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Hot horny milf sara jay face fucks bbw samantha g
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My name's Matt. I'm 21 years old, 6'2" inches tall, and although I'm slim, I have fairly defined muscles. I've also got dark brown hair, cut short, and dark brown eyes. I've not got a huge amount of body hair, and Seductive and hot cherie deville pays a debt by fucking a bbc tend to keep my pubes trimmed pretty short. Oh and I've been bisexual since I was 13. I've never got around to doing anything about it and now I'm in a committed relationship with a girl named Ellie.

I love her with all my heart, and I plan on marrying her one day. The thing is, I really wish I'd been able to experiment with a guy. But I haven't known anyone who's gay that I've found attractive (though I have told them I'm bi).

I'm too scared to come out of the closet fully, and to be honest I thought it was too late after I started going out with Ellie. That is, until a couple of weeks ago.

My best friend, Luke, I've known since I was 5. We've grown up together, and shared everything - the first time we kissed a girl, the first time we got drunk, the first time we got stoned. We've talked about everything going on in our lives. Everything from breakups to hook-ups, our time in scouts, TV shows we like, and our friends. And he's amazingly hot. He's the same age as me, around 5'10", with an amazing body - muscular but not too bulky, and not at all thin.

He's got wavy brown hair and smooth, slightly tanned skin. And luckily, he lives just down the road - not even a two minute walk away.

About a month ago, I went over to his house after work. Luke doesn't have a job at the moment, and I always finish at 1:00 in the afternoon, because I only work part time while I'm trying to get into the forces (my dream career). It had been a fairly standard day and I skinny pissdrinking teen close up at home urinedrinking goldenshower staring at the clock at 12:59, waiting for the second hand to tick over so I could go home.

Just as it did, I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket, and I took it out to see a text flashing up from Luke. "Hey, you free today?" I pondered for a second, but I didn't have anything else planned, and I was in the mood for some beers and a chill out session on the Xbox so I tapped out a response and told him I'd come over as soon as I was home.

I picked up my car keys and my wallet and walked out of the door, saying goodbye as I went. My phone went again, and it was just Luke telling me he'd pick up some booze while I was getting myself sorted. Not bothering to reply, I jumped in the car and set off for home. With the radio blasting out music, and the roads empty, there wasn't much to think about, and I got back pretty much on autopilot. You know, when you drive somewhere, but when you arrive you can't really remember the journey?

Like that. Getting in through the front door, I chucked my keys on the side, and ran upstairs to my room to get changed. The sun was shining but it was the dead of winter, so it was freezing outside and I just put on a hoody and jeans, grabbed my scarf, and ran back downstairs and straight out the door. On the walk over, I texted Ellie to let her know I was going over to Luke's and probably wouldn't be able to talk much - she's pretty easy going and she was more than happy for me to spend the evening not texting.

By the time I got over, it was about 2 o'clock, and I knocked on the door, putting my hands in my pockets and glancing around his garden. With a pretty huge lawn and pond, and trees dotted around the edges, this garden had been great growing up.

We could play football, have bonfires, drink and get high in the middle of the night. The door opened and Luke's sister Jess was stood there in a loose fitting, low cut top and leggings, her long dark hair pulled back. A bit shorter than Luke at around 5'6", Jess was stunning.

She was 18 years old, and one of the prettiest girls I had ever met. It helped that she had huge tits as well, and her big brown eyes seemed to twinkle, as if she knew the effect she had on her brother's friends. "Hey Jess," I said, smiling at her. "Luke is still here, right?" She laughed, showing off a beautiful smile, and nodded. "Yeah he is, he's upstairs in the spare room." She stepped back to let me in and pulled out her phone as she did. One of the most popular girls at her school, I barely saw her without a friend over.

And the few times I did, she was always texting and calling her gang of girlfriends. As I passed her to take my shoes off in the hall, she casually adjusted her top to show off a bit more cleavage, and I involuntarily glanced down dirty girl hillary scott gagging on meat her chest.

As I realised what I was doing, I tore my eyes away. But it must have been too late and I saw her smirk as she closed the door.

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fucking of a very dirty pussy aperture She obviously knew what she was doing, but I didn't really care. If she wanted to show off her great breasts, I wasn't going to complain. Having slipped my shoes off, I walked through the sitting room, saying a polite hello to Luke's mum, and pounded up the stairs from the kitchen to the spare room (the layout of the house is kind of strange…) Luke was sitting in front of his TV, engrossed in a game of Call of Duty.

"Hey buddy," he said, not taking his eyes off the screen. "Hey man. You alright?" "Yeah, hang on. This game's almost over." I dropped myself down onto the sofa next to him and watched him blast someone at close range with a shotgun, as the score counter ticked up to the limit and the game ended. Laughing at his good fortune at getting a last second kill, I looked around the room to find the clock on the wall. "So do you wanna get drunk?" I said, grinning at him as he chucked his controller carelessly down next to his Xbox.

"Sounds like a plan!" He stood up, and I followed suit as he made his way through the door and down the stairs. Opening up the fridge, he glanced in at the shelves that were now stacked up with bottles. "I got some Buds, some Fosters, and some Crabbies - what do you reckon?" I considered for a moment, before settling on the Crabbies, which was one of my favourite drinks.

Luke grabbed a Bud, and took the bottle opener out of a drawer. He opened up the two bottles and passed me mine, and then we made our way upstairs again to lounge on the sofa. We hadn't really had a chance to talk in a while, and so the conversation started to flow pretty easily, helped along by the drinks. After two more trips downstairs to get more beer, we decided it would be easier to just bring the crates and bottle opener upstairs. We took the bottles from the fridge and put them back into their boxes.

I picked up the Crabbies crate and the Budweisers, and Luke got the Fosters and bottle opener, and we were just walking to the stairs when Jess came into the kitchen. "Luke, mum's going out to dinner with some friends and I want to go over to Jess's. Could you give me a lift please?" Luke shook his head apologetically, and shrugged. "Sorry Jess, I've been drinking, I can't really drive." I held up the crates to emphasise his point, and Jess sighed.

"Oh. That sucks." She frowned, biting her bottom lip, and looked down at her phone. "Matt, can you drive?" Smiling, I put the sunny leone new sexy story down on the table, tensing my arms as much as I could to try and show off a bit of muscle.

"Sorry Jess," I said, as I leant on the back of a chair with my left hand and took my own phone out with my right.

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"I've drunk too much too, really. But I do have some taxi numbers if you want?" "Sure, that'd be great! Thanks!" I read out the number I had saved for a decent taxi company, while Luke went upstairs to drop off his beer. I finished reading it out, and while Jess said it back to me to double check, I sneaked a crafty look down her top.

I often do this, but I don't think it's particularly a bad thing. I don't have any plans to fuck her (as much as I want to) and I figure that she wears clothes like that for a reason. I nodded, looking back at my phone, and confirmed that she had it correct.

As she bounced out of the kitchen, I picked the beer back up and climbed upstairs to rejoin Luke. "Sorry about that. Figured I'd just help her out." Luke looked at me and didn't say anything, but took another swig of his drink. He glanced at the clock, which now read 6 o'clock.

"No worries mate. I just don't really like some of Jess's friends so I'm not really too keen for her to hang out with them to be honest." I looked at him curiously, and he sighed. "Well all her girlfriends are slags, and her guy friends all just want to sleep with her. I think the once or twice she's actually found a boyfriend that seems nice, they've ended up being complete jackasses and spread all sorts of shit about her at school." Luke seemed to be getting pretty mad, which was strange for him, as he was usually quite relaxed, so I changed the subject to drinking games.

"So I heard about one you can play with The Lord of the Rings that sounds pretty cool. We'll have to look up the rules, but I know a couple of them and to be fair we could just make up our own." We still had a fair few drinks left, so while Luke found the DVDs, I settled down in the couch and looked up some rules on my phone. "Every time someone calls the Ring 'precious', every time someone draws their sword, every time there's a gay moment between Sam and Frodo…" There were a few rules, so I read out the rest, and looked over at Luke.

"Let's go!" The film was freaking awesome - it is, after all, The Lord of the Rings - but it was made even better by the drinking and the getting drunk, and by the time it was finished, we were both pretty wasted. We were laughing our asses off as it finished and all the beers were gone.

It was about 10 o'clock, and we started chatting again, but this time the topic was girlfriends. Luke was giggling like a child as we compared stories. "Dude, do you. do you get a lot of sex?" I was a little taken aback by this question.

Luke had always had a girlfriend, since we were about 14, and I assumed him and Emma (his current partner) got a lot of action. "Well yeah man. We do it as often as we can really - it's great!" I laughed, and raised an eyebrow clumsily, feeling the drink making me dizzy and causing me to stumble over my words. "Ah fair play. Emma isn't really that into it I guess. She just wants to c-cuddle and watch TV together. And sometimes we go out, which is nice, but I want to fuck her ALL THE FUCKING TIME!" I laughed as he messed up his sentence trying to overcome the booze, and pressured him for more information.

"So what, you just don't have it at all?" "Well we do, but mate, not as much as you do apparently! And she barely ever sucks me off!" The conversation was getting ever more explicit, which was rare with us - we would talk about things, but not in so much detail.

Something in my mind ticked over into a new way of thinking. Luke was clearly slammed, and the alcohol was really cutting down on my inhibitions as well. "Well mate, if you ever want a blowjob…" I said, leaving the sentence hanging. Luke laughed, and gave me a strange look that wasn't entirely focussed. "Yeah, what if I ever want a blowjob?" "Well, I'm sure I can help you out." There was a slightly awkward silence as that last sentence hung in the air, and I could see Luke's muddled brain trying to work out what I was saying.

Suddenly, his expression changed subtly, and the light hearted atmosphere seemed to get tense. "Oh right. Erm thanks man but that's ok." I forced a laugh and tried to recover, my heart pounding. What the fuck had I just done? Jesus, what was I thinking? I scrambled to get my cover story in. "Mate, joking!" Luke frowned slightly, his glassy eyes trying to focus on me. Seeming to consider this for a second before smiling as well, he slurred as he replied.

"Well that's a fucking relief mate, I thought you were telling me something there! Listen, it's getting pretty late and I am shattered - I'll text you tomorrow though?" I nodded, and pushed myself up of the sofa, swaying as I did so before making my way to the staircase.

My head was lighter than air, and everything seemed to be pale and was moving around in the most inconsiderate way. I felt supremely drunk and still a bit panicked. Had he bought my joking excuse? I staggered fisting her huge teen pussy in bondage the teen ass slave drilled hard while rimming and through the sitting room to the hall, trying desperately to not fall down.

Slipping on my shoes, I turned to see Luke looking at me carefully. "So, see you tomorrow I guess?" I said, reaching for the door handle. "Yeah, I guess." Awkwardly, we stood there for a second before I opened the door and went out into the garden. "Well, in a bit mate." I gangbang budak kedah 12 tahun home, my head swimming with thoughts of what had just happened.

I was pretty sure he knew I wasn't joking. I had just ruined a friendship that I had valued for years. But would he remember it in the morning? I was sure he was more drunk than I was, and there was a chance that he wouldn't have a single memory of that night the next day.

I fumbled for my key as I got to my door, and eventually managed to get the blasted thing into the lock, turning it clumsily and pretty much falling into the house. I locked it behind me, and climbed cautiously up the stairs, trying to make as little noise as I could. I fell into bed, kicking off my jeans and sliding my top off as I did.

The next day I woke up with a pounding headache, but I managed to crawl into work and got through the day. As I finished off, I sent a text to Luke asking if he was free, and jumped in the car to go home.

The drive was uneventful as always, but I couldn't get the last night out of my head. I was still worried about how things would turn out with Luke.

As I pulled up at home, I took my phone out and checked to see if he had texted me. But sadly, he hadn't. I groaned, and slapped my forehead with my palm. "For fuck's sake. For fuck's sake." I leant back in the car seat and slipped my phone back in my pocket before jumping out and making my way inside. The next few days were pretty much the same. Work, text Luke, drive home, no reply. A few days passed, and still there was no answer. I was despairing about what I had done to mess it up, but on the Friday a week and a bit after that night, I got home to a reply from Luke.

"Sorry mate been crazy busy over the last week seeing Emma and trying to spend more time with Jess. Free today though? Play some Xbox? :)" I laughed out loud with relief, and sent a quick text back. "Yes mate so up for that! COD?" He messaged me again almost instantly, and invited me over. Without hesitating, I ran to get changed and then back out of the house, locking the door as I went. Half a minute later, I was knocking on his door, panting for breath from having run over.

He pulled the door open and grinned.

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"Alright mate? It's been ages since we ran over to each other's houses!" I laughed breathlessly, and wiped the back of my hand across my forehead. "Yeah I guess so. I figured I might as well get some exercise though." He stepped back to let me in and I took my shoes off in the hall, as usual.

"So where is everyone?" "Ah, they're all out - mum and dad have gone to Essex for the weekend, and Jess's taking the chance to go over to her new boyfriend's house." "Sweet, so we have the house to ourselves for the weekend?" "Yeah man!" He smiled and swept his arm back in a gesture that encompassed the whole house.

"All for us to get wasted in!" I shook my fists in a mock victory gesture. "Wanna invite Adam and Dan over?" "Yeah they're free tomorrow and Sunday but not tonight apparently." I glanced at my watch - 2:00. "Ok, so we have a few brunette and blonde lesbian sluts fisting their tight cunts hard - what do you wanna do?" Luke shrugged, and made his way through the sitting room toward the spare bedroom.

"Well do you wanna play some COD to start?" I followed eagerly, nodding as I went. "Yeah sounds good!" We settled in on the sofa to play the Xbox for a couple of hours, ripping up Zombies together and laughing as we gamed.

Everything seemed back to normal, which was a huge relief.

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I was just coming around the corner in COD as I got jumped and slayed, and Luke cheered. "HA! Dude, you are so off your game today, I don't think you've lasted longer than me even once yet!" I flicked him the finger casually, chuckling.

"Whatever mate, I am hilariously better than brunette with big tits mastrubate for you masturbate homemade. It's kind of sad actually…" He glanced over at me, and frowned slightly, as if thinking something through. "Tell you what, care to make this interesting?" I looked at him sitting there, still frowning, and I wondered what he was thinking.

"Sure… what do you reckon? A tenner to the winner?" Luke shook his head, now smirking slightly. "Nah, I was thinking we do a good old fashioned dare. Unless you're chicken?" I stared at him, not really understanding. I had no idea what I would dare him to do, so this just seemed bizarre. "A dare? Like 13 year old girls do?" "Yeah, what's up? Trying to back out?" "No way mate, I just don't want you to embarrass yourself if I'm honest." He turned back to the screen and paused it.

"Ok then, the loser has to do whatever the winner says. Deal?" "Deal." We shook hands, and he restarted the game. The screen flashed up Round 1, and we went our separate ways, pistols out. The first rounds were pretty easy, as usual, and I came to round 5 with a carbine and a crap load of spare points. Luke was in a similar situation, but he had fewer points than I did. I opened up the next room and grabbed myself a shotgun, as he fought off a few zombies and built up his kills.

It was getting pretty interesting - I still had no idea at all what I was going to get Luke to do. It was so weird - what 21 year old guys do dares on their own? I was still wondering about it when I wandered through the door to the main room and got slammed by a Zombie. "Fuck!" I scrambled to get away from it, and blasted it in the head as I did so, my heart beating a little faster. "You ok man? Don't get yourself killed too fast." Luke joked, glancing over at me.

"You're hilarious." I replied, looking to get into a decent vantage point for the next wave. It was getting pretty tense. We both had a fair few near misses, me probably more than him. But it was about wave 12 when it all kicked off. I was crouching at the top of the stairs, when my gun ran out of ammo. Waves of Zombies were pouring up toward me, and I had a double barrelled shotgun with only a few shells left.

Luke was faring much better, and was mowing them down as they came with a machine gun. Backing slowly into the corner away from the enemy, I tried my level best to hold them off until Luke could reach me. "When you're good, could you lend me a hand?" Luke laughed, and looked at me. "Well that would kind of defeat the object wouldn't it?" I swore under my breath, and realised that Luke was done cutting down enemies, and was just watching me as I was going to get killed.

Emptying the last shell I had into the thinnest layer of undead I could see, I tried to sprint through the crush. But it wasn't enough. I went down like a sack of bricks, and Luke had won the bet.

"Ah damn, I guess you win. So what do I have to do?" I put my controller down, bending forwards to put it on the floor next to the console, and out of the corner of my eye I saw Luke standing up and turning to face me. As I leant back again, he was undoing his flies and belt buckle.

"You have to suck my dick." I stared up at him. Had I just got that right? But there didn't seem much chance that I had misheard, as Luke was pulling his still soft penis out of his boxers and holding it in his right hand. He was looking down at me on the sofa, my face conveniently lined up with his crotch. "What the fuck mate?" He smiled at me, a look of satisfaction in his eyes. "Come on. I've been thinking about it for the last week. All those times at school when we were getting changed for sports and you would check me out.

I didn't really work it out at the time, but I have now. You and I both know you want to suck it." "Mate, even if that were true, I have a fucking girlfriend?" He stepped forwards, closer to me. His dick was inches away from my face now, and I had to crane my neck to look at him in the eye. "So why did you offer last week? You told me you wanted to suck me off, so do it." He stepped in even closer, and slapped me in the cheek with his still flaccid penis.

I opened my mouth to protest, and suddenly he was sticking it in. I pushed him back, away from me, and kept my hand on his leg, vaguely thinking that I needed to be faithful to Ellie. But my hard on was now raging in my jeans, and Luke noticed.

"You love it, so just give in buddy." He grabbed my wrist with his spare hand and took it off his leg, before moving back toward me and slapping his dick on my closed lips.

I tried to argue again and Luke, quick as a flash, stuck his penis back in my mouth. His soft, warm cock rested on my tongue, and I could feel his close-cropped, light brown pubes brushing my nose as he pushed the whole thing into my mouth. I moaned to try and tell him "no". But all that happened was that I managed to hum, and Luke groaned and grabbed the back of my head with both his hands. "Ahhh fuck… Hum some more…" I shook my head, feeling him starting to grow in my mouth, filling me up and starting to push on the back of my throat.

I groaned again in resignation and looked up into his eyes, which were closed now. He had a smiling from the pleasure he was getting, and I could feel him pulling my head harder into his crotch as he started to hump my face.

Luke's guy really enjoys fucking mother id like to fuck hardcore blowjob was at almost full size now, and as it had grown bigger it had forced my mouth open to its widest.

I could feel my lips wrapped around his hot, hard, smooth shaft, and I loved it. The head of his prick was pushing its way down my throat and making me gag slightly. He pulled my head back off his cock, taking it out of my mouth. Opening his eyes, he looked down at me as I gasped for breath, with my mouth still open and my tongue hanging out, as if I was begging for more.

Which I was. "Put it back in my mouth, please…" His dick, which was uncut, must have been a good 7 or 8 inches long, and was quite thick - I don't think I could have fit my fingers all the way around it.

It was smooth, all the way down to the base, and his balls were shaved hairless. All he had was a carefully sculpted patch of hair above his dick. "I knew you'd like it. And your slutty fucking lips feel great around my shaft." All I could do was moan.

I felt so dirty, being used by him like this. And as I moaned, Luke grabbed his dick again, and slapped it down on my tongue a few times. I could taste the slightly salty precum oozing out of his slit, but before I could savour it, he was shoving himself back into my willing mouth. He pulled my head all the way down so that my nose was pressed into his abdomen, and his amazing cock pushed down into my throat.

I was really getting into it, swirling my tongue along the underside and humming for him. He groaned even more, and pulled out again, before shoving his dick back down my throat and pulling my head hard into his crotch.

I gagged, but the convulsion of my throat around his long hard cock seemed to egg him on, and he started fucking my mouth with huge gloryhole minnesota anal america dating dickwatch, forcing the head as far as he could get it. Because he was pulling on my head, I was leaning forwards, but the force with which he was pounding my face was pushing me into the sofa, and I was having to support myself with my hands slightly behind and to the sides.

Loving every second, I was groaning and moaning wildly as his balls slapped wetly against my chin, my spit and his precum starting to leak out of my already full mouth. Slap-slap-slap-slap. His musky smell was filling my nose, and I gulped, making my throat squeeze his shaft as it filled me up.

"Unghh fuck, Matt I can't stop fucking your face!" Luke shouted as he thrusted wildly, using me and my mouth for his own pleasure. I looked up at him, seeing his brown eyes staring back down at me, filled with lust and a desire to blast his seed into my eager mouth.

As his smooth prick slid in and out from between my lips, I could feel it swelling, if possible, even bigger than before. "I'm gonna fucking cum all over you you little whore!" He gasped, holding on to my head and bending forwards over me as he seesawed in and out of my mouth with renewed energy, his ball sack making a loud meaty smacking sound against my face as he did.

As I stared at his beautiful shaft plowing forward and backward, I couldn't help but let out a long, low moan, humming as much as I could to send vibrations into his huge dick. This was the last push, and sent him over the edge. I was in pure ecstasy as he pushed himself as far into my mouth as he possibly could, pulling my head into him with all his strength, his arms now wrapped around the back of my head as he pushed his hips fowards.

He was swearing and moaning in pleasure, but all I could focus on was his thick, hot white cum as it spurted down my throat. One, two, three blasts filled my belly with his salty seed as I swallowed as much as I could, but I couldn't get it all, and as he pulled out to finish over my face he refilled my mouth before squirting four or five more jets of cum over me, and covering me in his sticky semen. As he finished, he looked down at my cum stained face, and squeezed one last drop into my open mouth before slapping his softening dick on my chin.

He stepped back, and I swirled his cum around my mouth, showing gwenanie rentre doucement dans mon petit cul the prize he had given me, before swallowing it, and leaning back in the sofa. We stayed like that for a minute, Luke staring at my cum drenched face, as I licked my lips, finally able to savour the taste he had left all over them.

Finally, he spoke. "So anytime I want a blowjob…?" I grinned at him. "Just give me a call."