Fucking revenge in a bathroom facial cumshot and natural tits

Fucking revenge in a bathroom facial cumshot and natural tits
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If you want a blowjob add me on facebook Jenna La-Rou. I woke up on my farm. It was a beutiful morning, and i decided i would go for a ride.

I put yoga pants and a halter top. I skipped the underwere. Yoga clothing made me look so hot guys told me. My pants were tight and made my ass look great. The halter top showed my d cups nicely, i applied my make up and curled my blonde hair. I began my ride. The sadal and the horse gave me an amazing feeling. i could feel and orgasim building. I had an idea. i rode bak to the farm house. In one story i had read on this very website a girl glued to dildos on a sadal and rode naked, i decoded i would try it.

I grabed two dildos from my drawer and found an old sadal. I craxy glued the dildos on. once i was in a field I took of my top and my pants and put them in a sadal bag. It was very akward trying to get onto my newly created dildo sadal. I finally was stratiling the dildos. I began to lower my self on to them.

"ohh Mmm" i moned as i lowered my self onto the dilsod. I pulled the rains and my horse began. "OH OH OHHH MHMMM YESSS" i was moaning and shouting now.

I felt a massive orgasim building now. "MMMM" hear it comes i thought. Within a second I had a massive orgasim. I had three more smaller orgi. Than my legs gave out. I had no control over my legs. For some strange reason my horse picked up speed, he turned down and old country lane. He was in full pace. The old euro teen angelina mika fed anal creampie right from her ass p wond around, it had hills, bumps and ditches.

My horse would hit a bumb and end me strainght in the air. Than i would go crashing down on the dildo. My horse hit a ditch and sent me in the air again. I came crashing down on the dildos this time the second one got ramed up my ass. I ograsimed again before the horse troted into a feild. I slid off the horse and landed in the field, i passed out, i was so tierd.

I woke up my horse still standing beside me. I began to pet him. Damn i felt so horny from my ride. my legs were still very tierd. I had never given this horse a blowjob. The horse i had was one of the biggest breed, a belgian. I began to rub my vag, than i put my scent under his nose.

I looked at his underside, I noticed his member groing. i began to rub it slowly. Is dick fully grown was about the length of my arm. "shit" i said, it was the largest dick i had ever seen. I stuck the first inch in my mouth. my mouth was streched as far sa it could be. I began to take more of it.

Soon i was deep throating the horse. My throat muscils pulling the cock down towards my stomach. Soon i was barly able to breath. Than he shot the largest load into my mouth. I tried to swallow all of it, it was the best tasting cum ever, but i was barly able to, it was like a continual stream of cum.

"that was beutiful jenna" I froze, "its Joe". I turned around. I must have looked terrible. I was bare naked and there was horse cum all over my body and in my hair.

"Hi Joe." i said. "listen i saw what you did, it was super hot, and that dildo saddle nice idea, listen do you wanna fuck him?" Joe asked.

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Me and joe go way back, when i was 14 joe tough me how to ride a horse, Joe had been a farmer his whole life, his wife died 3 years ago, Joe never told anyone how she died. I walked over to Joe's barn with my horse and joe. Once we were in the barn, Joe began to talk, "I have two great dogs that would love to fuck a women, they havnt fucked a girl since my wife died" i hadn't fucked a dog yet so I said yes.

Joe moved blonde ex gf showing bj talents in pov style blowjob a table up to the horse so that it was inder the horses belly. I did the same thing i did when i gave the horse a blowjob. I rubed my vag and put it up to his nose. I cralwed buck onto the table and began to stroke my stalions member.

Within a minute his cock was rock hard. I began to inch closer to him. Slowly i gegan to slide up his shaft. "ohhh my hs so big, he streching my pussy wide open" he was to, it was as streched as it could be. Once he got 1/4 of it in i had my first orgasim. "OH MY FUCKKKKKING GOD FUCK" i screamed as i climaxed.

With my orgi the horse picked up his thrust speed. Soon half of his cock was inside my vagina, i could feel his head hiting deep into my womb. All of a sudden i was off the table. "FUCK FUCK FUCK YEEESSS" i had another one. He started gong harder.

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I relized that if he didnt cum soon and i did he would go as hard as he could and would ri through my who reproductive system and i would die. "JOE JOE HOW LONG TILL HE CUMS" i screamed give him a sec.

But before i could i blacked out. I woke up on the table with a pool of horse cum around me i was still under my belgian cart horse. "joe how long was i out for?" i asked, "just a second, you ready for the dogs?" he asked. "Yes" i said. "than give me a second" he left the barn to get the dogs. John returned with two dogs, "now you know what happens when a dog has sex right" "yes the dog forms a knot so that the seman can stay in the vagina long enough to impregnat the bitch" i replyied, i had read many stories were the dogs fuck girls and the knot is formed.

"Good the first dog is my german sheppard" john told me. I got on my hands and knees, in the doggie sex posision, I felt his wet nose begin to sniff my cunt. Than i felt a toung slip in. "Ohhh mmm" i said. I began police officer sex while standing moan softly.

Then the sheppard was ready. He got onto my back and mounted me. His penis missed my cunt and he started pumping in my ass. He pulled out relizing he had missed. He mounted me again this time he hit his spot. He began to pump hard. "ohhh ohhhh yesss" i began to push back on his throbing cock. It had to be 10 inches long and 4 inches thick. I could feel his knot moving up my vagina.

"OHHH JEEZ THATS FUCKING GOOD" i shuddered as i had a orgi. Soon his knot and penis was in my cervix. I felt his balls move close to his body and a seconde later i felt his hot sperm shoot into my womb emideatly after i had a masive orgasim, i colapsed and lay on the floor.

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We stayed like that for 5 minutes befor his knot shrank back down, he slipped out of my. Befor i could even fully recover the next dog began licking me. "he's a great dane" i herd joe say. I had a orgi on his toung, i was so sensative at the bizarre fucked-up porn 10 tube porn. Right after my ogi the dane mounted me. The great dan's prnis was huge it was about 12 feet long. "OH MY FUCK" as i had a massive ogasim I felt his knot moving up in my.

"SHIT HES IN MY WOMB" i felt his not streching th opening of my womb 5 minutes later i was filled with doggie cum.

"Now my turn" Joe said.

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I was so tired and my vagina was so sensitive i came i his touch. He picked me up. His hands holding my ass i raped my legs around him. He pushed me up agains a wall.

He began to thrust into me. "MMMMM im gonna cum" I said as i came. "how are you so fucking tight youve fucked two horse in your life, 2 dogs and multiple men." As soon as he said that I came. Five minutes later he shot human seed into me.

He let me go and i landed on the floor. I fell asleep in a puddle of dog joe and my cum. The next day i woke up put on my clothing took my horse and left the sadddle at joes barn and rode back home