating they went out to play in the backyard.

I will be out in a minute girls. I cleaned up the kitchen and grabbed the three little potty chairs and baby wipes and brought it outside with me. I sat in a chair and was watching the girls play tag and on the swing set and in the little house. An hour later Rachel comes up to me and is holding her butt and pussy. Yes sweetie. Uncle Andrew I got to make stinky and go pp can I go.

Yes you can. I pulled her panties down and had her sit on the little potty. She was going for about five minutes. I'm done Uncle Andrew.

Ok Rachel. Stand up and I will wipe clean. She stood up and I took a wipe cleaned her pussy. Then I took another one and had her turn around and wiped her dirty bottom. I wiped her butt cheeks and down her crevice and all around her cute little rosebud hole.

All clean sweetie pull your panties up and you can sex mom sun sex com back and play. She pulled them up and went back and played with Amy and Stacy. I left Rachel's little mess in amateur webcam orgasm finger the greatest arab porn in the world Dora explorer potty.

Then Amy came up to me holding her butt and pussy. Daddy Andrew I need to make a stinky and go tinkle can I go. Yes Amy you can. I pulled her panties down and she sat on the little mermaid potty. After a couple minutes she was done. Amy stand up and I will clean you.

Yes daddy she stood up and I took a wipe and wiped her pussy, then took another wipe and wiped her butt cheeks, ass crevice, and her cute little rosebud hole. All clean pull your panties up and go back and play. She pulled them up and went back to playing with Rachel and Stacy.

An hour later Stacy came up to me holding her nose with one hand and her butt with the other. Uncle Andrew I got to go pp and poo poo. Ok sweetie. I pulled her panties down and sat her on the blues clues potty. She was peeing and pooping just like Amy and Rachel were doing. I'm done Uncle Andrew. Stand up hunnie. I took a wipe and did the same process I did with Amy and Rachel. Ok pull your panties chocolate babe jezebel gives head through glory hole interracial and pornstars and go play.

She went back to playing. Now I lined up all three potty's and wanted to see who pooped the most. As soon as I turned my back to look at who made the biggest mess I heard fighting. Amy was the winner. I turned around and saw Rachel and Amy fighting over a swing. Amy Marie and Rachel Jennifer! They both looked up at me real fast.

Yes Uncle Andrew. What's the problem over here? Rachel says Amy won't let me have a turn on the swing. Amy get up off the swing now and let Rachel play on it now it's her turn now. If you don't get up in the count of five I'm putting you in time out. 1, 2, 3, ok daddy I will get up. She got up off the swing. Amy Marie your still not off the heather starlet amp alexis ford anal slut after Rachel is done swinging your both getting spankings and going in time out young lady.

Yes daddy. While I was taking care of Amy and Rachel's problem Stacy went over to the little play house and hid inside because she was doing something naughty. I didn't know it at the time but she was pooping her panties. I walked over the playhouse and could smell something nasty. Stacy come out here please I need to see that you haven't messed your panties.

She came out holding her nose. I lifted her dress up and could see the huge load in her panties. Ok hunnie just for messing your panties I'm letting you stay like that until after lunch young lady.

Yes Uncle Andrew. I went inside and made the girls some sandwiches. I kept an eye on them from the kitchen window.

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It was 1pm and I called the girls in for lunch. They came in hollywood xx movie in ebony dubbed kitchen and sat the table.

I gave them each cut up pieces of grilled cheese sandwiches. Then I poured them a glass of apple juice. They sat and ate like good girls. Girls your going to be punished after your done eating for your misbehavior.

Ok Uncle Andrew. Once they finished I put Rachel and Amy in separate corners of the playroom to wait for there spanking. Girls keep your face towards the wall while I clean up Stacy and give her a spanking for messing her underwear. Yes Uncle Andrew. Stacy wait here while I get the wipes. I went and got the wipes and then I pulled her dirty panties down and had her step out of them. Then I took a couple wipes and wiped her pussy then her butt cheeks, ass crevice and little butt hole.

I showed her the huge mess in her panties. I went and got the chair and I put the panties down on the floor where her face would be so she could see why she is being spanked. Ok Stacy get over my lap, you're going to get 20 smacks. Yes Uncle Andrew. What I did with there little potties that they pooped in was dump there mess on the grass and bring them into the playroom.

Ok Stacy over my lap now. She got over my lap and started spanking her bare bottom. Smack 1, smack 2, smack 3, smack 4, smack 5, smack 6, smack 6, smack 7, smack 8, smack 9, smack 10, smack 11, smack 12, smack 13, smack 14, smack 15, smack 16, smack 17, smack 18, and smack 20.

Ok Stacy get up and go stand in the corner with your face towards the wall. Your not allowed out until Amy and Rachel have had there spankings. Yes Uncle Andrew. As she was walking towards the corner you could see how red her bottom was. She was also crying a little bit into her spanking and was still crying when I was finished. She said Uncle Andrew I will be a good girl. Then I did the same with Amy and Stacy gave them each a good spanking sent them to the coroner.

OK girls two hours have gone by and its time for bed. OK. I took them upstairs got there pajamas on and put them to bed. To be continued part two