Milf and her babysitter fucked together by a stiff dick

Milf and her babysitter fucked together by a stiff dick
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Girls that want to be sex slaves Part 1 The Arrival Friday This is basically a story about two young women I have met on line, both of These women have very strong desires to become part time sex slaves and both have their reasons for doing so! They have decided to come to me for a visit and to stay for at least a week.

So that they can be used as submissive playthings in a controlled environment. The reason they came to me is because I have all the connections and know the right people and can make any and all of their desires, fantasy's and imagination along with numerous other interesting sexual situations come true!I am flattered because I, am an old guy.

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This story starts with their arrival I have a good friend that works for a major airline that has the ability to book flights to and from anywhere his airline fly's and have gotten the girls tickets.

One from Cincinnati to Denver and then to Portland. The other is from Montreal to Chicago and then to Portland, neither at first know that the other is coming, their planes arrive at different times almost four hours apart on Friday, and are picked up separately by limousine. Jo is the first to arrive, she has come to me with a checkered past.

As a young child her mother on a number of occasions had tied her hands to the bed in order to keep her young daughter from touching herself! She had always enjoyed the company of other girls and never really thought much about it. She had gotten married for all the wrong reasons, he had a good job and her parents liked him, but he never really cared about her, she had confessed to him prior to their marriage that she had all these feelings and fantasy's about kinky and abusive sex along with the fact she liked other women.

On their wedding night he told her that there would be no more of that, and if she didn't straighten up, had threatened to beat her!

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Over the two an a half years of their marriage she had only had three orgasms, and that even then they were at his pleasure, as he was only concerned about himself. When he had found her sex toys, shortly before they parted ways he had told her that she was a perverted little bitch!. and that a nice girl would never use such things this was followed by him throwing them all away!

She had gone back to school and was struggling to make it when she met a young black girl. They had really hit it off and were enjoying each others company. Due to a school project they had needed some research and had both flown to San Francisco. While there this young black girl who's name was Kate had invited her to go out to the tenderloin district and attend a party at one of the lesbian clubs.

She had never been to a place like this where other women boldly made advances, her new friend had talked her into some bondage and slave training in one of the many available rooms where she had been tied with her hands over her head and was brought to numerous mind blowing and eye crossing orgasms in front of all the other strange women!!!.

It was wonderful compared to what had happened when she was married. Jo's plane has landed, and I have been waiting for her to come down the concourse, from the Denver flight. We have exchanged pictures and should have no trouble recognizing each other. For me it is easy as I have admired this young women for quite sometime she is in her mid 20's has medium length brown hair and green eyes, is about 5' 6" tall and weighs about 150 lbs she has extremely large breasts almost 50" a, 33" waist, and 37" hips she is a full figured woman, she because of her size and her failed marriage is quite self conscious and thinks that she is not at all attractive.

But for me she is just perfect and the kind of woman I really admire. I can easily pick her out in the crowd of people who are coming down the arrival concourse as her big breasts separate her from all other women. We immediately lock eyes from a distance and when she finally passes through the last security check point, rushes up and gives me a big hug followed by a quick kiss and then another very deep one as if we have known each other intimately, it is a little embarrassing as I am easily old enough to be her father, it only bothers me for a moment as I easily kiss her back!.

I then take her hand, as we walk through the terminal she has brought very few things in a carry on bag, as I had told her she would not need anything!.

We are out at the arrival area on the lower level waiting, as the Black Lincoln limousine Town car pulls up. The chauffeur gets out and opens the rear door for us, as we get in he takes Jo's small bag leaving her with nothing.

The driver is the owner of the limousine service, and is a good friend of R J's, and has agreed to take us anywhere anytime during the girls stay in Portland as long as he gets to watch and perhaps participate in the goings cute blonde teen masturbates to orgasm on webcam. He has told me that his best and most memorable moments have been on prom night, and has seen a number of young women who have had a little to much alcohol easily take their clothes off and do all sorts of lewd and wild things la dea dell amore moana pozzi rocco siffredi andrea molnar emanuelle cristaldi georgia anghela well as lose their virginity in the back of his limousine he is hopping that this week will top any of those nights and I am planning on, not disappointing him!.

Setting in the back seat is Stormy she is R J's trusted assistant she takes care of everything when R J is busy and not only is she an attractive dark haired women, she is also bisexual. The windows are tinted just enough so that we can see out, but no one can see in, Jo sets down next to her and I take the jump seat, facing backwards, as the limo drives off we head towards down town The conversation changes from greetings and small talk and gets down to business!.

I tell Jo to take all of her cloths off! She gives me the most incredulous look of disbelief as she hesitates and says now. here!

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.I say yes. What did you think was going to happen, this is what you want isn't it?she says as she hesitates again yes. but I didn't think this would start so soon. She slowly starts to unbutton her blouse and pulls it off and hands it to me, this is followed her skirt, she unzips it and and slides her bottom a little a she pulls the skirt off over her head and also hands it to me. This has now left her in only a purple bra and bikini panties. It has always amazed me how a woman can undo her bra, shoulder straps rotate it around and it is even more impressive with Jo, as she is easily able to do this even with such big breasts!, she then removed her bikini panties I have neatly folded them all, and placed them in a small bag and at the same time casually say you wont be needing these.

As she sets there for a moment totally nude in only her purple high heels, I am in awe of this beautiful young full figured woman. Stormy has laid out padded leather wrist and ankle cuffs along with a blindfold on the back seat of the limo and has told Jo to turn and put her hands behind her back, as she does Stormy tightly fastened them along with putting on the blindfold, she then told her to stick her feet up towards me so that I could put the ankle cuffs on. She was resting her purple heel on my knee as I placed the cuff on her left ankle, with her legs apart, my attention was immediately drawn to the dark brown hair around her slit that was now glistening from the moisture of the moment along with her anticipation as to what was going to happen!.

I then do the same to her right ankle. The limousine has gone from the airport to northwest downtown Portland and to the limousine garage. The driver and owner of the limo service has promised all the other chauffeur's that were not working this evening, he would bring the girls by so that they could all get a good look at these beautiful young women as they would be totally naked, and even get a chance to feel them up before taking them on to R J's.

He had done similar things several times before with crazy young high school girls on prom night that were quite happy to show off their naked charms to anyone that asked and several of them had not even been drinking!.

As the limo pulled to a stop in the garage several of the drivers along with the receptionist who was a very attractive older lesbian were waiting for the back door to open. Jo had no idea at first what was going to happen, as the door of the limo opened Stormy turned Jo towards the open door and ordered her to spread her legs.

Hands immediately started to touch her big bare breasts and pinch her pink nipples, they were at first the main attention, but the receptionist's fingers had gone directly to Jo's clit!., and started to very aggressive and expertly manipulate it followed by really finger fucking her!.I had never seen a young woman sister and brother fist time so hot and wet bicol university scandal high school quick!.

Oh my goodness it was a beautiful Jo had the first of several orgasms, this older woman looked directly at me and asked if she could somehow be involved in any of the up coming events!.I asked her if she would be willing to help with another thing I had in mind with the next girl, and if she could be at the Rusty Duck The following Friday, i was sure something could be arranged!.

Jo's breasts were heaving and her heart was pounding from her last orgasm!.she was trying to catch her breath as Stormy pulled her back into the limo. With the excitement over and Jo's pulse slowly returning, the the limousine proceeded to the north west industrial area. R J was an investment broker and also dealt in commercial real estate. He had leased one of the old buildings in the industrial area for a pittance because the building had not been occupied for some time and had been in an area plagued with gang's drugs and prostitution.

He had remodeled the basement with indirect lighting along with state of the art climate control. Along with converting the big basement into an elaborate Dungeon that had a number of rooms for different forms of female abuse, the upper floor was used to store impounded automobiles.

The building had several entry doors that were controlled electronically that allowed the limo to easily drive in from two different streets. As the limo pulled to a stop on the ground floor we got out. Jo had now recovered, but was helped up and lead over to the stairwell by Stormy who had placed a small black strapped ball gag in her mouth, that was now tied rather tight behind her neck in a black bow.

She was then carefully helped down the stairs. This building also had an entrance outside in the alley that had a similar stairwell and access to the basement. I followed Them down the stairs as did the limo driver, once in the basement Dungeon Jo was taken to one of several special rooms that had a big steel door this one had been set up specifically for whippings R J was an expert in this field of S&M along with many other forms of slave training, and specialized in the sadistic abuse of womens breastsnipples, bottom and of course their gentiles he was so good at it, and could do it in such a way that would easily give a woman multiple orgasms.

The very small area between pain and pleasure was where he was his bestJo's wrists were unlocked from behind her back and the cuffs removed. She was walked over to the middle of the room and was made to first get down on her knees and to then lay face down on the floor she was told to stretch her arm and legs as far out as she could in a spread position. Stormy had kneeled down next to her and pulled her arms just a little farther apart before expertly placing heavy metal shackles that were bolted to the floor on her wrists.

She then removed the ankles cuffs and pulled her legs farther apart and shackled her ankles, this left Jo unable to move at all. Her big firm breasts were now crushed between her and the wooden floor along with her legs spread wide and her bottom sticking up very vulnerable. With the juices from the previous orgasm glistening in the dull light of the dungeon, Stormy took a small whip and proceeded to briskly whip Jo's exposed and unprotected bottom directing most of the blows at her apex while occasionally fingering her slit and twisting her pearl of a little rose bud clit in between the strokes of the whip.

With Jo wondering and slightly whimpering, along with the sounds of her reaction to this special whipping abuse had been muffled by the gag, Stormy removed it along with the blindfold so that she could see where she was and we could hear the sounds of her hopeless pleadings, but they would be to no avail.!

She was just left there nude and manacled to the floor, to wonder?. as she heard the big steel door close with a clank, and had only this sound to go by. She was scared, as to just what she might have gotten herself into? All was quiet as the warm sinful pain that Stormy had inflected on her buttocks and triangle slowly gave way to a feeling that needed to be attended to, but she was unable to do anything to pleasure herself and just laid there shackled hopping that someone or something would touch her in the place that needed the man and her wife sex attention!!!.

She had been laying there for sometime, and heard what she thought was an unusual noise, was it just her imagination? or was it something else.? As she laid there she felt something furry brush the inside of her calf! and then what felt like a tiny raspy tongue start to lick her inner thigh,OMG! What was doing this! Apparently it was some sort of animal?, a rodent? Oh gawd! What could it be, a rat?, she was now terrified!, at the thought, and was trying to lay there there and be as still as possible and not move in hopes that it might go away, but whatever it was had no intention of going away!, and started licking farther and farther up the inside of her thigh.

This little mammal or whatever it was had been drawn by the smell and now the taste of her cum juices, that was left on her inner thighs, that had now leaked down her slit leaving leaving a very small puddle on the floor directly below and only inches from her clit!.

The feeling was incredible she was torn between not moving a muscle or trying to arch her little muff up enough so that this little gremlin could actually help her orgasm!!!.

this thing was getting closer and closer to her clit!, as it licked away. It had paused for a moment and was taking its time to lap up the small puddle. She had visions of sharp little teeth biting into her ripe and very swollen little clitoris!!!. The pause was maddening, when this little rodent finally started to. "lick" .her clit she experienced the most unbelievable trembling orgasm, that brought about a long screaming wail, and at the same time had passed out with the thought of being bitten!.

The result of this almost unexplainable and very forceful orgasm along with the shrill noise had frightened and sent the little critter scurrying, back to where ever it came from!. When she finally woke up latter, he thought at first it was only some wild and bazaar dream.

But slowly started to realize that her previously unfulfilled sexual desire to be orgasmed had been satisfied past any degree she had ever imagined!. Now there was even a bigger pool of female body fluid on the floor!. We were now back in the limousine and on our way to the airport as several hours had passed and Leah's airplane was due to arrive. I am waiting at the concourse in almost the same place for those passengers from the Chicago flight to pass through the last security check point.

Leah is also easy to spot, she wears glasses that makes her look so young and innocent, as we first see each other, I think my goodness in person, she is even more attractive than her pictures. She is 19 but looks much younger, I think at first that she has lied to me about her age but then I am an old guy and that all women look young to me. She like Jo greets me in more than a fatherly way and boldly rubs her young body up against me fur pie licked and team fucked pornstar hardcore to see my reaction!, along with what I might do.

I grab her hands and hold them as she stands on her toes and kisses me fully on the lips she is so sweet and tastes the very same, again this greeting is a little embarrassing as I am easily old enough to be this young girls grandfather!.,but I easily kiss her back as though she is my lover. Several people stop for a moment and stare it bothers neither of us.

It is easy to be around this attractive young woman, she came to Portland for the same type of sexual abuse Jo did. But for strippers in the hood xxx yuka ozaki different reasons. She at 19 and just out of school has been thinking about marriage, her boyfriend Lloyd and her have been petting squirting milk in the kitchen with nataly have done some sexual experimenting.

This has been a problem in that she has had a strict religious upbringing and premarital sex along with masturbation is viewed as unacceptable. She has rationalized her way around this by giving her boyfriend blow jobs in that this is not real sex!, and not only has she become quite good at it, really loves doing so along with the power she has over him while doing it.

Her previous sexual experience has only been with twin girlfriends at the age of sixteen they were all naked and had experimented in kissing one another along with some serious groping of each others naked bodies, along with their private parts, for Leah it was quite wonderful to touch and feel each one of these young girls, but had not lead to any further sexual experiences and along with all of this she told me has never really had an orgasm!!!.

This was something I had planned on changing very soon! She had decided that she needed to experience some wild abusive and kinky sex before she committed to marriage so that she would be more experienced and would not have the urge to chase around after marriage, and that her man would not be disappointed in her sexual prowess.

She had further rationalized that by not telling him what she was going to do, he would never know and thus their future together would be everything she had ever hoped forthis of course was a wonderful thoughtbut was very naive.

She had told him as well as her parents that she was going to do some part time job hunting and also some volunteer work in Montreal and would be gone for at least a week, she had done this before thinking that no one would know where, or what she was really up to!.

I had convinced her several weeks before to give me her boyfriends E-mail so that I could correspond with him and make sure Lloyd was okay with our sexually explicit Internet relationship. I knew from our conversation that he, like me was not only kinky but was also devious. Leah was also devious in that she was trying to do and be what ever it was that he expected and that by coming to Portland along with experiencing all the aspects of being a sex slave, she would be better able to give him what ever it was he wanted!.

Unbeknown to her I had invited him and provided tickets so that he could to come to Portland on an earlier flight the very same day, he accepted, and had been taken earlier in the day to the limousine garage and office to await our arrival. The idea was for him to observe everything that was going to happened to Leah along with actually being the first to really play with her, and the first to suck on her beautiful young virgin pussy.

He also would be the first to actually have sexual intercourse with her. The thought appealed to his devious side. At the limo garage he was being coached for our arrival by this older lesbian woman, on just how to manipulate a young woman to orgasm by using only his hand.

The lesson was quite interesting Several of the limo drivers had gathered around to watch, something that this woman would not normally do in front of a bunch of men and would never teach another male how to do this wonderful thing, but having the opportunity to experience both of these young womens female charms had erased any reservations. She had been telling him to use his thumb and fore finger on the clit and to stick the other three into her cunt!

Along with moving it just so, and was saying, a little harder or a little higher, no not like that!, do it faster and spread your fingers more! Oh, oh, noooo.! Thats better, she said as he seemed to be getting the hang of this stimulating technique and was quite surprised when this woman had an orgasm!. Leah of course would have no idea that it was him or that he would even be there and had convinced herself that what she was about to do would be the best for them and their future!.

I on the other hand had planned for them to return home together!. The limousine arrived at the airport lower level and the chauffeur again opened the door for us. Stormy had laid out more cuffs and a blindfold. I took the jump seat and this time Stormy told told Leah to teen amateurs paid to flash their sexy tits girlfriend and threesome all of her clothes!.

Leah did not hesitate at all, she had been wearing a white short pleated mini skirt over shear black panty hose and had on a black pull on top. It had looked at first like it was a one piece leotard but was indeed a two piece affair!. She had also been wearing a long sleeve turquoise jacket that she had handed to the chauffeur along with her small carry on bag. First off was the top, I had not really noticed that she was not wearing a bra!and really did not need one.

As her top came off it exposed the whitest and softest little 34" titty's that I had ever seen!.these breasts had the most interesting and what seemed to be very hard, pink nipples. Stormy could not resist and had reached over to confirm, as much for me as to herself that they were indeed very hard!. Leah let out a short gasp her nipples were pinched. Next was the white mini skirt it easily came off, the difficult thing sitting in the back of the limo, was the panty hose and she took her time as she slipped it from under her bottom, she raised each cheek one at a time and did the legs together and rolled them down until it to was entirely off.

Stormy had turned her slightly, pulled her wrists behind her back and had cuffed them. Leah was almost giddy with excitement and anticipation as Stormy told her to stick her feet up so that I could put on wacky teens fuck the biggest strap dildos and spray load everywhere ankle cuffs, she had handed to me. Both of Leah's legs lifted and she rested one ankle on each of my knees as she did so I playfully opened my legs as wide as I could that resulted in hers also being opened!.

She had told me that her little slit was quite bashful and that her clit hardly showed.

I could see down between her legs that now revealed no pubic hair at all and like Jo's looked to be very wet with anticipation!. With the cuffs on both of her ankles and her feet now on the floor, Stormy had removed Leah's glasses and handed them to me, these were replaced with the blindfold.

She now sat there quite content eagerly waiting for what ever was going to happen next. The excitement was now showing as her little breasts were rising and falling at a faster rate!. As The Limo pulled into the garage almost the same group of people were waiting. One of them had open the door and this time had reached in and helped Leah up and out. She was now standing there nude bound and blindfolded, surrounded by these people who were all waiting for her boyfriend Lloyd to try his new found skill, and she would be the first to experience his artful touch, they were not disappointed as his fingers went directly into her wet, tight, little slit she gulped a bit as her bashful little slit was spread so that he could get his thumb and forefinger around her clit, everyone was watching, as he slowly started to manipulated her and as he went faster and faster she almost immediately orgasmed!!!.

This was her first!. Oral cum swallow first time charlotte cross gets the plumber to tidy her pipes because she had been holding back for such a long time and had these ghetto babe gets twat licked and railed by nasty driver pent up feelings, several more had followed, with even more intensity!

This was one of the most wonderful things that I not only witnessed but all who were there also witnessed, of a beautiful young girl experience her first of such a wonderful sexual pleasure.

When Lloyd had satisfied himself at Leah's expense, with his new found erotic and manipulative power he had stepped back in wonder, amazement and with almost a look of disbelief?.

As he did so all who were their quickly started fondling her. Hands were almost immediately all over her breasts and were pinching her hard pink nipples along with her soft inner thighs and white virgin bottom, the older lesbian womans fingers went straight for Leah's very wet and stimulated slit and clit the result was another trembling orgasm that left her with a feeling of sinful bliss!!!.

as she almost sank into the arms of those that had been holding her. They had helped her back into limo after this fondling manipulation, and as the door closed Lloyd had now taken the jump seat next to me. He was caught up in the moment as he watched Leah setting their nude and pleasured, her little breasts were again rising and falling with her uneven breathing along with her pussy still flush from the stimulation.

The limo pulled out of the garage and headed towards R J's. Once we were there Leah was helped out of the limo and down the stairs by Stormy, with the rest of us in tow. She, had been taken to a different room. Jo heard some noise and then the door open she was still manacled to the floor but let out a sigh of relief! Thinking that she might finally be let loose or at least placed in a different form of bondage?. Leah was now in the other room and was lead over and placed in some stocks that had been fasten to the floor with 2" black pipe.

The stocks were made from heavy wood that was mounted in between the vertical pipes Stormy had removed the wrist cuffs along with opening and closing the stocks so that Leah's neck and wrists could be firmly attached in them this had left her standing, in a slightly bent over position with her bottom sticking out quite vulnerable! Her boyfriend Lloyd had moved off behind her and had donned a black hood so that he could observe the proceedings, and that if she saw him would be unable to tell who he was!

Stormy then removed Leah's blindfold. Jo had been released from the shackles on the floor and Stormy had gotten her up and had tied her hands over her head, so that she would be ready for the first part of her training!.

RJ had arrived and had brought with him five other male helpers and they had gone from one room to the the other and had all been admiring both of these beautiful young women.

One so large and full figured and the other small and and more innocent. R J had been getting his whips ready and Stormy was assisting him. Stormy herself had a rather interesting past and history of being spanked ,paddled and whipped herself, this was how her and R J had first met, she had gone to work for him and they later became lovers. She as a young high school girl had been paddled numerous times by her father, for coming home late from dates with her boyfriend and had really started to craved the hard spankings he would give her, they would always be on her bare bottom.

He would tell her to bend over his knee and hold her skirt up out of the way, he would then pull down her panties and then proceed to spank her. The desire for this became so obsessive she would purposely come home late, which she knew would infuriate and incense him almost to the point of brutality. One time she had not worn any panties and in his rage had used his belt. This had resulted in some of the most hideous welts on her bottom that ended up very sore and very red! That she savored for well over a week.

Most of these spankings ended with her having an orgasm and in this last case had produced an incredible orgasm!. She had purposely gone to work for several different employers who, she knew would discipline her in the very same way, and for any infraction of the work rules she might commit.

They to, had all paddled her numerous times. She also loved to see other young women naked and helpless, and to be spanked paddled and whipped.

She was most helpful to him in this endeavor and was also an expert in female bondage. R J had slowly started whipping Jo and was alternating between between each of the rooms. First were their bottoms followed by their breasts and then the pubic area. He was so good at it that Jo orgasmed almost immediately he had left her to enjoy this new way of pleasure, and then had done almost the same to Leah!!. This was really something to see as both of the young women placed in different positions so that different parts of there naked and exposed bodies could be whipped and fondled.

The sounds of whimpering screeching and gasps along with yelps and orgasms could be heard through out the Dungeon!!!. After Leah had orgasmed several times all seven of the hooded men including Lloyd had all gathered around in this room, her hands had been tied above her head with some rope and she was setting on a small padded table, they had been sadistically pinching, twisting and pulling on her small breasts and nipples. After this torment she had been placed on her back and was being held down by them on this table.

Her legs were held wide. Her normally bashful little pussy and clit were almost begging for attention especially after the sensual and stimulating whipping it had received. She was placed in this position so that Lloyd could set on a chair in between her legs and take his time enjoying her soft wet female charms Lloyd had little experience at this sort of thing and was being coached by several of the men that were holding her!!.

But coaching was not something he needed, as his ardent interest in doing this had easily over come any lack of talent or experience, as this was something he had been waiting for and was almost as consumed with lust along with being pent up from not being able to do this wonderful thing to her, the same thing she had done to him, before!. He took his time, and very slowly started by nibbling the inside of her thighs and then softly kissing them while at the same time had worked his hands up under her bare bottom!.

He would alternate squeezing first one cheek and then the other as he pulled her closer and worked his way farther up her sexual being, small droplets of perspiration started to appear on her young white breasts and around her pubic area, her breathing became short and more raggedone of the men that was holding her had been alternating between each of her hard pink nipples twisting them as he went!!.she jerked each time they were twisted and pinched!

Her normally bashful little "slit", after all the stimulating attention had become very pronounced and along with her waiting and hopping he would finally get to her apex had started to secrete a thin white milky liquid of female juices, she had tried to arch it up so that he could get at it better, the liquid had become quite visible now as it was now starting to seep out and around this very desirable ebony cutie xianna hill blows hung bartender of her tender little pussy.

Lloyd could not help himself as one could see his mouth opened and he took as much of her and her very wet little lips clit and pussy into his mouth. She let out a "squeal!" Followed by a long slow and very loud female noise that could be heard through out the entire Dungeon as she attained the most erotic released orgasm of her young life!!!.He did not let up and kept right after her and was rewarded with another, and another orgasm!!!.

This to me was one of the most enjoyable things I had ever witnessed and was exactly what I had hopped would happen. After Leah had been allowed to returned somewhat to normal, but had not become to relaxed, I had these men get her up, she was standing for a moment and could barely walk as i had a much more diabolical thing in mind, they walked her over to an area in the floor that had a special double door in the floor it was hinged on both sides with a small padded opening.

She was made to get down on her knees and her head and neck was slowly pushed down into one half of the opening and the other half of the door was closed and locked so that it held her head down below the level of the floor by only this small opening. This had left her bottom sticking up quite helplessly inviting, her pussy was still dripping from the last of her several orgasms, she could move her bottom some but with out keeping her knees bent and her hands firmly on the floor this babe poses herself as helpless to get a cock would be very uncomfortablethis had left her head trapped in the floor and placed her in a very uncompromising position and being bent over like she was, would allow her pussy to be used by any one that so desiredand this along with fact she could not see left her with no idea as to who was doing what to her!!!.She at first did not try to protest but as she realized the predicament she was in started to panic!

And started to squeal and plead to be let out! Oh, Oh, oooo! please don't do this, and let me out!!. Lloyd of course would be the first to sample her papa and son xxx sister mom sweet pink little pussy, Leah was now quite concerned and was thinking she had made a big mistake, as she had wanted Lloyd to be the first, but even if she wanted to stop what was about to happen she had resigned herself to what was going to happen, and the path she had chosen, besides no one paid any attention to her protests at all with her head under the floor!

She did not have long to wait as Lloyd easily plunged his very hard cock into her, she did not know it was him, but it had been exactly what she had expected and was not at all as painful, as she had thought it would be.!!!.especially as wet as she was and from as many times she had gotten off. She easily orgasmed again!.from her first real penetration Lloyd had pulled out, but could not help himself as he stuck his firm cock back in and forcefully started to fuck her again harder that ever, it only took him a short time as he unloaded again!

And it felt incredibly good to him and even better for her to have a hard cock in her tight little pussy, he did not seem to be getting soft at all, and kept ramming her virgin little sweet muff!

They were again rewarded as both came together. She had already came to the conclusion that her man would not be involved and that she might as well enjoy herself, besides their was nothing she could do to change it now!.as he again pulled out and hesitated for a few moments, she of course was thinking that it was just another hard cock and had awesome brunette babe has a huge dildo why she could easily take each one of them?

When Lloyd was finally done and had pulled out, he was spent for the moment! The rest of the men in this group had been patiently waiting their turn and now with Lloyd finally done, had presented the opportunity for the first one of seven to get their chance at his little sweethearts no longer virgin pussy. The first of seven had stuck the head of his dick in her dripping wet pussy, his dick was slightly larger and a little longer that her boyfriends!

But with her so wet from the previous orgasms. Leah could do nothing in her helpless position nor did she want to, as this hard dick now easily slipped in until the base of his shaft had met with the lips of her juicy little pussy. This was followed by him full stroking her at a faster and faster rate! With her head securely in the floor all she could do was wonder as to what was going to happen, but knew she would eventually get fucked by all seven of these well hung men, and there would be no doubt about it.

The first of seven had enjoyed himself several times and was moving out of the way for the next.

This succession of hard male cocks continued to prevail until the last of the hooded men, he was the largest of all!, and she thought when they paused, would finally be done, as in her position was quite helplessly stuck until they were through with her.

This last mans nickname was meat! And from the size of his cock this was no exaggeration. It was a good thing that Leah's could not see, as if she could would have been in awe and quite uncomfortable with what was now starting to force its way into her pink little pussy.

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