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Hottie spanish betty foxxx gets a free hot sex in the cab
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Book One: Naughty Fantasies Created Chapter Nineteen: The Nurse's Naughty Office By mypenname3000 Copyright 2019 Note: Thanks to WRC 264 for beta reading this. Linda Davies My excitement at being the school nurse at Rainier Christian College was quickly wearing off. It was great that I was here, and I was eager for the changes my husband made to enjoy those nubile, coed girls. I wanted to just do such naughty things to them. Playing with my daughters, especially Sam, had given me a taste for young, female flesh.

And hearing about my husband having fun with Kyleigh and Nikkole only added to the excitement, so I was eager for my turn. Then no one showed up after the first hour. Nor the second hour.

It meant I had to figure out what to do. I wasn't given any orientation. Or, well, I probably was, but I didn't remember the new timeline and the things that I'd done that were different. I mean, I was at home this morning when suddenly I was here when my husband had edited reality to give me this new job.

So I settled into the office and tried to get familiar with it. wasn't the day I hoped, but I had a job to do.

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I had to figure things out. I probably had to pay attention to my supplies. I should find a list and do an inspection of what I had. Figure out where things are. I began the inventorying which gave me a way to familiarizing my new workplace. With a clipboard, I started going through the locked drawer, finding them full of standard medical supplies.

By the time I was halfway through, I was getting hungry, wondering if it was time for my break. I glanced at the clock and was just thinking about heading to the faculty's lounge when the doors opened.

My daughter Becky walked in. My eldest child immediately undid her tie, saying, "Wow, Mom, this is great that you work here now. Shame it wasn't a few days ago, then I wouldn't have had to leave campus to come to see you." "Oh, yeah, right," I said.

Had the random girl that would come here to have sex with somehow my daughter? The tie whisked through her blouse's collar.

She dropped it to the ground like she wasn't even noticing what she was doing. I smiled. This room was special now. It had an aura, making it so girls and women would feel so comfortable they would just strip naked and be eager for any kind of sex, their libidos going into overdrive. Her fingers attacked the buttons of her blouse.

"I just came here to congratulate you, Mom! It's cool." "Most children don't want their parents at their college," I said, amusement tingeing my tone. I shivered in delight as she revealed her large breasts clad in a vanessa cage neighbour fuck me on trademill bra.

Her tits swayed as she slipped out of her blouse. "Well, most children aren't eager to have sex with their parents," Becky said. "And now that you're here, we home alone with my mom for a week have fun." I smiled. "Not having fun with your father?" "I don't have a chance," Becky said. "When he has his open period, I have class.

I guess I could set things up in lunch, but. I didn't think of it." She reached behind her and unfastened her bra. "So bold of you, just stripping naked," I said. "You're really blossoming." "Well, it just feels right to be naked in here," she said, her large breasts coming in to view. She paused. "But you're not getting naked, Mom. I want to see your boobs. They're lovely." I shuddered in delight.

I was just reaching for the hem of my scrubs when the door opened and Kyleigh walked in. The beauty that my husband had transformed, the girl that he'd fucked first with his editing powers, unfastened her tie. "Hey, Becky," Kyleigh said, nodding, not at all concerned to see my daughter stripping naked.

Kyleigh's gray tie dropped to the floor. "Are you here to have sex with the school nurse?" My daughter's eyes blinked as she unzipped her gray skirt. It fell to the ground in a puddle of cloth. It was just a treat to see her in her dark-maroon panties.

My daughter said, "Why would I have sex with my mom?" "Ooh, she's your mom?" asked Kyleigh. "That sounds naughty." Kyleigh threw open her blouse, her large breasts unconstrained by a bra. Fat, dusky-pink nipples were thrust out before her, hard and beautiful.

"Sex, though?" my daughter asked. "Well, I just felt this naughty urge," said Kyleigh. "You know, you get horny and suddenly, 'I bet the school nurse can help me out.'" The busty nineteen-year-old girl shrugged, her tits wobbling. Her black hair swayed about her face, her green eyes shining. "You know, it's her job to make us feel better." "Well, I mean." Becky glanced at me. She looked nervous, like she stood on thin ice, as she shoved her panties down her thighs.

She stepped out of them. Her trimmed, auburn bush glistening with her excitement.

"So you're joining the fun, Becky?" Kylie asked, her skirt dropping to the floor. She did wear panties. A naughty, purple thong with a little bow at the top. She pushed those down, too. They fell down her past her knees then to her feet in her black, schoolgirl shows and her ruffled, ankle socks. "I've never done it with girls, but your Dad's great, so I bet this will be fun." Becky's jaw dropped.

"Yes, my daughter's joining the fun," I said, shuddering in delight. "Aren't you, honey?" "Yeeeeaaahhhh," Becky said, her words drawing out as she slipped out of her black shoes and then pulled off her dainty socks. Naked, my daughter shivered. "You're not getting naked Mrs. Davies," said Kyleigh, also nude now.

They were both such busty girls. We all were. "You're so right," I said. I ripped off my pink scrub tops, my hair dancing around my shoulders. I dropped my shirt to the floor. Then I reached behind her and undid the fastener behind me, slipping it off my shoulders, my cups coming off my breasts.

"Ooh, you got lovely boobies, Mrs. Davies," Kyleigh said. She licked her lips, her body quivering. Already, juices beaded on her pussy lips and ran down her thighs. I shuddered in delight, loving the changes to reality my husband had edited. His power was amazing. "Well, why don't you come and nurse on one," I said, hefting both my boobs. "You have a choice of which one to play with." Kyleigh glanced at my daughter. "You have a favorite, or is it your first time with your mother?" "Uhhhhhh." My daughter shivered, her nipples thrusting fat and hard from her areolas, the pink bleeding into the pale hue of her skin.

"I mean, no. We've done things." "I'll take right, you take left then," Kyleigh said, grabbing my daughter's hand and smiling at her. "Let's have a naughty exam." I was just shoving down my scrub bottoms when the two busty coeds advanced on me, their large tits swaying and jiggling.

They were both so beautiful. I stepped out of my scrub bottoms, my pussy juices soaking my panties. This was a treat. The two girls fuck my ass ved xxx me. Kyleigh just dove right in. She squeezed my right breast, hefting them.

She squeezed and kneaded my boob, her fingers digging into her flesh. She stared at me, a twinkle in her green eyes. "Ooh, Mrs. Davies, you have such lush breasts," said Kyleigh.

"Becky, you inherited a great pair of tits." "Thanks," Becky said, her words still a little stunned. "Relax, honey," I said, grabbing my daughter's hand and pulling her closer.

"It's okay. This is a special place." Becky nodded while Kyleigh's head darted down. I gasped as the cute minx latched onto my nipple. She sucked with a hungry passion. I groaned, the pleasure shooting down to my pussy. My cunt grew hotter and hotter as my daughter's green eyes grew glossy. Then she leaned down and cupped my left breast. Her tongue flicked across her pink lips before my sweet daughter sucked on my nipple. I gasped in delight, loving the incestuous thrill. Both girls sucked and nursed with such hunger.

Their mouths sealed tight about my nipples as they sucked with passion. Their cheeks hollowed as they both nursed with such hunger. My pussy clenched. I whimpered, my hands sliding through both their silky hairs. I held them tight to my boobs, this motherly delight surging through me.

"Oh, yes, yes," I groaned. "Such good, little girls. Mmm, coming in here, making me feel so welcomed at this school." They both sucked with different passion. Kyleigh had these hungry suckles, powerful delights that surged through me.

My nub ached in her mouth while she made such wicked sounds. My daughter had more tongue action, swirling and fluttering around my nipple between her naughty nurses. Either way, the pleasure brother xxx sister fater rep down to my cunt.

My panties absorbed more and more of my juices. I shuddered as Kyleigh's hands kneaded my breasts. She loved my nipple, her green eyes staring up at me. My daughter's hands stroked my side and stomach, her fingers teasing me. Little delights shot through my body, rippling through my skin. Her fingers reached my panties. They played along the edges, then she thrust them in. I gasped at the delight of her invade my innocent cutie sucks penis in pov and gets pink slit penetrated. She stroked through my bush.

My auburn hair swept around my shoulders as I shuddered, my daughter's fingers reaching deeper and deeper. She brushed the top folds of my pussy. She caressed my labia. "Ooh, what a naughty pair of girls you are," I moaned, my fingers sliding through their hair.

Kyleigh's fingers dug deep into my tit. She kneaded me. Their was loud sucks and smacks as they nursed. It was this delicious treat. My hips wiggled from side to side. My delight surged through me, my cunt growing hotter and hotter. Becky's fingers caressed my pussy, teased me. This delight rippled through my body. My ass clenched as the heat billowed through me. I groaned, my fingers gripping their hair as my daughter's digits found my clit.

She stroked it. She teased my bud. It was incredible. I gasped and groaned, my eyes fluttering. This heat billowed through my body. This delicious treat that had me swaying from side to side. My breasts jiggled as the two girls sucked and nursed at my nipples. "Yes, yes, you're both so sweet," I gasped, their every suckle swelling the excitement in me.

"Mmm, we're going to do such naughty things together." My daughter's fingers danced on my clit. She nibbled on my nipple. "Ooh, yes, I can feel how excited you are for the naughty exam." Kyleigh massaged and kneaded my breasts, her touch feeling amazing. All those nerve endings in my boobs sent pleasure down to my cunt.

She sucked harder, her hot mouth loving my nub. My pussy clenched, the heat growing. "You two are going to make me cum!" I moaned. They both teen savors harsh fucking hardcore and blowjob around my nipples. Becky's tongue swirled around my left nub. Kyleigh's lips were hot around the other. My pussy's pressure swelled. My daughter's digits made my clit throb. Sparks splashed through me. I quivered, on the verge of exploding.

My fingers held tight to their hair. They nursed and suckled at me. They loved me. Their cheeks hollowed. They swirled their tongues around my nipples and caressing my areolas, teasing me, driving me wild. The pleasure surged through my body, my cunt growing hotter and hotter.

Then I gasped out in rapture. My orgasm burst inside of me. This wonderful pleasure shot through me. This wave of heat that made me gasp and groan. My heart pounded in my chest as this rush of bliss surged through me. I trembled, my eyes fluttering. I threw back my head and gasped out, "Oh, yes, thank you!" It was incredible. It was amazing. This heat shot through me. My eyes fluttered as this wondrous delight washed through me. I savored the bliss sweeping through me. My pussy convulsed, juices gushing out of me.

"Oh, girls, yes, yes!" I moaned. "Oh, that's amazing. You two are just so sweet for coming here to see me." Kyleigh popped her mouth off. "Is that your pussy I'm smelling?" I breathed in, smelling a mix of hot cunts as my body shivered through my flesh. "Mmm, that's all of us. We're all mixing together." "Oh, yes, yes, it's juicy," moaned Becky. "Pussy has a wonderful treat. A delicious delight." "Really," said Kyleigh.

"I never thought you did naughty things. I've always looked up to you, Becky." My daughter, two years older, blinked. "Really?" Kyleigh nodded. "You're so smart. Top of the class. You're going to be valedictorian, I can just feel it." Becky's cheeks blushed, her fingers rubbing at my cunt still, my body trembling from my orgasm.

"I don't know what to say." Kyleigh winked at her. "So. I'll lick your mom's pussy while she licks you. How does that sound?" "Wonderful," I said, my body trembling. "I love giving a woman her first taste of pussy. It's a special moment." The naughty coed grinned at me.

I took a few steps back and sank down on the small exam bed, one of the two in the room. My breasts jiggled. My pillowy tits swayed as I leaned back, the paper covering crinkling against my naked ass and back.

My breasts swayed as Kyleigh mounted the foot of it, her heavy tits swaying before her tits. She licked her anya olsen offers her tight pussy as parting gift, reaching for my panties. "Let's get these off," she said. "I'm really excited to do this. To eat you out, Mrs. Davies." I shuddered as she hooked the waistband of my panties and drew them down my thighs.

I whimpered as she pulled them off of me. My big breasts swayed while I squirmed. Both my nipples ached, soaked in their saliva. Becky stared at me, shivering. She still looked a little uneasy. I just smiled at her. This was a special place, but I couldn't tell that flirty lesbians fill up their big asses with whipped cream and blast it out Becky.

Instead, I beckoned with my fingers. She stumbled towards us. She shoved her fingers into her mouth, sucking my juices off of them. "You are such a beautiful, young woman," I said as my daughter came closer. "Mmm, she is," said Kyleigh. She caressed my thighs, my panties now off, and leaned her head in.

"And so are you, Mrs. Davies. Ooh, I can't wait to lick your pussy." "First my husband, and now me?" I asked. Kyleigh shivered. "You know." Becky's eyes widened. She mouthed, "Daddy and her?" "I've watched the footage from yesterday," I moaned. "You were a sexy thing gasping and moaning your pretty, little head off." Kyleigh grinned. "I like doing things with the professors, but most don't understand." She breathed in.

"Oh, Mrs. Davies, you smell amazing." I took my daughter's hand, pulling her to the bed as Kyleigh's lips nuzzled into my pussy. I groaned in delight as she took her first lick of woman's hot snatch. She licked through me again, her tongue caressing my labia. It was incredible. A pleasure shot through me. Then Becky was mounting the bed. She threw her leg over my head. I groaned at the sight of my daughter's furred muff.

Her barely legal twat lowered down to me. My beautiful girl pressed her snatch down on my mouth, her wet bush caressing my face and nose. Her spicy juices caressed my lips. They poured into my mouth. I licked. My tongue flicked through my daughter's folds. I caressed her, played with her. I drove my tongue into her depths.

I fluttered through her. I teased her. She shuddered atop of me, her bush rubbing into my face while she moaned out in delight. I moaned, too. Kyleigh's tongue lapped at my pussy. Her fingers parted my pussy lips. She drove her tongue into my snatch. She licked and lapped at me. My toes curled. Pleasure rippled through me, my breasts jiggling as I panted. I teased my daughter, caressing her folds, drinking in her spicy musk.

"Mmm, Mrs. Davies!" moaned Kyleigh. "Ooh, pussy is great. I wish there were other hot female staff members for me to play with." "You're so naughty, Kyleigh," groaned Becky. "No wonder every guy at our college pants after you." Kyleigh giggled. She fluttered her tongue through my snatch. She caressed me, stroked me. She brushed up to my clit, making me jump. My sensitive bud throbbed from her wicked touch.

Her fingers stroked my pussy lips as she moaned. My daughter's rump clenched over my face as she ground on me. Her braid of auburn hair swept down her back as she danced on me. She whimpered and moaned, her juices pouring into my mouth. Her hands grabbed my tits, her palms rubbing on my sensitive nipples. "Oh, Mom, yes!" gasped Becky. "Ooh, that's nice. Just lick right there. Slide that tongue into me.

Ooh, it's incredible! Thank you! Thank you, Mom!" Her hips danced from side to side, smearing that wondrous pussy across my hungry mouth. Kyleigh jammed her tongue deep into my cunt. She swirled it around in me, teasing my depths. The bed creaked beneath me as this wondrous, sapphic delight shot through me.

I had a nubile schoolgirl feasting on my twat while my daughter rode my face. My toes curled. This pleasure surged through me. I squeezed my thighs about Kyleigh's face. I rubbed my cunt against her mouth. She moaned into my snatch smalltit teen wanks cock and fingers pussy she pleasured me. Feasted on me. Another orgasm built and built in me. "Oh, Mom, she's feasting on you," moaned Becky. "Wow, she's just loving your pussy." "She tastes so good!" moaned Kyleigh.

"Finger that butt and eat my Mom!" I shuddered, picturing the black-haired Kyleigh feasting on my ass, one hand stroking my clit while the other reamed fingers into her tight asshole. What a naughty way to masturbate. Those digits plunging into her asshole, digging into her bowels, teasing her.

It was a hot delight. I moaned and gasped as I feasted on my daughter. I flicked my tongue through her folds.

I teased her. I sucked on her labia. I drove her wild with my passion. Her juices coated my face, her bush tickling my lips and cheeks. What a delicious treat. It fed my impending orgasm. "Eat my mom! Make her cum!" Becky's back arched.

"Oh, yes, Mom, right there! You know what I like! You love my pussy!" "I do," I moaned, my hands reaching up her body. I found my daughter's heavy breasts, almost as big as mine. I kneaded them. I dug my fingers into her flesh. I massaged them while she ground her palms into my nipples.

Pleasure shot through me. I squirmed on the couch. It was incredible. This heat washed through my body. My heart pounded in my chest. This wild passion rippled through my body. I gasped and squirmed. This was delicious. Juices poured into my mouth. I groaned. My tongue fluttered through her. I licked her. She was so wet and tasted so good. Her cream was a hot delight that I savored. My fingers dug into her tits while Kyleigh's finger massaged my clit.

"Oh, that's good!" panted Becky. "Oh, Mom, I'm going to cum! Are you?" "Uh-huh," I moaned, my pussy clenching around Kyleigh's tongue. That little minx was hungry for my cunt. "Getting there. Ooh, this is a great first day!" "Yes!" gasped Kyleigh.

She massaged my bud. She teased me. My eyes fluttered. My pussy clenched. Her finger stroked my bud. Another wonderful orgasm shot through me. My mouth latched onto my daughter's clit. I sucked hard on her while my delight surged through me. Juices gushed out of my snatch. This buzzing heat swept through my body. Stars burst across my eyes. I moaned around my daughter's clit. I squeezed her tits as I bucked on the bed. Kyleigh's tongue lapped the cream flowing out of me, moaning. She must be fingering her butt-hole hard and fast.

Just jamming it deep into her bowels. It had me dizzy with excitement. This heat rushed through me. I groaned, my thighs clenching around Kyleigh's face. Wave after wave of ecstasy washed through me. My mind drowned in bliss. In hot delight. "Mommy!" Becky squealed as I nursed on her clit. Her juices squirted into my mouth.

That wonderful passion bathed my mouth. I licked and lapped at her. My tongue danced through her folds. I lapped up her cream. I savored the treat. My body shuddered as my orgasm peaked in me. I savored the dying bliss while I licked my daughter's spicy cream up. I reveled in this. It was great being the school nurse. I was going to have so much fun. I was so glad my husband set this up for me. He knew what I liked.

He wanted to share with me.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Steve Davies I was feeling great. Friday had arrived, the weekend was before me. My first week having these powers were over. Yes, I made a few missteps, but I was fixing them. The results of the recall election would come out today. I knew it would be a landslide. The next mayor and city council wouldn't be as. dedicated. I would take a more balanced control with them.

Guide them to doing something positive without bankrupting everyone in town. It was the lunch break. The day before, my wife had a hot threesome with Kyleigh and Becky. It was a great delight to hear about at home. Becky was a little bemused, coming there just to have sex with her mother, but I assured her that wouldn't Kyleigh talk.

She would just think fondly of her incestuous threesome. I had a pep to my step when I entered the nurse's office. My wife popped out of her office, a naughty grin. "Ooh, I had a wonderful time with Ashlea Botterill twenty minutes ago. She had a 'tummy ache,' but I soothed her. She loved her treatment." She sauntered toward me. Her breasts swayed in her pink scrub top, her bra clearly removed. She threw her arms around my neck and kissed me. I tasted a spicy musk, similar to Becky's cream, on her mouth.

"Mmm, I can tell," I said, my dick throbbing against her. "She had a cherry," my wife added. "That was fun to lick.

Never had one of those. These naughty schoolgirls spice up the day and—" The door opened and Yumiko Itou slipped in.

She was a twenty-year-old girl in my last class, a junior with a round face and a delicate nose. She pursed her anal milfs know how to do it best scene as she attacked the gray tie of her college uniform. It whisked, the silk rustling on silk before sliding through her collar. "I'm sorry for interrupting," the Japanese girl said, her voice quiet. "But." "It's okay," my wife said, breaking away as the girl kept stripping.

It looked like she came here for a reason, and not because she felt a naughty urge to have fun with my wife. However, she still wanted to strip naked and get comfortable. She didn't even mind my presence as her slender fingers popped her buttons through the eyelets of her blouse.

She exposed a soft, orange bra cupping her small breasts, the color contrasting with her pale-olive skin. "What's wrong?" my wife asked, going to her and taking the girl's blouse, folding it up for her. "It's just." She bit her lip, doing something I'd never seen. She slipped her arms through her shoulders straps then spun her bra around, her tits coming into view. They were firm, her dark-olive nipples soft. She had the back band of her bra beneath her breasts and unsnapped it with ease.

"The thing is." "It's okay," My wife said, taking the girl's bra next. "I won't judge. And my husband won't tell. This is a safe place. That's why you're getting naked." Yumiko nodded. "It's just." She swallowed. "Do you have a. a pregnancy test. It's just. if my parents find out, they'll kill me." "Oh, honey, I do," my wife said. She took the blouse and bra, setting it on a counter before unlocking a drawer and opening it.

Yumiko dropped her skirt down her thighs. She had a slender figure, her body slim. I felt like I should leave. She glanced at me and I gave her a smile. She licked her lips and then shoved down her creamy, orange panties, exposing a black bush. "It will be okay," I told her. If need be, I could edit her over the weekend, make sure her parents were accepting of her if she was pregnant.

That was an amazing thing I could do. My wife returned with a home test pregnancy kit, that rectangle box. I had no idea the college stocked those. She groped the girl's butt while pressing it into her hand.

A shiver ran through Yumiko. Her nipples hardened and a flush darkened her cheeks. "Now, you just go pee on that in the bathroom," my wife purred, leaning in.

"Then we'll make you feel good. Relax you. Give you a nice orgasm. Things always feel better after a good cum, lewd oriental sucks large cock japanese hardcore cheeks blushed even darker while she nodded, "I do always feel two hot girls share a long dong after one." "And don't worry.

Sex is a wonderful thing. God made your body to feel delights, so enjoy them. You'll see, my husband and I will make you feel amazing, and if you're pregnant, we're going to be there for you." "That's right," I said, my dick growing hard as I noticed the deep throating beauty slit banged from behind drops of dew beading on her silky bush.

"Thanks," she said, some of the nervousness vanished from her. She padded to the restroom. My wife ripped off her top, exposing her heavy, lush breasts. Her dark-red nipples thrust from her wide areolas. She had a wicked grin on her face. She shoved down her bottoms, revealing she wasn't even wearing panties, just ready to get into naughty fun. She was such a delight. Her silky bush glittered with her passion. "Just ready to have fun, huh?" I asked her.

"Well, what you've done to this room is amazing," she said. "The things you can do with that naughty app are outstanding. And tonight. We're going to have a good time." "First time I've been excited to host one of Sam's slumber party," I said. She laughed. "They do get noisy, don't they. But this time. you'll be in there in them in the middle, pervy teacher." "So will you, lu—" "I'm done," the girl said, holding the test before her as she came out. "Just set it down and we'll enjoy a nice way to pass the time," my wife said.

"So, you've been having sex, huh?" "Yes, Mrs. Davies," the girl said, her cheeks burned. "So. you got a taste for dick, huh?" My wife had a wicked grin. My cock tented my slacks. I attacked my fastener. I shoved it down with my boxers, my cock popping out, bobbing before me. My balls swayed, aching to cum.

"I guess," the girl said. "I mean. It's nice." My wife grabbed my cock, stroking me. "Now isn't that a nice cock? Doesn't my husband have a dick that you just want to ride?" The girl shivered. "I. do. This place is just so. so." A smile crossed her lips.

"I need to take my mind off of it. I need something to relax me, don't I?" "Yep," my wife purred as she stroked my dick. Linda pushed me down onto the exam bed, my cock waving before me. I loosened my tie as another one of my nubile students sauntered to me. Her firm breasts jiggled.

She had a huge grin on her face, this look of wanton hunger behind her almond-shaped, brown eyes. "Oh, Mr. Davies," she said, "I had a crush on you when I was a freshman." "He's a silver fox," purred my wife, pulling the naked Yumiko closer. "Now hop on him, enjoy that cock you fantasized about, you naughty thing, and you'll feel amazing. I guarantee you." She nodded her head, as she stood before me, my pants and boxers bunched around my feet.

I threw my tie down as she climbed onto the bed. I groaned as this twenty-year-old, petite temptress mounted me. She grabbed my cock with her delicate fingers, her grip so warm around my throbbing dick. My heart beat faster. In a week, things had changed so much. My life had grown so perverted because of that app.

I loved it. I was changing things, making things better. Would the previous school nurse, Corinne Traviss, been at all supportive for this girl? Probably not. "Mr. Davies," she moaned, pressing my cock into the silky strands of her bush. Those wet curls stroked across my sensitive dick. Pleasure rippled through me.

Then I felt the hot kiss of her pussy. My student's cunt. She groaned as she pushed herself down my cock. Her labia spread over my dick, swallowing more and more of me. She groaned and I moaned as she sank down my shaft. Her delicious cunt caressed me. I reveled in her tight embrace. Pleasure flowed down to the root of my cock. To my balls brimming with cum.

My hands found her hips, feeling her silky skin. She groaned, her pussy clenching on my dick as she stirred herself around my shaft. Her fingers dug into my shirt. She groaned and then rose up my cock, her pussy clinging to me. "Oh, I like riding Horácio's cock," she moaned, her pussy squeezing me.

"It's always so exciting." "He's your boyfriend?" my wife asked as the naughty girl slid down my pussy. "Uh-huh," she moaned.

"Oh, yes, Mr. Davies, this is nice. Ooh, I'm feeling better already." My wife hugged the girl from behind, her hands cupping Yumiko's firm breasts. They were as small as Sam's breasts. I groaned, my dick throbbing in Yumiko's pussy. She worked her pussy up and down my cock, stimulating me, teasing me. The pleasure cascaded down my cock to my balls.

They grew tight with a load of cum. I groaned, shuddering as my dick throbbed in her pussy's depths. This delicious heat bathed my shaft. It sent pleasure rippling down through me.

I groaned, my heart hammering faster and faster, pumping the rapture through my body. "That's it," moaned my wife. She stood at the side of the bed and pressing her tits into the girl's back. "Just ride my husband's cock. Let his dick soothe that hot, horny pussy of yours." "It is so horny!" the girl moaned.

"Oh, I never could admit that. I would lie to Horácio and pretend to give in to having sex with. I'd claim I was just being a good girlfriend since we're promised, but. but. I like it. I want it. I'd sometimes tease him to get him aroused." "Naughty girl," my wife moaned. She licked Yumiko's ear. The girl shuddered, her pussy clamping down on my dick as she rode my shaft.

I groaned, my hands squeezing her hips. The pressure on my dick was incredible. Her tight, maybe-pregnant pussy felt amazing on me. I reveled in it. my heart pounding in my chest as she stirred her pussy around my dick, dancing her cunt around me. She moaned and gasped. Her pussy throbbed around me as she rode me faster and faster. "Mr. Davies!" she gasped every time she slammed down my cock.

She slid up, her pussy sucking at my dick. "Mr. Davies, yes!" I loved it, my hands stroking her sides, feeling the delight of her skin while that amazing pussy caressed my shaft. My dick throbbed and ached in her cunt. My balls grew tighter while her juices soaked them. The heat of her passion richelle ryan and andi anderson get pounded them. My wife kneaded the girl's tits, squeezing those breasts, massaging them right before me.

I stared into Yumiko's eyes. They were glassy with her passion.

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Her pussy squeezed around me. This incredible rush surged through me. I was coming closer and cindy and gilda fuck in the parking masturbation lesbian to erupting. To spurting my cum into those hot depths. It would be such a delight. A treat that would be amazing. It would spurt out of me. This hot rush of passion that would bathe her depths with my seed.

"Work that hot cunt up and down my husband's dick, you naughty slut," my wife moaned, her green eyes growing glassy with her lust. "Mr. Davies!" the girl squealed as she bottomed out on my cock again, more of her cream soaking my shaft.

"You love that dick in your naughty cunt," my wife moaned. "Mmm, pump that snatch up and down him." "Mr. Davies, yes!" "You're going to cum on his dick! You're going to milk his cock!" My wife pinched the girl's dark-olive nipples. The Japanese beauty gasped, her pussy squeezing down on my dick. "I am!" "Do it!" my wife moaned. "Cum on my husband's dick. Let that beautiful pussy writhe about him. Make him explode!" "Yes, yes, yes!" the girl moaned, her body bucking and heaving.

Her passion resounded through the room. It spilled over everything, these loud yells and moans. She bucked hard, her pussy squeezing around my dick. Her juices gushed out of her as her pussy convulsed. Her head threw back, allowing my wife to nibble at the coed's slender throat. Linda's fingers twisted those nipples while that delicious cunt spasmed and sucked about my cock. The pleasure rippled about me. My balls tightened. That sucking pressure of her bred, juicy cunt worked on my nuts.

It was this amazing heaven. My hands tightened on her hips. I held her tight as she bucked and writhed on me, pumping that massaging snatch up and down my cock. "Yumiko!" I groaned. "I love it! You're going to make me cum!" "Do it, Mr. Davies!" she howled. "I'm already pregnant! I just know it!

Cum in me!" I couldn't resist any longer. I groaned out loud. This heat rushed through me. This delicious rapture slammed into my mind. My thoughts melted beneath the onslaught. It struck me and left me reeling. My balls unloaded. I came in her bred pussy. My jizz fired out of me. It pumped into her depths. I flooded the girl with all my passion. I would make her life better.

Tomorrow. With my three charges. I would make sure she had a happy life with her boyfriend and her child. I would improve her. That was something I could do for this amazing beauty. "Yumiko, yes!" I gasped as I kept firing into her, the powerful ecstasy slamming into my mind. "You're so hot, Mr. Davies!" she moaned. "Oh, yes, so much! So much cum! It's amazing!" "Mmm, it is!" moaned my wife.

"Now I'm going to lick you clean. Sexy ballerina pleasures her juicy muff masturbation and brunette going to lap all that yummy cum out of your pussy!" "Yes!" I groaned as my orgasm peaked, that pleasure melting down through my body as the euphoric bliss settled upon me. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Linda Davies I settled down on Yumiko, her black bush stained with my husband's cum leaking out of her.

She was pregnant, I could see the pink lines from here, so she was in no danger of being bred by my husband. What a shame. That would be hot. "Mrs. Davies," she moaned before my furred muff pressed on her mouth. I nuzzled into her pussy, licking at the salty cum that was seasoned by her tangy delight.

The spunk coated her bush. "Just lick her," My husband groaned, kneeling behind me. His cock nudged against my rump, soaked in her juices. "She loves having naughty schoolgirls eating her pussy. She's a pervy nurse." "You would know," I moaned between licks of gathering up his salty cum from Yumiko's cunt. His cock slid between the cheeks of my rump. He pressed against my asshole. I squealed in delight into the girl's pussy, thrusting my tongue into her cum-filled depths as my husband rammed into my bowels.

Her pussy juices lubed the way. My husband filled my asshole. Velvety heat melted down to my pussy. I wiggled my hips, my pussy grinding on her hungry mouth. She moaned, licking through my folds. She fluttered her tongue against me, teasing me, driving me wild. I groaned at that delight. My ass clenched as my husband's dick pumped away at my bowels. Yumiko was another pussy-licking virgin. My third in two days. I loved this school. I feasted on her cunt, licking and lapping out my husband's cum from her pussy.

It was incredible. Such a wonderful treat to feast on her barely legal snatch. She was cfnm emdom milf brandi love in foursome eldest daughter's age. This was so wicked. I shuddered, feasting on her, licking her clean. Her tongue danced through my folds. That wonderful heat she generated through me rippled through me. It met the hot plunges of my husband's cock into my asshole. The bed creaked as his hard thrusts smacked his crotch into my rump.

The sounds echoed through the room. I savored it, wiggling atop the nubile girl. She thrust her tongue into my cunt. She swirled it around in me, making me quiver and groan. My heart thundered in my chest as my husband kept pounding me, reaming me with that cock, driving it deeper and deeper into my bowels. "Damn!" my husband groaned, thrusting hard into me. "Oh, damn, I love your ass, Linda!

I love fucking your ass when a girl's licking your pussy." "It's a treat!" I moaned. "Like licking your cum out of a girl's cunt!" "You two are so wild," the schoolgirl moaned into my snatch. Her tongue fluttered through my folds. "Oh, Mrs. Davies!

Mr. Davies!" The nurse's office echoed with the sounds of our passion. The wonderful staccato of flesh slapping flesh, that amazing delight of a hard dick plunging into my bowels. I shuddered, squirming atop Yumiko, my large breasts piled into her stomach, my nipples throbbing against her skin. One more treat to the growing bliss. It was so hot playing with her small breasts as she rode my husband's cock. A wicked and wanton treat.

I was already on fire, and now I had his dick reaming my asshole. My bowels clenched about his shaft, the heat burning through me, making me shudder as the girl's sloppy tongue danced over my folds. She had no idea what she was doing, a complete pussy-eating novice, but she was eager. She squirmed beneath me, her tongue teasing me while mine scooped out tangy cream and salty cum from the depths of her twat. "Damn," grunted my husband. "Oh, damn, Linda! Your ass! Your ass is getting so tight around my cock!

So hot!" "It's this cute, little minx feasting on my cunt!" I moaned. "She's making me feel incredible." "I am?" the girl groaned in awe. Then she fluttered her tongue up and down my folds. "Uh-huh," I moaned and plunged my tongue into her snatch to find more cum. I wiggled deep, rapidly running out of the treat of my husband's jizz.

But her pussy tasted wonderful. Pregnant snatch. I plundered my tongue over and over through her. I stirred her up. I drove her wild. She squealed into my cunt. My orgasm built. My husband grunted, his balls smacking into my taint. The bed creaked from the force of his teen slut jayden fucks to keep her job. He pounded my asshole with all his might. He reamed me harder.

Faster. I quivered beneath him. I squeezed my eyes shut as the pleasure built and built in me. This heat was amazing. This pleasure was delicious. I groaned as my heart thundered in my chest. My hips danced from side to side. This delicious heat built and built in me. It carried me closer and closer to that screaming orgasm. I couldn't wait for it to explode through me. I groaned into her snatch as my husband churned up my bowels.

Yumiko grazed my clit with her tongue. I gasped as the sparks burst inside of me. This incredible burst of pleasure shot through me. It washed through my body, leaving me bucking and heaving. Radiance carried me to the heights of exploding ecstasy. My pussy juices flooded Yumiko's mouth. My bowels spasmed around my husband's cock. "Yes, yes, Steve!" I gasped.

"Damn!" he groaned. "Mrs. Davies!" Yumiko squealed between hungry licks. "Oh, Mrs. Davies, I'm almost there." "Cum!" I howled, my mind melting beneath the rapture of my orgasm.

I latched onto her clit and sucked hard. She shuddered beneath me. She bucked and squirmed, the bed creaking as she licked and lapped at my twat.

Her licking stirred new pleasure to ripple over me. This amazing heat melted my mind while her cream flooded over my mouth. I lapped up that tangy delight. "Linda!" my husband groaned and fired his cum into my bowels. I groaned, savoring the hot jolts of my husband's cum spurting into my asshole.

The heat seared my mind. A new wave of rapture burst out of my pussy while fresh juices bathed Yumiko's face. The naughty minx licked and lapped. I loved this new job. I savored it. I drifted through rapture, so eager to help all the girls at Rainier Christian College.

I would love them, take care of them, and make sure they were happy. I just knew my husband would help Yumiko deal with her parents. Just a little edit to reality. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Steve Davies "It's so good of you that you're going to use the charges to help Yumiko," my wife said as we drove home. She glanced at horny women play with their strap on, smiling. "Oh, well, teen babe creampie and teens with bubble my ass mia khalifa tries a big black dick how selfish I'm being tonight, I should do something good with it," I said.

My wife grinned. "Mmm, this is going to be a wild slumber party." "Sam's eager for it." "She wants her friends to fuck her daddy." My wife giggled. "It's sweet in a kinky, pervy way." "Sam takes after her parents," I said. "She was sleeping with all three before I changed a thing." "So she was just more accepting of being bi than me." My wife sighed.

"Well, I'm glad she wouldn't have made my mistake. I mean. was I truly unhappy." I paused. "Not unhappy, just. reserved. I think you had regrets, but mostly you're the same. Just. open now." Linda smiled and patted my thighs, sending a surge of heat up my leg as she stroked me through the khaki slacks. The commercial on the radio end and the news reporter continued. "The recall election for the city of Rainier is called.

It's a landslide. Mayor Wright and all three members of the city council have been outed after their controversial 23% property tax increase. The State Auditor, Keith Haight, says the ballots for the emergency election are already in the mail. They should be arriving today for those in the small community." "What?" I frowned.

"I didn't have it set up to have that. The ballots shouldn't have gone out before the recall election was finished." "Is that a problem?" my wife asked. "Well." Maybe I didn't understand how the process worked. "At the very least, we can vote," she said. "You voting for McAdams for mayor again." I nodded my head. Rachel McAdams had lost a year ago. I made sure that the other candidates from the last election cycle would be on the ballot.

The State Auditor wouldn't put any others on there. It really didn't matter who won. I would edit their lives to make sure they would help people, that whatever had made them selfish would be gone. Politicians should use their positions for good, not to enrich themselves or others. We reached the house. As Linda headed in, I went to check the mail. It had some credit card applications, a bill, and two large absentee ballots. Washington State went all absentee ballots years and years ago.

Though our three children were all eighteen or older, non had bothered to register to vote. Too busy to take the five minutes to fill out an online form. Curious, I opened the envelope for mine as I headed inside.

My wife had already peeled off her pink scrub tops, her breasts swaying naked. She took her ballot from me with a smile as I unfolded mine.

There were three names for the office of Mayor: Rachel McAdams (prefers Democrat Party) George Brandons (prefers Constitution Party) Steve Davies (prefers Independent) My jaw dropped. "I know who I'm voting for mayor," my wife said. "You can vote for yourself, honey. You don't have to vote for Rachel McAdams." My jaw dropped. "Why is my name on the ballot?

I edited reality so that only the original candidates from the last election would be on there." My wife gave me a confused look. "Well, maybe." Then she shrugged. "Either way, you got my vote, honey." Something wasn't right. I grabbed my phone and opened the app.

I froze time as Anael appeared before me. The angel had a curious expression on her face as she padded around my wife holding her ballot. Then she grabbed mine, taking it. "Mmm, interesting," she said. I searched for Keith Haight and found him. I scrolled through his preferences and saw that nothing had changed.

Nothing could change. He was locked for editing now. I couldn't directly affect him, only the people and things around him. The instructions were right there. "He didn't order this," I said. "He was only supposed to put on the people who ran last time. I didn't run!" "Are you sure?" Anael asked. "In your original timeline, you didn't run. Maybe in this new one, you did." Could it be that simple? I didn't remember the changes, only my original life. My heart racing, I opened up my own menu.

I, too, was locked for editing even though I had never done anything to myself. I frowned at that then saw a notation at the very top of the menu. EDITED BY THE MOST HIGH I hadn't paid much attention to the lock note on others. Curious, I went back to Keith Haight and saw at the top his screen: EDITED BY PLAYER ONE That didn't matter.

I went back to myself and double-checked my history. I saw that even in this altered timeline, I never ran for mayor. "Okay, what is going on?" "Well, exam the ballot," Anael suggested, her eyes bright. Her petite body quivered. "Something interesting is going on here." The ballot was clean. Not edited. I frowned at that then I hit on something. Ballot 403810383-29384 • Physical Quality • Spiritual Quality I went to its history and found the machine where it was printed.

The menu changed as it loaded the machine, located at the State Auditor's Building in Seattle. EDITED A latina that loves hard cock in her PLAYER TWO I stared at those words. "Who is player two?" Anael giggled. "Oh, what a wicked game the Most High is playing." "Who is player two?" I asked, feeling like the floor had been kicked out from beneath me.

"Does this mean what I think it means?" She nodded her head. "There's another person that has the app. After you were given it. I had no idea. Ooh, this is incredible. I wonder what they want." I opened the machine's menu and found the edited lines of code. Under History Sub-Menu, located beneath the Spiritual Quality Menu, I found: • Add Steve Daniels as a candidate for mayor (prefers independent). And under the Aura Sub-Menu: • Everyone who handles this ballot will think Steve Davies will make an excellent mayor.

My jaw dropped. "Why would this other person want to make me mayor, Anael." "I really don't know," the angel said, her head cocking to the side, her purple eyes blinking. "It is a strange move for your opponent to make." "Opponent?" Anael giggled. "The best games have conflict! Two people, battling it out. Lucifer and Michael, Moses and the Pharaoh, David and Goliath, Jesus and Satan." She shivered.

"Mmm, this just got so interesting." The END of Book One of Editing Reality