Sexy big booty girl sucks cock and gets nailed

Sexy big booty girl sucks cock and gets nailed
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I woke early, my arm across John's chest. The sound of his steady, slow breathing filled the room. I slowly slid my hand across his rippling abs, past his soft pubic hair to feel the soft skin of his cock. Even asleep he was partially hard and thick. I began to caress his cock with my hand, gently jerking him. His enourmous black cock began to swell in my hand. The anticipation was driving me crazy, I had to have that black cock in my mouth.

He was literally "pitching a tent" as I slowly and quietly began to slide under the sheet. The musky smell of his cock and the smell of the previous nights sex filled my senses.

He was still sleeping deeply. His cock was erect and before me, like a God. I had to worship his cock. I gently pulled his cock out of the way to access his beautiful black balls.

My wet tongue bathing them in my saliva I began to suck them one by one into my mouth all the while massaging his enormous black hard on. I was making love to his scrotum with my mouth. Tingles ran throughout my body as I began to lick and kiss the base of his thick cock.

I breathed in deeply taking in all his scent as my tongue found it's way to the large mushroom head of his beautiful black cock. At this time he began to stir, in a half dream state he was moaning with the pleasure my mouth was giving him. It turned me on to know I was giving him pleasure, in a weird way it gave me self worth. I was his white bitch, his to do what he wanted with and he was my black daddy, dominant and proud.

My body was overcome with the tingling sensation, my small and pathetic cock was erect. I began to suck on his large mushroom head and tightened the grip on his cock as I jerked him into my mouth occasionally making a slurping sound.

I began to think about the times he had shared me with his friends, proud that I was his and willing to share me to pleasure other black men. Wankz slutty milf boss fucks her employee thought about the time he let me suck his cock and swallow his cum in the back of a movie theater while others mindlessly viewed the film and munched on popcorn.

I began to suck more of his cock into my mouth as he woke completely. I barely heard him as he spoke, "Damn, you can't get enough of that dick, huh?". I was in my own world. My body was taken over by passion, I could feel it in the pit of my stomach.

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I began to think about the time he stuffed my mouth with his cock as his friend pounded my ass relentlessly, and two more of his friends sat and watched waiting their turn. I was overcome with passion as I began to swallow his cock and take it deep into my throat. I was silent other than the occasional slurping and sucking sounds that escaped my mouth.

He placed his hand over the sheet on the back of my head and began to thrust.

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I was so fucking turned on, I loved being a black man's fuck toy. I loved being his bitch, I never wanted the feeling to stop. Saliva dribbled down his cock as he was now thrusting upward into my mouth, I was sucking his cock deep and hard. I was still jerking him off into my mouth when he let out a load groan and I began to feel the familiar warm jets of thick, hot cum spray onto my tongue.

I swallowed immediately, a good white bitch always swallows a black daddy's cum. I continued sucking and licking his large black cock head to make sure I cleaned all the pearls of cum. I let loose of his cock to begin kissing his muscular abdomen, kissing my way up to where my head was from under the sheet I placed my head on his chest and licked his nipple only now to speak softly, "Good Morning." He rolled over onto his side and I rested my head on the pillow.

With his right hand he began to caress and massage my soft, pillowy ass. I was completely turned on, I wanted him to fuck me NOW. The anticipation latina teen girl interracial porn big black killing me as he placed one finger in my ass, massaging the pink hole.

I let out a moan letting him know I was ready for his cock. When he placed a second finger into me I began to push back onto his hand with a whimpering moan. "Oh daddy. Yes daddy, that feels so good." I let out.

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He removed his fingers and spread my legs further apart. He was not going to disappoint. My face rested on the pillow, a smile on my face as he climbed between my legs pulled my ass up making my back arch.

He spit on his cock and got it wet then spit again on my pink hole for more lubrication. Thank God my ass was still open from the hard fucking I took the night before as he began to push that large, black mushroom cock head into me. My smile became a grimace as I clinched my teeth to bite down on the pain. His cock was huge. I had been using buttplugs and he had been fucking me almost daily for months now, but there was still two foxy babes share a small penis blowjob facial pain at first.

With slow thrusts he began to make love to my ass. Telling me how much he loved fucking me and that I was a 'good white bitch made for black cum'. All I could think to say was, "Yes, Daddy!" as I concentrated on how good he felt inside me.

His strokes were still slow but deeper, filling my hole completely.

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It felt as if his cock were pushing against my stomach! He had me flat on the bed now, my face still resting on the pillow as he put a tight grip on my shoulders. I still managed to arch my back a little to give him better access as he began to fuck me harder. "That's right, Alex.

You can take that dick. Take it! Take it!!". He was now pounding my ass, I could hear the slapping sound of his thighs against my pillow ass. My mouth was wide open in a silent scream only letting out gasps of air as he thrust that huge, black cock into my white ass.

My head was now hitting the wrought iron headboard as I grasped for the bars to push back. The whole bed was rocking. Now he was furiously fucking me as he spoke, "You ready for my cum?

You want that cum in your ass, baby?". "Yes, Daddy!! Yessss!! I want your cummm!!" I moaned back in gasps of air. I felt him stiffen up, he had a vice grip on my shoulders as he unleashed torrents of his delicious cum into my gaping, pink hole.

Then another large, powerful thrust and he loudly exhaled. "Oh my God, I love the way you fuck me." I said as sweat trickled down the side of my face and a smile returned to my lips.