Sexy teens licked each others pussy and tits

Sexy teens licked each others pussy and tits
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She stands an oddity in the corner of the gallery, Blue feathers in the mask over her face, Peering out with eyes as equally as blue. Is there pleading there?

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The eyes search the faces of all walking through the gallery, Some laugh at her as others lust for her. To me she is a beauty, Even a well versed Master's skills can not hide it, I feel certain I will buy her if my bid is right.

She is on her hands and knees, Long and curly brown hair rains down to her forearms, From her ass jut the long and elegant plumes some extinct species. I linger in the corner of the gallery, I pass with my group and then a second, Then I stand to study her as the next group comes round.

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"Are they selling this one by the pound?," someone asked. Two girls on leashes cover their faces and giggle, One is sure they have forgotten what it is like to be placed low. They leave and she looks to me through the holes in her mask, Again the eyes plead, I wonder how many times she has been up for auction.

It is a shame One thinks, She has nice and chunky arms, Her is ass broad and wider than her shoulders. Super plus size woman with plumage, That is her description on the card by her station, I read again before admiring her features.

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There is a hint of freckles on her face under the feathered eyes, Her big round belly hangs low and nearly touching the floor, A firm hand I suspect keeps her steady enough not to let it lower.

Of her other assets I can only imagine, Her cunt is no doubt well used for sure, Although it does not preclude tightness. The woman with plumage gives me the eyes again, I know she is dying to make a sound to further get my attention, Again a firm hand and harsh beating I am sure keeps her silent.

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One cocks his head up and throws it back, Walking away I feign disinterest, Her pleading eyes are still on my back. I will go to the counter and place my bid, Sealing the envelope I do with confidence it is enough, My sole interest is in bringing plus sized woman with plumage home.

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