Blonde busty milf stepmom got fucked in a outdoor sex

Blonde busty milf stepmom got fucked in a outdoor sex
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It was Friday morning and I was awakened by the same sensation as the two previous mornings. I could feel my beautiful wife's mouth wrapped around my cock.

I was already hardening as I came to my senses. It was my reward for doing a favor for my sister-in-law. What my wife, Ashely, wasn't aware of is the fact that I had been heavily pleasured while delivering that favor, nasty chick likes to ride a dick she certainly didn't need to know that her sister had been filled with my cum Tuesday Night. The favor was to do whatever her sister, Kate, asked for to pass her class no questions asked.

Now Ashley had me deep into her mouth as she pumped me with her right hand. I laid my head back and smiled realizing that this was a reward for stripping down in front of three hot co-eds and having two of them suck on and the other mount me on the couch.

Ashley's mouth was warm and she was rolling her tongue around my extremely hard cock. She pulled away and tickled the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue and then proceeded to take me in again. My balls tightened as she sucked hard while stroking my base hard with her right hand. She moaned lightly and the vibration in her mouth set me off. My pulsating cock filled her mouth with jizz. She continued to suck hard as I came allowing the excess to ooze from the edges of her wonderful mouth.

Ashley emerged from between my legs. Her blonde hair was disheveled from all of the activity. Her messy smile was accented by her beautiful blue eyes.

She was an incredibly sexy woman and she was all mine. "Time to get up", she said, "Well it would appear you already are", she chuckled referring to my wet cock, "but I've gotta get to work". She slipped out of bed and carried her sexy little frame into the bathroom. "I talked to Kate last night", she spoke from inside the bathroom. For a moment I became uncomfortable recalling the pleasurable but improper interaction Kate and I had just a few days earlier.

"Really, what did she have to say?", I asked trying not to sound too interested. "She was just telling me a little about how you helped her out", she continued nonchalantly. "I thought you weren't going to ask any questions", I said with a little bit of concern, but surely Kate wouldn't have told her what had taken place.

"I didn't ask anything", she said almost sounding defensive, "Kate just mentioned some.things". There was a little mystery behind the word "things".

I was now sitting up in the bed, "What kind of 'things' did she say?", I asked with a little bit more intensity. Kate stepped into the doorway where I could see her. "Don't get all defensive", she said leaning on the doorframe. She was strikingly beautiful. "She just told me about her art class and the model and that you had really bailed her out". Now I was curious.

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How much did she know about Tuesday night? "Did she get an A on her assignment?", I asked trying to determine the extent of her knowledge of the nature of my modeling and the lack of clothing therein. I was especially wanting to see if she knew anymore about what happened after I was naked.

"Well, I think she's on her way to one", she added. "Don't worry baby. I asked you to do whatever Kate asked and you did. Kate told me about the nude model thing and you are definitely an A+. I know that first hand.and mouth" I was shocked that Kate had told her I had modeled nude for her. I could ring her neck.

Now I wondered what else she had said about the experiences of that night. "I didn't want you to know", I responded. "Baby, you did exactly what I asked you to. I'm not upset with you and it seems almost wrong to hold you for myself. You are quite a sight. I just don't know how she could keep her hands off of you", Ashley turned and walked back into the bathroom. It appeared Kate hadn't told her about the other girls or the amount of touching that did take place.

I was very relieved to hear that. "It wasn't that bad was it?", Ashley asked from the bathroom. "I mean getting naked in front of a cute college girl can't be that bad for a guy. It's not like you were going to be embarrassed with your assets." "I'm going with the 'no questions asked' rule now", I responded. I noticed my cock firm up a little just at the thought of my experience, but why had Kate said anything about it? "C'mon", Ashley said peaking through the door again, "did it turn you on a little?" "No questions asked rule", I said clearly not budging from my position.

Ashley looked disappointed as she turned back into the bathroom and started the shower. "You know that golf club you've been wanting?", she said speaking over the volume of the running water. "You mean the Taylormade max driver?", I responded puzzled but relieved by the change of subject. "Yea, sure that one", she answered oblivious to it's name. "How bad do you want it?" "Really bad, why do you ask", now I was curious. "I was just thinking that I could get you that driver if you did me another favor", she responded mysteriously.

Naughty mom gives son handjob watch part on camcom last favor I did for her ended up being an amazing and very unique sexual experience, but I also didn't know that she would approve. "Is this another one where I don't know what it is until it's done?". I walked into the bathroom. "Nope", she answered from inside the shower. "Full disclosure on this one.

I want you to go back to Kate's class and pose for the entire class." Her words echoed in my head. My wife was asking me to go take my clothes off in front of a room full of college girls for them to oogle and draw.

"Let me get this straight. You want me to go back over there and take my clothes off in front of an entire class?". I couldn't believe that I had just said that. "Only if you want that new club", she said rinsing the soap out of her hair. "I would think it could be fun for you. Definitely a story you could share with 'the guys'" I was stunned. "I don't know baby, do you think that is a good idea?" She looked at me through the shower door.

I could see her beautiful exposed body through the fogged glass. Her curves were breathtaking and I wanted her right there. "I think it's pretty sexy that girls in their sexual prime would want to see my husband buck naked.

I'd be so turned on by the time you got home that you probably wouldn't even make it to the bedroom. I figure you would be pretty ready to go too. You'd also be able to get your new club and you'd be doing a big favor for me and Kate.", she shut off the water and opened the shower door. " See, the teacher thinks she doctored the pictures.

She wants proof." Ashley reached out ad wrapped her wet hand around my cock. "Go show'em how real you are", she said as if standing up to a challenge. "For me", she added looking into my eyes and squeezing my cock. "Whatever you want, dear", I said with reluctance in my voice. "Good", she said perkily, "Class is on Wednesday night @ 7:00. Kate will text you the classroom location".

She kissed me and continued her morning routine. What had I gotten myself into? That weekend I received a text from Kate with the classroom information and telling me where I could park.

I couldn't believe I had agreed to this. The previous week I had been surprised at the request to take my clothes off. How nervous would I be knowingly going into a classroom and stripping down. I could feel my cock plump just from thinking about it.

What if I got and erection. Would they still be able to draw me. A million thoughts flooded my mind about the situation and before I knew it, Wednesday was here.

I pulled into the parking lot Kate had told me to go to. As I climbed out of the car I saw Kate jogging toward me. "Hey", she said, "The classroom's in this building." She began to walk toward a red brick building with some person's name on it. "Thanks for doing this again", she said not looking at me in the eyes.

She seemed uneasy. "And um", she stammered, "Thanks for last Tuesday night. You were amazing.", she continued with discomfort in her voice. "I mean, really amazing." It appeared that I had made quite the impression on her that week. We entered the classroom and I saw Meredith, the tall slim stawberry blonde and Anya the exotic black haired co-ed. They instantly said something to the girls around them and they all looked at me. I was beginning to feel uncomfortable.

"This is my Professor, Ms. Taylor", Kate said, drawing my attention to a woman in her forties. She was about 5'10" and very slim with long bleached blonde hair. She was quite attractive for a woman her age. She reached out her hand to shake mine. "It's good to meet you", she said with a smile on her face. "We appreciate you coming out to our class. I know Kate really appreciates it", She said looking at what had to have been her worst student.

"Why don't you come with me into my office", Ms. Taylor said in a professional manner. She closed the door as we entered her office and gestured to a white robe on a coat rack. "You can disrobe and put this on. When we're ready for you I'll come and get you and I'll ask you to remove the robe at the appropriate time and stand as still as possible.

Do you have any questions?" "It seems pretty simple", I answered feeling comforted by her professional approach. I realized that she had done this many times before and I wouldn't be the first naked male standing in the adjacent classroom. I quickly removed my clothes and put on the robe. Now I just had to wait.

It seemed like forever but then a there was a knock on the door. I opened it revealing a cute little red head in jeans and a t-shirt. "Ms. Taylor says it's time for you to come out." She said looking me up and down. I felt a little uncomfortable just knowing that she was aware I was nude beneath the white robe. As I entered the classroom Ms. Taylor gestured me to the front.

I turned and saw a room eliska cross sucking a huge black cock and being violated anally twelve college girls. My stomach was in knots as all eyes were on me. "As you are aware", Ms. Taylor addressed the class, "I made a proposal to the class about finding an impressive specimen for us to draw. Kate and Meredith have brought their candidate. I will assess and discuss his merits for this assignment and if he is a fit, we will proceed to draw" Now the pressure was on.

"You may disrobe", She said to me. I untied the robe and let it drop to the floor. I knew I was scared but aroused by the situation as well. Several of the girls whispered and a couple giggled. "Ladies", Ms. Taylor drew their attention. "Let's focus." They seemed to be focussing all right.

Twelve college girls were focused on my cock dangling between my legs. How did I find myself in this situation and was it good or bad? "This is truly and impressive specimen ladies", she commended Kate and Meredith. "but is he as impressive as our previous model in the areas we discussed in class?", I saw several girls nodding their heads.

"It would appear that Kate and Meredith get an A on this assignment", Ms. Taylor added. Kate was elated and Meredith seemed relieved. "Now, since we had a male nude already once this semester, let's examine some of the unique opportunities this model presents.

Proportion will be key in this drawing. When drawing a penis of this size, you need a very realistic drawing or people will believe you are exaggerating, therefore minimizing the effectiveness of this unique subject." She was proclaiming my greatness to the entire class and she referred directly to my "penis" size.

Looking out on the class I could see a few girls listening to Ms. Taylor and most of them staring at my cock. I was looking into an ocean of long hair, tight shirts and focussed eyes.

These girls were in their prime and each one of them looked it. One was a blonde with kinky hair and blue eyes. She wore a bizarre fetish sissy gets dressed up tube porn top that hugged her pert breasts and revealed her toned shoulders.

Another girl had massive breasts that protruded from the top of her tight button up. The little red head was staring right at my cock. She couldn't weigh more than a hundred pounds, but she had a hungry look on her face.

I could feel myself hardening more, but I didn't think that would be appropriate. "Observe the veins", Ms. Taylor said lifting the tip of my cock with her pencil. I was surprised by the contact, then she pointed to the veins, now becoming quite distinct on my cock. Her finger accidentally touched me and I could feel myself getting harder. I had no control over it. As she removed the pencil I did not return to my previous position, but was now beginning to point toward the students a little.

"Well", Ms. Taylor said, responding to my partial erection, "This gives us an opportunity to examine some other aspects". A couple of the girls chuckled, but most were just staring at me.

"Now girls", Ms. Taylor said, "It is perfectly natural for a man to get an erection while being exposed to a room adorable white chick angel smalls bangs her driving instructor virile young women. You're tummy's are flat, your breasts are firm and your bodies are overall ready for reproduction and his body knows that." She looked back at my cock which was now becoming quite hard, "Now, you ladies have a very unique opportunity here.

This is probably the largest penis you will ever see, especially in it's erect state. There is no better opportunity to see all of the nuances, as they are most clearly exposed in this condition. Can you see the exaggerated mushroom shape of the circumcised head and the bulging veins?" I couldn't believe the teacher was commenting on my erection and the size of my fully erect cock. The girls were now shifting their positions staring at my hot babe massaged by sexy skilled masseuse. Ms.

Taylor lightly touched my shoulders, turning me sideways to the class. I heard a couple of gasps as the length of my cock became clearly displayed. "Now girls", Ms. Taylor spoke, "as amazing as this looks, we cannot sketch it.

That is pornography not art." "I'm having some pornographic thoughts", one of the girls from the room called out. Most of the girls laughed. "Suzan!", Ms. Taylor snapped, "that is not appropriate in this setting." The room quieted. "Now", she said gathering her thoughts. "As I was saying. When a model get's in this condition, we cannot draw him.

We are left with three options. We either pospone the drawing for another time, allow him to relieve himself as he wishes or aid him in relieving himself which I think most men prefer." I couldn't believe what i had just heard. She wanted me to jack off or get jacked off, but she was right. I needed release.

"I'll help", the well built blonde in the tank top spoke up. "Cindy, that is very generous of you. It will help the class move along.", Ms.

Taylor responded. "Why don't the two of you step into my office for a moment." Several of the girls moaned in disappointment that they hadn't offered first. I didn't feel that I had many options. I was standing fully erect in front of a class of sexy co-eds and now being instructed to go back and be gotten off by one of the hottest one's. I followed Cindy back to the office and she closed the door behind us.

Cindy was about 5'8" and had kinky dirty blonde hair. She had deep blue eyes and a body to kill for. Her tank top dipped low enough to show her pert C cups but stopped above her low cut jeans, revealing a firm flat stomach. Her jeans defined low-cut as it looked like only inches of her torso was covered and they were so tight revealing her thin, toned legs.

"Hi", She said looking like a hungry tiger. "Hello", I responded uncomfortably as I stood fully naked and erect in front of her.

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"How can I help you?", she asked moving closer. "Um", I was sure how to answer, "Whatever you want is fine." "O baby!", she said with her eyes widening, "I want". She wrapped her hand around my hard cock and pleasure launched through my body. "You are so damn huge!", she said, forcing me to become even harder. "It was like you were massive hanging there and then grew and grew." Now she gave me a stroke.

"All I could think of was how to get my lips on you.and here we are." She dropped to her Knees and wrapped her lips around me. My body jerked from the massive stimulation of her warm, wet mouth. She pulled away, "Wow, you are a mouthful if I've ever seen one", she said looking at my cock, "and everyone knows I'm getting it right now", she continued with pride in her voice.

She took me deep into her mouth again as she stroked my shaft with one hand and began to tug on my balls with the other. This was clearly not her first time as she knew her way around a cock and she was going around and around with her tongue. With each stroke of her hand she would slide her mouth all the way off to my tip and suck hard right on it and then take me back in while stroking. I gazed down at her. Her arms were thin a toned and I could see clearly down her tank top revealing the majority of her perfect co-ed breasts.

She began to stroke harder and I felt the cum rising up inside me. Before I knew it my cock was pumping into Cindy's mouth. The release was so powerful that I had to catch my balance on the nearby desk. Over and over I came into her mouth and she began to moan as if impressed that I was still going, then I heard a gulp and another gulp. Now she was swallowing all of that hot cum I pumped into her mouth. After what seemed like an eternal orgasm the cum stopped flowing and Cindy removed my cock from her mouth.

Her face was completely dry and clean as she had clearly sucked down every ounce of my cum. "Now that was definitely the best day of art class I've ever melissa lauren likes to ride his boner, she said rising to her feet.

"I've never swallowed that much come before. If you ever need any other kind of assistance, please let me know. I'll tell Ms. Taylor that you'll be out in a minute", she said while slipping out the door. My weight shifted back on the desk behind me as my legs shook from the amazing activity I'd just experienced. Another favor for my wife had ended up with another amazing sexual experience with a college girl. Her favors were becoming a lot of fun for me. After a few minutes I stepped back into the room.

My cock was still plump from the activity but it hung freely between my legs. All of the girls looked at me. Several giggled and whispered and Cindy just licked her lips while staring.

It was very odd that they were all aware that I had just gotten off. "Ah, see much better", Ms. Taylor said, "and I'm sure you feel better as well", she continued looking at me. I just nodded my head and stepped back to my position in the room. Ms. Taylor positioned me and instructed the students through the sketching process. After about fifteen minutes she handed me the robe and thanked me for my services. At that point a couple of the girls started to applaud.

Before I knew it the whole justin bieber fuck story xxx was standing and applauding as I exited to the office. Kate even let out a whistle when I went by. As I got dressed I couldn't believe that my cock had just got a standing ovation from twelve art students. My ego was growing, but my cock was already starting to grow more.

After dressing I stepped into the class. Several of the girls were still talking in the classroom including Kate, Meredith and Cindy. It was unbelievable to think that those three amazing girls had touched, kissed and mounted me in the last week. Kate broke off the conversation and came over to me. "You were amazing!", she said with a very exciting voice.

"Everyone was absolutely amazed and most importantly I got an A! Thanks so much." "Don't mention it", I replied, "Please, don't mention it.", I repeated more firmly.

"I'll only tell Ashley the stuff you would want her to know", Kate said holding her right hand up, "I swear." "Good", I said, "I'll see you later." "Thanks again.", she said earnestly and I departed the room. About an hour later, I arrived at home. I opened the door to my house and stepped in. I hadn't made it more than five steps before Ashley hurried in. "So how was it?", She asked.

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"Everything went well", I said not wanting to reveal any facts. "O, C'mon", She said, "Did it turn you on some?" "Well, of course it did", I responded. "Are you still turned on?", she said while fondling me through my pants. "Seems like your still turned on some.

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I want to do the guy that the college girls have been dreaming about." In a matter of a minute she had all of my clothes off and was doing me on the entry way floor and that was just the first time with her that night, but there were several more before morning.