Big cock rewards mother id like to fuck with orgasms

Big cock rewards mother id like to fuck with orgasms
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Kelsey and I have been "active" for a couple months now, and we've loved every minute of it. The biggest disadvantage has to have been needing to use condoms - we were pretty stupid to do so much fucking that first day without a care if Kelsey got pregnant. Thankfully, we wizened up the next day, and I started putting on my "raincoat" every time we got intimate.

Oh, well, things could be worse. I was in desperate need of a haircut, and in fact was just sitting down in the barber's chair when I got a text from Kelsey (who was just as randy as I was); she was getting off of school, and wanted to come over - first time in almost three whole days!

'Hey babe! Getting haircut across street, meet me here.' It was only a few minutes later that she popped through the door. I was glad nobody else was there but my barber, who's also a mom giving warm breafast and fuck at chicken friend of mine.

I fished my apartment keys out of my pocket and handed them over to her. "OK, go on up, I'll be there soon." I decided to get a little naughty, "Get yourself warmed up, I want you ready as soon as I walk through the door. Don't cartoon mom sleep son fuk dare finish before I get there though!" "Oh, yes sir!" Damn, she had the most amazing, devious smile!

She was barely out the door and on her way when Josh couldn't contain himself any more - he hadn't cut a single hair since Kelsey walked in, he just stared at her, waiting for her to leave so he could pick his jaw up off the floor. Slowly he turned to me. "What. The. Fuck! Seriously?! When did that happen? You dog!" "Haha! It's been a couple months now, since the day after her 18th birthday.

Yeah." He was still staring at me in disbelief. "If you think she looks good now, you should see her without clothes on!" "Dude! I-I really can't believe it.

My mind is blown. You've got to be shitting me! No way you're nailing that!" He started giving me the I'm-catching-on-that-I'm-being-fucked-with sex wife xx story com. "Yeah, I am. And she's waiting for me." He wasn't catching on, "So, maybe we could get this haircut over with.?" Finally he understood that I really was telling the truth, and went right back to work.

You can imagine what sort of conversation we had for the rest of the cut, but being a gentleman I honestly didn't kiss-and-tell too much. ======================== I made my way back up to my apartment, eager to dive into my fresh, 18-year-old dessert.

True to my instructions, Kelsey was already on my bed, naked, slowly rubbing her snatch up and down. "I'm ready for you. I need you now!" I took the hint, and my clothes were on a pile before you could say "Giggidy-goo!" I reached for my condom drawer, pulled one out, and began unwrapping it, but Kelsey had other plans. "Wait! Come here first." Well, how could I resist such a seductive offer? "Let me have that cock, I need to taste you!" She was still rubbing herself, pinching one of her nipples, not touching me with anything but her luscious lips.

"Mmmmmm." She made some rather loud sucking noises, working her mouth back and forth over my member. Suddenly she had my dick tightly in both hands, "Come to bed with me.

Don't bring the rubber." 'Hmm, what's this then?' I couldn't help but be intrigued, and did as asked. She took my hand and brought it up to her arm, just beneath her bicep.

"Feel that?

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That hard rod thing?" "Um. yeah. What is that? Do we need to get it looked at?" Shit, just what I needed, not the best time to bring up some weird medical lump thing! "Oh, no, actually I just had that put in the other day! You know what it is?" My puzzled look must have been rather obvious. "It's a long-term birth control.

It lasts up to three years." She was clearly extremely proud of this. thing that had been installed into her. And then it began to dawn on me. "NO MORE CONDOMS!!!" I think I was starting to look as excited as she irresistible chicks know how to masturbate together "Now come here, and fuck me with that naked cock!

I need your hot jizz inside me!" Nothing could've stopped me from plunging my rock-hard dick into her wet, tight pussy after she said that! I thrust into her with everything I had, and reveled in the feeling of once again riding her bareback, feeling her moist walls constrict around me as every sensation was meant to be experienced. She began moaning immediately, as I set up a steady rhythm.

But the stimulation was a little too much, too soon, and I could feel myself all too quickly reaching the edge. I pulled out, and before Kelsey could complain, I was face-first in her delicious mound. Likely she realized what I had to do, and before long she was panting even louder than when I was fucking her. I slowed my pace, easing a couple fingers into her welcoming slit.

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"Now, I'm going to try something, OK? Just relax, go with it, if it's too uncomfortable let me know OK?" She nodded, giving a sigh of agreement. My fingers were glistening, dripping with her juices. I took my index finger and began rubbing the outer edge of her anus, still focusing my tongue on her pert little clit. I could feel her tense up a little, but once I started humming into her vag, she relaxed again, and I pressed a little harder around her asshole.

With my other hand, I squeezed her clit hood off, exposing as much of that amazing little nub as possible. I stopped circling, and began a steady pressure-and-release directly on her opening, slowly building in pressure and frequency.

Finally, simultaneously, I began to both tongue-fuck her slit, and push my still-lubed finger into her still-virgin ass. "Uh! Mmm, I'm trying not to move! But it's weird!" I left my finger, less than half-way deep, inside her rear, and started moving my tongue up and down, humming louder, to which Kelsey responded quite well.

I could feel her loosening and contracting around my finger, and I resumed ever-so-slowly pushing into her, still focusing most of the attention on her perfect little cunt. She was digging her fingernails into my scalp, no longer having enough hair to grab onto. Eventually, I reached the second ring inside her anus, and with one final tensing, I felt her almost pull my finger further into her ass.

Her reaction was unmistakable. "Oh! Oooh. Mmmm." I started slowly thrusting with my finger, continuing the tongue-fuck, and slowly she came to accept having a digit in her other end. I started curling my finger, which brought a positive response. I had to lick my middle finger to get it lubed back up, and quickly pulled my index finger out of her, which gave her something of a jolt. Thankfully, my middle finger entered her far more easily than my first go around, and she welcomed the larger insertion.

With my free nadia ali big special xxxx story, I managed to open a drawer next to my bed, and pulled out a little toy we'd played with before - just a small bullet vibrator, but one of her favorites.

I deftly turned it on, and brought it to her fully engorged clit, making her all but scream with pleasure. "Oh, yes, fuck my ass! Uuuhh, UUUH, AAAAH!" I could feel her convulse, her hips bucking up into my face, almost releasing my finger from its tight warm new-found home. I took the opportunity to thrust into her ass more vigorously as waves of her orgasm flooded through her body; the early association of cumming with something up her hole would prove to be very useful in the future.

Slowly she came back down to reality, and flinched a little when I pulled my finger completely out of her ass. "Ooo, well, that was something new!" I was working my tongue up her body, on my way to embrace her, sucking on her nipples, caressing her neck with my lips. My dick was still as hard as ever, but with the impromptu anal action I figured I'd be on the safe side and go wash off my fingers. With the water running, I didn't hear Kelsey walk up behind me until she had reached around and taken firm hold of my throbbing cock.

She stroked me slowly as I washed and dried off; not enough to really push me too far, but more than enough to keep me at full attention!

I felt around, grabbed hold of an ass cheek with each hand, gave her a little spanking. "Hmm, I think now the tab is in my favor!" We were still playing our little count-the-orgasms game, which certainly kept things fair as far as I was concerned.

Plus, it was always fun to even the score! "Well, how about we remedy that?" Kelsey moved in front of me, cock in hand, and pulled me back to the bed. She laid down, spread her legs open, and guided me directly to her opening; she held me back until I looked into her eyes - her gorgeous, bright, sink-or-swim ocean blue eyes!

I leaned forward, kissed her as I once again thrust past her awaiting lips. God! How I loved it so much more without those pesky rubbers! And all too soon, I was again reminded how stimulating it was without them! "Turn around and lie down." Kelsey looked a little surprised at my new commanding tone (something I hadn't done yet), but did as she was told anyway.

I took the bullet, which I'd forgotten to turn off, and replaced my cock with it inside her vag. She arched her back in pleasure, but my intent wasn't to make her cum again, at least not quite yet. I only needed to lube it up, for what I had planned next!

I took the vibrator out, nice and slick, and placed it at the opening of her anus. Kelsey started to make delicious noises as the vibration stimulated her tight little hole.

I pushed it against her sphincter, met too much resistance, and added some spit for extra lube; finally it began to enter. Kelsey was being a very good girl, as I stroked her lithe back.

"Mmm, very good girl Kelse. You have no idea how hot this is to watch. I just love seeing our toy fuck your ass!" I placed the head of my dick at the entrance of her vag, and thrust in, holding the half-inserted vibrator at an angle that made sure to also stimulate my dick as I started fucking her from behind. "Uuuuh, yeah, like that! Oooh, that's even better than before!" I was glad that she was enjoying this as much as I was! "Oh, I'm going to cum! Ugh!

AAAAHH!!" Clearly my own vocalism and action pushed Kelsey past her brink at the same time, because even through the blissful haze of ejaculating deep into her pussy, I could feel her own contractions around my cock, squeezing and milking every last drop of jizz out of me. I leaned over her now-glistening body, kissing and caressing her back. She was panting just as hard as I was; I grabbed her tits, and dragged her backwards, pulling her on top of me as I laid down on the floor. Damn, I just loved the feel of her skin against mine!

Pure euphoria! So warm and smooth, I couldn't help but run my hands over every inch of her I could reach. She was still writhing from her orgasm, just as I was still on the wave of my own.

Her skin police officer sex while standing sweet and kissable, Nice teenie is opening up slim quim in close range and having orgasm found my fingers entering her dripping pussy. I pulled my wet fingers up, and anna bell peaks in best home workout them on her lips; she agreeably took them into her mouth, sucking them, cleaning her wonderful juices off as my other hand was loading up with more.

This time it was my turn; I needed that sweet nectar for myself! I had actually forgotten that my own spunk was mixed in with her essence. "Mmm, don't you taste good? Pet? Do you like how you taste?" That word - "Pet" - just came out. It was the first time I'd used it; it just felt natural. "Oooh, yes, Master! I love my taste!" Oh, God, she just set into motion something that we'd both come to perfect!

"But do you know what I like even more?" She lithely got up, made sure that I knew to stay on the floor, and turned around, kneeling between my legs. She took my freshly-limp cock into her hands, pulling at my sack, squeezing my shaft gently, then bent over and sucked me until I was hard again - which didn't take too long! She made sure to get me completely clean, licking off all trace of her own juices. I closed my eyes and let her do as she would; after all, she still owed me an orgasm!

She worked my shaft just as perfectly as ever, using every trick she had before; soon enough I was tensing up with another climax. Almost instinctively, I reached down and took her hair, pushing her a little further down my shaft than she was doing herself. Nothing too rough, and in truth she would've gladly gone that deep without me holding her, but I needed to be in control at that moment.

Just before I spurted all I had down her throat, she took my balls and pulled them away - nothing painful, but such a sensation! That pushed me over the edge, and I could feel her tongue ripple as she swallowed every drop of cum I shot into her mouth! I released her, and she kept sucking my cock until I was totally limp, with nothing more she could draw out; I was completely spent - at least until I had a chance to "reload"!

"Mmmm!" She came up to lie next to me, licking her lips. "Now, THAT taste, I love! I absolutely love your flavor! Don't ever change it!" She began stroking my chest; I kissed her, looked into her eyes. "I wouldn't dream of it, my lovely Pet!" She just smiled - that same, devious little smile, that put a twinkle in her eye. 'Yes, I think it will be good having a Pet.' ======================== We quickly began to explore the "Pet/Master" relationship.

I'm actually not a very controlling person by nature, and likewise Kelsey isn't the kind of girl to take orders, but I think that's what made the whole dynamic that much more exciting! We worked it out so that, under most conditions, we were just Kelsey and Phil - a normal, sex-craved couple. But as soon as I called her "Pet", she was to assume such a roll, no matter the circumstance.

Likewise, it was understood that I wouldn't use such power in a compromising way; if either of these rules were broken, the relationship would need to be re-evaluated. I would take the opportunity to "persuade" Kelsey to do things she wouldn't normally participate in, although once we really got into something new, she always ended up wholly enjoying herself, and many of the things I introduced her to would come to be incorporated into our repertoire of "exercises".

Case in point: We'd been delving into the affair for only about a week, when I came home with some new toys. Kelsey hadn't made it over quite yet, so I took the time to prepare; I stripped down to nothing but my boxers, and stood in front of the door with the new toys behind my back. I didn't have nina stein milf slut fucks at milf thing swallow cumshot wait long for Kelsey to arrive.

"Close the door, then strip down to your bra and panties, Pet." I wasn't past the word "then" when I noticed how haggard she looked, like she'd just run a marathon. No matter, I couldn't waver at this point; besides, I knew how to make her day better. "Yes, Master." She wasn't quite as enthusiastic as I would like, but she obeyed nonetheless.

"Go lay down on the bed, on your back, hands above your head, and close your eyes." She began walking toward the bedroom. "Slower, Pet." I wanted to watch that pert little butt wiggle its way to the destination. I think I was beginning to pique her interest; she looked over her shoulder at me, a curious look on her face.

Must be wondering what I'm not showing her behind my back. Once she was in position, I climbed on the bed, straddling her, my clothed cock only a couple inches from her perfect face, awaiting lips. I had to contain myself, but it wasn't being easy. "Tell me, Pet, how much was this bra?

These panties?

Are they your favorites?" She was clearly more than a little confused, but her voice held that same curiosity I saw moments ago. "No, they aren't my favorites. They weren't expensive." "'They weren't expensive.' what?" We were still getting accustomed to the names, but that shouldn't have been any excuse. "They weren't expensive Master." "Good. Very good, Pet!

We're going to enjoy this, I promise!" I could tell she desperately wanted to open her eyes, but she was being very obedient. "Lift your head up, Pet." She did so, and I applied my first new "toy" - a blindfold. Kelsey grinned; I was on the right track to improve her day, and that made me happy.

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I made sure it was secure, but not overly tight. Then I attached my other toy - a pair of fuzzy handcuffs. She broke into a full-fledged smile, clearly excited about what I had planned. "Put your head back down, Pet. Relax, but don't move." I could feel that she had begun to tense up beneath me. I grabbed her breasts, began giving her a massage; I worked up to her shoulders, then down her ribs. She was a bit ticklish, and I delighted in seeing her try not to squirm under my fingers.

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Suddenly, I got off the bed and walked over to the dresser. I removed my boxers, and grabbed the next tool I would need.

I returned to the bed, but this time I was sitting above her crotch. I leaned over and brought my new addition next to her ear. *SHNK!* Kelsey gasped at the noise of the blade of my knife snapping open.

She was getting more and more excited; I put my other hand down her panties and could feel her getting moist. I slid the dull backside of the cold steel down her smooth skin, around her neck, down between her breasts. I took her bra, and with one swift motion, sliced it open.

Kelsey was already breathing heavily, her tits now exposed, the bra falling to the sides. "Careful, Pet. Control yourself." Again, the dull, cold spine of the knife was gliding over her skin, down to her panties.

I had to be very mindful, to concentrate, so I wouldn't do anything regrettable. She was being a very good Pet, holding as still as possible, to make it easier for me to not make a mistake. Carefully, I scooted down to about knee level, and took hold of the waistband of her panties. Again, my knife cut cleanly and quickly through the fabric, and I moved in a precise manner to fully open them and expose her ever-dampening slit.

She had had a stressful day - her lovely scent was stronger than usual, and I drank it in. Thankfully, I was finished with the blade, and folding it back closed, I set it aside.

Now to get down to business. I bent over, not allowing any part of me to touch her crotch area, except where my tongue was exploring. I licked between her thighs, her outer labia, just above her hood; basically just barely avoiding her most sensitive parts. Then I moved on to using my lips, kissing her in the same places. She was breathing heavily, awaiting release.

But I wanted to tease her to the point of breaking. Eventually, she couldn't take it any more, which was exactly what I was looking for. "Please! Please, Master! I need it!" Perfect! "Hmm, I suppose, just this once, because you're obviously so desperate." I slid my hands under her ass, spreading her cheeks open, stretching her.

She moaned a little. "Quiet, Pet. I've heard enough from you. Now let me work in silence." She bit her lip; she looked so sexy I almost blew my load then and there! My lips and tongue began kneading and probing her mound; she had fully shaved this morning, and her smooth lips were perfectly sensitive to my every touch. I parted her labia, and my tongue explored inside her, gliding up to her clit, asshole of girl is fucked blowjob amateur back down to dig deeper into her tight opening.

She was starting to squirm, since I wouldn't allow her the release of using her voice; because we were fairly new to this, I allowed her the slight affront. She was starting to tense up again, but this time it was because she was reaching her peak.

Of course, I wasn't beautiful college nerd having a body shot-copypasteads com tube porn with her yet; I wanted to make this last a bit longer. I stopped stimulating her most sensitive parts, and worked my way to her inner thighs. She broke my command and let out a disappointed moan. "Pet, quiet! Don't make me tell you again." I was firm, maybe a little too firm, but I would only tolerate so much disobedience.

After a slight pause, I moved forward, kissing her belly button, and up to those perfectly-sized tits. I sucked on each of them, held the breasts in each hand, rolled the nipples gently between my teeth. Kelsey was breathing sharply now, but at least she was silent.

I sat up more, on top of her chest; I reached over and took hold of my final toy, the faithful bullet vibrator. "Lift your head again, Pet, and open your mouth." She had barely parted her lips when I simultaneously grabbed the back of her head and all but thrust my cock into her mouth. She promptly adjusted, and began sucking away just like she was supposed to. Keeping her head propped up, I leaned back a bit, and swiftly plunged the vibrator into her sopping vag.

While sliding it in and out, I managed to turn it on, and Teen slut jayden fucks to keep her job could see in Kelsey's face that it was having the desired effect. She began sucking furiously, brow creased in the beginning stages of an orgasm. Her hips began bucking up and down, in tune with my own thrusts of the vibrator.

Abruptly she thrust her hips higher than before; her tongue was dancing around my cock, pressing me to the roof of her mouth, and her whole body began to shiver and quake. I could hardly stay on top of her through the spasms, but soon enough I was shooting my jizz down her throat. "Don't swallow, Pet." I managed to say while still cumming. "I want to see it in your pretty little mouth." She was still convulsing when I pulled out, a few more of my spurts falling on her chin and tits.

"Hold it there, Pet, don't show me yet." I couldn't help myself, and at the same time I was very glad I had planned for this possibility - I opened the drawer next to my bed, and pulled out my camera. "Keep your head up, Pet." I took a picture of her laying there, her chest still flush from orgasm, white speckles of sperm here and there.

"Open your mouth, Pet, let me see. Wider, Pet, I want to see my seed." She displayed it well, and I took several pictures before letting her finish. "OK, Pet, you can drink it down now." She promptly swallowed, and without any instruction, tried to lick off what little had fallen outside her mouth.

Like a good Pet, though, she kept her handcuffed arms above her head, holding onto the bed frame. I didn't want her to know about the pictures just yet, so I put the camera away. I kissed her forehead. "Is your day better now, Pet? You may talk now." "Oh, yes Master!

Thank you, Master! I needed that very much!" Even this short period after an orgasm, each time she called me Master, my cock jumped. "Tell me again, Pet. I want to hear you say my name. I want to listen to how good your Master is." "Master is wonderful! Thank you so much Master! I love my Master!" The L-word caught me off-guard for a second.

"Please, Master, may I see you now?" I removed the blindfold; she looked up at me longingly with those gorgeous, bright blue eyes.

"Kiss me, please, Master? Kiss me, Master. Please, Master. Please." Her voice trailing off into a whisper.

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I think she knew the power that word had over me; I suppose it didn't hurt to let my Pet have a little bit of control over me, if that's how she used it. I kissed her, deeply and passionately. I held her hands above her head, and caressed her lips with mine for what felt like an hour. Finally, we separated, and I removed the handcuffs.