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Lovely chick quinn wilde loves a pussy fuck with monique alexander
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mmm…alan correy, the way he looked at me made my body tingle. The way we talked made me feel alive, wanted, and naughty. We would always talk about sex and there never seemed to be anything that I could hide from him. But he always seemed to be either in a relationship or recuperating from one and I was always there for him, always there to talk. He made me feel so dirty sometimes, but I wanted to be dirty, he would write me sex stories and I would reward him by sending him nudes and I liked doing it.

We were always in other relationships with other people that we really liked but now, we were both alone, and we were alone, together. Part. I The first time it happened it was almost by accident we had gone to a retreat with our university, a kind of end of the year trip for all the first years to Hawaii.

We were all assigned rooms and me and alex happened to be the last two to sign up for the trip so we ended up roommates. "Hey Anna, I don't want you to feel weird that we're rooming together." Alan told me as we were unpacking our things the first day there.

"it's ok alex, I don't feel weird at all." I said as I took off my shirt. He looked up to see me in my bra. "whoa, what are you doing?" he said shielding his eyes as if my breasts were glistening. "uhh, it's called changing, people do it all the time." "but, why are pamela safitri big boobs red sex fairy tales doing it right here.

Shouldn't you go in the bathroom or something?" he said in a panicked voice. "aww, what got into you, I thought you were ok with us rooming together?" I said moving closer to him. "I-I am, it's just that…" "what? Do I make you nervous?" I said touching the buckle on his belt.

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He froze up. "w-what are you doing?" "baby, I know you want this, you've wanted this since we were in middle school, and now, I'm gonna give it to you." I undid the buckle of his belt and slipped it out of the loops, as I did this his arms flew to my hands then up my arms, across my tummy, and up to my breasts.

"aww, I'm sorry baby, is my bra in your way…" he nodded and I unhooked my bra and saw it drop to the floor, I looked at him and he sunny leone fucked hard her husband me in the eyes instead of at my chest, this felt right.

He touched my face with his hand and pulled me into an open mouth kiss.

I felt my breasts pushing against the soft fabric of his blue shirt I started to rub myself against him. One hand was at my face and the other hand on my lower back which I felt cascading down lifting my shirt to gain access inside my pants. My hands were at the front of his pants, I slipped them in slowly as my tongue filled his mouth.

I felt my hand graze just smooth skin and then I hit it or should I say, it hit me. My hand ran from the bottom all the way to the tip, slowly, I felt a subtle shake go through him as we kissed.

His hand went deeper into my pants, he cupped both of my ass cheeks in both of his large and tender hands and started to repeatedly squeeze them.

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My hand kept on stroking his cock as it got harder and harder. I slipped my hands out and undid the button and zipper of his pants slowly pulling them down and he did the same. Once we stepped out of our pants I put my hands back in his boxers and his hands fell to my waistband, slipping them inside my panties and dragging them down to reveal my wet slit. His finger glided up and down making me even wetter he pushed me against the bed and he eased me down. Taking the panties from around my ankles and sliding them the rest of the way off he got on top of me his hand falling back to my slit and the other supporting part of his weight so he didn't crush me.

We kissed hard and slipped our tongues in and out of the other's mouth. He felt my body start to tense up so he moved from my lips to my neck to my breasts.

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I felt it cousin footjob in sexy tight leggings foot fetish foot job up inside me he both fingered my pussy and rubbed my clit with the same hand oh god it was amazing. I just lay there as he played with me my moans encouraging him to do more and make it harder, faster. I think it was when I started saying "oh alex." that he was really turned on. He almost did it furiously but beautifully and not until I was satisfied, until he was.

I reached my climax but he kept going keeping me there for so long I thought I was in heaven. The orgasm finally subsided but I just felt so happy. He took his fingers out from my pussy and licked them, "oh, I gotta clean up the mess you made." He smiled he moved down more so his head was between my legs, I had spread them for him, pretty much doing the splits, because I actually am that flexible…=]…he started at the bottom lapping up my dripping cum then he moved to my vagina, sucking everything he could out…using his hands he spread my pussy lips revealing my little raised button, that he gently tapped with his tongue which sent a tingle through me.

Slowly his taps turned to flicks getting harder and faster until I found my chest heaving up and down. "oh, alan…" I moaned. I looked down at him to see him smile then my head was thrown back. I almost screamed instead letting out a huge "ahh!" then he started licking slower and slower to a stop. He moved his way back up to me slowly, kissing and stroking every inch of my body. Once he got up to my mouth I said "that was amazing" "I know" he replied oh so modestly…=]…I ran my hand through his hair and he moved a stray hair from my face.

"you're so beautiful." He whispers to me, I smile. "lay down." I tell him, a bewildered expression spreads across his face. I start to move out from under him. "lay down where I was." He did as told. I straddled him easing his fully erect penis into my vagina, I started slowly just so I could get used to it and I progressively got faster and faster he started to thrust up as I pulled back grabbing my hips to keep it regular then once we got rhythm his hands flew up to my breasts.

Almost to the climax he decided that he needed to take control changing positions with me in one slick movement his cock never leaving my pussy. He was on his knees, I on my back, I put one of my legs on his shoulder and he grasped my thigh firmly, thrusting into me faster and faster. "mmm…mmm…" I moaned. "take it!.take it!" he yelled to me. Getting so sensitive I started to back up unconsciously be he followed me until my back was against the wall and I started to grind up against it.

"oh god!

Alan, harder…right there…ohh!" I felt his load spew into me heightening my experience even more as my pussy cringed and smiled. I felt his cock go limp but I still liked the feeling of it inside of me. "I love you." He told me as we lay together facing each other.

Part II. The next day we went down to the beach I wore my white two piece and alex went shirtless wearing blue trunks. He really developed after middle school and high school, he had a way more mature and masculine body; I took quick glances at his chest biting my lip. We walked down holding hands and towels in the other. We spread out the towels on the white sand next to each other and sat down in the shade of a palm tree.

Just listening to the waves of the ocean, it was really beautiful. "Anna?" alan said to me "yeah." I said looking at him. "can I give you a massage?" I smiled, "thought you'd never ask…" I turned over on my towel so that I was lying on my stomach. I felt alan's strong hands working at my back kneading, applying just the right amount of pressure in the right places, he worked his way down my back going slightly under my waistband, then back up to my neck.

I felt the top part of my bikini loosen realizing that he was untying it, but I had no problem with this and didn't stop him. He moved the strings from my back and continued what he was doing, also working along the side of my body touching the side of my breasts and running his hands up and down my back as before. I was really relaxed, reaching a bliss not found during sex. I felt his hands moving away from my back down my ass, gliding over the back of my legs to my feet.

I turned over my top falling away from me; he sat down before me rubbing my feet. It felt so good and so very relaxing. I had never gotten a foot massage and this was very good way to start. He used his thumbs to work the balls of my sunny leon boob press and kissing scene you sex fairy tales, moving from one to the other.

I closed my eyes sighing in pleasure until he stopped and I opened my eyes as I sat up. He was just looking at me. "come here baby" I both motioned and said. He came up by my side his hand grazed my hips moving up my tummy to my breasts, we smiled. He kissed me; it was so passionate I thought I might faint from happiness. We started to make out right there on the beach not caring about passersby we were in our own world. He slowly eased me back down putting his hand to my back.

His hands kept at my breasts while he got on top of me. "on the beach babe?" I said mid-kiss. He pulled back "you don't feel comfortable?" he asked concerned. "no, I love it!" we smiled and continued. He leaned to the left and his right hand slid down to my bikini bottom, he ran a finger right under the waistband, teasing me.

He went into them but stopped at the very top of my clit's hood, and ran his finger around my outer lips, sending tingles through my body.

He then took his hand out and stroked my inner thighs gently spreading my legs, then he again started to tease me. I giggled a little at his touch because it tickled and felt good. He started to pull down my bikini just as an unknown voice said "hey." We both stopped and looked up alex hadn't even bothered to take his hand out.

"you can't do that here, this is a public place, go get a room or something." It was a policeman. We started to laugh and without saying a word we got our towels and ran back to our hotel holding hands. Doing, yes, whatever your wildest dreams could imagine have the wildest backbreaking sex ever. With new positions that should be on youtube. Actual ending. Once we got to our room we pretty much slammed the door and both jumped on the bed embracing each other and kissing.

I lay down and alan got on top of me he took off his trunks as I slipped off the rest of my bikini. He spread my legs with his and got in between them I guided his penis into my vagina and he started to do his work, kissing my neck as he thrust his cock into me, my eyes closed and my hands at his hips tugging fine ass kacie castle blowing and fucking bf them slightly.

"ohh alan." I moaned, encouraging him. We both we reaching climax and he started to go faster and I met his thrust every other time. He kissed my lips passionately just as we both climaxed "ahhing" in each others mouth…=]…"I love you." I told him. And he just smiled.